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One of the most crucial pieces of equipment in any kitchen is the microwave. These electronic devices provide us with a great deal of convenience and comfort in our homes. Criterion microwaves have become second nature to us, and we use them on a regular basis. 

It is critical to make the best decision for your house. Microwaves vary in size, power, and strength from one model to the next. If you are considering purchasing a microwave, we recommend you should read several reviews and guidelines to understand more about the Criterion Microwave.

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Criterion Microwave Review

Criterion is a well-known name in the home and kitchen appliance industry. With each usage, their goods demonstrate quality and greatness. The Criterion Microwaves are expected to produce comparable outcomes. 

Microwaves from this brand come in a variety of models. Each has its own set of specifications and features. Their performance and product quality, on the other hand, bind them to the brand.

Among housewives, the Criterion Microwave 1.6 cu. Ft. is a popular topic of discussion. It is a pretty huge device with a lot of great features. This microwave’s sturdy construction and attractive finish make it a standout in your kitchen.

This microwave may be used for a number of different things. You may cook with it, reheat, or use it to prepare meals. This microwave has a lot of applications, which is one of the reasons why it’s a good choice for your house.


The Criterion Microwave has a sleek appearance and is a contemporary device. The product is available in two distinct design variations. 

Criterion’s traditional design includes a black variant with stainless steel embellishments. Its counterpart, on the other hand, is a totally black model.

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The microwave has a lot of useful features for a regular kitchen device. This model’s overall dimensions are 29.88″ W x 16.89″ H x 17.6″ D.

In comparison to other brands, this microwave is a cost-effective alternative. At this price, you won’t find a nicer microwave. On average, it consumes 1000 Watts. For financial reasons, you must examine the power usage of electric equipment. However, your power costs will not be much affected by this microwave.

The product offers ten cooking settings pre-installed, making it simple to prepare food. You may also use the 1-minute add time button to reheat your food. This option extends your cooking time by one minute.

The microwave also includes a kid lock mechanism for further security. You may leave your children alone near this equipment without fear of problems. Because of this, the Criterion microwave is ideal for families.

This microwave has a total capacity of 1.6 cubic feet. This offers you and your family adequate space to prepare a large meal. Because it offers a 39-1/4 inch cord, you may put it in any corner of your kitchen. This length is ideal for any size family.

You can also change the temperatures manually when you feel the pre-programmed power settings are insufficient. With the microwaves’ eleven power levels, you can prepare a wide variety of meals. This microwave weighs 36.6 pounds in total.


When you purchase the product, you should expect to receive the microwave as well as the user instructions and manuals. This microwave is simple to operate. The touchpad has a small number of buttons that are easy to understand.

If you’re following recipes, the buttons on the keypad make it simple to enter the cooking information. This microwave is quite versatile in the kitchen since it can cook nearly anything. Unlike other microwaves, the Criterion Microwave has relatively few limits when it comes to food products.

You may quickly prepare a variety of potatoes or popcorn. In the model, you can also create homemade pizzas. This microwave may be used to reheat cooked meals, defrost frozen dinners, and make various drinks. Ground meat, fresh vegetables, and shellfish may also be prepared in the microwave.

Potential Alternatives 

Sharp Microwave

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You are looking for a good deal but don’t want anything that looks cheap? The Sharp ZSMC0912BS is the finest microwave for the money. Despite its low price, it features a slick, upmarket appearance that opens with a big push button rather than a handle.

Though it lacks sensors for autonomously cooking or defrosting meals, the Sharp has presets for pizza, drinks, reheats, and defrosting.

Do you need to reheat a cup of coffee quickly? Place it into the oven and set the timer for 30 seconds. Is it still too cold? Start the timer for another 30 seconds. Then hit any of the keys from 1 to 6 to receive a heating time of 1 to 6 minutes.

At this cheap price, you won’t have an inside light to indicate when the cheese on your pizza has melted.

GE Microwave

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If you just have a little amount of counter space, this model is a good choice. You will get a modern design with a little footprint, of which a turntable that’s the same size as bigger versions. However, because it only has 700 w of cooking capacity, cooking times may be longer than expected.

This GE is a wonderful choice if you can’t live without a piece of a microwave for warming frozen dinners or making a fast cup of coffee, but it’s definitely not the greatest choice if you are using your microwave to cook supper on a daily basis.

Despite its compact size, this oven has a number of preprogrammed options for things like popping corn and reheating, all of which you’ll definitely use a lot. By hitting keys 1 to 6, you may also access 6 fast start settings. 

What To Consider Before Buying A Microwave?

Here’s everything you need to know about each of them, as well as additional characteristics and features to think over before you shop for a microwave.


Watts are the units of measurement for microwave power. The greater the microwave wattage, the faster and more uniformly your food will cook. Microwaves range in power from 500 to 1,000 watts. A 700-w one would boil a medium-size cup of normal temperature water in around 3 minutes in most cases.


Traditional oven hoods are replaced with ventilation systems in OTR microwaves. External and recirculating venting options are available. You’ll need a microwave with recirculating venting if you don’t have access to an exterior exhaust system.


When it comes to capacity, it’s important to remember that it’s also a matter of size. With the exception of this time, we’re talking about the inside of the appliance.

Microwave capacity is measured in liters and generally varies from 17L to 32L.

The size of your microwave will be determined by the type of use you want to give it, the size of your tableware, and any other kitchen equipment you intend to use in tandem.

Some bacon racks, for instance, are quite tall and will not fit in microwaves with a capacity of less than 17L.

Preset programs

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For functions such as popping corn, frying bacon, and melting butter, we have predefined power levels and timeframes. Even though most microwaves feature a popcorn setting, the other options will vary by model. Irrespective of the meal, these programs always cook for the same length of time. You may be offered the option to choose the quantity or packaging size in some cases.

Your space

You must ensure that the microwave you purchase fits in your space, regardless of the type. Countertop microwaves are portable, but you should check the length and breadth of your counter area, as well as the distance between your counter and the upper cabinet, and compare those measures to the product specifications.

Microwaves need precise measurements of upper cabinet space and the distance between your cooktop and the bottom of your upper cabinet, which must be at least 30 inches. Ensure that the wall behind your range is strong enough to hold a microwave bracket, which will support the majority of the microwave’s weight.

Last but not least, remember that all microwaves come with a three-prong, 110V outlet for the power cable.

FAQs About Criterion Microwave

How do they work?

Microwave ovens are powered by electricity. This implies that their electricity comes from the outlets and is delivered through the power cable included inside the device. 

The energy is transferred to power circuits from the electrical cable. The oven is protected from any electrical shorts by these circuits, which are made up of several fuses and protectors.

They immediately shut it off in certain instances to protect it.

How do they cook food?

The waves are essentially mirrored by the metal surfaces. This impact is comparable to that of a ball bouncing against a wall.

These metal sides that round the cooking area function as a resonator. The racks are arranged in such a way that energy patterns are not disrupted.

When the machine is turned on, the waves are absorbed by the food composition, and the energy progressively decreases.

Why can metal cause arcing?

Metal reflects the energy generated by microwaves. This is one of the most distinctive characteristics.

The amount of reflection depends on the type of metal used, and it might vary.

The reflection ratio of some metals, such as stainless steel or aluminum, is quite high, whereas it can be very low in other metals.

When microwaves come into contact with metal surfaces, reflection is a common occurrence.

The arcing effect is also attributed to this interaction.

Do microwaves make food harmful?

There is a widespread misunderstanding and misperception about the safety of using this type of oven for healthy eating.

However, utilizing these ovens to cook and heat food has been scientifically proven to be safe for human health.

We utilize brief electromagnetic waves as an energy source to create changes in the physical characteristics of the components, just like we use gas, heat or electricity to make our meals.

Cooking is the term used to describe this procedure. The cooking process is started by all of these sources of energy.

As a result, we may conclude that food cooked in a microwave oven cannot be deemed polluted, dangerous, or radioactive.

Do microwaves make food less nutritious?

Temperature-sensitive vitamins are lost when food is cooked in any way, including steaming, boiling, and microwaving. Microwaving food, on the other hand, preserves up to 7 times more nutrients than the 2 former cooking methods.

How can I maintain a microwave?

Wipe your microwaves with a wet cloth and dish soap detergent on a regular basis. Make sure that the air filter under the door is clean and that it is ventilated. Remove the air filter and clean it with soapy water if it’s detachable. Reinstall the filter only when it has completely dried.

What if I turn on the microwave with no food in?

Absolutely no. The electronic circuits of the microwave might be destroyed. While the microwave is running, the food within absorbs the heat and radiation energy. The radiation cannot be absorbed if there’s nothing within the microwave. This can result in a fire or even the magnetron being burned out.

Final Thoughts

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Criterion Microwave is among the best microwaves that not only offer many cool features but also come at a reasonable price. By the article, we hope that we have helped you make the final decision on what product you would buy.

In case you may need to buy some more gadgets for your kitchen, check the best microwave shield and the best rice cooker under 50 on our website.

Thank you for reading till the end!

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