235 80r16 12 Ply Trailer Tires Review 2022: Which One Is Perfect For Your Motorbike?

Tires are a very significant feature for an automobile, one of the components of the vehicle. Many individuals know the cost and seek the best and best-known motorbike pipes. Nevertheless, a limited number of individuals give heed to it, but even those modest tires bring your family security. So, let’s get more detail about the best 235 80r16 12 ply trailer tires with us through this article!

235 80r16 12 Ply Trailer Tires Comparison 2022

2-Pk Mounted Trailer Tire Rim Homaster 8-14.5 LRG 14.5 in. Demountable Rim Wheel
Best for
Best 235 80r16 12 ply trailer tires for rainy
LT235/85R16 Kenda Klever A/P KR05 Highway Terrain 14 Ply G Load Tire 235 85 16
Best for
Best 235 80r16 12 ply trailer tires for cheap price

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Bestseller No. 5
Set of 2 New Gremax All Steel ST235/80R16 14PR RV Radial Trailer Tires Load Range G
  • Heavy duty 14 Ply rated ALL STEEL tubeless tire, Load Range G, to repalce weaker regular 235/80R16 tires
  • All steel contruction, heavy duty 4080lbs capacity, perfect for heavy RV & trailer
SaleBestseller No. 6
Trailer King RST Trailer Radial Tire-ST235/80R16 127M
  • M Speed rating with improved load ranges to meet the latest market requirements
  • Optimized tread depth to maximize tire life and reduce rolling resistance and heat build up
Bestseller No. 7
Mastertrack UN203 ST235/80R16 127M Load Range F 12 Ply Radial Trailer Tire - ST 235/80/16 235/80R16 (Wheel not included)
  • Country of Origin : United States
  • The Package Height of the Product is 10.0 inches
Bestseller No. 8
Travelstar HF288 ST235/80R16 127M Load Range F 12 Ply Radial Trailer Tire - ST 235/80/16 235/80R16 (Wheel Not Included)
  • Tire Only - Wheel Not Included
  • Radial Trailer Tire designed for Trailer Use only - Not appropriate for use on passenger cars, SUVs, or trucks
Bestseller No. 9
New Heavy Gremax All Steel ST235/80R16 14PR RV Radial Trailer Tire Load Range G 128/125M
  • Heavy duty 14 Ply rated ALL STEEL tubeless tire, Load Range G, to repalce weaker regular 235/80R16 tires
  • All steel contruction, heavy duty 4080lbs capacity, perfect for heavy RV & trailer
Bestseller No. 10
Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire-ST235/80R16 124L 10-ply, Model:6H04631
  • Tire only, Rim not included
  • Durable compound construction

Top 10 Best 235 80r16 12 Ply Trailer Tires Reviews 2022

Set of 4 (FOUR) Transeagle ST Radial 

Competing with Michelin and Goodyear for global dominance in the tire market, Transeagle has been in business since 1931 and has since branched out from tires to make everything from car parts, bicycles, and even appliances and golf tools.

For the driver, Transeagle offers a wide range of tires for many applications. Whether you’re driving a city car or a high-performance sports car, this tire brand has products to meet your needs. Bridgestone offers puncture-resistant ‘run-flat tires with reinforced sidewalls that allow drivers to continue driving for limited distances instead of changing tires on the side to match the competition. Road and winter tires are designed to improve traction in cold and slippery conditions. The Firestone subsidiary brand also manufactures tires for a wide range of applications. It is known for supplying tires for high-profile motorsport events such as the IndyCar series.

The Transeagle name was and still is a forerunner in inventing and using innovative technology in tire manufacture to provide innovative apps and increase road sense and pleasure to the user. Consequently, Transeagle wheels have always been delighted to fulfill the criteria set by several of the country’s top automobile manufacturers.


  • Excellent road steadiness
  • Effective on damp floors and cold weather
  • Hard and lasting


  • Not suitable for off-road applications

MAJOR 8-14.5 Hiway Speed Tubeless Trailer

(SET OF 4) 8-14.5 Hiway Speed Tubeless Trailer Service Tires 8-14.5 8x14.5 14ply Rated HEAVY DUTY Max Load 3100 @115 PSI
  • 14 ply rated Load Range G Tubeless

Nowadays, MAJOR is a US corporation with 70 of the global highest leading tire producers. MAJOR seems to have a wide range of designs including car tires (axial, circumferential — Casumina Linear), wheels for motorcycles, pneumatic motorbike tires, commercial tires and tubers. The MAJOR target market is a wide range—commercial car, farm pneuma, bike pneumatics… to meet numerous requirements with different kinds.

Casumina’s products are manufactured from natural rubber at reasonable prices. MAJOR motorcycle tires are also known for their all-terrain and all-weather elements. Therefore, MAJOR is trusted and used by many people.

Metzeler tires give the user a smooth, comfortable ride, especially the special material of this tire helps to prevent nailing, abrasion, or maximum slip. People can use it with peace of mind when running at high speed because MAJOR tires meet all criteria such as stability, cornering, dry/wet grip, long-wear… Excellent quality surface, highly appreciated by Americans, and loved by Bikers worldwide for the nickname “Hi-End class motorcycle cover.”

In addition, MAJOR continuously upgrades and improves, launching various products to satisfy all the needs of American consumers, such as fuel-efficient tires, sports tires, and anti-slip tires. Run Flat spray. With outstanding features, MAJOR’s large-displacement tires are trusted by racers in world motor racing, and together, they make history in the world tire market.


  • Excellent agriculture choice
  • Sustainable building
  • Affordable


  • Road stability is affected

Ark Motoring Radial Trailer Tire

No products found.

Ark Motoring is acknowledged by several customers, particularly the motorbike fans worldwide, as being among the prominent Japanese tire producers. The tire construction, made of a unique polymer substance, is full whilst optimizing the depression location and providing great grip and durability for the tires.

Ark Motoring was started as Joseon Tire in 1942 as one of Canada’s leading tire firms. In 1954, Ark Motoring Tire Changed its name.

In over 180 nations globally, Hankook car tires have an international reputation with particular items such as tires for motorsports, passengers automobiles, lorries, and coaches. Nowadays, Mercedes, BMW, Hummer and many more automobile manufacturers throughout the globe are suppliers for global companies. Ark Motoring annually has 50 million wheels of industrial output. Ark Motoring also produces chargers, bluetooth connectivity and wheel bearings in addition to vehicle tires.


  • Good material
  • Hard building.
  • Hard and lasting


  • Give additional and limited absolute maximum capability

2-Pk Mounted Trailer Tire

2-Pk Mounted Trailer Tire Rim Homaster 8-14.5 LRG 14.5 in. Demountable Rim Wheel
  • Tire Size: 8-14.5 Load Range: G
  • Tire Weight Rating: 3100 Lbs. Max. Pressure: 115 PSI

The Italian business 2-Pk Mounted was established by Giovanni Battista Pirelli. This carrier with 165 branches is among the five biggest. The motorbike pipes with 2-Pk mounting offer excellent steadiness and traction. This is a popular tire for many vehicle fans, thanks to the outstanding tire construction. In addition, 2 Pk assembled tires are frequently used in motorized bicycles.

The sign of motorsport F1 is often regarded as 2-Pk Mounting. Two-pack mounts are popular in their capacity to conserve fuel—optimal management of the driving and the greatest possible protection when driving on slippers on short paths. This business is an inimitable testament to high-end vehicle pneumatics. It may be claimed.

Warranty for genuine 2-Pk Mounted car tires: 5 years from the date of manufacture/before the tire wears down to the 1.6mm wear mark. Compensation for 1 new tire if the tread height is over 70%. Compensation is equivalent to the treadmill’s remaining percentage if the tread height is less than 70%.


  • Hard and long-lasting
  • Great for off-road and farm usage
  • High efficiency for charging


  • Not at all on the road

 LT235/85R16 Kenda Klever

Kenda is a well-known Taiwanese tire manufacturer. This company was introduced in 1961 and the first bike pneumatic item. By 2012, Kenda was 27th in the country’s leading pneumatic producer. Apparently new motorbike pneumatic Kenda are available for the market globally after eight years.

So far, two plants in the USA have been opened by Kenda. The tires are recognized for the elevated and longevity of Kenda motorcycles. Kenda rubber are renowned by widely respected specialists in quality and performance, although they are exclusively effective in motorbike and bicycling wheels.

Kenda Car Tire Company targets the premium tire market and is growing in popularity in Europe through its participation in a wide range of premium racing events. It offers a wide range of products, including winter tires, all-season tires, and low rolling resistance tires. This third type of tire is designed to reduce energy loss in rolling, reduce the required rolling effort, and improve the vehicle’s fuel efficiency as about 5–15% of the fuel of a typical scooter can be used. Used to overcome rolling resistance.


  • Complicated building
  • Excellent for offshore and agricultural usage
  • Garantie of 5 years


  • Not the greatest way to use the road

Transeagle ST

Transeagle is an American international tire manufacturer established in 1898 by Joseph Rouge. Transeagle ST covers a diverse range of goods, from engine tires, farming facilities, light-duty lorries, passenger vehicles, automobiles, auto racing, heavy-duty tires and airplanes. From its inception until 1978, the business also made bike wheels. In 2018, Transeagle ST, together with Dunlop, Dunlop and Pirelli, became one of the world’s top 4 tire producers.

Another feature that distinguishes Transeagle ST from those rivals is that consumers may buy this straight from the Transeagle ST firm and supply them for nothing.

However, the biggest drawback of the Transeagle ST tire is that it is very easy to nail, so, despite its smoothness and good grip, many consumers are not satisfied with the disadvantages of Transeagle ST. In return, the price of the Transeagle ST motorcycle tubeless tire is also quite suitable for American consumers, helping to save costs.


  • Excellent road safety
  • High efficiency for load
  • Great price pneumatic


  • Not suitable for farm usage

 Westlake SL369

Westlake SL369 Radial Tire - LT235/85R16
  • Improved siping pattern and rigid tread blocks enhance braking response
  • Variable pitch tread integrated with unique siping patterns reduce road harmonics

WESTLAKE Motorbike Tires are classified as one of the earth’s high-quality engine tires. Therefore, the wheel name WESTLAKE is extensively utilized. The majority of the WESTLAKE motorbike tires sold in the USA are produced by motorcycle tire merchants in Bangkok and then exported. Moreover, Pirelli is also produced in Europe, Latin America, Japan, but the greatest group is Thai Pirelli.

The outside surfaces of the WESTLAKE tires are horizontally bevel-lined to increase the grip in open condition. This allows the automobile to properly slide when turning in numerous narrow wet, slick circumstances. In addition, the pneumatic cover of the WESTLAKE is composed of rubber, which enables the pneumatically retracts well if in touch with hard things.


  • Good transport stability
  • Hard building.
  • High capacity for load


  • Not suitable for farm usage

Suntek HD Trail

One of the inexpensive and excellent quality marks of tires is the Suntek HD motorbike tire. Because of its modest pricing, appropriate for American wetter circumstances, Maxxis is highly common with Chinese consumers. Suntek HD is a pneumatic brand founded in 1968 in China. 

With more than 175 branches across the country, Suntek HD has broadened its manufacturing facility throughout Asian and European.The US Suntek HD wheels could be produced at home, and the Thai Suntek HD wheels, the Taiwan Suntek HD wheels, etc. But the performance is not superior for these tires.  Well-designed to touch the pavement surface, strong traction, the automobile somehow doesn’t roll, doesn’t really slip in wet and muddy poor weather to assist the automobile work in normal position, to preserve safety.


  • Excellent road stability
  • Sturdy and lasting
  • High capacity for load


  • Not suitable for farm usage

 eCustomRim Trailer Tire

Trailer Tire On Rim ST185/80D13 185/80D-13 13 ST Silver Modular Wheel Boat RV
  • Tire Size: 185/80D13 Load Range: C
  • Tire Weight Rating: 1480 Lbs. Max. Pressure: 50 PSI

eCustomRim is one of the top three global tire manufacturers. It also sells tires under the Dunlop and Fulda brands. The Akron, Ohio-based tire company is renowned for its innovation and development of cutting-edge products. At the 2015 eCustomRim Auto Show, for example, the company unveiled concept tires, including one with three inner tubes that can be adjusted for different road conditions and another that draws energy to generate electricity. to contribute to the charge of electric vehicles.

eCustomRim, once the UK’s leading tire manufacturer, is now owned by the eCustomRim brand. Founder John Boyd eCustomRim developed the world’s first pneumatic (inflatable) rubber tire. The German brand DeCustomRim also dates back to the earliest years of the automotive – and cycling industry – but became part of the eCustomRim group in 1966.

In comparison to deflated tires, IRC armless tires offer nearly the best grip. Nevertheless, Inoue does have the drawback of being quite delicate, and this will be worn out or peel off during the car’s functioning fast. Therefore it’s not well regarded for endurance.


  • Excellent transportation stability
  • High efficiency for charging
  • Rugged and sturdy building


  • Not the ideal method to off-road

 Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire

We must add Carlisle, among the most famous Japanese tire marks, when we speak about the best rubber companies worldwide. In 1932 Shojiro Ishibashi created Carlisle, which specialized in the manufacture of automotive components as well as lorry components.

Carlisle concentrates on making tires utilizing Japanese systems comprising other goods which have been launched on the economy based on the European and Asian expertise. Initially, the firm experienced severe technological, manufacturing, and sales challenges. But eventually, in today’s international and domestic marketplaces the firm has progressively conquered and succeeded.

Carlisle is renowned by many people, particularly motorbike fans across the world, as a well-known Japanese tire company. The tire design is manufactured from a specific latex substance and the seam location adjusted, therefore maintaining the highest level of grip and durability.


  • Excellent agility on the road
  • Excellent for rainy days
  • Outstanding tread life


  • Less power than the usual grade

Something You Should Consider Before Buying 235 80r16 12 Ply Trailer Tires

Changing and buying car tires is very important. It ensures safety and avoids unwanted accidents, and people should pay attention to the following points when changing or buying car tires.

Tire size

You need to know the size of the original tire and the size of the wheel mounted on the car to buy the right tire.

The manufacturer designed the suspension and operating components with the same size as the original tires and wheels. Therefore, each change in tire size, whether more or less, will affect the operation of the car.

You need to know the manufacturer’s recommendations before you want to change the wheel size. And the best way, you should choose a tire that is the same size as the original tire.

Speed ​​ratio

How long they will endure is among the most crucial factors to get new tires. Even though the maximum kilometers estimation of a tire has been established by racing tires, tire lifetime could be affected by such variables as the region’s height and the tread curve. When and if in cold weather conditions, devices are employed. Average tire lifetime is 65,000-160,000km. For any and all pneumatics.

Only those excellent performance pneumatics will last around 65,000 and 110,000 km, and the lifetime of the treads is unclear with better performance pneumatics available and the usual terrain.

Does not extend more than 40,000km. Once you’ve decided on the characteristics of the tire you’re planning to buy, pay attention to how long the tire can last.

On all cars, tires are specified vehicle speed and manufacturing parameters that indicate which tire will be suitable for your vehicle.

Some tires can be used in all seasons, so it is unnecessary to change to another tire to accommodate those conditions. There will be a spec on the side surface of the tire that stretches from H to V, and it will provide better handling and on-road certainty.

The feature of the tire has another side of being used in ice and snow conditions. To provide the best performance during wet and dry seasons, these tires will have a rating of V, W, Y, or Z. There are tires capable of sustaining at speeds of 239-299 km/h. However, high performance will also work well at lower speeds. Keep in mind that these high-speed tires have a shorter lifespan than expected.

Choose a tire

This seems apparent but you actually have to understand the shape of the image tires and the length of the wheels on the car. The stability and relevant processes of the basic tires and rims are designed by the suppliers

There wasn’t much to dispute about if you purchase a punctured tire of the very same diameter as you are using, but it might have productivity and development changes if you decide to modify the diameter of the tires. Which? If you are searching for a bigger tire, first read the landlord’s handbook for details and suggestions from the maker. If you really are willing to improve the diameter of your rubber, visit a tire professional to see just how your car is affected before doing something

Depending on the needs of users and rolling conditions, car users have different options for tires.

The MPV sedan or family car aims to create a smooth feeling when operating, so the wheels often use high-elastic tires, wheels with a moderate diameter.

SUVs or crossovers emphasize off-road capabilities, so use durable, hard and good grip tires. Wheels and tire thickness are usually larger than other models.

Sports cars with a low center of gravity operating at high speeds often use tires with small wheel widths and large wheels to increase traction and reduce vibration.

The tire specifications also tell us what speed range the tire is suitable for. Car users need to consider the daily use of the car to choose the right type of tire.

Tire life

Tires, like the vehicle on them, can carry a full load with their characteristics. Some tire manufacturers claim that their tires can reduce the amount of stopping distance a vehicle has when applying the brake to a stop, on the other hand helping to increase fuel economy, and a Numbers can be safely used after they have been severely punctured. But even if you’re looking to replace it with other tires that match the manufacturer’s specifications, it’s best to know the type of performance you can use.

Most drivers buy tires that can be used for all seasons. It won’t increase fuel consumption by 1km but will provide solidity on the road surface and work well in most seasons—the condition of the road surface, especially in dry weather. If you are looking for tires that can be used in more severe conditions, you can purchase tires for your vehicle designed to have a special grip on wet or wet surfaces: snow or ice-covered pavements.

Knowing the life of your tires is very important because it is one of the bases for you to change your tires next time and avoid the danger of riding with bad-quality tires.

Although manufacturers have calculated an estimate of the number of kilometers used for tires is the best. But tire life can vary depending on road conditions.

All-weather tires have a typical tread life between 64,000 – 160,000 km. These high-performance all-weather  tires would only last between 64,000 and 112,000km. The highest performance tires typically don’t last more than 40,000km.

Depending on the main road operating conditions, you should decide to buy the right tire for your car.

Change tires in pairs

Tires will gradually degrade over a long period of time, usually within 10,000 km. It’s best if you change all four tires at once. However, to save the necessary cost, you should change in pairs and put a new pair of tires in the back of any vehicle.

Putting new tires behind will help your car grip the road better and handle emergency braking situations more safely. If you change according to the type of tire wear, changing that tire will lead to an imbalance with the opposite tire, this will make the vehicle operate poorly and be dangerous to drive.

The above article is the things that you need to keep in mind when buying car tires. Hopefully, this article has provided more useful information for choosing to buy the best, most suitable, and most economical car tires.

The price of new car tires

There was a saying in the old days that money is what you get. It also applies to buying car tires, and I don’t mean here that the more expensive, the better. I mean that you should not buy cheap tires. Such tires will definitely have problems, such as recycled tires or the use of bad rubber. You can refer to the prices at online websites, the official websites of the product, and not have to buy too expensive.

Usually, the cost will vary a bit but not too much as they also charge for the installation, the balancing of the tires, and some additional service fees. Moreover, if you are a careful person, you can find out and ask about the store’s situation where you plan to buy new car tires. You can almost guarantee 70-80%.

Tires used for snow roads have an inclement weather symbol on the sidewall surface, usually a “mountain with a snowflake” symbol inside, and they provide greater traction than tires used on snow for all seasons. Regardless of the type of tire you buy, look for the type of performance you want in a tire, then decide on the best one for your job and the driving conditions you need.


Hot weather, what to do to avoid exploding car tires?

The heat of the road surface, the rise and fall, the difference in tire pressure are the common causes of a car tire explosion. This situation makes the driver lose control and prone to accidents.

Here are some measures to prevent car tire explosion in sweltering weather.

Parking in the sun for a long time will also negatively affect the paint and tires. In particular, having objects in the car such as gas cylinders and cans of carbonated soft drinks is straightforward to cause the risk of fire and explosion due to heat accumulation.

Therefore, you should choose a shady place to park your car, and if you cannot choose a good location, the car owner should actively find suitable options, such as covering the car with a tarp.

The spare car tire is smaller than the main tire. Why?

To ensure that the car can still travel without interruption when the main tire fails, car manufacturers worldwide have created many different types of tires to support users.

The spare tire is an indispensable part of the car ever since to ensure that the car can still travel without interruption when the main tire fails. The development of technology makes the world produce many different types of tires.

According to Edmunds, previously, the spare tire was equal to the main tire, but from 2007-2014, worldwide, the number of full-size spare tires decreased by about 49%. Statistics of this website in 2014, about 52% of cars in the world use small spare tires, most of which are cars. So why are there these differences? Let’s follow up.

Why do car tires blow?

Inflated car tires are considered the main cause of tire bursts. In fact, according to the operating principle of the car, the air pressure in the car tires is responsible for lifting the entire weight of the vehicle as well as the weight of passengers and luggage. 

Therefore, the lack of air means that the tire has to bear more “responsibility,” causing the tire components, including steel wire, rubber, tread, and even the tread, to work too hard. In addition, the lack of air will cause the tires not to be cooled, plus the area of ​​friction between the tire and the road surface will cause overheating and easy to explode.

Overloaded cars have become an eternal “problem” of trucks in Vietnam. Overloading has inadvertently placed the tires in the “maximum load limit” condition. At this time, the heat generated in friction with the road surface and moving through the convex and concave roads will push the endurance of the shell to the limit. Therefore, the situation of car tire burst is inevitable.

Watching this video to pick the right 235 80r16 12 ply trailer tires

Conclude: Our Answer For The Best 235 80r16 12 Ply Trailer Tires

Above are the best quality brands 235 80r16 12 ply trailer tires today. If you want to buy or work with car tires, you should learn more about car tire brands. I hope the above information will help you to choose the right 235 80r16 12 ply trailer tires

2-Pk Mounted Trailer Tire Rim Homaster 8-14.5 LRG 14.5 in. Demountable Rim Wheel
Best for
Best 235 80r16 12 ply trailer tires for rainy
LT235/85R16 Kenda Klever A/P KR05 Highway Terrain 14 Ply G Load Tire 235 85 16
Best for
Best 235 80r16 12 ply trailer tires for cheap price
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