Top 10 99 Dodge Ram Headlights

You come to the right spot if you are after headlights to replace your factory headlights. Are you stressed to shop at a perfect 99 Dodge Ram headlights? Do you ever think about doubts? We acknowledge that we have already studied 99 headlights from Dodge Ram and that is why the most extensive list of 99 headlights from Dodge Ram available in the current market has been compiled. We have done our best with our thoughts and advice but it is also important for you to do your own extensive research into 99 Dodge Ram headlights which you plan to purchase. We note still that it is a high priority to keep 99 Dodge Ram headlights up to date, and so we regularly update our websites. Find out more with web outlets about us.

99 Dodge Ram Headlights Comparison 2024

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Top 10 99 Dodge Ram Headlights Reviews 2024

Brock Replacement Set Driver

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It looks amazing. Exact match of the manufacturers without apparent flaws and decent materials constructed. I only gave 4 stars instead of 5, because the weather is a little long (use your old weatherstrip and be careful of the plastic trim screws holding it because new ones are not included). 

The ampoules are not Sylvania nor included. Installation tips are not available. One reviewer claims he would “drop his stump” and I discovered why, the difficult way! I didn’t lose my bumper and instead I had trouble mounting a new frame. 

Using the existing fixture bracket if it is in decent shape to replace factory lamps. Most 9004 bulbs with a shaft inside which is not almost as noticeable as the shaft inside. These inner sills must be positioned to ensure that the bulb is correctly placed in the primary lamp. 

Third, before bolting fully in the bracket, remove the bracket, so that over the headlight screws you can handle the clamps. If the bracket is absolutely bound into it, it is difficult to position it. In other words, do not bolt in the new brackets until the lamps slide. This enables you to quickly reach all the video. The corporation should have these few basic guidelines for people who are unaware. 

The bulbs included would be nice, but these light bulbs are so high that they are very costly. I hope some people can assist with these tips. Personally, I read the articles that said it was easy to fit into and plunged into nearly black, and I didn’t consider my old bracket on the first light. Maybe watch a video if there was never something your factory lights required or you didn’t add headlights before. 

That said, the luminaires are fine, both the plastic and the lenses are sturdy.


  • The price was right.
  • The fit was perfect.
  • The install was easy.
  • The results are impressive


  • The molding wasn’t quite as perfect

Torchbeam T2 9004 LED Headlight Bulbs

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My Pathfinder of 97 has headlights in the twist retaining collar type. This is not covered in the manual, so the new LED bulb is removed from the fan mount (twisting) and placed the collar behind the mounting ring and the heat sink in place, and everything is mounted. 

Pull the bulb back and drag the collar a little if the collar doesn’t balance itself and shift, you can finally get the neck to line up and turn it on. I have high and low beams, no warning lights or radio problems, and my goal is right. The cooling fans will not be seen while the engine is off and the lights are turned out. 

Improved visibility the innovative 9004 LED light output LED chip with approximately 12,000 lumen gives you 400 percent luminous light above your stock bulbs.

Easy installation, the rugged plug and play interface, non polarity-free, is lightweight and usually installs in just minutes without equipment.

No blurring while the LED light bulb T2 9004 has beam designs which do not blind or shimmer incoming traffic, although much brighter than stock halogen bulbs.


  • Simple to set up
  • A lot less
  • Light supporters are offensive and trigger a remarkable vibration that is also mildly noticeable


  • Bulb does not fit very well

SEALIGHT 9004/HB1 LED Headlight Bulbs

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They’re cool and light like I needed to, but I can’t get the side of the drivers to change correctly. I changed as best I could the headlight assembly. However, as shown in the instructions, the bulb/LED chips should not be mounted up and down or at any other angle facing left and right. However, due to the slots the bulb would go in, the driver’s side cannot have been mounted like this, because it is crumbling and bright skyward. 

For over an hour, I experimented with her trying to work out how to fix her and then glued the bulb to the right spot. But it seems like it works right now. A fantastic improvement and also a great customer support for my Mustang GT in 1989; fast replacement came if an amp had an electrical problem. 

Care priorities for driving are safety. HB1/9004 Hi/Lo headlight can remove obscure spots and glare by providing sufficient glare, multi-voltage security, centered beam patterns and safeguard the safety of all road drivers.


  • Lights are very bright
  • Pretty good quality


  • Beam and low beam are reversed
  • One bulb had an electrical issue

 DNA Motoring HL-OEM-DR94-4P

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As predicted, they are inexpensive. The plastic film I omitted on the originals seems a little lighter and bendable. This is a more stiff material at a low cost. So it is going to work okay. The only major concern I have with them is that the screw holes were bolted in order to secure the blinkers to the rest of the housing. If I didn’t know better, someone will buy them, try tightening the screws tightly, break them and get them back. 

My initial turn signals had to be reused. The funny thing is: like headlights, they’re all cloudy, oxidized. You really should convince them that they are old. I think that car manufacturers produce headlights from a substance deliberately. 

The lighting and brackets are magnificent. What is not great is that the split brackets preclude the screws from keeping them in the two turn signals. I had some substitutions to buy dorman. This may not be what you are seeing, but I have seen this. Besides, they can be quickly adjusted and perform very well!


  • Cheap
  • They fit well
  • The headlight looks to be in good condition


  • The mounting holes didn’t line up right

Autosaver88 Headlight Assembly

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Style – our sleek nature of the headlights keeps you healthy at night and looks amazing.

Tougher houses are made of high quality OEM plastic ABS to guarantee outstanding weather resistance and effect that ensures long lasting life for years to come.

Installation- Our bolt-on headlights are designed for simple and easy installation and need no alteration or perforation as a completely compliant substitute for manufacture components.

Quality guaranteed- Our headlights are carefully tested to provide a seamless operation and to have long term effect and heat resistance.

The units are completely enclosed so that inside the housing moisture is not contained. Product compliance specifically complies with safety requirements that must be met by all OE light producers. 

You are going to become a sportive model if you have a light for high beams. Some of the sporting versions come with three headlights, a low beam and a high beam, which provide a single high and low beam display. It fitted into my sport of 97 1500. For the built in led strip, the red and dark wires on the light. 

The diagram comes in rather confusingly- wired. Move them to your orange parking light/blinker the fastest way. Black is going to land labelled wire on the parking light, red wire on the parking lamp goes to the small wire marker. Boom the leds and light not with blinkers, switch on with your car park light. It’s easy to use, but very dependent on your bumper. 

There are bumper cars, and others sit up on those vans. If you find it difficult to pull out ancient headlights, it would be difficult to position the current headlights.


  • Very nice looking headlight assemblies
  • Affordable
  • Very easy to install


  • The lens is soft and not scratch resistant

DWVO Headlight 94-01 Dodge Ram

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Set them up on my 98 Dodge 1500 Ram. It looks pretty cheap, but it’s ok. Bought the ultra star bulbs and the tinted headlights I removed are no brighter. Morimotos, however, is the right focus for this application. 

Will continue to search for a good budget friendly light. Love that after installation these lights can be adjusted. In addition, because of nature, mounting tabs are much stronger. They were purchased to replace a number of aftermarket lamps which were much stronger due to a configuration of an item, but adjustment screws were only available before installation and mounting tabs were poor for adjustment to remove illumination.

Good budget crunch pick. They look so beautiful and look good. They look so good. Again, like my tail lights, I ordered the plastic scratched in a few places and it was like a little piece on one of the headlamps, just very few and it was difficult to see, unless it was near and close to it.


  • Good choice for a budget crunch
  • Darn good
  • Install is easy


  • The metal clip flew off under truck
  • Difficult to mount and removing the bumper in front

 DNA Motoring HL-OH-DR944P

[amazon box=”B07D4Z9VLK” ]

I’m not always satisfied with the mechanical components, particularly because I’m a technician and not the biggest in mechanical engineering. I watched a brief video on how my camion, Dodge Ram 1500, can be mounted, and ready for work. I got both of them assembled and they look fine, Little cut and 45 minutes later. 

Just a fyi, a little glue and screw with a slide attaches the warning light to the headlight. The first was easy but the second one I had to walk, and the two walked out, and I freaked out and came in and went out. Then after calming down, I took the great glue and chose to use it still, before a substitute arrived. 

This works so much better than stock, and makes the truck look like Badass! I’ve added 9004 LEDs and in this housing they perform fantastically. The introduction of some lighting technology has enabled manufacturers to produce boxes and lenses that work freakin! 

Black on the truck doesn’t look too gloomy because the reflecting part of the housings is chrome-plated. I like my 2001 RAM looks too well. The installation was pretty easy, I loosened the stroke pins and pushed it down with the pins still attached.


  • Headlights are very clear and easy to install
  • Good lighting
  • Works well 


  • The bulb attaching is not molded
  • Bulb tight were missing
  • Poor design

Driver and Passenger Headlights

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First, this product does not come as prime, but I received it as quickly as I did my prime items. These lights work amazing. The old ones were pretty fogged up. I also put in new bright white Phillips 9004 CrystalVision bulbs and man what a difference. 

If you are going to take the time to put in new headlight housing, do yourself a favor and put in new bulbs, so worth it. Install wasn’t bad, just make sure you pull the plastic coverings back on the bumper and it’s easy to change. But keep the big ring from the stock headlights on the back.(it holds the light in the headlight housing). 

The ones that come with the light are really cheap and I broke one, so I ended up just using the stock one. No adjustment was needed. 

Ducks became the one little hiccup. Some were straight, and they were twisted by my truck 90°. But they wouldn’t keep bent long enough to close the hood for that purpose.

The approach was quick and straightforward – use the old lights’ joints again.


  • Work Great
  • Awesome product 
  • Great price 
  • Easy installation!


  • The light adjustment screw heads were blocked
  • The rubber molding is very poor quality
  • Not secured

 DWVO Projector Headlight

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The headlight of the DWVO factory style is the same as the original machine – moves in the same direction and looks and works much as the original.

Carefully designed for lighting – the new lens and reflector have better lighting and guarantee a pleasant and relaxed driving experience.

Specially built to cause problems

Free installation – Get a fresh look and good visibility by a quick operation.

Sustainable driving in dark conditions can ensure compliance with DOT norms and street law and consistent efficiency.

Checked thoroughly to have consistent results – extensive trials to ensure excellent components tolerance and reliable operation irrespective of weather conditions are performed.


  • Makes the truck look neat and tidy
  • Great service and product
  • Nice looking headlights


  • No good seal water inside

AmeriLite for 1994-2001

[amazon box=”B07MHKQX87″ ]

These headlight assemblies have only been mounted on my truck and seem high enough. Not included are instructions, but it was easy to delete my old headlights. For both headlight assemblies, I took about 30 minutes. Just 1 complaint has been sent. 

The rubber nozzle on both sides of the headlights is slightly cracked as if it were a flaw when moulded in the factory. So you ought to see how long it lasts before it breaks. They just look like the factory light I like and it was super easy to mount them.

The bolts on my bumper stock bumpers, the middle 6 bolts on the frame and 1 bolts on each foot, had to be loosened and angled a little so they would match easily. All in all for the cost, the consistency and the transparency of these are worth your investment. And they’re not bad either, but I still use the bulbs they have shipped, they’re like driving in the daytime and they throw a bunch of high-quality led bulbs.


  • Interest initial substitutes. 
  • The fit’s all right. 
  • The model has strange lines and curves, but the lights match well. 
  • Simple to substitute.


  • Unsealed, condensation collector

Buying Guide The Best 99 dodge ram headlights

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This technology we use for compiling our list relies on a number of considerations, not least:

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Specifications: How strong can they be evaluated.

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Score for customers: Dodge Ram headlights number category 99 critically.

Comments to customers: These paragraphs, which are closely linked to scores, provide information on their 99 Dodge Ram headlights from the real world.

Product quality: with 99 Dodge Ram Headlights, you don’t really get what you ask for, sometimes less and often more.

Product reliability: How robust and long lasting a 99 Dodge Ram headlights are should show you how long it works.

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