Ak 47 Scope Mount – Beauty And Convenience For Your Ak 2024

Scope mounts are the disk bolts of the field of getting shot; the right thing should indeed be found. This is to make you feel perfectly linked. Both ties in a firing device must be mounted and fitted well to ensure accuracy until the weapons are used. In history, optics and ak 47 scope mount have not been very general. But for whatever, though not all AK lovers, they become even more attractive over the previous couple decades.

AK’s were literally used as a defense or fighting gun. But as time went on, the ability to tie lengths to AK mounts was also like others use them for hunting.

There are plenty of them to pick from before it happens to ak 47 scope mount. This may be a little complicated, so we have compiled a rundown of the best mount for AK to allow you to buy the the best ak 47 scope mount:

Best 10 Ak 47 Scope Mount Comparison 2024

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Top Best 10 Ak 47 Scope Mount Reviews 2024

UTG Tactical Rail Mount

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This is indeed a large mount which will fit on the back of your weapon. Could go from one end of both the powder protectors to just the rear view stage.

It has a total impact of 19 spaces, needed to fit scopes, adapters and other accessories. The railway has a secondary iron view fixed, which replaces that which is gone. This is intended to provide the consumer with a longer view, for simple precise firing.

The brace enables its owner to operate a lens with a motion detection optics and yet have a really clear back view.


  • Mounting will ensure cheap and efficient mounting, including rapid detachment and connection.
  • With its accessible flip nature, the user can clean up his weapon easily. It also has nil maintenance
  • Approximately to 19 rail spaces are available, for versatile usage of attachments.
  • Its black ceramic austempering surface provides the highest wear resistance and long-lasting longevity throughout your mount.


  • This is not an integrated rail as with all other counterparts

ACEXIER Tactical ak 47 scope mount

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One of its most attractive features of the ACEXIER Tactical ak 47 scope mount is that it would be consistent with a large variety of AK47 models.

Thus you could use this fix on either of them, even if we have upwards of one AK47 version, instead of purchasing one for example. The ACEXIER Tactical is somewhat more costly than comparable assemblies. This has a 7.5 inch Retractable rail with which many tools can be attached at one time. 

And then when you connect a range, you can change it for appropriate eye relief. This tool’s fits on your bolt action rifle metal railing and then once fixed, the install doesn’t block your iron sights.

In addition, the flexible locking mechanism guarantees the mount is securely fixed to your weapon. But you won’t have the mount spinning and having all sorts of trouble as you fire your weapon. It has a simple release feature to enable you quickly and conveniently install and unplug the mount. All in all, it’s perfect for AK47 players who don’t care about wasting additional revenue on performance.


  • Extendable function of trying to lock
  • Enable with many versions of AK47
  • Technique for fast release
  • Wide rail to link many machines simultaneously


  • Less costly than equivalent ones

Green Blob Scope Mount Dual Cantilever

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Green Blob Scope Mount Dual Cantilever is really a surface mounting on a normal rail on the surface of an AK gun. It has been built with basic Soviet technology and contemporary American architecture and also has a Picatinny line. That’s also why it can be mounted on any device on the AK weapon, utilizing readily accessible rings.

That mount suits all AK versions really well. It was well, so you don’t have to tweak something to firmly mount it to your gun. The build is indeed very safe and will retain nil until detoxification and reinstallation.


  • This is a convenient and easy to do scope install prepared to be used from the package
  • It’s really sturdy, solidly constructed. This gives that one a longer existence
  • It’s a really safe mount that looks and feels good at every AK gun.


  • This bands of scope are not suitable for all user 

Green Blob Handle Rail Mount

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This Green Blob Handle Rail Mount rail unit is totally easy to use.

It replaces the rear view rail maker, and no other feature has to be uninstalled or the firearm mounted. Once installed, the transmission cover can not be replaced. It’s a bit expensive. You could get improved blind spot bars, even though they don’t look that well. This is not overly expensive in AK rail standards. However, you should be equipped to offset a high-quality rail.


  • Good material design makes the weight lighter
  • Reliable, solid and immune to oxidation
  • Simple to deploy and highly reliable


  • Normal design has no accents for your AK 47

Wipboten Scope Mount 

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The Wipboten Scope Mount scale mount is suitable for guests searching for an inexpensive AK47 mount. It is built of elevated, anodized material, still very robust. You should then be confident that this mount can last you for a long time.

The assembly is simple to run. It arrives with a spring loaded mechanism for mounting and mounting. Without any resistance, the lever swings. But you won’t fight it and instead struggle to install and system files the mount of the lens.


  • Made with aluminium of high quality
  • Oxidized to guard against wear, bruises and degradation
  • Credible method of locking


  • This is not a good accessory for battles

Vortex Mounts – The Best ak 47 scope mount

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The Vortex Mounts are available in two different choices: the 30 mm 2-inch extended mounted mounted and the 1-inch opposed mounted mounted. It can even be found in flat top rifle models to install scopes. 

Build The Vortex arrives in blacks and also has a sleek design . It places the middle of both the scope pipe at the base at a level of 1.59 inches (40.39 mm). The circle length is over 60 mm. It is a defined mounting range with Torx hooks.

Properties The install is expensive to design; in the next few minutes one will be up and working. Flexible because it provides an opportunity to mount a lot of various AK and scopes, making it easier to adjust whether you have more tools to use it.

Efficiency The Vortex peak is basically renowned for its efficiency. It works well enough on the basis and provides optimal productivity. Customer ratings prove that despite thousands of rounds or lengthy stretches, screws do not miss their position and remain none. This is also recognised for its long service life.


  • Excellent standard, affordable alternative
  • Simple to update
  • The few main features of the build are performance, flexibility and effective build quality.


  • Any consumers contend that the absence of rapid detachment is their greatest defect. It’s a decent commodity, apart from that.

American AD-RECON 

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A feature of the American AD-RECON install is indeed a worthy listing. American Defense MFG. provides many choices in its selection to ensure you have the right one for you.

Style The design is sleek and trendy. 

Available in multiple color combinations; anything that only certain consumers with customized gun skins might consider essential. It is constructed of aluminum alloy and weights 8.4 ounces. That 30 mm choice has many versions, because almost all measurements are just the same. It could be used on the even without a riser, based on where you’re from.

The exclusive American AD-RECON enables the consumer to change the range without use of dedicated software, and can easily match the range with a forged steel broom handle or even a finger. 

The mounting of the scope fixes securely to the rail, guaranteeing maximum contact with the weapon, and the heavy locks on the front or rear as the customer wants it. A healthy exit pupils and decent eye relief ensure the duration of the booster prevents the customer from having a bit of reach.


  • That’s the kind of mount that is simple to use.
  • It arrives with directions to help you install it easily on your weapon.
  • The revolutionary three-point customizable locking mechanism is given.
  • You get an optimized iron backup view


  • Hard to use for newbies

Burris Optics Mount Picatinny Ring Tops

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Perhaps one of the many popular mounts in reach is from Burris. That mount is among the better mountings for AK. That basic design is straightforward, because there is a great deal of variation to be adapted to the customer’s needs in rings and bases. It can be installed in both picturesque and weaver designs. The 410344 process is a simplified 1-inch separation built to the band tops of Picatinny.


  The install is constructed of matt black aluminium and weights 8.3 ounces. The width from start to finish is 4.15 inches or more.

Characteristics: The builds of Burris Optics Mount Picatinny Ring Tops are a remedy for both rings and bases. The mount is 2 inch away, which contributes to appropriate eye relief and firing. The personalization enables different improvements to be made according to needs like competition, shooting, tactics, etc. Not only does the fast removal alternative help to quickly attach other rifles with zero on each turn, it also helps to switch among short or and long setups.

Powerfulness: The mount. is noted for its high service efficiency. The product is durable and performs really well. The future mounting switches were taken into account. It is often used by duty officers to demonstrate the reliability and ability of both the mount.


  • This mount is regarded as the finest 30 mm AR mount.
  • It provides high-performance versatility, making it a perfect option for any kind of gunman.


  • The biggest problem for AR-P.E.P.R. racks is the quality, which begins tiny, but for each bring rises, which makes it expensive for most buyers.
  • Secondly, the installations are larger than the market

RS AK-301 Lower Modular Mount

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The Lower Modular Mount RS Regulate was among the most available of modern performing AK racks. It is not inexpensive, but a luxury item orders a premium amount. The RS Regulate Scope Mount will lower your mount, allowing you to have the greatest available cheek build. Operating with a tool that is not intended to have an optic may be difficult, however this brand works.

The higher adjustable mount puts the optical right from behind the vision so that the mount can be used efficiently for long relaxation exercises or a red marker. For AKs there is also no install that makes an optical as small as this one. Its flexible character allows it to be simple to use for a large number of various lenses and AK items. It is probably AK’s mount with the best standard you can afford.


  • Friendly with a broad variety of versions and AK47
  • Quite poor profile
  • Don’t obstruct sights of iron
  • It can be customized


  • The cost is wasted compared to the features received

Zenitco Russian Zenit model B1 AK ak 47 scope mount

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If you really are searching for a good quality, arms and legs mounting for any AK47, you couldn’t do stronger than the Russian Zenitco B13.

Zenit is known for producing excellent AK47 attachments, particularly attachments for scope. And the others may even be in the ak 47 mountain hall of fame. It is constructed of D16T titanium alloys, a highly strong, water resistant and robust metal.

The mounting of the scope is intended for AK47s with side panels. As well as the setup is really fast and simple.

The mount seems to have a protective coating that protects against fading, rubbing and wear. You will then depend on it to provide you with years of operation without any upkeep.

The biggest disadvantage is that it is suitable only for weapons with chamfer side panels. It’s a fairly good mount that arrives at a really reasonable price, besides that.


  • This weight is lighter than the others and reliable
  • It’s doesn’t obstruct targets of steel
  • Compliance with weapons including side rails style AK47


  • Not suitable for faucets with folding inventory system

Buyer’s Guide to choose the best ak 47 scope mount


The first vision of General Kalashnikov won’t require a scope brace. And besides, a robust, accurate and basic infantry arm was designed for the AK 47 and similar models. The style has changed over the years and included light-weight weapons and sniper or assigned marker weapons, and even a regular lens mount also bloomed. This represents not just the changing position of military roles but also the demands of consumers. Not often will the military manage or want to install optics on every weapon for soldiers, but a personal user has the privilege of demanding optics and modifications for his sports rifle.

To this end, a large range of scope choices for the AK 47 have appeared. We looked at two of the more effective and trustworthy methods to do so, lateral supports and eye relief foundations that substitute rear perception. These devices are both tested and accurate, which can be claimed to be more than with most AK mounts. There are all kinds of jokes, from shaky bases on the dust sheet, to odd clamps on bases that contain and use the fuel hose. Most bases were Rube Goldberg-style structures so complicated that you must ask why an individual doesn’t add a selector lever such as the Russians.

We haven’t touched on these gimmicky foundations, but want to give the best ak 47 scope mounts that work without appearing like anything that has fled a fresh Russian engineering student’s vodka-packed nightmares. You will notice that, for good cause, all these bases had traditional Picatinny rails. About every scope you like can be mounted on a Telescoping rail. Rings are popular and almost any scope on the market works on them. In comparison, the angle foundations examined all the precision weapons which made it absurdly simple to move from steel to optical. About every base on the side would hold the zero on the lenses too, making it convenient to get a base off and store it, without thinking about missing zero.

It is not easy to find the best mounting scope for an AK47. The versions of AK47 are numerous and based on which, this will decide on the scope to purchase.

The excellent thing is that a scale mount can be obtained, and can be used for various AK47 and other rifles. The expense is the only problem with such mounts. They are costly, but highly scalable. So remember these considerations as you decide on the scope of build to buy for your AK47 gun.


ak 47 scope mount

So verify or inquire which material the mount is produced before it is purchased. Most high-quality mounts are constructed of relatively low steel and aluminum so they are sturdy, durable. You should get a telescope mount constructed of these products and it can serve you for several years. Do you like a ring or rail mounting platform? Most AK47 mounts are available with rings or sheets. Especially the selector lever mounts are most common because they can be used with bolt action. The mount racks are provided with a dense ring that once fixed by screws to the weapon keeps the mount securely. The choice of a kind of assembly platform would rely on your shooting style.


AK47s are extremely loud weapons however if you attach another scope to the firearm, that will add to the mass of the pistol, according to how large the scope gets?

In particular to never wear them out while you use the rifle, any extension to your shooter  should be held as light as necessary. Make sure of the low weight and lightweight construction of the ak 47 scope mount. This would make it easy for you to use it.

Get a simple to use and portable mount that is simple to operate.

Budget _ Price

Although certain high-quality mounts at fair rates are possible, it is preferable to add too affordable mounts. Even so, you wouldn’t want to waste that much cash on a mount for the lens. Expensive assemblies may come with fantastic functionality, but get a good value for money if you’re on a plan.

Setting up

Installation of most reverse vision rails is simple. For download, you don’t have to change your ak 47 scope mount. And there are others that you like.\Not that many people choose to change their weapons just to mount an attachment, so you can easily screw rails on or lock on to the weapon.

Watching this video to know how to attach ak 47 scope mount into your AK


Ak47’s moved a long journey.Because if you’re one’s registered member, take care by ensuring to use the correct mount. You may purchase one which is consistent with several AK47 versions or purchase one which is compatible only with the AK47 version. Your choice can eventually be dependent on the mount standard and not so much with the expense. We hope that you will be helped by the details and recommendations in this article.

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