10 Best Alarm Clock With USB MP3 Player To Fire Up Your Day (Updated 2024)

Most people tend to rely on the alarm settings on their smartphones to start their days. An alarm clock, however, would still be our top choice for doing their original work at waking you up. In recent times, people are no longer looking for the good old cuckoo clock; instead, they choose their best alarm clock with USB MP3 player.

With modern technology, alarm clocks nowadays have evolved with such splendid features. From USB charge, SD card slots to Bluetooth streaming and even MP3/CD Player. As multitaskers, we’re really fond of these concepts in modern alarm clocks.

If you find it hard to decide which alarm clock is best for you, then below are our personal top picks of 10 best modern alarm clocks that might give you a brief insight of what’s most suited to you.

Best Alarm Clock With USB MP3 Player Comparison 2024

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Top 10 Best Alarm Clock With USB MP3 Player Reviews 2024

G Keni LC-10W

[amazon box=”B088BB65MH” ]

For someone who dislikes disturbing other people’s sleep, this G Keni alarm clock can be everything. We’re amazed at its unique feature of setting alarms through built-in speakers and/or ear wears. This feature also applies to audio from CD, USB, Bluetooth and FM as well.

And that’s not all. G Keni has dual alarms, which we find pretty amazing as it can play two different sets of tones separately. For people who are not fully awake after the first alarm, this feature of G Keni might erase their irk in the morning with the second wave of sound. We think it’s really helpful in not ruining your morning with some traumatizing alarm tones since you can select your favorite tune from your devices.

On the downside, wireless charging is one notable feature of G Keni which we’re not 100% satisfied with due to the excessive brightness when using this function. Still, with all the features mentioned above, it is more than enough for G Keni to stay in first place as our best alarm clock with USB MP3 player.


  • Available sleep timer while playing audios from CD, USB, Bluetooth and FM
  • Dual alarms
  • Wireless charging


  • High brightness when using a wireless charge

dpnao YW-010

[amazon box=”B0734J7874″ ]

This Dpnao is for users who want to attain a “just fine” alarm clock – this unit is perfectly compact and reminds people of the good old stereos back then.

Another good point that adds up to the pros of Dpnao is the various formats that it can play.  Not only does it have FM/AM audio but it also has space for audio players, such as CD and MP3 files. Also, if you want to increase the volume at a much higher range, dpnao might be able to fit your preferences.

Plus, not to mention the two additional attachments, the auxiliary cord and the earphone jack, are pretty good when you want to have a change of pace and listen to audio in different ways from speakers to in-ear, depending on your use.


  • Space-saving and compact
  • Various audio formats
  • Loud volume


  • Instructions from the user manual can be quite confusing


[amazon box=”B07B4WZSB2″ ]

You may want to consider adding this alarm clock to your list, because one astounding feature of HANNLOMAX HX-300CD is that this alarm clock focuses on the CD Player, and the sound quality is overall excellent.

Another great detail that we would like to mention is the built-in alarm. If you want to listen to some soft and chill music before bedtime, its sleep timer feature might work best. Also, the fact that you can hold off the alarm for a while is quite impressive. You just need to press the snooze button when the alarm starts ringing and have some moment for yourself before you’re completely awake.


  • Superior support to CD/CDR/CDW
  • Easy to locate FM stations
  • Excellent in sound quality


  • The attached instruction might be hard to follow

KEiiD KD-S01

[amazon box=”B0893HVJMK” ]

This KEiiD product is composed of multifunctional features. It has a dual alarm system that you can set alarms with your favorite music. The reception for the radio is wonderful, probably because it has a 6.5-foot-long antenna. Plus, KEiiD alarm clock has a 5W Hi-fi speaker, which we find somewhat satisfying as the sound quality is decently clear.

But the thing that actually impressed us is that this unit features air purification. This is what makes this KEiiD product win a spot in our list of the best alarm clock with USB MP3 Player, as this alarm clock can affect not only your sense of hearing but toward your sense of smell as well – in a good way, of course. This is something that we don’t often see in normal alarm clocks. We highly recommend this product for multitaskers.


  • Excellent radio reception
  • 5W Hi-fi speaker that releases great sound quality
  • Anion air purification


  • The time date is presented backward (day/month)

iHome IBT22BC

[amazon box=”B00CTT9BE6″ ]

This iHome IBT22BC introduces one of its key features, aside from dual alarm, aux-in jack and USB port, and that feature is Bluetooth wireless audio. This can help you send audios wirelessly through various devices, from Apples to Android and even Blackberry. You can brighten your day with this iHome IBT22BC.

Aside from that, there’re a few drawbacks that we want to point out. First of all, it’s the backlight setting. The lowest level of brightness is still too bright, in our opinion, and that’s not ideal when you want to take a glance at the time in the dark. Secondly, the Bluetooth is not 100% stable and tends to lose connection when you walk just a few feet away from it. Overall, we still find that this unit is a decent alarm clock and it definitely beats smartphone speakers in sound quality.


  • Bluetooth wireless audio to various devices
  • Aux-in jack and USB port
  • Dual alarm clock


  • Weak Bluetooth connection
  • High level of brightness

August MB300

[amazon box=”B0031NF116″ ]

If you’re looking for the top-notch alarm clock with USB MP3 Player at a much decent price, then you might want to take a look at this August MB300. Since it appears on our list, August MB300 does show its lead attribute in MP3 Player. This unit can play MP3 audio, and you can use your desired tune to set your alarm, which is pretty fascinating. We would like to add one more thing which is its speaker quality. It really suits the main function of this alarm clock – MP3 playback – as it produces great sound quality.

However, the downside of this unit is the radio reception. Our take is that August MB300 focuses on the MP3 feature – that’s why the FM reception function doesn’t stand out. Still, for someone who’s on the MP3 side rather than the radio, August MB300 might be the best alarm clock that you can achieve at a cheap price.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Cheap
  • Portable, easy to fit in places


  • Poor radio reception
  • Can only set one alarm

Gallstep Night Lights Alarm Clock

[amazon box=”B07X1PTL6M” ]

This eye-catching alarm clock from Gallstep is working great at a reasonable price. The unique appearance of this unit gives us a comfortable feeling, as the light comes out nicely. You can even use this unit as some kind of bed lamp. Another feature we also want to add is the MP3 quality. This alarm clock lets out really nice and clear sounds, which to us is another plus.

Moreover, aside from its attractive look, this Gallstep alarm clock has one more unique feature, and that is the built-in microphone for phone calls. You can keep this information in mind when looking for your best alarm clock with USB MP3 Player and a built-in mic. We believe this unit is one of the best items for gifting, so if you don’t have the urge to buy it, you may consider giving it as a present to your beloved ones.


  • Creative and eye-catching
  • Decent sound quality
  • Built-in microphone for phone calls
  • Touch sensor


  • Not include charger block

Hetyre HH01

[amazon box=”B07BNK2F89″ ]

Hetyre HH01 is a decent alarm clock with a large visual display. Its level of brightness is doing fine in both daytime and nighttime, and it has a huge visual display so that you can see the time from afar. One feature that really gets us is the indoor thermometer, which is quite convenient. Not to mention you can set a sleep timer, for instance, 15 minutes for some music before sleep.

Compared to Homtime D1, Hetyre HH01 alarm clock can adjust the alarm volume, which is another plus for this product. However, its sound quality might be not as decent compared to Homtime D1, for the speaker quality is low and zero bass. If you’re someone who’s not into having a nice speaker, we think this unit might suit your taste.


  • Decent brightness and number display
  • Include indoor thermometer
  • Sleep timer function


  • Low sound quality
  • User manual might be hard to understand

GOgroove BlueSYNC TYM

[amazon box=”B00IFDJCC6″ ]

This GOgroove BlueSYNC TYM can remind people of a wooden block, which is certainly a score up for its design. With that being said, the display of the numbers, however, it’s not so great as the brightness setting is quite low – especially when you put it near the window in daylight, though it would be fine in the nighttime.

This unit works pretty well as a Bluetooth speaker. The sound quality is impressive and excellent overall. One more point that we find useful is that this alarm clock has a USB port, which means you can charge your phone and/or other devices temporarily. In short, we would recommend this alarm clock to someone who enjoys music, as this GOgroove would probably fulfill your need with its brilliant speakers.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Has USB port
  • Cheap


  • Low brightness in daylight
  • The display of time and date can be confusing

Homtime D1

[amazon box=”B0759H8JCH” ]

Homtime D1 is a nice Bluetooth alarm clock and works well with its role. The alarm of this unit indeed increases over time and can get a bit loud, and unfortunately, we couldn’t do anything other than to accept its original volume set up. One thing we want to add is the buttons – they’re quite small and there are chances that you might press the wrong one.

While Homtime D1 does have some minor cons, still, this unit shows its strength in speaker quality. It sounds awesome with great bass, and since it’s small and portable, you could pretty much carry it anywhere. Another uplift point is that you can dim down the brightness of the LED screen, which – in our opinion – is a need for every bedroom alarm clock.


  • Pleasant sound quality
  • LCD dimmer control
  • Convenient desktop holder


  • Can’t adjust the volume
  • Small buttons, can be difficult to operate

How To Choose Your Best Alarm Clock With USB MP3 Player

If you’ve just finished reading our list of the best alarm clock with USB MP3 Player, and after some deep consideration, you still cannot decide which one works best for you – it’s completely fine and understandable. Sometimes, things that work for others might also work for you, and sometimes they just don’t. All you need to do is find the thing that’s best for you, and I’m here to help you choose your best alarm clock.

Here are some criteria that you can apply:

Brand Value

When choosing a product, brand value plays an important role in forming your initial visualization of the product. If you’re familiar with an alarm clock brand, you can even make out the styles and concepts that are presented in the designs and features of the clock. Or, if you’ve taken a liking to a certain clock brand, it would be much easier to sort out your favorite from that brand, rather than wandering among an endless sea of alarm clocks.

Features And Specification

Aside from the brand, you can choose your alarm clock based on its features and specification. What do you need in an alarm clock? Are you fine with a common alarm clock that just does its main job? Or are you more into a multifunctional alarm clock that has a USB port and is able to play MP3 Player? Think about your needs so you can take the next step in choosing your goal alarm clock.

Product Value

One crucial thing that you need to keep in mind when choosing an alarm clock is your financial status. Maybe you’ve got your eyes on this great alarm clock, but the price is unaffordable for you at that moment. If that’s the case, you should turn to other options, or just simply save that alarm clock for another day.

Customer Review & Ratings

The moment you read our review, you’ve already got on the right track! Skimming through the comment sections about that alarm clock on shopping websites is the fastest and effortless way to give you a glimpse of what your ideal alarm clock would be. Or, if you want a more thorough review, just simply search for review websites that give out detailed descriptions, pros and cons, as well as the usability of the clock and other helpful information.

Quality and Durability

No one wants to spend money on a low-quality and good-for-nothing product. This matter-of-fact is also applied to most people when they want to choose an alarm clock that fits their taste. When you’ve already had in mind your ideal alarm clock, now it’s time for you to dig deeper and look into the unit’s information. Does the warranty information seem fair to you? What are others’ thoughts about the clock’s durability? Is it long-lasting? You might have to consider carefully to give out your final decision in order to get that best alarm clock USB MP3 Player of yours.

If you’ve considered all these key factors and still have trouble figuring out what is your standard need in an alarm clock and what an alarm clock can do, we would like to recommend you to watch this guide video:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need To Buy An Alarm Clock When I Already Have A Smartphone Alarm?

As mentioned before, when it’s about waking-people-up power, we still choose alarm clocks over smartphone alarms. But for people who want a quick set up and snooze/stop the alarm just by a few taps, a smartphone alarm would work just fine. Both alarm clocks and smartphone alarms have their unique traits, and it depends on personal preferences that you can get the best out of them.

However, we do think that switching your alarm option might actually change your habit. To speak clearer, imagine you’re someone who starts your day with your smartphone’s alarm, so in order to snooze/stop the alarm, you’ll probably need to put your device somewhere near you. This can make you stay up late since you might want to use your smartphone for a while more – as it’s within your reach. An alarm clock, however, will be less likely to do that.

With that being said, a smartphone alarm is actually simpler and easier to set up an alarm. Plus, it’s less complicated in resetting and recharging, unlike alarm clocks. An alarm clock would require more handwork while your smartphone alarm can be all set with just some tapping at the screen.

What Are The Advantages Of Buying An Alarm Clock With USB MP3 Player?

Aside from the standard functions, alarm clocks with USB MP3 Player clearly show their advantage in providing other features. You might want to own an alarm clock that has a USB port to transfer audio from your smartphone, or just simply charge your phone overnight. 

The same goes with alarm clocks with MP3 players – you can also make the best out of these clocks by playing audios through their speakers. Plus, from our viewpoint, most modern alarm clocks have better sound quality than our smartphones. Try connecting your audio and play it through your MP3 player featured alarm clock – you might see a huge difference!

How To Set My Alarm Clock

Each alarm clock has its own traits and features, especially nowadays when modern clocks keep surprising people with tons of advanced and innovative features. That’s the reason why you should read the instructions in the user manual carefully to follow the alarm setting process. 

Usually, you’ll need to press certain buttons in order so that you can set the time to your liking. Remember to read through the user manual to explore other features of your alarm clock so that you can take full advantage of the unit’s usability.

Can I Set Multiple Alarm Sounds With My Alarm Clock?

The answer is yes. You can use various sources of audio to set your alarm sound – it depends on your alarm clock’s features and usability. If you buy a classic type that only serves the purpose of waking you up, it is likely that yours doesn’t support the dual alarm function. But if you’re someone whose music taste changes frequently, you might really want to consider buying an alarm clock that can connect to various sources of audio to set your favorite tune.

Do Alarm Clocks Have USB Ports?

Again, this feature depends on the alarm clock itself. There’re alarm clocks that are multifunctional, including USB ports, while some alarm clocks are just built for their original purpose. If you want an alarm clock that features a USB port, you might want to reconsider our options – they’re all the best alarm clock with USB MP3 Player that we’ve picked out thoughtfully. Otherwise, feel free to skim through the web and choose your best choice, but pay attention to look up the product’s information and make sure it has a USB port.

Is It Possible That The Light From Alarm Clocks Interferes With My Sleep?

For some people, the dimmer light feature is one thing they always bear in mind when choosing alarm clocks. Some alarm clocks have large visual displays without dimmer mode, which can be a nuisance when you want to look at the time in the dark, and it might even disturb your sleep.

So if you’re sensitive to the clock’s lighting, make sure to check and see if the clock you’re looking for has a dimmer mode or not. One crucial key to remember is that you might not want to get a blue light alarm clock, since blue light has the strongest impact and could directly affect your sleep.

Is There A Test Period Before Buying An Alarm Clock?

There do have some alarm clocks, mainly pricey models, however, that come with customer service which includes trial periods. Other alarm clocks, on the other hand, normally don’t have test periods. 

But do keep in mind that most clocks offer warranty support, so if you have any problem with your new alarm clock, don’t hesitate to contact the sellers or the stores to solve the issue –  the sooner the better. Nobody wants to own an on-the-blink alarm clock, and it’s best if your unit can operate normally.

Our Top Picks Of 5 Best Alarm Clock With USB MP3 Player

If you’ve come this far and are not so sure of what to choose from the list of best alarm clock with USB MP3 Player that we’ve mentioned above, here are our 5 top picks:

[amazon table=”4224″]

Overall, G Keni LC-10W might be your finest choice since this alarm clock has the best multifunctional features that can serve multiple purposes. If you’re interested in finding the vast usability of the product, you might want to take a second look at it.

The winner for best alarm clock with USB MP3 Player for “best gifting” prize is no other than Gallstep alarm clock. With the outstanding look and fairly reasonable price, along with its convenient digital function of the built-in mic and touch sensor, Gallstep might be the best gift for your loved ones.

With its simple and easy-to-use design, we suggest iHome IBT22BC as the best alarm clock with USB MP3 Player for seniors. This unit contributes a decent set of buttons, which are well-located and big enough to press easily, that can help you approach the right features of the unit effortlessly.

For someone who loves taking care of their place, KEiiD KD-S01 is definitely our best pick as an indoor and housing alarm clock. Its unique feature of air purification can keep your house fresh and cleansed while it can still operate as an alarm clock.

GOgroove BlueSYNC TYM is our top-notch sound quality, especially at such a cheap price. Around that price, from our viewpoint, this unit is one of the best alarm clocks with high sound quality that you can easily afford. We highly recommend this for music enthusiasts who want to find their best alarm clock with USB MP3 Player.

Have you figured out what’s your best alarm clock after reading our review? We do hope that you can soon find your best pick and enjoy it to the fullest.

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