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Steve Jobs used to see the electronic pen as just a substitute for the finger, but now with Apple’s stylus everything has completely changed. Besides, the protection and avoid losing the pen has the apple pencil nib cover to take care of everything for you without worry.

Apple Pencil is known as a plastic stylus, it can connect to iPad Pro via Bluetooth. The Apple Pencil nib and the iPad Pro screen incorporate a number of technologies that recognize the pressure on the user’s pen to get the appropriate response.

It can be seen clearly that the Apple Pencil is an important and unique accessory that Apple released along with the iPad Pro line during the product launch event. And for those who have researched or used this extremely smart iPad stylus, all have the same assumption that this is a magic pen for all creativity. If you are still in doubt about the Apple Pencil of Apple, please follow the information below. It will bring you important knowledge about this.

Does a big apple pencil nib protect you from having problems buying? We appreciate this issue because the whole testing phase has already been conducted on apple pencil cover, so we have compiled a detailed range of high – quality nib cover commercially available on the market. We found the strongest apple pencil nib cover of 2021 after hours of testing and the use of all the versions on the market. See our list below for more!

Best Apple Pencil Nib Comparison 2024

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Top Apple Pencil Nib Reviews 2024

MEKO Accessories for Apple Pencil

[amazon box=”B07798RF5Y” ]

The attachments for Apple Pencil are planned. It provides complete security against loss and injury to your apple pencil. The Apple Craft accessories are constructed from natural, soft and sturdy environmental silicone. Specially made for apple crayon, the apple handle accessories. The cap holder, the nib cover and the cable adapter will avoid injury and loss of your beloved pencil

When the apple pencillar casing is out of power, and the clip on the cover will keep the crayon from rolling and dropping out, it serves like a style that can be consistent with all touchscreens. The apple pencil’s surface is sluggish. The silicone handle tightens your crayon such that relative slipping does not occur. No matter how sliding it is when it is used.


  • Material of high quantity
  • Protective silicone grip
  • Pencil Cap Apple
  • Strong operation


  • Expensive

TechMatte Apple Pencil Tip Cover

[amazon box=”B07Y9NPHM6″ ]

Paper-like design: Specifically made to suit perfectly on Apple Pencil 1 & 2. Soft silicone plastic. The feeling of real pencil painting on paper may be even imitated.

Compatibility: 1st & 2nd generation Apple pencil

Eight Apple Pencil Covers: What is in the box.


  • Improved friction improved
  • Silicone material improves friction, reducing the rubbing and the precision of the screen
  • Prevents maintenance when using the Apple Pencil 1 and 2 on an extensive basis.


  • The very end of the wear and tear is substituted with just routine (not necessarily everyday)

Delidigi 40 Pack Tips Cover Silicone Nibs

[amazon box=”B089Y2W56J” ]

Fits with both the 1 and 2 generation original Apple Pencils. Ultra slim design to keep the Extremely responsive, however 40 different physical or chemical properties covers packs were included with each kit.

Ultra-thin Apple Pencil protector tips, not impact on Apple pencil’s writing output. It defends the iPad screen from scratches and prevents harm to the Apple Pencil. The Apple Pencil will match snacks made from high-end silicone with a non-slip coating inside.


  • Maintain the Incredibly responsive and substitute per kit with 40 color tip mixed PCS covers.
  • Removes the buzz and the scrapie When a pencil tip from Apple touches the computer of the iPad.
  • Makes soft silicone, protects against scratching of your iPad screen and protects Apple Pencil against injury.


  • Not perfect because you need to compose a ton of material quickly.

JanCalm Designed for Apple Pencil Tips Cover

[amazon box=”B083TS32SP” ]

Apple Pencil Tips Consistent with Apple Pencil Gen & Apple Pencil 1st. NEW fashion color range luxurious beautiful style that keeps the Apple pencil looking for any occasion. Packaging style, Slim Compact and Clear Box is lightweight in your suitcase, bag or other bag.

Can you think about the Apple Pencil tip wear by the screen protector? That apple pencil nib cover will wear out for a longer period so that you would secure the Apple Pencil tip from degradation and increase the lifespan of such Apple Pencil. That Apple Pencil tip is removed from the buzz on your iPad phone. This pencil nib protector keeps quiet while you use it, regardless of drawings, writing and other touching acts, and does not allow noise to disturb your thinking.


  • Highly sensitive and perfectly accurate, made of luxury silicone stuff.
  • It gives ample grip, you also monitor it, but the panel is also far smoother.
  • The efficiency of the pencil is not reduced at all.
  • The sensitive contact is really pleasant and relaxed with any click
  • Friendly Design Update
  • Really well for light-life luxury.
  • This apple pencil cover suits well and has been simple to use, ideal for Apple Pencil Tips.


  • When it gets to using it, it’s not really precise. You must push it strongly to compel it to perform somewhat.

Weewooday 48 Pieces Silicone Nibs

[amazon box=”B08PFRL14M” ]

These pencil tip protectors are constructed of soft silicone, lightweight yet sturdy, flexible, deformed and not easy to fade. They will help you for a long time and provide your life and job with a calm writing experience.

The pencil silicone cover works well for shielding your screen and pencil, protecting your panel from scratching and protecting the pencil tip from abrasive particles. The first and second generations are compatible with Apple Pencils.

48 bits of silicone tip covering in 12 colours, 4 parts of each colour, a range of quantities and colors are provided to satisfy your everyday usage and replacement needs. These Apple 1st & 2nd generation silicone nib caps are compatible. Please Notice that the silicone nib caps are a pencil tip cover, not a tip substitute for branded stylus


  • Secure your laptop and pencil nicely: the silicone pencil cover protects your screen from scratch
  • Protect the tip from damage simultaneously, practical and multifunctional, while extending the existence of your crayon.
  • Strong susceptibility and low noise: its lightweight and thin silicone material, the nib cover, offers high sensitivity
  • Easy installation: the pencil tip safety cover can be quickly installed and removed.


  • The drag is quite excessive on the screen

MoKo 10 Pack Pencil Tips Cover Fit iPad Pencil

[amazon box=”B08ND31HFN” ]

It is planned especially for the 1 and 2 generation Original Apple Pencil. Not included in the Apple Pencil. Not suitable for another style. The replacement is NOT Tips. Slides nicely, smoothly and without scrapes, this silicone nib casket significantly reduces friction on the monitor.

Extremely sophisticated template for Apple Pencil tips, offers you a precise written / drawing experience and a great sensitivity. It prevents scratching the iPad screen and protects against harm to the Apple Pencil tip. 10 tips included, this value pen tip cap is easy to mount without any hardware.


  • Gives you correct prose, drawing and capturing experience with excellent sensitivity and responsiveness.
  • Replace your hands with a hassle-free alternative.
  • Material of high quality, made of silicon-soft material, no screen hurt.
  • The friction was significantly decreased on the screen, writing and painting freely and naturally.
  • Protect from scratching your iPad screen and prevent harm to your Apple Pencil.


  • Not included in the Apple Pencil. Not suitable for another style


[amazon box=”B08V56D4J8″ ]

Apple pencil nib covers are smooth and suit exactly like the initial. When you sketch and if you see it, there is nearly no lag. Lines and shadows of different thicknesses upon this iPad are highly sensitive and pressure sensitive. 

These tips are planned especially for the 1st and 2nd generation Apple Pencil. The same scale as the initial tip of the apple pencil guarantees a quick and flawless operating method. Don’t scrape the ipencil panel on your Ipad.

There is almost no layer in the pencil nib substitute for the apple pencil and draws slick shapes. Lines and shadows of different thicknesses on the ipod touch of high sensitivity including pressure sensitivity. Easy, efficient, robust, smooth silicone Premium. The pencil tip can be quickly mounted, detonated and removed.


  • Simple to install and delete
  • Prepare a fresh tip of the pencil and tear the existing tip off.
  • Disperse the nib in the same direction before the Apple Pencil slips off.
  • Set the fresh substitution tip on the plaster and twist it until it’s clean.


  • When you want to use your phone during charging, the right end of the battery pack link is loosened.


[amazon box=”B08M8T9YS8″ ]

Silicone tip protects the original 1st-generation Apple Pencil and just Apple Pencil 2. Not for some other style. Protect the tip and the iPad panel of Apple Pencil simultaneously. The kit contains 30 PCS colorful tip covers to keep the tip sensitive. To replace it.


  • Compatible Compatible
  • Package rich
  • Protection
  • Two sides change their resistance and enable you to write on iPad without any noise, with a luxury ultra-thin silicone design, which is sturdy and not simple to fall off.


  • Make sure the cover suits the apple pencil nib cover exactly or does not work correctly.

ZALU Silicone Nibs Cover

[amazon box=”B07WJXCHNV” ]

Made of high silicone consistency, soft but with the right strength. Keep silence while the writing or painting takes place. Apple pencil Nibs, exclusive and custom design, extend life of the apple pencil edge, even secure your iPad phone.

The package includes 5 pack nib covers, Apple Pencil and Apple Pencil not included.


  • Make sure no difference exists between the tip of the pencil and the seal. Installation portable, or not fully functioning.
  • Cover the Apple Pencil’s stub, which extends Apple Pencil life, by using the matt screen protector.
  • As the Apple Pencil tip meets the iPad display, it removes the buzz.
  • Read, paint, draw and sketch easily and quietly.
  • This nib cover can be easily installed without a tool on your Apple Pencil.


  • Not durable

Fintie 3 Pieces Bundle

[amazon box=”B01H6Q03IY” ]

This pack is only for the 1st generation of Apple Pencils. Fintie, you’re reaching a premium commodity!

With that kind of apple pencil nib cover, protect your pencil always! Simple and elegant style is the Pencil Cap Holder. It snugly keeps the pencil cap and ties it to the pencil body and is unimpeded. When it comes to charging your pencil, you can never spend your time looking for the cap. It is a perfect way for your Pencil to be protected everywhere.

The iPad Pro Pencil cover prevents your pencil cap from roll-off and loss of rough surfaces. And you can shield the pencil nib from harm completely by the Pencil Nib cover.

The Loading Cable Adapter Tether ensures that the micro USB adapter can be loaded and defends against losses. Key Features of Product

The following packages are included: 1x Cap Holder Pencil, 2x Nib protect, 1x Charging Plug Adapter Tether (Not included!)


  • Made from rubber silicone.
  • Installation and usage are simple.
  • Grips the frame of your first generation Apple Pencil closely, so it won’t come off.
  • Built with 1st generation Apple Pencil, iPad 10.2 iPad 6th generation 2018 pencil, ipad 9.7 pencil,iPad Pro 10


  • Works all right, just not really conevny to use.

Deep Info & Buying Guide

Apple Pencil Nib

Discover Apple pencil

It can be seen clearly that the Apple Pencil is an important and unique accessory that Apple released along with the iPad Pro line during the product launch event. And for those who have researched or used this extremely smart iPad stylus, all have the same assumption that this is a magic pen for all creativity. If you are still in doubt about the Apple Pencil of Apple, please follow the information below. It will bring you important knowledge about this.

What is the Apple Pencil?

Although it has gradually become popular, there are still a lot of people who do not know what an Apple pencil is. This is an accessory that Apple researched and came out with a normal pen shape, creating user-friendliness, they are also known with Vietnamese names such as: Apple pen, iPhone pen, ….

This smart stylus helps users to perform operations on the iPad easier than using their hands, especially operations that require meticulousness and high complexity. Apple Pencil connects to iPad via bluetooth.

In addition to being launched for educational purposes, the smart pen Apple Pencil is also evaluated to be suitable for those who like to take notes with handwriting or painters, who love painting.

Instructions on how to connect the Apple Pencil

Next let’s learn about connecting Apple Pencil offline. One secret for you is that for the first time use just remove the device cover and plug the lightning port of the iPad Pro. After a few seconds you should see that the iPad should now show an Apple Pencil connection message.

Now just select OK to pair the device. And with this Apple Pencil, after you pair it, the device is always connected until you restart your iPad or go into airplane mode or connect to another iPad Pro. However, you should also note that this stylus only works on the iPad Pro.

Why say the Apple Pencil is a magic pen for all creativity?

Apple Pencil Nib

Great painting ability with the Apple Pencil

Going into the main problem of the article, we would like to explain to you why the Apple Pencil is a magic pen for all creativity. Because with apps from the Apple family, you can comfortably draw. You can completely draw the pen to help you get more contact with the screen to create wide or vice versa, depending on your needs.

At the same time, you can also use light pressure on the screen key to create big and small strokes. Apple claims that the advent of this magic Apple Pencil helps to perfect the shortcomings in writing and drawing, giving superior results compared to the subtle finger interaction.

Standard design for creativity

Next, our Apple Pencil is also designed for creative creativity. It is made of hard polycarbonate material with white tone that makes it sturdy and cannot be bent and there is no redundant detail on the stylus for this iPad.

The tip of the pen is also researched and made of soft rubber plastic and is difficult to damage or laminate compared to hard plastic. Not to mention that Apple has also equipped a spare pen tip to replace. As for the battery of the Apple Pencil, the 0.329 Wh Lithium-ion type is used with the tube form to provide 12 hours of continuous use.

In addition, the Lightning end also helps users to easily charge the battery as well as connect to the iPad. Accordingly, each fast charging of this magic pen will take place with about 15 seconds but has provided the user with a great pleasure of drawing for up to 30 minutes.

It’s incredibly easy to use

Finally, the Apple Pencil is the magic pen that helps everyone to unleash their creativity because it is so easy to use. In addition to selecting applications or highlighting text to switch between web pages, we can draw many different ways.

The operation process on the iPad screen is also extremely fast with the ability to scan 240 / sec to recognize pen activity. And its lag is also reduced to milliseconds, so we can see that the strokes are done quickly and smoothly and avoid many defects compared to the stylus of previous brands. .

Certainly, with many smart advantages, the Apple Pencil from the Apple family has really conquered creative enthusiasts.

How do I charge an Apple Pencil?

Apple Pencil Nib

For quick charging, open the Apple Pencil cover and attach it to the lighting port of the iPad Pro. With 15 seconds of charging you have 30 minutes to use.

With 15 seconds of charging you get 30 minutes to use. With 15 seconds of charging you get 30 minutes to use.

And you can also connect the pen to an Apple Pencil charger and a USB lighting cable.

Connect to an Apple Pencil charger. Connect to an Apple Pencil charger.

To see the battery status of the pen you can pull down the notification center to see it.

How to replace The apple pencil nib cover

Apple Pencil Nib Cover – Specially designed for Apple_Pencil (Gen.1 and Gen.2)

  • Made of premium silicone: protects the Apple Pencil tip from wear and protects the iPad screen from scratches by worn tip.
  • Just place the lid on top of the Apple Pencil and it’s ready to use, and it even eliminates the sound while writing or drawing on the iPad.

During the time using Apple Pencil, what if the stylus tip is damaged and needs replacing? This article will guide you quickly how to replace the pen tip on an Apple Pencil.

During the time using Apple Pencil, what if the stylus tip is damaged and needs replacing? This article will guide you quickly how to replace the pen tip on an Apple Pencil.

Like a normal pencil, the tip of the Apple Pencil will need to be replaced after a long period of use. Especially if you use the Apple Pencil on a regular basis. Follow the steps below to learn how to replace the pen tip for your Apple Pencil.

Grab your Apple Pencil and twist the tip of the Apple Pencil counterclockwise.

After a few twists, the pen tip will detach from the Apple Pencil body to reveal the gold pins underneath.

Grab the tip of your new Apple Pencil and twist it clockwise into the stylus. Do this gently and you can feel when the tip is firmly attached to the pen body, stop twisting.

Test the Apple Pencil on your iPad to see if the new tip is working properly.

If you own a first-generation Apple Pencil (the one with a lid and a Lightning port), you’ll have an extra tip in the box included. In case you buy from outside the new Apple Pencil tips take a look at the best quality products we have recommended for you.

Apple’s stylus function is different from Samsung’s S-Pen

Apple Pencil Nib

Touch Pen Functions – The Apple Pencil once again claims “Apple is not first, but always the best”

Steve Jobs used to see the electronic pen as just a substitute for the finger, but now with Apple’s stylus everything has completely changed.

Apple Pencil is known as a plastic stylus, it can connect to iPad Pro via Bluetooth. The Apple Pencil nib and the iPad Pro screen incorporate a number of technologies that recognize the pressure on the user’s pen to get the appropriate response.

iPad Pro can scan 240 / sec to detect Apple Pencil activity and reduce the lag of the Apple pen to milliseconds, so when you put the pen down to operate on the iPad Pro screen, you will see the stroke appear. right away.

The Apple electronic pen is also more useful than a regular electronic pen because of its ability to sharpen the bar, bold as a real pen. For example, if the pen is placed horizontally, it is tilted will show slender lines, while placing the pen horizontally can produce bold strokes. At the same time, Apple pencils also have the ability to create shadow strokes by tilting the pen when drawing, or using two fingers as a virtual ruler to draw lines on the iPad Pro.

With this new device, all the office work, graphic design, and artwork on the big screen of the iPad Pro will be easy and convenient. In particular, Apple Pencil will help users work better with new Notes and Mail apps on iOS 9 or third-party applications like Microsoft’s Office suite and photo editing apps from Adobe …

The Apple Pencil stylus is an effective tool for iPad Pro with up to 12 hours of battery life. In addition, this pen also has a built-in fast charging function, just 15 seconds of charging will be able to use up to 30 minutes, which means that just a few minutes of charging you can work continuously. with an Apple Pencil. Moreover, the way to charge the battery for the Apple Pencil is very simple, you just need to plug the lightning port at the tip of the pen into the iPad to fully recharge in a split second.

The above functions are completely different from the S-Pen on the Galaxy Note 5 because this pen is only suitable for taking quick notes and can almost only change the brush color using the software on Note 5. Therefore, the S-Pen of Galaxy Note 5 gives the feeling of writing is not real like the Apple Pencil of “Apples with Defect”.

Apple’s first stylus will go on sale for $ 99 in November, around the same time as the iPad Pro.

Apple always knows how to refresh the functionality of the stylus, turning it into a completely different stylus from similar devices on the market today. Therefore, there is no reason that Apple does not confidently claim that Apple Pencil is “more than a normal electronic pen” and is a secret weapon equipped for iPad Pro to help this product “destroy. “Line of tablets on the market.

Consider when purchasing Apple pencil nib cover

Apple Pencil Nib

Would you be nervous about looking for a perfect Nib Cover Apple Pencil? Do you still have any questions in your mind? We understand because we’ve already been through the whole Nib Cover testing phase, which is why we have compiled the finest Apple’s Cover in the present sector. We also have a set of concerns you possibly have yourself.

With our opinions and suggestions we have done our utmost, but you do have to do your own detailed research on Apple Pencil Nib Cover, for which you are planning a purchase. Maybe the following are your questions:

  • Is the Apple Pencil Nib Protect worth purchasing?
  • What are the advantages of having the Apple Pencil Nib Protection?
  • When shopping for an appropriate Apple Pencil Cover, what considerations are worth considering?
  • Why is it essential to invest in some, far less the best Apple Pencil cover?
  • In the current market which Apple Pencil cover is good?
  • Where is the Apple Pencil Covering information?

We’re sure you have far more concerns than those about the Magic Trackpad Nib Cover, and so the only realistic way to meet your expertise needs is from as many reliable web outlets as possible.

Apple Pencil Nib Cover purchase manuals, ranking blogs, mouth-word statements, internet forums and product feedback are potential outlets. Careful and thorough investigation is important to ensure that you have the finest Apple Pencil Nib protection available. Make sure the blogs and references are confident and reliable only.

We include the purchase guide for Apple Pencil Cover with complete objective and authentic detail. We re-read the gathered details using both AI as well as Big Data. How did this purchase guide come about? We used a custom range of algorithms to show us a top 10 list of the best Apple Pencil Nib covers available today on the market.

The technologies we use to compile our checklist depends on a number of variables, not all of which are limited to:

Value for the brand

Apple Pencil Nib

Both Nib Cover brands have their own appeal. Most brands give something distinct from their rivals to market. Such a proposal is supposedly unusual.


What do Apple Pencil Nib Cover bells and whistles matter?


How strong would you calculate them?

Value of the product

That’s about as many you get from the Pencil Nib Covering for that buck.

Customer Ratings

Apple cover grade number ratings critically.

Comments for customers

These paragraphs are closely linked to ratings and provide you insights on Pen Tablet Nib cover from real-world users.

Quality of the product

For an Apple Pencil Nib Cover, you don’t necessarily offer, occasionally less or sometimes more, what you paid for.

Reliability of the product

The strength and durability of such a Pen Tablet Nib covering can show how long it works for you.


Apple Pencil Nib

How to choose the right Pencil for the iPad series

With the development of electronic pens, up to now, the Pencil for iPad has been marketed by Apple with two generations. And of course each pen will be compatible with the selected device to easily connect with each other.

The right devices for the 1st Generation Pencil are iPad Air (3rd generation); iPad mini (5th generation); iPad (6th generation); iPad 10.5 inch (7th generation); iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2015 and 2017) and iPad Pro line of 9.7-inch.

With the 2nd generation Pencil, it is compatible with the iPad Pro line from 2018 to 2020 with sizes of 11 inches and 12.9 inches.

How to check the battery of the Pencil

There are 3 ways to check the battery of the Pencil 1.

Method 1: Drag down the notification center or check it on the lock screen.

Method 2: Swipe right to see the Widgets screen then select to view the battery section.

Method 3: If you can’t see the battery level, click Customize at the bottom of the Widgets screen. Then select Plus next to the battery to add it as an active widget.

With the Pencil 2, the operation is extremely simple. You just need to put the pen on the black charging strip and a dialog box appears informing the pen’s current battery level.

Guide how to use a pen to draw pictures or create notes

Apple Pencil Nib

The optimal feature of the Pencil is used for painting. You can use a number of free apps from the App Store.

Usually each App will have different service tools. You just need to move the pen to choose the nib, color … to use to create the perfect picture.

Besides, instead of spending time moving choose bar or bold strokes, or mixing colors with light and dark. You can move the pen at different angles to create vivid strokes (Apple Pencil 1). Or you can tap on the sensor unit mounted on the pencil body of the Pencil 2 to adjust, need by drawing, color ….

What if the Apple Pencil is not connected to iPad Pro?

Restart iPad Pro and try to pair again.

Go to Settings> Bluetooth and make sure it’s turned on.

Look to the right at My Devices and look for the Apple Pencil entry. If you see it please select the i-shaped icon. Select Forget this device.

Then you reconnect the Apple Pencil to iPad Pro and select Pair when you see the message pop up on the screen.

If you don’t see the device pairing message, wait a while while your Apple Pencil is charging. Then remove the pen from the machine and reinsert it, wait and you will see the device pairing message.

Closing Thought – Top 5 Best Of apple pencil nib cover

Apple Pencil is a great accessory for iPad, although this “pencil” is very easy to use, but with some little tips below you can make the most of the power of this pen. “Small but martial’, however, your apple pencil also needs to be protected by an apple pencil nib cover to avoid external influences.

Currently, all iPad models support Apple Pencil, most of them first generation, only two 2018 iPad Pro models support second-generation Apple Pencil. On both the popular iPad models to the Pro, you can use the Apple Pencil to draw with a variety of pressure, tilt detection, hand recognition when using the pen …

We always note that maintaining details about Apple Pencil Cover up to date is a high priority so we update our websites continuously.. Learn more from on-line sources regarding us. Please let us know promptly when you think that something we have about nib cover here is obsolete or inaccurate. We’ve seen the best apple pencil nib cover for you to find at the moment now. You should check our purchasing advice before you make the decision if you’d like to understand more about this option. We’ve always been here with you. Please contact us here. Or to see our view, you will learn everything about us.

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