The Best Backpack Weed Eater Review For Any Budget We’ve Tested In 2024

You may already know as the lawn care expert that a backpack weed eater is a must-have tool. You’re probably aware that locating the best value weed eater is a difficult undertaking. Fortunately, several reputable manufacturers offer a variety of heavy-duty weed eaters aimed at certain lawn care pros. 

Essentially, you must identify and purchase the appropriate tool. As a result, we’ll address that issue and lead everyone in the appropriate route in this post. Let’s get started straight away so you don’t waste any time! Without any further ado, now is our top 17 picks for the finest backpack weed eater that we’ve personally tried.

Best Backpack Weed Eater Comparison 2024

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Top 17Backpack Weed Eater Reviews 2024

Husqvarna 128LD 17 in. String Trimmer Backpack Leaf Blower 

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The greatest weed cuter blower combo is the Husqvarna Trimmer Blower Pack. It includes a string trimmer with a 28cc 2-stroke engine with a maximum output of 1 horsepower. While the bundled backpack blower also has a 50.2 cc engine with a 2.1 hp peak output power.

This set comes with a string trimmer with a regular 17-inch chopping width. It has an auto returning on/off switch to make starting the trimmer a breeze. It also comes with a detachable blade that can be used with a variety of Husqvarna accessories, such as an edger or pole saw.

One of Husqvarna’s more powerful versions, the Leaf Blower, can certainly manage commercial activities. That Leaf Blower does have a 21 Newton blowing force and a 180 MPH blow output speed. 

This Husqvarna leaf blower additionally features an X-torque motor, which increases fuel economy to 20% while lowering overall pollutants by 60%.


  • It provides excellent value.
  • With the 128LD’s ample 1-horsepower power output as well as maximum power rate of 8000 RPM, homeowners can easily handle most of the trimming, edging, trimming, with weed whacking demands.
  • Husqvarna’s Smart technology helps you start the string trimmer very quickly.
  • With more than ample 17′′ width of cutting on this version, you can cut down on the time it takes to edge and trim your grass.
  • With the straight-shaft design, you’ll have more reach as well as the opportunity to employ alternative additional heads.
  • With the 128LD’s handy bump-tap string distribution system which you can conduct when the string trimmer has been in operation, you can spend much more time getting the garden look perfect and less effort setting it up.
  • Enjoy the versatility of operating this 128LD with a variety of attachments, such as a pole saw, straight trimmer, blower, cultivator, edger, as shown above.
  • Because of its detachable lightweight (11.11 lbs) and shaft qualities, the 128LD is easy to store and travel.


  • Despite its similarities, this Husqvarna 128LD string trimmer takes far fewer attachments than that of the 128LDX.
  • It does not include a shoulder strap by default.

Proyama 42.7cc 2-In-1 Extreme Duty Gas Weed Eater

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This Proyama weed eater offers excellent performance, as well as everything you’ll need to reclaim control of your garden swiftly and safely. The trademark handlebar design is one of our favorites since it improves stability and comfort while riding. 

Hand fatigue and vibration are decreased when used in conjunction with the shoulder harness. 

The weed eater also comes with many safety attachments, such as the face shield, gloves, and ear defenders for complete protection while working. While these accessories are necessary for using the backpack weed eater, they can be utilized with other equipment to provide value.

Let’s speak about how powerful this tool is now. This 2HP engine gives you greater power while still being simple to start. This can simply and effectively trim larger branches, weeds and grass lawns.

The engine also is EPA certified, which means it uses less gasoline and emits less gas while in operation, making it both cost-effective and environmentally beneficial. Finally, the weed eater incorporates a rapid-release splitting shaft that makes storage and traveling a breeze.


  • During use, the handlebar shape promotes control and pleasure.
  • The face shield, gloves, and ear defenders are among the safety gear included.
  • The engine is EPA approved, making it more fuel-efficient and ecologically friendly.


  • The directions were poorly worded and did not make it clear how to put the unit together.

Husqvarna 129L 17″ Cutting Path Gas String Trimmer

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This is a fantastic weed wacker that is specifically intended to cut weeds, grass, and other garden obstacles with ease. The weed wacker was powerful and easy to use, with a 27.6cc engine of 2 cycles and a 17” cutting breadth. It can chop a large sum of thick material fast.

Trimmer technology known as ‘Smart Start’ reduces starting cord resistance to 40%, enabling you to proceed with the tool fast and begin to work right away. With the translucent fuel tank, you will be ready to see your fuel levels at all times while working.

The air purge primer bulb can also be used to eliminate unnecessary air from both the carburetor as well as the fuel system. You’ll be capable of reaching and cut below shrubs and hard-to-reach areas with confidence and ease thanks to the straight shafts.

Last but not least, you’ll don’t have to bother about replacing its trimmer line. Simply tap its trimmer head against the lawn to operate the line releasing feature; this trimmer head was specifically built for fast and safe line reloading.


  • The 17-inch cutting breadth allows you to cut more material in less time.
  • To check fuel levels, a transparent fuel tank is used.
  • The air purge primer bulb aids in the removal of undesired air from the system.
  • A straightforward method for replacing the trimmer line.


  • It doesn’t offer a warranty, which you might require.

Husqvarna 17″ Cutting Path Detachable Gas String Trimmer

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Husqvarna’s strong weed eater will keep weeds, grass, and others at bay. First and foremost, we appreciate how handy the weed eater was. It features a straight shaft that allows it to reach beneath plants and bushes or cut in difficult-to-reach areas. The 28cc two-cycle engine is built to start quickly on every occasion. 

SmartStart trimmer innovation results in a 40% decrease of starter-cord resistance, allowing you to start the motor with less effort every time. The weed eater additionally includes a cutting connector guard, making it extremely versatile, as it could be used using a trimmer head or a grass blade.

Using the highly beneficial air purge primer bulb, remove unnecessary air out of the fuel system and carburetor. A transparent gasoline tank helps to keep track of your fuel levels while working. Finally, with its detachable head and a weight of only 10.8 pounds, the weed eater was exceptionally convenient to pack and travel.


  • Weedeater is both lightweight and versatile.
  • Transport and storing are made easier with the detachable shaft.
  • Driven by a braided wire cable.
  • For the easy beginning, the stop switch is automatically reset to the “on” position.
  • A trimmer head or grass blade can be utilized with the adaptable cutting guard.


  • Not very sharp

Huyosen 51.7CC Weeder Eater

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This instrument, as among the best string trimmers available, will work fast and effortlessly, cutting through the grass, weeds, and any other barrier in the garden. It is a multifunctional tool that includes a 3T cutter for cutting high grass and weeds, as well as one dual-line blade for lawn care and tiny grass.

Because of the quick-start system, starting this weed eater was simple and quick, requiring minimal pulling and human exertion. This tool is beautifully constructed, sturdy, and gives pleasant control throughout every usage thanks to its aluminum shaft.

We like how this tool has a ‘backpack design,’ which helps bring you an experience that is friendly for users. Its large safety guard also protects you by diverting debris that is cut while in use. 

This trimmer, which uses a grass cutter of 2 cycles, is dependable and powerful, uses less fuel, yet performs silently when compared to competitors. Finally, operating this weed eater was exceedingly simple and convenient; simply move forth to run then back to pause!


  • Carrying the weed eater was simple and comfortable thanks to the backpack design.
  • Debris is deflected by the safety guard.
  • There are two cutting options: a dual-line blade and a 3T.
  • Parts of excellent quality, such as the aluminum shaft.
  • Its ignition switch was located near its throttle trigger, which is convenient.
  • Quick start innovation reduces the amount of manual labor required to operate the equipment.


  • It’s quite heavy to carry

Craftsman 30cc 4-Cycle 17-Inch String Trimmer And Brushcutter

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With Craftsman’s amazing weed eater, you can wave farewell to overgrowth or pesky weeds. We hope you’ll agree that this is a weed eater that’s remarkably simple to operate. A sophisticated two-step startup mechanism makes turning on the tool simple, and a convenient bump head allows you to trim faster than rival models.

Trimming around bushes and shrubs is much easier with a straight shaft, especially in hard-to-reach areas. Its adjustable handle is broad and multi-positional, providing increased control and simple left- or right-handed operation. Thanks to the 30cc 4-cycle gasoline engine, the weed eater has a rather powerful cut.

You can cut and trim greater grasses fewer times with the 17-inch cutting width. Finally, because it is such a 4-cycle engine, there is no need to mix the gas and oil.


  • The 30-cc 4-cycle motor is quieter and cleaner.
  • There is no blending of oil and gas with the 4-cycle advantage.
  • To turn on with advanced 2-step beginning, simply prime then pull.
  • With a cutting width of 17 inches, you can cut more grass with less effort.
  • Large, multi-position flexible handle for increased control and simple left- or right-handed operation.


  • It’s not lightweight

Ryobi RY253SS 25cc Straight Shaft 18″ Lawn Weed Trimmer

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This Ryobi weed eater is a long-term investment in the landscape that will keep your grass looking great. To begin with, the weed eater has a whole crank engine that doubles the life of the machine and assures high-quality cuts without downtime. 

The weed eater has a straight shaft, which allows it to easily reach under and around shrubs, trees, as well as other impediments. If you do have similar Ryobi products, this is an excellent tool to get because it accepts accessories and can be transformed into a tiller, blower, edger, or more with the right headpiece.


  • Lengthy service life is ensured by the crankshaft engine’s durability.
  • It’s compatible with many other Ryobi devices.
  • Cutting hard-to-reach areas with a straight shaft offers you greater control.


  • If the gas tank isn’t full, you can’t even turn this on its sides to do edging; otherwise, it stops.

Echo GT-225 2 Cycle 21.2cc Curved Shaft Gas Trimmer

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With this efficient, easy-to-control curve-shafted Echo weed eater, you can cut grass and weeds in a shorter time. This tool, like so many other great-quality strimmers, gets up and running quickly. 

The i-30 starting method minimizes the amount of effort necessary to start working to 30%, enabling you to get to work faster and more easily. We particularly enjoy the translucent 14.9 fl oz gasoline tank, which enables you to see fuel levels while at work as well as replace them as needed.

With the ergonomically modified handle, flex cable drive, and 48″ curved shaft, you’ll have more control and confidence with each stroke. You can cut grass in very little time because of the remarkable cutting breadth of 16”. This weed eater was lightweight, easy to handle, and small, weighing only 10 pounds.


  • With a cutting width of 16 inches, you can cut more grass with less time.
  • An i-30TM beginning system that requires less effort to get started.
  • For easy movement, the shaft is 48 inches long and bent.
  • The handle is adjustable and comfortable.
  • With a weight of only 10 pounds, it’s a breeze to transport.


  • The trigger handle was not aligned with the curved shaft

Wild Badger 31 cc 4-Cycle Trimmer Brush Cutter

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The weed eater would cut with accuracy, whatever the kind or scale of the yard, thanks to the grass trimmer accessory. The tool consists of two attachments that provide incredible versatility, along with grass trimmer attachments for border detail work as well as brush cutter blades for clearing thicker grasses and bushes.

Let’s talk more about the design of the trimmer now. Comfort and stability are ensured by the design of one straight shaft. The shaft was made of strong aluminum that is both sturdy and lightweight. When it comes to durability, a 33cs r-cycle crank engine starts promptly and goes fine without the need to blend oil and gas.

Its full crank construction allows for a quick start and efficient functioning, which reduces emissions, improves fuel efficiency, plus extends the life of the engine. You’ll be prepared to clear and cut big volumes of material rapidly with the 17″ cutting width. 

The dual-line cutting system benefits from the trim head, which allows for rapid line input. Replacing this line will free up valuable daylight, allowing you to spend more time cleaning up your gardens.


  • Both brush cutter blades and grass trimmer attachments are included.
  • Large materials can be cut fast with the 17″ cutting swath.
  • Its crank engine was long-lasting and sturdy.
  • It’s really simple and safe to replace its line cutting design.


  • The weed eater was big and heavy, and it takes a long time to warm up.

Black & Decker LST136 13-Inch 36-Volt Lithium-Ion String Trimmer

[amazon box=”B00602J3V4″ ]

This Black & Decker may be the correct choice for you if you’re seeking an environmentally friendly commercial backpack weed eater. The weed eater features a 13-inch cutting swath and is supplied by a strong lithium-ion battery of 36 volts, so you’ll be capable of completing trimming in no time. 

The weed eater additionally includes a quick charger, which can fully charge batteries in roughly an hour. You should consider investing in another battery if you’d like to keep a consistent working rhythm.


  • The weed eater is lightweight, weighing only 7.8 pounds, and is convenient to carry or use.
  • You can pick between enhanced power and increased runtime with the Power Command dial.
  • By just flipping its cutting head, the weed eater could be transformed into the edger.
  • Automated feed spool: owing to the handy automatic feed spool, you won’t have to hit the weed eater.


  • The weed eater has a.065-inch cutting line, which is fairly thin for commercial application.

Remington 25cc 2-Cycle 16-Inch Curved Shaft Gas String Trimmer

[amazon box=”B085VT62XS” ]

With Remington’s highly efficient backpack weed eater, you can keep tall grasses at bay. You can cut through even more material with less time thanks to the strong 25cc 2-cycle motor with a 16-inch cutting swath. QuickStart technology assures that you can use the instrument right away.

When the line on your trimmer wears out, keep tapping the dual-line bumping head on the floor to activate a new line. This tool is perfect for cutting through tougher portions of lawn and bushes since it has a wide 0.95-inch line. 

Because of its balanced design, the weed eater may be operated pleasantly for extended periods without causing hand strain. The curved shaft aids control and steadiness and ensures that you always have a clear understanding of the cut line.


  • QuickStart technology allows you to get started quickly. Pull starts will be easier with this engine.
  • 2-cycle engine with a powerful 25cc displacement.
  • A quick and easy way to get more lines into your trimmer.
  • Ergonomic and well-balanced design.


  • At 16.12 lbs., it’s a little hefty.

Craftsman 2-Cycle 17-Inch Gas Powered Weed Wacker

[amazon box=”B07PQNJ8LS” ]

This strong Craftsman weed wacker is among the best in town, with a friendly-for-user experience at its core. This tool’s straight shaft makes it simple to use, no matter you’re trimming lawns, trimming beneath bushes, or reaching areas that are hard to reach. 

It also has the easy-start tech, which allows it to turn on in three steps. You may also switch its bump head toward a blade within seconds, which saves you time. Let’s discuss its strength now. A 27cc complete crank engine delivers enough power while minimizing vibration, letting you maintain complete control over the tool.

It is among the biggest cuts on such a weed eater, with an 18″ wide metal blade that can make rapid work of heavy material. When precise cutting is required, a trimmer accessory is supplied. Finally, a J-handle with a shoulder strap that can be adjusted decreases fatigue while using the tool and offers you more convenience.


  • Its crank engine was long-lasting and sturdy.
  • The 18” metal blade ensures swift and effective work.
  • Trimmer attachment included.
  • During use, the J-handle with a shoulder strap provides comfort and support.
  • The tool is powered in three simple steps thanks to quick-start technology.


  • The blade part is not effective on tough stems of weeds

Senix 26.5cc

[amazon box=”B07PXDXJCY” ]

This Senix string trimmer promises to cut through tall grass and weeds quickly. This trimmer would be particularly tough and long-lasting thanks to its 26. 5cc 4QL crank engine. It also has low vibration that is important for maintaining tool control over extended periods.

Another feature of this engine was that it doesn’t require the blending of gasoline and oil while being light, smooth, and strong. Extended reaching for beneath shrubs, bushes, and other difficult-to-reach areas are provided by its straight shaft design. For added convenience, a shoulder strap was supplied.

Finally, with a 17.7″ cutting swath, you can rapidly and efficiently cut thru dense material. The trimmer is designed to be simple to put together and you’ll get to work right away.


  • This powerful engine eliminates the need to combine oil and gas.
  • Its crank engine was long-lasting and sturdy.
  • A 17.7” metal blade ensures swift and effective work.


  • N/A

Tanaka TCG27EBSP 2-Cycle Gas String Commercial Trimmer

[amazon box=”B00LUNWZIQ” ]

The Tanaka TCG27EBSP is the most recent commercial grade backpack weed eater to be evaluated. The weed eater includes a 2-cycle engine and the option to replace its cutting line using the steel blade, allowing it to handle various sorts of grass.

 This weed eater also comes with the S-Start technology, which makes it easier to get started, and the lighter weight and superb balance made it pleasant to operate for lengthy periods.


  • Padded handles: The weed eater has padded grips to improve your comfort plus lower vibration levels.
  • The clutch housing is made of aluminum to prevent overheating.


  • The user’s documentation is ambiguous in several areas and lacks clear directions on how to utilize this product.

Hitachi CG22EAP2SL 21.1cc 2-Cycle Gas Powered Brush Cutter

[amazon box=”B014VMVSJO” ]

Although it appears to have a little engine, this 21.2cc engine in this Hitachi industrial weed eater offers enough power to its cutting head for making sure a precise cut through even the toughest varieties of grass. The weed eater was also very light and has great balance, making it ideal for lengthy and intensive usage. 

The two-stroke motor emits fewer pollutants, as well as the tool, is covered by a two-year guarantee.


  • The weed eater has a 4-inch head with a.095-inch cutting line to make it easier to use.
  • It is simple to begin. This Hitachi weed eater has an S-Start feature that makes starting easier.
  • Anti-vibration system: reduces fatigue and improves user comfort.
  • This weed eater has a 60-inch heavy steel shaft, which improves the tool’s maneuverability.


  • Because the string spool is so small, you’ll have to replace its cutting line frequently.

Core GasLess Power CGT403 Commercial Trimmer

[amazon box=”B00DHC5WE2″ ]

The CORE CGT403 is among the most dependable and efficient cordless battery-powered industrial weed eaters. A 21-volt battery powers the weed eater, which has a runtime of 70 minutes.

With a rapid recharge and two batteries included, you can continue the very same trimming routine as you would using a gas-powered device. Its 12-inch cutting swath will assist you in trimming the lawn more quickly.


  • Both batteries have a fast charge capability that allows them to be recharged in about an hour.
  • Due to the lawn type, you can select between more energy and a longer runtime in the dual-mode of power control.
  • The weed eater comes with a dual-line cutting head that utilizes a 095-inch line.
  • The trimmer, as well as a pair of 2 batteries with a fast charger, are all included in the sales price.


  • There have been various issues about the trimmer guard’s safety.

Husqvarna 25cc 4 Stroke Trimmer 324LDX

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This Husqvarna 324LDX would be a powerful industrial weed eater with a 25cc engine that is both reliable and manageable. Because this tool has a 4-stroke motor, you won’t have to bother about mixing gas and oil to fuel it, which would be more convenient when you’re out of gas while working. 

Husqvarna equipped this with its Smart Start program to enhance the user experience. This system allows you to simply start this equipment each moment you need it. The 324LDX takes a variety of commercial-grade attachments, making it a very versatile tool.


  • Cutting properties are excellent.
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Click-on attachments
  • Detachable shaft


  • Only Husqvarna attachments designed specifically for commercial usage will fit this.

Things You Should Know To Choose The Best Backpack Weed Eater

Choosing a backpack weed eater generally is hard for many reasons. You should also consider ease of use, as you will most likely be using the gadget for several hours per day if you’re a lawn care expert. As a result, the industrial weed eater is as light as feasible while still maintaining outstanding balance.

Because there are many multiple kinds of weed eaters available, there are some things to think about before purchasing one. First and foremost, you must determine which kind of weed eaters you require. In general, you’ll have three choices, one of them are the backpack weed eater as today’s main topic is all about:

  • Handheld weed eaters are by far the most common weed eaters being used by professional applications. They mainly consist of a cutting head positioned on a long shaft that is powered by a gas or electric motor.
  • Backpack weed eater: These have engines mounted on something like a backpack-like frame, making them ideal for industrial use. Its cutting head was attached to a long shaft, which resembles that of a standard weed whacker. 
Backpack Weed Eater

The biggest benefit is that you’ll be less fatigued because you will be carrying the tool’s main weight on the shoulders.

  • Walk-behind wheeled weed eaters: wheeled weed eaters are perhaps the most effective. These look a lot like push lawnmowers. These offer outstanding cutting qualities and steadiness on practically all terrains, however, they are large and hard to move.

There still are another few things to keep in mind once you’ve decided on the kind of weed eaters you would like to utilize.

Engine Types

Many companies produce commercial-grade weed eaters that run on electricity or gas. Although gas-powered motors are thought to become more powerful than electric ones, the reality is there are a couple of cordless weed eaters on the market that operate similarly to gas models.

Backpack Weed Eater

However, the model’s practically you choose should guide your decision. Consider since you will be using the weed eaters for a long time every day, therefore if you’re using a battery-powered version, consider its battery’s runtime with recharge time. 

Consider if you’ll have accessibility to the power outlet to charge batteries if it runs out, as well as how many extra batteries you’ll need to buy. Most lawn care experts choose to utilize traditional gas-powered weed cutters to avoid all of this difficulty. Consider if you’d like a 4-cylinder or 2-cylinder engine if you choose a gas-powered version. 

The key distinction is the type of fuel used. The 2-cylinder engine uses a combination of gas and oil, but the 4-cylinder engines operate on gas but require oil to maintain the engine’s parts. Both kinds of engines may produce identical results; however, 2-cylinder engines were lighter due to the fewer parts they contain.


Backpack Weed Eater
The Best Backpack Weed Eater Review For Any Budget We've Tested In [year] 7

After you’ve chosen the engine type, you’ll need to decide on the power. Usually, you should go for a version with a 30cc or larger engine. However, based on the qualities of the weeds and grass in your location, an engine larger than 25cc may be suitable in some circumstances. When it comes to batteries, go for a type that has more than 30 volts.


When selecting an industrial weed eater, comfort and convenience of operation should be given equal weight to engine features. Please remember that you’ll be using this equipment for a long time, so use one weed eater, which is both comfortable to handle and maneuver. Here are some things to look for while selecting the correct tool:

Backpack Weed Eater
  • Weight: You have to go with the lightest model that provides the power as well as the engine type that you choose.
  • Adjustable shaft: The telescopic shaft not only allows you to modify the tool’s length to meet your height, but that also allows you to access the farthest reaches of the grass.
  • Balance: A well-balanced weed eater would be easy to use despite the terrain of the yard or the sort of weeds that need to be trimmed.
  • Anti-vibration system: It is a desirable feature, particularly on gas-powered backpack weed eaters, because less vibration means less fatigue.
  • Level of noise: Because you will be using these instruments for several hours practically every day, you should select a model, which is as calm as possible.


Backpack Weed Eater

When selecting an industrial weed eater, look for one that was designed primarily for heavy-duty industrial use. Almost every manufacturer specifies whether or not the tool is commercial grade.


It may be more convenient to utilize a weed eater, which can be converted into some other lawn maintenance tools. Even while most industrial weed eaters were all intended for trimming, certain manufacturers produce industrial weed eaters, which can accept a variety of accessories.

In the video below, you can learn more about one of the best backpack weed eaters:

The Bottom Line: Our Top Picks Of The Best Backpack Weed Eater

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