Bagel Bites Microwave: What Is Your Favorite Bagel Flavor And How Do You Like To Top It?

Bagel Bites microwave is a quick and easy breakfast that can be made at home or on the go. 

Many people wonder if bagels can be microwaved, but they actually make an excellent choice for this cooking method. In fact, bagels have been made in microwaves since the device was first introduced to consumers in 1967! 

If you are looking for a way to enjoy your favorite breakfast without any hassle, then homemade bagel bites might just do the trick! The only downside is that bagels don’t retain their chewiness as well as other loaves of bread when cooked in microwave ovens. But it is still worth trying out because you’ll save time and money by not having to buy bagel chips from the store every week.

To make bagel bites in the microwave, you will need bagels and bagel chips. If bagels aren’t your favorite breakfast food, then bagel chips can also be made from a loaf of bread or English muffins. 

You can buy many bagel chips at grocery stores, but why not try making them yourself? Making bagel chips in the microwave is fun and easy to do with this recipe!

What Are Bagel Bites?

bagel bites microwave
Bagel Bites Microwave: What Is Your Favorite Bagel Flavor And How Do You Like To Top It? 17

A bagel is a bread product, usually in the form of a minor, flattened round loaf with a distinctive, crisp crust and chewy interior. Bagels are often topped with seeds baked on the outer crust, which are either sesame or poppy. 

They can also be topped with other ingredients such as chocolate chips, raisins, or even diced onions. Bagels are also available in a variety of flavors, such as cinnamon and raisin bagels, pumpernickel bagels, pretzel bagels, salt bagels, onion bagels, and grain bagels.

The bagel was brought to the United States by immigrant Polish Jews in 1910 and has since become popular, as bagel varieties and bagel sandwiches became available. There are bagel bakeries that specialize in bagels. Bagels are now a part of North American cuisines such as Canadian bagels and New York bagels.

The name “bagel” comes from the transliteration of the Yiddish word Bengal, which was derived from the Middle High German word bagel. The bagel is usually formed into a round shape, but it can also be made in different conditions. It may also refer to dough boiled in water and baked instead of steamed like tea bagels, which are popular in New York City.

To make bagel bites, one must first cut a hole in the bagel. Next, put string cheese inside the bagel until it reaches all of the bagel pieces. Then tie bagels together with string cheese and place them in the microwave for about 2 minutes. Finally, leave the bagels to cool down before serving.

Bagel Bites are the bagel brand, which was established by Stanley Garkzynski and Bob Mosher. They come from fort Myers, Florida, the U.S., and sold this brand for John Labatt Co food producer. Nowadays, Heinz owns Bagel Bites through the Ore-Ida brand.

Bagel Bites includes six tastes (Extreme Nacho, Mozzarella Cheese, Supreme, Three Cheese, Sausage & Pepperoni, Cheese, and Cheese and Pepperoni). The Bagel Bites’ main factory is in Southwest Florida.

In the 90s decade, Bagel Bites slowly became popular. And now, it is one of the most favorite and reliable brands in the food industry.

Bagel Bites are a bagel-shaped snack that is made from bagels, cream cheese, and eggs. It has been popular for about ten years now. There are many different flavors to choose from, such as chocolate chip bagel bites, blueberry bagel bites, and cinnamon sugar bagel bites. These snacks can be found at most grocery stores or convenience stores.

How To Make Bagel Bites Microwave

bagel bites microwave
Bagel Bites Microwave: What Is Your Favorite Bagel Flavor And How Do You Like To Top It? 18

Bagels have been around for centuries, but the process of making them in the microwave hasn’t really caught on yet. That is why I am going to show you how easy it is to make your own Bagel Bites in a microwave! All you need is some time and creativity! Follow these steps.

Step 1: Prepare


Bagel Bites: 8 – 9 pieces.

Melted or margarine butter: 3 tablespoons.

A baking tray.

Cream cheese: 2 tablespoons (softened at room temperature for 30 minutes).

Toppings (optional): sesame seeds, poppy seeds, dried onions, garlic salt, or dried minced onion, and dried minced garlic. 

First, remove outer wrappers that cover the baking tray. Next, cut bagels into halved and quarters (8 circles) and put them on the tray. Spread butter and cheese on the bagels, sprinkle toppings on the bagels based on your hobby and put the tray in the microwave.

Step 2: Cooking

After putting the bagel tray in the microwave, choose High mode and set up about 2 minutes 10 seconds to cook.

When the microwave sounds like the end sign, you should wear gloves or use hand pads to take the baking tray out.

Step 3: Serve

Before eating bagels, leave them to rest in one minute. At this time, the toppings are hot; you should let them a bit cool. After that, let’s enjoy them with everyone.

How To Make Bagel Bites Without Microwave

People who want to cook Bagel Bites in the microwave should know that they are not easy to be naturally microwavable. The bagel is hard and dense, which means it doesn’t cook well in the microwave oven. Biting into a bagel after cooking will often result in tears of frustration. Instead, use an oven or stovetop to prepare your bagels for baking. 

How to make Bagel Bites in the oven

bagel bites microwave
Bagel Bites Microwave: What Is Your Favorite Bagel Flavor And How Do You Like To Top It? 19

First, you have to preheat the oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. While waiting for the oven to heat up, you can cut bagels into ¾ inch rounds and place them on a cookie sheet sprayed with nonstick cooking spray. 

The distance between them is about ½ inch, ensure they do not stick together. 

Second, put the baking sheet on the upper-middle rack inside the oven. Bake the bagels within 10 – 14 minutes, flipping bagel bites once halfway through baking time. 

Meanwhile, combine cream cheese and honey in a medium bowl until they are smooth and creamy. Remove bagel bites from the oven and dot each bagel hole with a tablespoon of cream cheese mixture.

Returning Bagel Bites to the oven and baking an additional 2 minutes or until cheese is melted. Lastly, take the baking tray out, let bagels rest in a minute, sprinkle Bagel Bites with your favorite toppings, and enjoy!

How to cook Bagel Bites in the air fryer

bagel bites microwave
Bagel Bites Microwave: What Is Your Favorite Bagel Flavor And How Do You Like To Top It? 20

When using the air fryer for cooking Bagel Bites, you will perform the same steps as utilizing the oven or microwave.

After coating butter, toppings, and cheese, coat the oil layer evenly on the air fryer basket and put bagels on it. Next, set up a temperature of 375 Fahrenheit degrees and time to cook for 6 – 8 minutes.

You have to check bagels every five minutes to make sure they are not burned. After cooking, make bagels out, leave them to rest within a minute to cool the toppings.

Let’s enjoy bagels or continue to cook the subsequent cake batches; remember to reduce the time to cook in the fryer.

How to cook Bagel Bites in the toaster oven

bagel bites microwave
Bagel Bites Microwave: What Is Your Favorite Bagel Flavor And How Do You Like To Top It? 21

If you want to cook bagels in a toaster oven, you have to preheat it to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, take the frozen bagels and put them on the tray. Cover brushed butter, cheese, and toppings on the bagels.

Place the baking tray in the toaster oven baking bagels for 14 minutes. After toasting, let them rest in a minute and enjoy.

How to cook Bagel Bites in the convection oven

bagel bites microwave
Bagel Bites Microwave: What Is Your Favorite Bagel Flavor And How Do You Like To Top It? 22

Firstly, you should preheat the convection oven to 450 – 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Meanwhile, boil bagels before putting them in the convection oven to make sure they all puff up and do not stay flat while toasting directly on the rack of a convection oven.

Secondly, cut bagels vertically with kitchen shears or scissors about 1/2 inch from one end (don’t cut all way through). Scoring both sides down the bagel makes it easier for the bagel to puff up in the oven later.

Place bagels on an ungreased rimmed baking tray into the convection oven’s middle rack. Bake bagels at 400 degrees Fahrenheit, 10 – 15 minutes on one side before flipping them over. Take bagels out of the convection oven when they ripen evenly.

Lastly, use a meat tenderizer or meat hammer to flatten bagels if desired once bagels are cooled. Let them be cool and stuff bagels with some combination of cream cheese, honey, fruit, jams, preserves, or toppings. 

Information About Bagel Bites’ Calories And Nutrition

bagel bites microwave
Bagel Bites Microwave: What Is Your Favorite Bagel Flavor And How Do You Like To Top It? 23

Microwave bagels are a fast and tempting snack, but they come at a high cost. With just one bagel bite containing anywhere from 140 to 160 calories, it’s easy to see how quickly the calorie count can add up. It also lacks nutrients like fiber or protein that make for an even worse choice. 

So if you are looking for something quick on the go, skip these bagel bites and opt for something healthier instead! 

As soon as you wake up, there’s nothing like a bagel bite to get your day started. If you really want Bagel Bites in the morning, don’t go to fast-food restaurants and gas stations to buy them. Bagels Bites can be easily made at home, and you won’t have to worry about the risks of eating them. 

The Kraft Heinz Company shows that four bagels have 180 calories in total for every flavor. Some tastes have a tiny amount of calcium, fat, or carbohydrates. However, the ratio of nutrients between flavors is not too much different.

You should understand precisely what you will eat after you cook Bagel Bites in the microwave, air fryer, or oven. This snack may not be a portion of healthy food, but it is not too bad.

Before eating Bagel Bites, you have to identify precisely the amount of food to tolerate in the body. Let’s check how many calories each bagel contains with some nutritional information on the label.

How Long Do I Cook Bagel Bites?

Each kitchen equipment has a different power level. This factor and your favorite flavor will decide the time to cook mini pizzas. You may consider some suggestions to set up a suitable time for making Bagels Bites.

In the microwave

bagel bites microwave
Bagel Bites Microwave: What Is Your Favorite Bagel Flavor And How Do You Like To Top It? 24

Bagel Bites take about 45 seconds to cook in the microwave if you keep an eye on them. You should start with the bagel down and turn it over halfway through cooking. The bagels should be puffed up and browned when done.

To determine the cooking time of bagels, you have to identify how many bagels one pack has. Alternatively, the microwave’s capacity level is essential because if the equipment has lower power levels, you have to adjust the longer time to cook mini pizzas.

Usually, if you cook a package with four pieces of bagels, forty-five seconds is an ideal period. The more cakes, the longer the cooking time. You may refer to our suggestions.

  • Four pieces: from 55 to 75 seconds.
  • 8 or 9 pieces: about 2 minutes 10 – 30 seconds.
  • Twelve pieces: from 2 minutes 30 seconds to 3 minutes or more.

To cook mini pizzas perfectly, you should pick the high-power setting. After making, leave bagels to rest before eating. 

Even so, all the above suggestions are relative; thus, you can only approximately calculate the time to cook bagels.

In the oven

bagel bites microwave
Bagel Bites Microwave: What Is Your Favorite Bagel Flavor And How Do You Like To Top It? 25

Cooking Bagel Bites in the oven is the best way to get a crispy covering. Bagels almost do not stick in the baking tray compared to other cooking methods. You can bake them in the perfect temper, although the cooking is a bit longer.

Here is the guideline for setting up the time to bake bagels.

  • 4 pieces: 12 minutes.
  • Nine pieces: 12 – 14 minutes.
  • 12 pieces: 14 minutes.
  • Twenty pieces: 14 – 16 minutes.
  • Twenty-four pieces: 14 – 16 minutes.

In the toaster oven

bagel bites microwave
Bagel Bites Microwave: What Is Your Favorite Bagel Flavor And How Do You Like To Top It? 26

You may not use a baking tray to put mini pizzas on while cooking them in the toaster oven. Here is the ideal time that you can consider.

  • 4 pieces: 12 – 13 minutes.
  • Nine pieces: 14 – 16 minutes.
  • Twelve pieces:  16 – 18 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bagel Bites Microwave

After following the above parts, we think you want to know more about how to cook Bagel Bites microwave exactly. Some frequently asked questions may be helpful to you.

What are the ingredients in Bagel Bites?

The ingredients of Bagel Bites include water, enriched flour (wheat flour, malted barley flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, and folic acid), bagel chips (unbleached enriched wheat flour with malted barley flour, salt. enzyme), canola oil, yeast, sugar, and sodium propionate.

Do Bagel Bites need to be refrigerated?

You do not need to keep Bagel Bites in the refrigerator because they do not contain meat or dairy products that require storage in low temperatures.

Can Bagel Bites be frozen?

bagel bites microwave
Bagel Bites Microwave: What Is Your Favorite Bagel Flavor And How Do You Like To Top It? 27

Yes, they can. Bagels will stay good for 1 – 2 months in the freezer when you seal them properly in airtight containers.

If Bagel Bites are not consumed by this time, they will likely become stale and moldy. As bagels contain a lot of moisture, the bagel bites without frosting may be susceptible to freezer burn or hardening after defrosting and becoming drier when reheated in the microwave oven. Be sure to remember when you made your bagels and keep them in mind when you plan to consume them. 

How many Bagel Bites can I eat at a time?

One piece of Bagel Bites is one serving that contains 100 calories and 3 grams of fat. You should feel free to eat up to six bagel bites at a time.

How many bagel bites are in a bag?

You can choose among options, including 9, 18, 24, 40, and 72 pieces for each pack. You should pick based on your hobby or the number of your family members.

What microwaves can you use Bagel Bites with?

bagel bites microwave
Bagel Bites Microwave: What Is Your Favorite Bagel Flavor And How Do You Like To Top It? 28

Just about every microwave! Check the bag to see what wattage you need and experiment. I have found that Bagel Bites prefer a higher wattage than pizza, so try 1500 or 2000 Watts for your bagels.

All microwaves work with bagels, but some will cook better than others, depending on the wattage. Look at the bag’s label and find out what wattage is best for your particular variety of Bagel Bites before cooking them in your microwave. 

You may discover your microwave or oven is able to cook them at a lower temperature with great success as well, after experimenting with different types of settings for this snack food.

How do I make Bagels Bites healthier?

For a healthier bagel, try using whole-wheat bagels rather than white ones or sugar-free chocolate chips for this recipe instead of the usual chocolate chips. Sprinkle with cinnamon and nutmeg for extra flavor and added nutritional benefits!

Are there any tips while cooking Bagel Bites in a microwave?

bagel bites microwave
Bagel Bites Microwave: What Is Your Favorite Bagel Flavor And How Do You Like To Top It? 29

Cooking or reheating foods in the microwave may be easy. However, you should know some tips to get delicious dishes and not make your kitchen messier.

If you want to cook mini pizzas after taking them out of the freezer with perfect softness, you may refer to the following tips.

  • Ensure you cook bagels for the required time. Hence, your bagels will not be soggy or dry out.
  • Toast your mini pizzas until their temperatures are about 165  degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Don’t thaw bagels before cooking. You should keep them in frozen condition to prevent the texture and taste from degrading.

If you want to make bagels softer, you should take the crisping tray out of the box and eliminate the plastic cover. Put the tray with the shiny surface in the microwave. Cooking according to our guidelines and let mini pizzas cool before serving.

Is Bagel Bites microwave safe?

bagel bites microwave
Bagel Bites Microwave: What Is Your Favorite Bagel Flavor And How Do You Like To Top It? 30

Bagel Bites that are nuked for too long can get soggy, but bagel bites that are microwaved for the optimal time (usually 2-3 minutes) will stay crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Do Bagel Bites always need to be heated up in the microwave ovens, or can I heat them on the stove like regular small pizzas?

Different bagel flavors have varying instructions relating to microwaves, but most bagels need to be heated in the microwave or other kitchen units. 

Preheat the bagels for eight seconds before two minutes of cooking or heating time. This will result in a warm bagel. 

Bagels that don’t contain chocolate chips or other ingredients not meant to be microwaved, heat on the stovetop, and finish with a couple of minutes in the oven until crisp and browned if desired.

bagel bites microwave
Bagel Bites Microwave: What Is Your Favorite Bagel Flavor And How Do You Like To Top It? 31


Bagel Bites microwave makes for a great snack or small meal. These make-ahead bagels can be made with whole-grain flour and toppings like fresh herbs, cheese, garlic powder, and sesame seeds. The best part is that they are cooked all together–in one dish–so it is super easy to clean up afterward, too! With these easy microwave bagel bite recipes, you will never have to wait in line at the bakery again!

Besides, you can use some other kitchen equipment to cook Bagel Bites. Although Bagel Bites are not the most nutritious dish, these convenient snacks will help you get total energy in a long day.

We hope you will have delicious side meals every day to protect your health and work for a long day without being tired or hungry. You can cook bagels on the weekend to change the boring daily menu for your naughty kids. If you have any exciting recipes for Bagel Bites microwave, let’s share them with everyone by writing a comment in the below part.

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