Top 13 Best Bamboo Paper Towels: More Reasons To Bring Them Home!

Every mother in this world knows what it is like to deal with terrifying spillage, hard-headed smudges and thousands of haunting filths and that is the reason why, in a position of a mother of two and an enthusiastic environmental activist, I never stop searching for the best and most high quality bamboo paper towels.  

Paper towels have a variety of uses in our homes, particularly in the kitchen. Right now, there are a plethora of paper towel products available on the market. What you must understand is that they are not all the same. If you have always wanted to try something new, it is time to put into consideration bamboo paper towels.

Bamboo paper towels are suitable for a variety of uses and are more durable. We will read more about bamboo paper towels in this guide to help you select them with the right details.

Best Bamboo Paper Towels Comparison 2023

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Top 13 Best Bamboo Paper Towels Reviews 2023

Reel Premium Bamboo Paper Towels

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Since Reel Paper is made entirely of bamboo, each absorbent roll is the most sustainable, eco-friendly paper towel on the market. 

Reel promotes the use of environmentally conscious, long-lasting paper materials. I hear that the brand aims to reduce the carbon print so by buying the product, we might contribute something to the progress of protecting the environment. 

The paper soaks up liquids and spillages quite well and it is super sustainable as well. We can recycle a piece of paper several times. 


  • Sustainable and durable. 
  • Soaks up water and liquids well. 


  • Not soft enough. 
  • Not so cheap. 

Ecozoi Extra Thick Eco-Friendly Zero Waste BambooKitchen Paper Towels

[amazon box=”B08CX7DHNY” ]

Ecozoi towels are fantastic. I was hoping for a more eco conscious alternative to paper towels, and these are brilliant! They are very dense and robust and they are almost devoid of trees. Since bamboo is inherently antimicrobial, I believe they would be easier to clean than normal towels.

It is fine if you wash them in a machine but I prefer the sink as I clean the kitchen. Very cool product, to be honest. I appreciate Ecozoi’s innovative approaches to environmental improvement.


  • Pure bamboo paper. 
  • Super absorbent.
  • Safe for the environment.


  • NothingNothing

The Cheeky Panda Plastic-Free Paper Towel Kitchen Roll

[amazon box=”B07BF2YV8V” ]

Cheeky Panda is on a completely different level compared to traditional paper. To be honest, one of my friends in  the UK suggested this to me and I am so glad that I trusted her. 

First of all, the paper is super sanitized which is a great plus for those who have sensitive skin. It is not torn apart when it gets wet and the product does not even leave the dust fibers. 

Second of all, Cheeky Panda has a great absorbency which amazes you right at the moment you bring into the action. 

All in all, the paper is kitchen-friendly and the price is reasonable enough.


  • Absorbs liquid well. 
  • Cheap. 
  • Is not torn apart easily. 


  • Rolls may be a little bit smaller than expected. 

Hooga Bamboo Paper Towels

[amazon box=”B0889X6NYR” ]

First of all, who does not love unbleached paper? Because I am. Hooga is a totally unbleached bamboo paper towel which still remains the natural colour of brown. As far as I know, the bamboo used to make this paper towel is virgin bamboo which has not been taken from the habitat of pandas. 

Speaking of the quality of the paper, it is not only soft but also freaking strong. Furthermore, the paper is sustainable and reusable. 

Hooga is chlorine free and has no fragrance or paraben which is the reason why I am completely in love with this product. 


  • Super eco-friendly. 
  • Made of pure bamboo.


  • Not so absorbent 
  • Small rolls. 

Caboo Tree Free Bamboo Paper Towels

[amazon box=”B01M1HL4C4″ ]

What I like about Caboo is that it is made of pure bamboo and sugarcane which are both sustainably grown. The feature really fits my aim which is an environmentally friendly product.

Without stopping right there, Caboo is also super strong and completely absorbent. That means you can reuse the papers countless times. 

Speaking about the safety level, Caboo is a type of paper which is paraben free, no fragrance  and BPA and especially no chlorine. 

To be honest, I think this one is one of the best products that any housewife has to experience at least once in their life. 


  • No toxic chemicals. 
  • Safe for the environment.
  • Shockingly cheap.


  • Might be a little thin. 

uGoGreen Bamboo Reusable Paper Towels

[amazon box=”B08L74T2LP” ]

uGoGreen’s paper towels are famous for their fluffy and sensuous feature. I do not know if you believe it or not but this paper is soft enough to wipe a baby’s butt without scratching and hurting them. 

Furthermore, the product is super gentle for adult’s skin which means you will not be disappointed when using the product to clean your kitchen and using it as a bath hand towel; especially, after working out, doing sports, going camping or even travelling.


  • Gentle for any skin.
  • Durable and strong enough. 
  • Extremely fluffy. 


  • Design is not so attractive. 

Myatye Bamboo Kitchen Towels

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Myatye really has a simple design which is more absorbent and long-lasting than traditional kitchen towels. Each roll contains thirty sheets and replaces sixty standard kitchen towel rolls.

The towels are very versatile and can be utilized almost everywhere. Perfect for cleaning the kitchen, brushing and dusting, washing the car, cleaning the toilet, cleaning up after the pets, camping, and so much more.


  • Sturdy and lightweight. 
  • Reusable.


  • NothingNothing

Bamboora (Pack of 2) All Purpose Reusable Bamboo Paper Towels

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Our next competitor is Bamboora, one of the best bamboo paper towels in the market. 

The remarkable feature of this brand is that its product dries super fast and extremely sustainable. Thus, consumers can reuse the papers for times and they are still durable enough to handle tasks. It also lasts months longer than the regular towels. 

Another thing is that Bamboora is unbleached too so that means the product is totally chlorine-free. You can make use of it to dry your pets after showering, absorb water on fruits and vegetables and of course, clean your baby. 


  • Unbleached and no toxic chemicals.
  • Super absorbent. 
  • Shockingly cheap.


  • Nothing

Kitchen Noble Bamboo Paper Towels 

[amazon box=”B088K5K9ND” ]

I remember years ago, as I made the transition to a more sustainable, eco-friendly way of life, I purchased Kitchen Noble bamboo paper towels and as far as I know, the brand’s reputation still maintains. 

I used to wash dishes, clean the fridge, and wipe counter tops with one Kitchen Noble paper towel for ten days. It has been cleaned with dishwashing soap plus high temperature water at the end of each day and dried overnight by hanging on the window in the kitchen. It is thinner, more absorbent, and has proved to be safer than standard disposable paper towels over this time span. 


  • Lasts super long. 
  • Can be used for multiple purposes. 
  • High quality. 


  • Stains are quite difficult to wash out. 

Verve Bamboo Reusable Paper Towels 

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One of my friends is using Verve and her reaction about the product is more than precious. 

To begin with, she is raising a toddler by herself and the paper works perfectly in cleaning messy stuff which are the baby’s creation. She also lives with a dog and her pal loves playing in mud so he gets really muddy after playtime and guess what,  she even uses just a piece of Verve to clean up all of the muddy footprints. How amazing is that! 


  • Can be used multiple times. 
  • Good smell, thick and durable. 


  • NothingNothing

Anjia Original Reusable Bamboo Towels 

[amazon box=”B08CS3RRRY” ]

I used to purchase these to fill the gap between my cotton towels and regular paper towels. For the most accurate analogy, these are similar to “Mega” paper towels. I use them for a variety of tasks, including sweeping up spilled water, drying plates, and cleaning the counters.

I guess I use one every couple of weeks at most since they are supposed to be washable, as with a washing machine. They come with a laundry bag, and you simply place them in it. Surprisingly, it functions quite marvelously, just make sure you wipe off some disgusting stuff on the towel before putting it in the wash with the rest of your garments.


  • Multi-functional. 
  • Comes with a laundry bag. 


  • NothingNothing

Nature’s Greatest, 100% Bamboo & Sugarcane Kitchen Paper Towels, 2 Ply, 115 Sheets, 2 Rolls, Packaging May Vary

[amazon box=”B081BBS4DJ” ]

When you first use Nature’s Greatest paper towels, you might feel that they are a little bit thinner than you have expected but trust me, as you keep using, the towels get stronger. 

These towels work magnificently for cleaning the kitchen and wiping stuff so you can make the most of its function. 

One minus of the product is that it costs quite much. However, with the quality it brings, the price should not be a concern. 


  • Strong and durable. 
  • Really flexible in usage.


  • Quite expensive. 

Greenway Towels Bamboo Paper Towels 

[amazon box=”B0841P1DZL” ]

My mom bought these because she couldn’t locate any paper towels due to coronavirus lockdown and I had a chance to put it into a test. I must say that I was impressed. 

The price is cheap but the quality is out of this world. The material that made the paper is pure bamboo which is sustainably grown.

In terms of usages, Greenway manages to wipe anything in your house from the kitchen to the garden. I would recommend this baby to my friends. 


  • Super cheap. 
  • Multifunctional.


  • Not so durable. 
  • Nọt thick enough. 

Still longing for more knowledge about the best bamboo paper towels? Read on! 

  1. Why Did I Choose Bamboo Paper Towels?

Eco-friendly options are often associated with a loss of convenience. Let us inform you that certain sustainable household changes will really increase the quality of your daily life. 

  • They have less pollution

In the United States, thirteen billion pounds of paper towels are used per year. It is safe to imagine that the amount of waste generated by this household commodity is equally surprising. Hearing about urban households’ excessive wastefulness inspires many people to follow zero-waste policies and instead purchase products that can be reused, recycled, or composted.

The positive news is that reusable bamboo towels satisfy all three standards: they are fully washable, but they are the polar opposite of single-use and unsustainable.

  • These towels are compostable.

People are becoming more concerned with environmentally sustainable waste disposal. Although recycling plastic and glass-based products seems to be the holy grail of eco-conscious people, composting is underappreciated when it comes to paper towels.

None of us consider what happens to our used paper towels when we throw them out. Standard paper towels, on the other hand, take hundreds of years to biodegrade. Toxic products used in standard paper towels have the potential to pollute landfills and reduce soil fertility. You may be absolutely mistaken if you believe there is no better solution.

Many brands of recycled bamboo paper towels state that their products can be composed until they are too used to be used any more. Composting is based on the concept of providing a nutrient habitat for microorganisms, thus accelerating the gradual decomposition of organic waste. This waste management approach is ultimately environmentally sustainable and is a necessary component of a zero-waste household


  • Bamboo paper towels are surprisingly eco-friendly

The praise for bamboo content is limitless – both for its outstanding performance and for the low environmental effect of growing raw materials for its processing. Furthermore, growing bamboo is not only beneficial to nature but also beneficial to the ecosystem.

To begin, bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet: the height of its shoots rises by an average of two to three centimeter per hour! Second, bamboo is different from other materials which are used in paper towels, which are too time-consuming to expand and require too much water and labor.

Furthermore, such materials usually do not grow without the use of pesticides, herbicides, and other toxic chemicals, whereas bamboo grows on its own and requires little maintenance. In other words, it does not necessitate extra drainage, pest control, or other farming practices.

Above everything, the bamboo fiber used in recycled paper towels performs admirably. These towels are very light and fluffy, despite having a high absorbency. Reusable paper towels made from bamboo have an additional advantage that is difficult to overlook: the high degree of tensile strength in bamboo fibers makes such towels extremely sturdy.

  • The towels in question are hypoallergenic.

Furthermore, bamboo material used for paper towels does not induce allergic reactions, does not irritate the scalp, has bactericidal properties and inhibits the replication of pathogenic insects, fungi, and dust mites (seventy percent of bacteria die on bamboo fiber), and retains these antibacterial properties even after a hundred washes. Moreover, the amino acids used in bamboo have a positive effect on the skin’s energy level, while the tissue which is anti-inflammatory has a certain effect on the body.

  • Bamboo paper towels are naturally antibacterial.

The antibacterial properties of bamboo-based materials require careful thought. We must remember that the paper towel is a hygienic accessory that comes into close contact with all vital surfaces like kitchen tables and our bodies and their different vulnerable areas. In this respect, this kitchen accessory is supposed to be sterile and free of bacteria and germs for a longer period of time. And it is the bamboo towels that are doing the best work.

No microbes or bacteria may begin to grow within bamboo fibers.

The key is hidden in a special material known as bamboo kan. It is a completely normal component that suppresses the bacterial environment and stops bacteria and germs from growing. According to studies, this portion is capable of dealing with more than seventy percent of all known bacteria and microbes. Around the same time, the antibacterial effects do not deteriorate with frequent cleaning.

  • Bamboo paper towels are super cheap.

You would receive more than thirty sheets for most rolls. In most cases, you can reuse these sheets up to a hundred times. As you can see, you will have to wait several weeks before you can purchase new bamboo paper towels for your house. The same cannot be said for standard paper towels.

A single roll of bamboo paper towel is expected to replace 429 paper towel rolls. To give you an idea of how much you might save, 429 rolls will save you up to $500. When you turn to a single roll of bamboo towels.

In a year, you should be able to see how much money you can save from using bamboo-based paper towels.

In the matter of fact, bamboo towels are initially more costly, but they are the least expensive to purchase and use over time.

  • Bamboo paper towers’ durability and absorbency are excellent.

When shopping for the right paper towel, you can aim for one with the highest absorbency. That is something you never have to think about by using bamboo paper towels. And the stickiest and most disgusting mess can be quickly cleaned up with these paper towels.

The best thing is that they can not quickly cut, break, or become loose. That is not something you would tell for several paper towels on the market.

  • Bamboo paper towels can  be washed.

You will need to wash the bamboo paper towels as part of the reusing process. The great thing when cleaning them is that they are compatible with both washers and dryers. When you throw them in the washer, they will come out looking clean and dry. You should return them to work as soon as possible.

When comparing a fresh and cleaned bamboo paper towel, you may not be able to tell the difference. That is because the dirt can quickly be removed, leaving you with a clean paper towel to use for a variety of purposes.

Since you can reuse the towels up to a hundred times, you’ll have clean paper towels all the time in your house.

  • Bamboo paper towels are excellent business investment opportunity.

Many countries are already pursuing a variety of green options, and this may be one of them. There are many benefits of making a green label. You will discover that certain countries give you tax breaks.

In addition, more people are becoming more environmentally aware. They would happily accept something that would assist them in conserving the world.

When you get into a market that sells eco-friendly goods to countries that need them, you have a good shot of making a lot of money.

  1. What can  bamboo paper towels be used for? 
  • Food applications

Paper towels will help keep herbs and greens healthy. You just need to simply wrap them in a paper towel before putting them in the refrigerator. You can get more results if you wrap them in a paper towel instead of storing them in a plastic storage tub.

Cleaning your food, such as mushrooms, is best done with a paper towel. It will assist in removing all of the soil without having to think about water logging the mushrooms and ruining their taste.

If you choose to cook corn, using paper towels to strip the silks is a safe choice. You should be able to prepare your corn more easily now.

Bamboo paper towels can also be useful for preventing soggy frozen pizza. The paper towel absorbs extra moisture which prevents the bread from being soggy.

When using paper towels, you can prepare bacon in the oven. Place the bacon on two towels and microwave for thirty seconds. Your bacon should be ready to serve in six minutes

  • Applications for kitchen cleaning

As previously said, paper towels can be used to cook in microwaves. Similarly, using them to protect other food categories while reheating your food will help avoid messes in your microwave. This aids in the prevention of spatters.

These paper towels may be used to clean and store cast iron. It is important to drain all water from cast iron before storing it. Bamboo paper towels can be useful for absorbing all of the water on the surface and preventing corrosion.

Paper towels are great for keeping your refrigerator tidy. Simply wipe out the cabinets, drawers, and bins with paper towels. When you drop something in your freezer, wipe it up with a paper towel.

Stovetops will quickly become filthy if you continue to use them for cooking. Please try using paper towels to disinfect them without leaving several bruises. Except when hard scrubbing is required, the towels would leave the stovetop clean and clear. 

  • How to pick the best bamboo paper towels

The easiest way to choose the right bamboo towels is to know what you want. It may be linked to reducing the household’s waste or actually saving money. Let’s take a look at two common styles of bamboo paper towels and see who could profit from them:

  1. Bamboo paper towels are disposable.

These paper towels are well-known for their high absorbency. It means that one of these towels will replace a dozen standard cotton towels. However, you should only use such a towel once and it must be discarded after that. When buying disposable paper towels, use compostable ones to help you meet your target of producing less waste.

  1. Bamboo paper towels for many uses

These paper towels are a one-size-fits-all solution. You can save money and reduce waste by buying washable paper towels. However, the cleaning of these paper towels must be done with caution. If you hand wash your multi-purpose bamboo paper towels instead of using a laundry machine, they will last longer.

Not fancy using bamboo paper towels? Learn to do a reusable towel at home here: 

All in all, I have pointed out which bamboo paper towels are best for you. However, I still want to pick up my top 5 and here they are:

[amazon table=”1774″]

Bamboo paper towels are a recent addition to the industry. However, they have already earned the approval of thousands of customers and have become famous with those looking for a more eco-friendly home.

Bamboo kitchen paper towels are appealing because of their longevity and eco-friendliness. Any of these paper towels may also be cleaned and reused repeatedly. Disposable bamboo paper towels also present a better alternative for regular cotton ones as they take much less time to biodegrade. There you go, last but not least,  in my opinion, keep an open mind when shopping and you will see that it is a great experience!  

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