Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans in 2023 Reviews

Air-it-out bathrooms can get steam-filled, filled with too much humidity and moisture as well have a lingering odor. You can air out your bathroom with one of the top 12 best bathroom exhaust fans in 2023.

These top exhaust fans make sure you air out your bathrooms, protecting your walls and tile from what too much steam and moisture can do to them. Also, they help get rid of that lingering odor that is a little unpleasant to the nose.

List Of Our Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans Review On Amazon.Com

Panasonic WhisperValue Multi-Flow Bathroom Fan

Panasonic FV-0510VSL1 WhisperValue DC Ventilation Fan - Energy-Saving Bathroom Fan with LED Light - 50-80-100 CFM
  • Clean Air Spot Ventilation: Provides quiet and powerful ventilation; removes moisture and pollution
  • Easy-Install Home Improvement: For use with 4” oval ducts; L-shaped brackets simplify installation
  • Smart Ventilation Fan: Pick-A-Flow selector switch allows you to select your needed airflow
  • Guaranteed to Last: Panasonic fans use less energy to move larger volumes of air
  • Code-Compliant Ventilation: Energy Star certified and complies with the latest codes and standards

Panasonic is a little ahead of its time even with bathroom exhaust fans. This top fan makes short work of the moisture and other bathroom issues you face each day. The multiple fan speeds, 50, 80 and 100 CFM make sure you get your bathroom aired out properly.

Then the 10-watt LED light provides a little light on the subject. With its dimmable feature and 1-watt night light function, you do not use a lot of energy as you see what you are doing.

With its low-profile design, this bathroom exhaust fan comes with a good ECM motor that makes sure those fan speeds are very effective. Plus, this bathroom exhaust fan with led light is not hard to install.

Broan-Nutone Heavy Duty Ventilation Fan

Broan-NuTone HD80L Heavy Duty Ventilation Fan, Residential or Commercial Installation, 80 CFM, 2.5 Sones
  • FAN COMBO: Heavy-duty ventilation fan and light combo helps reduce odors and and is powerful enough for rooms (including bathroom) up to 75 sq. ft. at 80 CFM for your convenience
  • EFFICIENT: Bright 100-Watt incandescent light (bulb not included) provides high-quality lasting use
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Easy to install and/or replace existing product for DIY'ers. Includes polymeric duct connectors with tapered sleeves for easy, positive ducting and integral key-holed mounting brackets for secure and easy installation. Our installation guide is located above the reviews on this page
  • DECORATIVE: White polymeric grille with shatter-resistant light diffusing lens complements virtually any decor
  • SAFE: UL listed for use over bathtubs and showers when connected to a GFCI-protected branch circuit. AMCA licensed for both air and sound to ensure the utmost safety

This decorative fan is a little low-key while it updates your bathroom’s look. With a built-in light, you get to handle two tasks in one. First, the 100-watt light bulb capability really lights up your 75-square-foot bathroom.

Second, you get 80 CFM fan speed to handle the steam and moisture removal task. Also, the light is supposed to be shatter-resistant. On top of that installation should not be a problem. This broan bathroom exhaust fan can easily replace your current model with little hassle.

In addition, it is safe to place this exhaust fan over showers or bathtubs. Its motor should not be that loud either.

BV Ultra-Quiet Bathroom Ventilation & Exhaust Fan

BV Bathroom Fan Ultra-Quiet 150 CFM, 2.0 Sones Bathroom Ventilation & Exhaust Fan, Bathroom Ceiling Fan, Bathroom Extractor (No Attic Access Required)
  • 2.0 sone super quiet performance. Silent-Clever Technology
  • Mounting opening: 10.5" x 10.5". Height: 8". Stainless steel 4" duct collar
  • Ventilating for bathroom space up to 150 sq-ft
  • HVI 2100-certified, and UL Approved. Quality & performance assurance.
  • One-year limited product warranty with technical support service included.

Get up to 150 CFMs when you turn this exhaust fan on. The good part is you may not even hear the motor. It is supposed to be that quiet. The 2 sones noise level does not register that high on the decibel scale.

Also, the 8-inch high fan needs 10 ½ by 10 ½ openings for it to install correctly. A 4-inch duct collar handles the exhaust duct connection. After you get this fan in place, you should be able to clear a 150-square-foot room with ease.

The white cover should blend in with your bathroom’s décor without clashing with anything.

KAZE APPLIANCE Ultra Quiet Bathroom Exhaust Fan

KAZE APPLIANCE SE90PL2 Ultra Quiet Bathroom Exhaust Fan with LED Light, 90 CFM, 0.4 Sone
  • HOUSING SIZE: Ceiling opening size is 11 3/8" x 10 1/2". Resizing your existing ceiling opening will be needed if your current fan housing is smaller.
  • SUPER QUIET - Sound level of 0.4-Sones at 90-CFM. Suitable for bathroom size up to 90 square feet.
  • LED LIGHT - 11 watt LED light panel. Color temperature: 3000K.
  • INSTALLATION - Sliding hanger bars allow fan housing to be positioned accurately anywhere between the framing. The bars span up to 24 inch and can be used on all types of framing.
  • DUCTING - Removable 6 inch duct with back draft prevention damper. Includes 4 inch duct adapter.

Taking a break from life in the bathroom gets a little easier when you opt to use this very quiet bathroom exhaust fan. Its lack of noise should make sure you are not disturbed as you take your break. It puts out 90 CFM at 3 sones with no trouble at all.

On top of that, you get an easy-to-install bathroom fan that only needs an 11 ½ by 10 ½ inches approx. opening to get it where it is supposed to be. If your current fan is a bit smaller, then resizing the opening is your only option. An 11-watt LED light and 2-watt LED night light make sure you have enough light all the time

Broan Sensonic Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Broan-NuTone SPK110 Bluetooth Speaker Ventilation Fan, ENERGY STAR Certified, 110 CFM, 1.0 Sones, White
  • FAN COMBO: Exhaust fan with built-in Bluetooth Dual High-Fidelity Sensonic Speakers is powerful enough for rooms (including bathroom) up to 105 sq. ft.
  • WIRELESS STEREO: Brilliant audio performance concealed behind your fan grille allows audio through most Bluetooth-enabled devices. Corrosion resistant galvanized steel housing stands up to moisture
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Easy to install and/or replace existing product for DIY'ers. Fan fits 2"x 8" ceiling construction and includes unique spacer for easy I-joist mounting
  • RELIABLE: Motor engineered for continuous operation at 1.0 Sones and 110 CFM for your convenience
  • SAFE: This ENERGY STAR* certified fan is UL listed for use over bathtub or shower when installed with a GFCI protected branch circuit. Type IC for use in direct contact with thermal insulation

This is a great bathroom fan to use if your bathroom is 105 square feet or smaller. Then when you want to really relax, this fan comes with two Bluetooth-equipped speakers. Pipe in your favorite sounds as you relax in the tub.

Plus, the motor should not interfere with your music. It takes only about 1 sone worth of noise as it cleans your room of steam and excess moisture. That low noise level does not stop this fan from producing 110 CFMs when turned on. Easy to install and it should fit 2 by 8 construction.

Ventline Ceiling Exhaust Fan

Ventline (V2262-50 (7") 50 CFM Ceiling Exhaust Fan, White
  • Ventline Ceiling Exhaust Fan
  • Powered ceiling or bath fan, very efficient for smaller areas.Compatible Ducting Accessories - P7.19 Series Hard Duct or VC0292 Flex Duct
  • 8 inch Diameter rough-in opening required
  • Dynamically balanced polypropylene blade will not bend out of shape
  • 7 inch Fan without Cap and Flange, 115V, 50CFM

This 7-inch in-diameter bathroom exhaust fan fits nicely and neatly into the ceiling of your room. Then when it is hooked up, you get about 50 CFM performance all the time. Then, when you activate it, the motor does not make a lot of noise, but it also isn’t that quiet either.

The perfect place for this exhaust fan is in smaller rooms that do not have a lot of square foot area to cover. With a non-bending polypropylene blade, this fan should last you a long time. An 8 to 10-inch opening is what you need to install this fan.

BV Ultra-Quiet Bathroom Ventilation & Exhaust Fan

BV Bathroom Fan Ultra-Quiet 90 CFM, 0.8 Sone Bathroom Ventilation and Exhaust Bath Fan, Bathroom Ceiling Fan, HVI 2100-certified and UL Approved (No Attic Access Required)
  • Super quiet performance. Silent-Clever Technology with only 0.8 sone
  • Mounting opening: 9.25" x 9.0". Height: 7.5" Stainless steel 4" duct collar
  • Ventilating area for bathroom space up to 90 sq-ft
  • HVI 2100-certified and UL Approved. Quality & performance assurance.
  • One-year limited product warranty with technical support service included

Peace and quiet is something that goes missing from time to time. This bathroom exhaust fan may restore some of that peace and quiet as its motor produces less than 1 sone of noise. You can relax and enjoy your time away from the other members of your household.

On top of that, you only need about a 9 ¼ by 9-inch opening to make sure this bathroom fan fits perfectly. The 4-inch duct connection should also be compatible with your current system. This good-looking exhaust fan works in rooms about 90 square meters in size.

Broan-NuTone Ventilation Fan

Broan-NuTone 678 Ventilation Fan and Light Combo for Bathroom and Home, 100 Watts, 50 CFM,White
  • FAN COMBO: Exhaust fan and light combo helps reduce foul smell and and is powerful enough for rooms (including bathroom) up to 45 sq. ft. for your convenience
  • EFFICIENT: Bright 100-watt lighting capacity (bulb not included) with shatter-resistant light diffusing lens to provide high-quality lasting use
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Easy to install and/or replace existing product for DIY'ers. Includes polymeric duct connectors with tapered sleeves for easy, positive ducting and a plug-in, permanently lubricated motor. Our instillation guide is located above the reviews on this page.
  • DECORATIVE: Designer styled white polymeric grille complements virtually any decor. Recommended Room Size (Sq. Ft.):45. Grille length is 10.625" and grilled width is 11.125". Housing dimensions are 8" x 8-1/4" x 5-3/4"
  • If you are purchasing this item in Vermont, Washington, Colorado, Washington DC, Oregon, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, or New York we recommend Broan-NuTune AE80BL per state requirments.

Besides the bathroom, this little fan may be good for the laundry room. Lots of humidity gathers there and needs removal fast. This fan works well in small rooms like that up to 45 square feet in size.

Plus, it comes with a shatterproof light-diffusing light lens that handles 100-watt light bulbs with ease. You can light up any room and make sure you see everything that is inside.

The white exterior color adds a little lightening effect making your small room look a little bigger. Easy to install and nice to look at as you clear your room of the humidity.

Broan-NuTone 688 Ceiling and Wall Ventilation Fan

Broan-NuTone 688 Ceiling and Wall Ventilation, 50 CFM 4.0 Sones, White Bath Fan
  • VERSATILE FAN: Ventilation fan helps eliminate humidity, tobacco smoke, and cooking odors. Install the compact fan between ceiling joists or wall studs - wherever it's needed most!
  • EFFICIENT: Operates on 50 CFM and has a 4. 0 Sone rating to ensure a peaceful surrounding when in operation
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Torsion springs grille mounting - no tools necessary for a quick and easy installation
  • DECORATIVE: Paintable polymeric grilles allow you to ensure the fan is cohesive with your existing decor
  • FEATURES: Plug-in, permanently lubricated motor with the Broan-designed polymeric blower wheel for high-quality operation every time. Motor snaps in and out for easy cleaning - no screws required. Duct Diameter: 3 inch. Removable wiring cover – make connections away from tight corners

Flexibility and versatility are the two keys to owning a great exhaust fan. This model can be installed on the ceiling or on the wall. Wherever you need it most, it is able to be placed there.

In addition, once you have it put where you need it, this fan can work at 50 CFM while making only 4 sones of noise. Then the paintable grill allows you to color it to match your interior color scheme.

On top of that, the permanently lubricated motor snaps in and out when it is time to clean it up. No screws are needed.

Panasonic FV-08-11VF5 WhisperFitEZ Fan

Panasonic FV-0811VF5 WhisperFit EZ Retrofit Ventilation Fan, 80 or 110 CFM
  • Retrofit Solution: Ideal for residential remodeling, hotel construction or renovations
  • Low Profile: 5-5/8-Inch housing depth fits in a 2 x 6 construction
  • Pick-A-Flow Speed Selector: Allows you to pick desired airflow from 80 or 110 CFM
  • Flexible Installation: Comes with Flex-Z Fast bracket for easy, fast and trouble-free installation
  • Energy Star Rated: Delivers powerful airflow without wasting energy

Multiple fan speeds are always good to have in an exhaust fan. Sometimes steam, humidity, and moisture just do not want to leave the room. You need to encourage them to leave by adding more power to the situation. This fan operates at 80 and 110 CFM

The motor does its part to keep the peace. It only puts out 3 sones of noise when turned on. Plus, the duct connection works with 4 and 6-inch ducting. You have a choice there as well. The Flex installation bracket makes it all possible for you and gets installation time down.

Broan Bathroom Exhaust Fans

Broan 690 Bathroom Bath Ceiling Exhaust Ventilation Fan Replacement Upgrade Kit
  • Replace and upgrade your existing bathroom fan with this upgrade kit
  • Simple installation with included wrench and hardware
  • no additional tools needed
  • Improves effectiveness of fan's circulation by 20%
  • Decreases sound level by 50%

Simplicity at its finest. This easy-to-install bathroom exhaust fan needs no rewiring, and no new ductwork and provides you with a no-hassle installation. After you put it in its place, it will only give out about 3 sones of motor noise.

That is okay as this fan will also work at 60 CFM to make sure your bathroom is cleared of steam and other nasty elements. The good news is that everything you need to install this fan is included in the box. Even the wrench is there for you to use. Also, step-by-step instructions is included for the DIY in your home.

Panasonic WhisperCeiling DC Ventilation Fan

Panasonic FV-0511VQ1 WhisperCeiling DC - Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Speed Selector - SmartFlow Technology - Quiet Energy Star-Certified Ceiling Fan - White
  • Bathroom ceiling fan with a 4-inch or 6-inch duct adaptor; ideal for new construction and renovations
  • This bathroom ceiling fan delivers quiet, powerful, and precise spot ventilation while removing moisture and pollution
  • Built-in Pick-A-Flow airflow selector allows you to select an airflow of 50, 80, or 110 CFM for your vent fan with the flip of a switch
  • Single-hinged Flex-Z Fast bracket provides flexible, fast, and easy bathroom ceiling installation
  • An Energy Star Rated exhaust fan that delivers powerful airflow without wasting energy

No one wants a lot of installation work to do when putting a new ceiling fan in the bathroom. The Flex EZ installation bracket on this model should cut your installation time considerably.

Once it is in where you want it, the fan should work at a .3 sones noise level while clearing out air at the rate of about 110 CFMs. That means you should be able to use this bathroom fan in a room measuring about 100 square feet with ease. Then it works with either 4 or 6-inch ducting.

Some final words

Upgrade your bathroom or laundry room by using a top fan that gets the job done. One of the top 12 best bathroom exhaust fans in 2021 is tough enough to handle your excess odor and steam issues.

Plus, they come with relatively quiet motors so you may not hear them working once you turn them on. The work is quiet so you can enjoy your bathroom break undisturbed. Then their white grills make sure they do not upset your color scheme balance. For top bathrooms, you need a top fan.

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