[Top 4] Best Air Purifier And Humidifier Combo in 2024

According to studies, each winter we are exposed to more than 200 types of viruses that could threaten our health. The reason is that in winter the humidity in the air decreases. However, drier air also means greater longevity for viruses, and a greater risk of transmission. Air humidifiers have many other benefits such as reducing sinus irritation and helping to breathe easier. Follow the guide to find out which Best Air Purifier And Humidifier Combo to choose.

What is The Best Air Purifier And Humidifier Combo

LEVOIT Humidifiers for Large Room Bedroom

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With hot and cold mist options, the ability to diffuse essential oils and vaporize medicated liquids , not to mention the night light function, this Levoit humidifier really has a lot going for it.

It has a capacity of 5.5 liters and has 36 hours of battery life . It is equipped with a special sensor that controls the amount of mist released so that the room is not too humid. It also has a handy remote control which offers even more ease of use.

We like its compact size , nearly silent operation, and overall performance. Even if it requires frequent filling.


  • Hot or cold steam
  • Big capacity
  • Excellent controls
  • Quiet


  • The flow tube cap is not very secure

VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser, 300ml Oil Diffuser

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The VicTsing 300ml has a contemporary solid and compact design. It is a cool mist humidifier that can also act as a diffuser . Using ultrasonic technology , it is able to ionize essential oils into a fine vapor. It also has controls for an LED lighting option.

Its 300 ml container is easy to fill and gives this humidifier an autonomy of six to eight hours in constant operation.


  • Easy to use
  • Very nice design
  • Soothing lighting


  • Low autonomy
  • Only suitable for small spaces

Hygro Plus Cool Mist Humidifier

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This great humidifier was designed for babies, but it will work just as well in a small room with adults. It comes equipped with a 360˚ adjustable spout , a built-in hygrometer that displays current humidity levels around it, a backlit touchscreen for use and seven LEDs in different colors for nighttime use.

Its water tank 2500 ml produce enough fine mist to last about 22 hours and everything will turn off automatically when the water will run out.


  • Ideal for children
  • A very well thought out design
  • Quiet


  • Only suitable for small spaces
  • A night light a little too bright

Dyson AM10 Humidifier

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The AM10 is a 2-in-1 humidifier since it can also act as a ventilator. It is equipped with an ultraviolet cold cathode UV-C bulb that kills 99.9% of bacteria – including E. coli – before moisture leaves the unit. The AM10 is operated by a magnetic remote control which is located on the top of the device.

It is equipped with 10 air speeds with corresponding steam volumes and an automatic mode that uses a hygrostat to measure the level of humidity in the air. In automatic mode, the fan remains on and steam is emitted only when necessary. The AM10 has a tank with a capacity of 3 liters which gives it an autonomy of approximately 18 hours .

Here is a comparative table summarizing the positive and negative points of the products that we have just presented to you:


  • Combines ultrasound and ultraviolet
  • Very high efficiency
  • Smart design
  • Reliable product


  • Price


Best Air Purifier And Humidifier Combo

Keep humidity between 30-50% .

Putting moisture back into the air relieves dry, itchy skin and nasal passages, but too much moisture can lead to other problems, such as dust mites, dust build-ups, and mold. Try to keep the humidity in your home above 30%, but not above 50%.

Change the water daily.

Mold and bacteria thrive in standing water. Changing the water in your air humidifier prevents these unwanted visitors from escaping into the air.

Use distilled water.

Tap water may contain minerals or other particles that can facilitate the growth of mold and bacteria. Using distilled water helps keep your humidifier clean.

Essential oils.

Do not put essential oils in the reservoir of a humidifier, as they can damage it. You may also lose the warranty provided with the device.

Safe maintenance.

Humidifiers should be placed on a firm, level, waterproof surface, at least four feet from a patient’s bedside (if used on prescription) and out of the reach of small children. The power cord should be placed out of reach to prevent the humidifier from tipping over.


What type of humidifier to choose?

In our opinion, the best humidifier for most people is the Levoit LV600HH. There is however a fairly wide choice on the market. To learn more about it, we invite you to read the corresponding section in our buying guide.

What is the ideal humidity level?

The ideal humidity level is between 40% and 50%. Humidity above 50% creates a breeding ground for mold, dust mites and bacteria. Humidity below 30% increases the likelihood of the spread of cold and flu viruses.

What size humidifier do i need?

The size of a humidifier mainly depends on the size of the area you want to humidify. Most humidifier manufacturers offer a range of coverage in their product specifications. Remember to check it out.

What is the capacity of the humidifier?

Humidifier capacity refers to the maximum humidity output produced by a humidifier per 24 hours. Capacity differs from the size of a humidifier’s water tank, which refers to the amount of water the tank can hold when fully filled.

How to add water to the humidifier?

Portable humidifiers have one or more water tanks. To fill your humidifier, simply open the water tank and pour in clean water.

Some humidifiers will be small enough to carry around in a sink for filling, while others may feature top-fill reservoirs that make it easy to fill with a pitcher or hose.

How often will I need to refill my humidifier?

Most portable humidifiers will need to be refilled once every 24 hours if you plan to use it continuously during the day and night. Some models provide continuous humidification for more than 24 hours per charge. If you use your humidifier intermittently, you will need to refill it less often.

Can I use hard water to fill my humidifier?

Yes. However, if you plan to use hard water to fill your humidifier, be sure to choose a humidifier that includes a mineral cartridge or to clean it more frequently. It would be much better to use distilled water, it will make your life easier.

Can I use essential oils in a humidifier?

If you want to diffuse aromas at the same time as you humidify your room or house, consider selecting an aroma diffuser. Add a few drops of essential oil to the water tank and you will have a calming scent emitted in your space.

For other types of humidifiers, refer to the owner’s manual to determine if it can accommodate essential oils or not. If this has not been provided by the manufacturer, do not do so in order not to damage your device.

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