Best Badminton Shoes 2024 – Top 3 Products that you Should Check Out

Badminton is a sport, which requires both stability and speed from players. Stability is required for players who need to dominate the backcourt. Speed, on the other hand, is crucial for those whose game requires rapid net shots. Being a fast-paced game, badminton also needs rapid changes directly, as well as additional lateral movement. That said, it is crucial to find the best badminton shoes in the market to help improve your game.

The best shoes for badminton are usually those with a thinner sole. This aids in lowering the center of gravity, so you can significantly reduce the risk of dealing with injuries. If you love badminton, then invest in a badminton racket or a pair of shoes specifically designed for the sport. Avoid investing in typical running shoes or trainers.

Choose a high-quality one, which is light in weight, has good traction and grip and has good cushion. It should also be capable of maximizing your performance while also preventing injuries. The following shoes meet the mentioned requirements.

Top 3 Best Badminton Shoes

Yonex Power Cushion SHB-SC5 LX Badminton Shoe

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This pair of badminton shoes from Yonex is a high-quality footwear, which is mainly designed to provide wearers with the best in terms of cushion, comfort, and protection. It has excellent cushioning, so expect it to provide you utmost comfort while also protecting your ankles and feet when you’re wearing it.

The footwear’s upper is also made out of polyester mesh and P.U. leather. The skin in the upper is also durable. With its coral-orange color, it perfectly suits any woman who loves badminton.

It also features a low-cut design. One remarkable thing about this badminton shoe is its asymmetrical fit. This specific feature is capable of providing your feet with the stability and support it needs.

With that feature, you have higher chances of making highly accurate footwork when playing the game. The midsole is also made of highly advanced technologies, particularly those based on 3D power graphite sheet, ToughBrid light, solid EVA and power cushion.

Hexagrip natural rubber also makes up the footwear’s outsole, making it even more comfortable and functional. The ability of this badminton shoe to give you proper support can also help you play the sport with ease. You can, therefore, use it to be in full control.


  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Offers excellent cushioning and support
  • Heel comes with a power cushion, making you feel comfortable plus keeping you safe
  • Good anti-skid feature, so you don’t need to worry about it moving from time to time
  • Stable and has an asymmetrical fit


  • The color of the shoes is a bit too bright
  • Soles are less durable than expected

Yonex Men’s Pro Cushion SHB-02 MX Badminton Shoe

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This is another shoe from Yonex, but this time, this pair is made specifically for men. Available in blue, this badminton shoe speaks of masculinity.

It features an asymmetrical fit, which is beneficial especially if you want your feet to get their much-needed support when you are out playing. It is also guaranteed to have a high level of stability, making it capable of delivering more accurate footwork.

If you often complain about hurting your feet when playing badminton, then this pair of shoe from Yonex may be an ideal choice for you. With its curved design, you will feel utmost comfort when wearing it.

The shoe laces were also properly positioned, so you don’t have to worry about adding too much stress and pressure on the upper part of your feet each time you tie a tight knot. It can also perfectly mold and fit around your feet. Another of its great features is the non-skid insole.

This well-designed pair of badminton shoes also has an excellent arch support, adding to its ability to provide you with utmost comfort. It wraps your feet softly and gently while still ensuring that they are properly secured.

Being lightweight and having a comfortable design, you no longer have to worry about it hurting your feet or causing some injuries while you’re playing on the court.


  • Good lacing pattern, which improves the ability of the shoes to provide the best fit
  • Provides good grip and lateral stability
  • Comfortable to wear and has a nice design
  • Lightweight, so moving around the court is easier
  • Has a more secure fit, so expect to prevent the risk of hurting your feet or incurring injuries


  • Seems like the cushioning capability is sacrificed a bit to make the shoes as light as possible

Asics GEL-Rocket 7 Volleyball Shoe

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This is mainly a volleyball shoe from Asics, but it also works perfectly for men who wish to wear nice shoes that can improve the way they play badminton.

Made of synthetic material, GEL-Rocket 7 can improve your badminton performance, thereby providing you real value for the money you spent for it. It’s also lightweight, meaning it is comfortable enough to wear.

The upper of this pair of shoes from Asics is lighter. It also has additional gum rubber on the outsole, which is beneficial because it further improves the shoe’s traction. The upper also features properly cushioned footbed, plus synthetic overlays.

Midsole, on the other hand, features molded-EVA. It also boasts of court-specific forefoot cushioning system. The gel used in the cushioning system also adds to its comfort.

In terms of performance, expect this pair of shoes from Asics to deliver what it promises. It works well for both volleyball and badminton. It also has less strain on your toes, plus you can slide your feet around, making it easier to improve your athletic performance.

It is also highly secure and stable. It does not cause ankle sprains. It seems like this shoe provides a slower roll, adding more stability to your feet. It also works for those with wider feet.


  • Provides sufficient grip, especially if you intend to use it in an indoor court
  • Has plenty of cushioning around your feet
  • Comfortable, lightweight and has flexible soles
  • Has good support
  • Great design and has high level of stability
  • Prevents soreness and injuries
  • Works well for badminton and volleyball players, as well as racquetball players who have wider feet


  • Does not have enough cushion at the bottom
  • Less arch support

Final Thoughts

In choosing the best badminton shoes, you need to find out which one can improve your performance in the court without causing a hole in your pocket. The three above have great features that can improve your performance when playing badminton. It’s up to you to decide which one among the three can really meet your specific requirements.

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