Top Best Beginner DJ Decks For EDM Music Lovers And House Party In 2024

You would probably like to find one of several best beginner DJ decks for beginners possible in 2021, if you start to get into DJing on a plan.

There were no two options to study how to master DJ- you would have to have at least two amplifiers to link to them. Which would imply a considerable expense on facilities before you ever started purchasing some individual records to blend. But the best DJ beginners in 2021 don't mean 'costly' because mixing is more available than ever.

Many best beginner DJ decks are more costly due to better efficiency, but more accessible options are becoming common for beginners. More non-traditional best beginner DJ decks and MIDI best beginner dj decks are also popular with DJ and DJ app control systems. We are going to analyze all-in-one best beginner DJ decks for you in this post

Best Beginner DJ Decks
Best Beginner DJ Decks
Best Beginner DJ Decks
Best Beginner DJ Decks
Best Beginner DJ Decks

Best DJ Deck for well-prepared beginners

Best DJ Deck for high quality sound

Best DJ Deck for Compact

Best DJ Deck for Heavyweight

Best DJ Deck for Starters

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Top 17 Best Beginner Dj Decks: Reviews 2021

[amazon box="B07MGJGPMM" ]

The Denon DJ Prime 4 is a multi-core, portable best beginner DJ deck operated by a processor. DJs will fire up every DJ Prime 4 gig, crowd, genre, event or location since this separate control device can operate without a computer.

Its 4-deck hardware and touch display controller allows you to manage all sorts of concerts or activities. It is also sponsored by Serato DJ Pro and many other common DJ apps including Traktor, Rekordbox, Virtual DJ, etc.

Another of the reasons it sticks out will be the reasonably cheap price of the platform compared with other luxury best beginner dj decks of that caliber. We will decompose everything about this luxury best beginner DJ deck in our Denon DJ Prime 4 analysis.


  • Sustainable building (metal body)
  • All in one single best beginner dj deck of four channels
  • DJ Pro Serato included


  • More bulk than any other best beginner DJ decks

[amazon box="B00SHMHLDC" ]

Denon DJ was a major DJ seller and still a common alternative for DJs even with bigger rivals including Pioneer DJs.

The MC4000 is a perfect DJ starter. This is a 2-deck best beginner DJ deck that supports Serato DJ tech. This best beginner DJ deck is a full controller with everything you need to manipulate samples, create fly edits and perform live with the included sample pads.

The MC4000 comes with a backup of Serato DJ Lite that can be used with your machine and you can update quickly to the complete edition at a discounted price. The MC4000 has jog wheels that can cue loops and scratch quite specifically.

For ways determined, sample trigger pads were given and send you light show input. Pitch faders are yet another function for the modulation of audio and, if you want only a dj experience with workshop monitors instead of meeting up on a whole sound device, you get controlled outputs for speakers.

The overall architecture of the MC4000 is rather comfortable and has an integrated workflow for optimal output. Each channel has its own EQ and FX control and also balanced 2 band EQ micro inputs.

The MC4000 is built of steel and is both highly robust and elegant. You can carry this on the road and don't have to fear that it gets broken or scraped up, because it's nice to go on tours. You may also attach external MIDI or best beginner DJ decks like Traktor 2 to the MC4000 to expand your set-up.


  • Includes Serato DJ program to start DJing instantly.
  • Control architecture is designed to enhance workflow.
  • Highly robust metal chassis renders flying with them great.


  • Can be daunting as you begin to understand how to do it.

[amazon box="B07GY8C9JV" ]

Now in its third version, the NI Traktor controller is among the most trendy gadgets on the market. It is also sturdily crafted and undoubtedly looks more 'reg' than its price range implies.

The S2 is a controller primarily intended for the tractor environment of Native Instruments. It fits for both Traktor DJ's cross-platform, beginner-friendly software and Traktor Pro 3 – as well as the idea that this really ships with a complete license for Traktor Pro 3 is a big sales point.

While the S2 lacks its most complicated impact and power of larger tractor controls, there are still plenty of beginners and seasoned DJs to get their teeth into here. It's far from the cheapest starting controller out, however the S2 is willing to accomplish the needs and wants of better DJs.


  • Elegant and well-constructed
  • Requires a complete Traktor Pro licence
  • Can be viewed on smartphone or laptop


  • Just two-deck

[amazon box="B01LXKL5IK" ]

Ideal for beginning DJing.

Pioneer DJ provides many different DJs, but the DDJ-WeGO4 is probably the compactest and the only one specially built to fly and DJ when you are on the go. It is a 2-deck WeDJ-compatible controller and the Rekordbox DJ app for Pioneer.

The DDJ-WeGO4 varies since it can be used on an iPhone or other iOS. Pioneer provides its iOS software WeDJ to blend tracks from your iTunes catalog remotely and to monitor numerous items on your device hardware controller. You connect it in with a lightning cable through your computer and you are all set.

It is also popular with laptops, but you are not confined to mobile iOS units. You have free Pioneer's rekordbox DJ app, so you have great inspiration to begin producing great measurements.

The DDJ-WeGO4 has several functionality that have been passed down by more experienced best beginner dj decks such that your DJing sets are much more innovative. There is a sampler on DDJ-WeGO4, Hot Cues and Pad FX, that can be applied to jazz up your track blends, jump between music pieces, cue loops and excerpts and breathe fresh life into a song you have heard a million things.

The interface of the DDJ-WeGO4 is quite basic and fast, but it helps you to upgrade quickly and comfortably to higher end pro DJ configurations such as CDJ reporting systems and DJM mixers, if you find you need something with more controls.

You can connect to a mix for convenience by utilizing your machine speakers or perform via a subwoofer and you can simultaneously cue an individual headphones mix from the master performance. The DDJ-WeGO4 is also really light, but firmly built for outdoor activities, but not metal.


  • Compact but heavy.
  • Compatible with the WeDJ program and the Rekordbox dj.
  • Technical qualities on an entrance stage unit.


  • Can be difficult to customize.

[amazon box="B0754128NW" ]

Roland is a relative novice to the DJ kit, but his collection of best beginner dj decks has a major USP – loading imitation into the device of the popular brand 808, 909 and 707 drummer.

There are less controls than it is on the higher-end best beginner dj decks DJ-505 and DJ-808 which ensures that sequencing drum noises is a bit more difficult. That being said, the broad output pads are more than adequate to enable users to interfere with drum patterns mostly on fly.

The DJ-202 also features a micro input and many voice effects on board, including a door, filters, reverb and echo.

The DJ-202 is software intended to be used with Serato Lite (included), if you're allowed to possess or buy a Serato Pro, then 202 would be fully mapped to utilize the more pro-level features of the software. You charge here for some premium drum sounds and voice effects, but if this pitch is a good value bundle, you can get more with your cash somewhere else.


  • Includes broad drum emulations
  • Vocal effects mic feedback
  • Comprehensive monitoring of serato


  • The percussion and voice features makes it more costly than some

[amazon box="B07RPW4PSS" ]

Pioneer CDJs are essentially the industry norm and are the finest best beginner DJ decks on the marketplace with their broad variety of mid- and superstar controllers. DDJ-200 provides a pulled solution to these top-end machines utilizing jog wheels, an easy mixer and output pads which look and sound the role without overburdening complicated DJs for beginners.

This could be utilized with Pioneer's own record box and We DJ app on the tech front. The latter is an iOS program with some outstanding tutorials to help new players updates on the fundamentals of DJ. The choice to jump to the sophisticated record box program often provides a decent path to advanced mixing.

This is fitted with Bluetooth to connect wirelessly on handheld devices or notebooks and power of itself requirements are minimal enough to be able to operate off a regular USB adapter happily. The WeDJ application also helps users to blend tracks from Beatport Connect – but you need different connections.

The major drawback is the absence of an audio interaction, because you need a different system for a full DJ master-out/headphone layout, which is expressed in low cost. It has a split audio cable in the package that enables a rudimentary process to control tracks.


  • Good price
  • The WeDJ app will help you blend
  • Fits also for the audio interface RekordboxNo


  • No audio interface.

[amazon box="B087S1ZNNT" ]

Numark's Mixtrack series is among the most ancient brands in DJing entry level and has often offered a strong combination of functionality at a cheap price. The new addition may be the greatest option for your pocket.

This is the highest-end Mixtrack DJ,  and has professional features including a 4-deck blending, wide jogging wheels with high-speed screens and micro feedback.


The term FX implies that a variety of interesting resources. There are also a couple of neat padd flips designed to easily activate the built-in Serato effects. It amounts to tons of possible pleasure, which makes it easier to achieve obviously sophisticated DJ tricks.

The top-of-the-line PlatinumFX is definitely the better price, but the Mixtrack ProFX packs much of the same element for about 50 bucks cheaper than Platinum when you can do without the 4-deck mix and the log wheel screens.


  • packages in several apps at a decent price
  • Controls with great results
  • Four decks monitor


  • Not the most affordable

[amazon box="B082L3XQGR" ]

With regard to matching size and functionality, among the jam-packed best beginner DJ decks on the marketplace is the revised DJ2GO by Numark. Its compact form factor can only be considered pocket-size genuinely, but this also has room for storage wheels, a cross-section, created interface or three output pads by each deck.

It says that the contact jog wheels of the Dj2GO2 are logically true to perform scratching jobs, but their small scale ensures when they're too fiddly to shift with a real fineness. There's always loads of happiness to have now. 

This is meant to be used with the Serato DJ Lite correct but is mapped and ready to be used with the payment-free edition and program, can and once you are ready to update.


  • Compact but well-stocked
  • Jogging crams, pads and more
  • No faders channel


  • Tedious to have

[amazon box="B07B4SP526" ]

A price improvement from it’s brother DDJ-200, however still highly affordable, this is a stylish and is well Serato control unit.

The most fascinating trait is the addition of Pad Scratch, produced in collaboration with Jazzy Jeff.  In this way, users will replicate the typical record scraping effect by pressing a button. It is completely fraud and you could be hit in the 1990s, but it is undoubtedly enjoyable.

Apart from that, there are several good price apps here, including EQ and filters, impact management and looper mode. It's easy to play with Serato DJ Lite, however it's completely adapted to take care of the program effects, demo and more with an update to a complete Serato Licence.


  • Many Serato controls
  • Pad Scratch is fun, if you're pissy
  • Intelligent looking


  • Needs a Serato Pro update to make the best of it

[amazon box="B07F8PVYQ1" ]

Hercules' Inpulse spectrum is targeted at novice DJs firmly. They aren't just cheap and simple to use, they are also clearly built to show you the way to blend.

The characters of all time with Hercules' own DJUCED program, which uses interactive visual demonstrations and a simple guide for explaining what's going on the DJ deck. Both resources are paired with virtual beat line-up guides that enable you to envision the alignment of the two decks and a method for "Smart Music Help."

The controller device is itself somewhat like a toy and sadly there is no clear compatibility with every of key DJ apps like other best beginner dj decks in this image. However, the cost is rather competitive, and this might just be the key for younger aspiring DJs.


  • Light guides and video lessons teach you to blend
  • Beat lets newbie DJs coordinate and watch
  • Looks like a small toy


  • No big-name incorporation of DJ apps

[amazon box="B01FHJLE6M" ]

The USB of Numark's Party Mix resides throughout the display of LEDs around its front side, a little gimmicky, but pleasantly inexpensive and enjoyable nonetheless. This has a already created light display' that Numark names. 

This is maybe marketing it more – it only has three colored lights in accordance with the pace of your songs, a good little impact but with very little variety and insufficient involvement to adjust the settings bigger than a little dinner party.

However, this provides a good range of price features. You should switch out the light if you want to.


  • Simple to use and cheap
  • LEDs are a fun jacket
  • Plastic, toy-like sensation wide kit at a reasonable price


  • There is no light show range

[amazon box="B00SCP7IB4" ]

A brilliant all-in-one controller

The Mixtrack Pro 3 by Numark, with the same name as the Mixtrack Platinum, is the newest member to the Numark family, and it is not disappointing. The Pro 3 is a 2-channel device that can be updated with several different DJ apps, but the model also contains a backup of the lite edition of Serato DJ, which can later be upgraded if you choose to.

The Mixtrack Pro 3 is fitted with capacitive touch plate systems and a full, professional deck configuration. There are two banks of eight trigger pads to play the samples, jump to cue points and several other features, such as applying filters or making music.

It features four built-in different components so you wouldn't have to carry an audio gateway while working, which is incredibly handy, whether you are a DJ or a developer. Responsive plates are super realistic and sound almost like you scratch with a vinyl record and you can even use them to bend the pitch by handling the edges.

A 3-band EQ is also available, a precise crossfader for smooth mixing of tracks and buttons for effects other than EQ. The 16 trigger pads are really sensitive and suitable for some form of personalization, but if you're using them to map loops in order not to keep watching them.

The Mixtrack Pro 3 is helpful to pass and can avoid heavy machinery, meaning that you won't have to think about it on the way.


  • Extremely realistic pitch regulation platters
  • 16 circle launch pads and go between hot signals.
  • Crossfader accuracy for flawless blending.


  • Platters don't shift as easily as record originals do.

[amazon box="B00NOI49AW" ]

Delete from pi methods

This is a wildcard, whether you choose to move away from the conventional best beginner DJ decks and concentrate instead on those with pads or other untraditional controls. Pad best beginner dj decks are fantastic to do and their MIDI usability makes them a valuable piece of equipment, particularly if you choose and just need a limited system or budget.

The Reloop Neon is a pad controller which fits smoothly with Serato DJ but was specifically built for use. It features eight low latency responsive pads (with backtouch) that provide input on items like position and fashion detail.

The Neon has 8 control modes on each pad; it is possible to select from sampler, pad FX, slicer, looped slicer, cue, flip, hot loop and manual loop. The slicer, cue, and loop features allow 4 decks to be treated.

There are 5 different trigger variants, one per shot, toggle, retain, repetition and sync, per sample slot. Many of these tools and characteristics inform me of Ableton Live, if you're acquainted with session mode, the Neon features and buttons are vaguely identical to them and you can find no way around the hardware.

The Neon also includes countless push audio codecs for items like volume balance, track navigation, and editing loops. It's a fairly little controller, but it seems pretty good because it's more compact.


  • Device based on a pad makes performance much simpler than with standard best beginner DJ decks.
  • Eight power modes for multiple activities.
  • Cause variants to spic up things.


  • Requires Wi-Fi to access music from outlets such as Spotify.

[amazon box="B00DVU9ETO" ]

Responsive touch and advanced tech

Centered on the lesser-known business, the Hercules DJControl Jogvision is another high-profile rival with loads of pleasant functionality for novice DJs. The DJControl Jogview is a 2-channel USB controller that is ideal to improve your output. It comes with a lite version of Serato DJ that you can update afterwards, but it is compatible with other applications, such as Traktor Pro and Ableton Live by Native Instruments.

It has wide jogging wheels that are simple to manage with immediate contact recognition, which helps you to scratch reliably and are fully latency free. The jog wheels have constructed screens that show the latest track replay pace and location in the track to keep you concentrated on mixing.

The AIR Control feature is another very nice perk of the Djcontrol Jogvision. The AIR control mechanism helps you to control the integrated low-pass filter without touch, which ensures that your actions will produce the sound effects of the filter, like push, cut and roll filters. 

You use a sensor that senses your hand's activity, so that you do not have to touch the jog view of Djcontrol to modulate the filter. That's something I've never seen on best decks for beginner dj before, and it's even fascinating for me.

The Jogvision is also fitted with 4 drum pads, which provide power of various mixing modes and a microphone feed. There is also a three-band EQ, 1 crossfader to merge one direction into another smoothly, and 1 size fader per deck.

The Jogview is very robust and ergonomically built to reduce the carpal tunnel potential and any physical complications that might occur during a long DJing session. It's very sturdy and appears to resist a lot of rugged and rough use, so it's perfect for moving with.


  • Sustainable, rendering flying perfect.
  • AIR Filter Modulation Power.
  • Touch detection on jog wheels immediately.


  • Might I feel a little small to the conventional DJing platforms

[amazon box="B07JJL7SDN" ]

The Hercules DJControl Starlight is indeed an ultra lightweight best beginner DJ deck that is cheap and portable and is ideal for DJs who want an internship controller or something small.

Its embedded audio system and DJ headphones are part of why this device is so much. This is definitely not the right choice for anyone who would like a pro-controller for concerts over the long run.

The device is incredibly flexible due to its scale as it provides all the key features for DJ newcomers and mid-levelers. The lightweight two-channel system has contrasted the scale and functionality of the Numark DJ2GO2.

The controller is both open and compact. This makes things ideal for training on-the-go. It's even a fantastic controller for studying. This analysis by Hercules DJControl Starlight would cover anything you need to hear about this device.


  • Effective price
  • Audio card built-in
  • Compact weight and height


  • Drum pads are synthetic.

[amazon box="B01DTGCMFC" ]

The Numark MixDeck Express is a fantastic novice best beginner DJ deck. It arrives with Serato DJ Lite loaded apps and it's nice to leave the box, because you can learn a couple of tricks right away. This is a large machine that weighs a whopping 9.7 kilograms, meaning you can leave the house. It's a fairly bulky unit that measures 21 x 12 cm and is almost four inches tall – you're carrying a large package. 

This one can be brought around outside, but can better be used at home. However, it can operate on Mac or Windows. And you gain from three networks with the increase in size and weight, which is uncommon for a best beginner DJ deck at this form of cost-point, and is perfect for getting bigger and stronger when your abilities get up. 

The Numark MixDeck Express offers outstanding port and communication, and the jog wheels provide excellent efficiency and flexibility, which goes far above novice level and intermediate level. This unit might be smaller and bulkier, but you sure get a huge bang on your buck and it's going to last for a long time. It is also an incredibly durable device, but before you are finished, it won't fall down. 


  • Excellent controls
  • Outstanding networking
  • Requires applications


  • Strong on the side

[amazon box="B00JF7N1FK" ]

The Gemini SLATE 2-channel Serato DJ Intro Controller is suitable for those who want to blend music with the latest current and inexpensive devices. This controller is entirely fitted with RIB backlit pads, a freshly built capacitive jog wheel and a popular overall interface style that looks relaxed for any DJ, from beginners to experienced spin stars.

The Serato DJ Intro Controller Gemini SLATE is by far among the most versatile controls on the market. It too has two mixing tubes, but also 2 full-function decks, many colors and two rows of pads.

All of this sits in a thin yet very solid package that renders it very sturdy and compact for those long stretches on the lane. With this controller, you have instinctual regulation of different kinds of onboard DJ equipment, including a key lock, sophisticated performance controls and a pitch fader.

You will have continuous links to the dedicated filter controls and the EQ. In addition, you can conveniently change this controller for any of your preferred DJ apps thanks to the MIDI functionality.

One of the best aspects about the Gemini SLATE 2-channel Serato DJ Intro Controller is the pre-computered FX controls that give the on-board Serato DJ Intro program immediate performance. This helps you to quickly feel the device and devices when you get to know Serato DJ software and become comfortable with a highest level best beginner DJ deck.


  • It is designed with a view to consistency that makes it very robust
  • It is lightweight, making transportation simple
  • It is really simple to use, making it ideal for beginning DJs and experts


  • It is very lightweight and reduces all the functions, such as jogging wheels and sliders. This ensures you would have to be more cautious when reaching these buttons unless you are a crack shooter.

Things To Take Into Consideration Before Purchasing Best Beginners Dj Decks

There are several professionally loaded DJ tech programs, from iOS apps such as Traktor DJ or Algoriddim Djay to Serato or Pioneer DJ's Rekordbox intro models, for free and inexpensive demos. Thanks to quick use of resources such as auto-sync and intelligent track suggestions, the learning curve was also significantly lowered, both of which could convincingly lead to also completing beginners.

While it is entirely feasible to learn simple DJ mixing from nothing but a laptop or mobile device, you'll feel more linked to your preferred DJ software if you want more real, hands-on feedback with a controller.

Often even best decks for beginner dj have additional advantages, such as connections to additional app functions or a built-in audio gateway that helps you to connect up the whole rig to a speaker device as you might for a standard mixer.

Buying guide 

Modern best beginner DJ deck models can differ wildly and several features may sound like confounding jargon for the uninitiated. Let's dissolve the most popular details to search for.

Best Beginner DJ Decks

Jog wheels

These are the circular disks on CDJs and certain best beginner DJ decks. Jog wheels emulate the typical vinyl turntable look and features, which allows DJs to browse through songs, scrape and "smell" a track timing back or forward marginally.

Whether you're organizing typical beat matches – that is. Syncing two records by ear – or turntablism of the hip-hop type and grinding, jog wheels are required.

They are not relevant if you focus on the automated matching capability of your chosen DJ apps, which is definitely an option with the power of modern applications.

Crossfader / faders

The main elements of all DJ setups are musicians, which play music, which is sometimes regulated by jog-wheels, as well as a mixer which blends multiple tracks. Faders are the key control for a mixer and is typically separated into image - driven faders – changing the intensity of a track and the vertical cross-fader used to mix between 2 systems. Most best decks for beginner dj have some type of fader, but smaller systems may instead choose a basic knob for volume.

Best Beginner DJ Decks

Interface Audio

Some DJs double as an audio gateway, i.e. A sound card external. These instruments are augmented by a type of audio output which can be attached to speakers or PA systems. This is normally far better than using onboard audio on your laptop, particularly if you play at a band, an event or a club/bar.

In certain instances audio interfaces often contain a headphone output, which enables users to control tracks – i.e. Preview an album without the key performance being heard. This latter aspect is a valuable tool, even for novice DJs, so whether you use a different audio interface already, it's a very good idea to search for a controller with these specifications.

Extra inputs and outputs may be offered through controls with optimized interfaces such as the image texture booths or an input for just a mic or an external sound origin

DJ Software

As the name implies, a best beginner DJ deck is programmed to monitor something, specifically a computer or mobile device piece of software. As such, no system can be used standalone, and the option of controller is likely to be affected by the manufacturer of best beginner dj decks.

Best Beginner DJ Decks

Some controls are configured for different uses, whereas others are restricted to one piece of software. Moreover, certain best beginner dj decks are mentioned or downloaded free of charge from one software or another.

See our useful guide to the best DJ tech applications for support in choosing which one is correct for you.

DJs! Take heed! This are the strongest notebooks to create music

Best decks for beginner dj: other popular features

Many other popular features are also usable. In addition to volume faders, most mixer best beginner dj decks provide some form of EQ function, and often even filters.

Once you have to mix a route in another with the faders, this would usually be the next method to try to mix frequency elements with individual paths – for example. One song's bassline behind another's vocals.

Many modern controls often have some types of "performance pads" for each deck. They will perform numerous roles, from moving into various 'cue points,' to activating loops, samples and impacts. While it is not necessary to mix tracks by any way, pads are a fun and imaginative instrument for potential experiments in your arsenal.

Best Beginner DJ Decks


Until you buy an all-in-one best beginner DJ deck or a few parts for a modular system, please ensure that it is attached to the correct program and compliant with it.

There are things which can render the tutorial mode higher and usually just irritating. When you may not have the contacts or have to enter everything to make it work correctly, everything all begins on the bad track.

Particularly for modular systems, since they are still chained with lily, they may have a lot of redundancy and use of a community of other cables to link allows latency much more troublesome. DJ tech that doesn't complement the process is a big problem which can render training a much bigger job as a novice.

Make sure to scale the specifications of your latest best beginner DJ deck quite carefully before you purchase it. While certain retailers have refund policies, you will not be granted the option if you purchase a used item from either a third party or private vendor.

Here are tips for you to set up the complement DJ equipments if you would like to know

Our Top 5 Picks Of Best Beginner Dj Decks

This article provides you with trusted recommendations of a few of the best value best beginner DJ decks for total beginners possible in 2021 and ideally that will be done. Review our other posts for more details on best beginner DJ decks and DJ accessories to recommend the best choices for your vine.


Best DJ Deck for well-prepared beginners

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Best DJ Deck for high quality sound

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Best DJ Deck for Compact

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Best DJ Deck for Heavyweight

[amazon box="B01LXKL5IK" ]


Best DJ Deck for Starters

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