Top 13 Best Combo Grills In 2021: The Functional Appliance For Your Home

Combo grills are increasingly used nowadays due to its useful function. You can get two or even three types of different grilling styles. The best combo grills make your cooking easier, more effective and versatile and you can choose which fuel used that suits your tastes.

If you are stuck on the fence between choosing gas or charcoal, a combo grill would be a great way to get the best of both types. It not only gives your food an excellent smoky flavor with charcoal used, but also is easier and faster to use and clean up owing to gas grills. This also keeps you secured and free from the running out of fuel or charcoal.

Based on research and experiences, we will give brief overviews about 13 outstanding combo grills to help you make an informed decision. Let dive in.

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Best combo grills for huge parties or family gatherings

Best combo grills for durability and functional

Best combo grills for mobility

Best combo grills for camping or small gatherings

Best combo grills for easy cleaning and assemble

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Top Best Combo Grills Reviews 2021

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The combo grills are designed with heavy-duty material and come with total 742 square inches that give you sufficient cooking space. Advanced side tables on both sides give you space to put food ready to eat.

Enjoying 3 stainless steel burners are made with 27,000 BTU, which makes your cooking run evenly. You will easily clean it thanks to a slide-out ash pan under the charcoal side.

The grill is equipped with an organic silicone firebox that can bear 600 degree high heat. This model provides a study construction of 2 casters and 2 wheels that not only creates convenient movement but also keeps safety when grilling.

The grill lids can help maintain the well heat and operate perfectly in heat resistance as it is featured with built-in thermometer and double-layer steel. With a height-adjustable charcoal pan, the temperature is easily controlled.


  • Wide grill surface
  • 3 stainless steel burners
  • High heat resistance
  • Easy movement and durable
  • Effortless to assemble
  • 2 unfolding sides of tables for immense cooking
  • 12 months of manufacturer warranty


  • Quite difficult to clean
  • Expensive

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Another great item of a charcoal and gas grill combination. This is one of the smallest grills with a primary cooking area of just 505 square inches. However, it still offers you enough space to cook a moderate grilling party.

It is painted with black and has steel double doors. The combo grills feature 3 burners that combine to create 36,000 BTUs of power and 12,000 side burner BTUs in the gas grill part.

On the charcoal side, there is a crank adjustable height grate and charcoal access door. It is easy for you to remove ash with a slide-out ash pan.

This combo grill ensures durability and also good heat distribution across the cooking grate area as it has cast iron just like others.


  • Double cabinets
  • Easy to clean
  • Powerful power
  • Sturdy construction
  • Assemble is easy
  • Durable and functional
  • A full year of warranty


  • Fairly expensive
  • Cooking area is quite small

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This item is designed with Blackstone’s new and improved side self. It offers a removable cutting board, a towel holder that is convenient for you and a trash bag is strategically placed. The combo grills also help you to eliminate mess with a new rear grease management system.

This product has a large cooking area that is 720 square inches, perfect for parties or just normal family meals. The grill machine is easy to start with the simple push of a button, your favorite foods are ready to go. 

The fact that it is designed with a powder coated steel frame, stainless steel burners and thick cooktop so you do not need to be concerned about its durability You can easily move it around your backyard owing to the removable griddle top and 4 fold up legs.

Although this model is heavy, it is truly worth considering.


  • Easily movements
  • 720sqr inches allow cooking a wide range of different foods
  • User-friendly design
  • Cooking much more convenient with attached trays
  • Durable and even operation
  • Controllable heat


  • Pretty heavy
  • Need coats of flax oil to prevent rust

[amazon box="B00L9XAMTQ" ]

The combo grill is non-stick, includes a giant replaceable flat top griddle and grill grate, which offers roomy space for you to prepare breakfast with eggs, bacon, and even pancakes for a sweet morning.  

Another excellent thing about this unit is that it has 2 enormous folding shelves. The height of the product is adjustable according to the users so you can enjoy your cooking activity. Preparing breakfasts faster and more convenient with four 1200 BTU stainless steel burners. 

With a grease management system, cleaning and wiping grease down is easier by paper towels. Moving or carrying this grill to anywhere outside is simple as it is lightweight and portable and the rolling wheels are installed.


  • Quick and steady heating up
  • Adjustable leg levers
  • Suitable for small spaces
  • Easy to move and carry
  • Non-stick grilling surface
  • Sturdy 2 folding shelves


  • Quite expensive
  • Old-fashioned looking

[amazon box="B01N1G04RL" ]

The combo grills have a total 584 square inches, with a combination of gas grill, griddle and two cooking zones. The four burners deliver 48,000 BTUs, which helps you save your cooking time.

It is ideal for you if you are a camping lover or prefer cooking outdoors. That is because the grill is designed with fold-down legs and 4 locking casters, not only easy-moving but also space saving.

You can easily start the machine by 4 knobs and an electronic ignition system on the stainless steel manage board. Cleaning is not an issue with the transferable oil management technique. 

Just take 10 minutes to assemble, you are ready to start your barbeque party. This griddle and grill combo would give you an extensive cooking space and two table sides offer spots for food preparation.


  • Extra cooking space with two side tables
  • Fold-down legs and 4 locking casters for easy moving
  • Quickly assembling with simple constructions
  • Has cart to grilling tools stored
  • Quick and even heat controllable


  • Shipping may cause damage to parts
  • Low durability

[amazon box="B073Q37CQV" ]

This Blossomz’s combo grills have a total 188 square of warming rack (charcoal is 89, 99 in gas) and for cooking space is 557 square inches (262 in charcoal, and gas is 295), which can be able to cook up to a large amount of food. Your lovely small parties would be perfect thanks to such best combo grills.

It is equipped with a side gas burner and an area for storage that offers you comfortable space to hold tools conveniently.

You can easily control the temperature on both grills with a temperature gauge on the gas part and removable charcoal plates. Effortless cleaning thanks to the charcoal tray that is easy to slide out to remove ash. 

2 wheels are installed for convenient mobility. Three stainless steel burners create up to 24,000 BTUs, which help your cooking faster and more effectively.


  • Good customer support
  • User-friendly construction
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Easy to clean
  • Moving conveniently


  • Difficult and take times for assemble
  • Low-quality materials, not enough durability and longevity

[amazon box="B016ZIB8HO" ]

This gas and charcoal grill comes to a primary cooking area with 750 square inches and has 6 cat iron grates that porcelain coated. There is also a firebox chamber which offers 310 sq inch cooking surface. Featured a total 1600 square-inch cooking surface, this is ideal for all occasions from small to large parties. 

36,000 BTUs is produced by 3 gas grill burners. With accommodation of 12,000 BTUs side burners also help you quickly get to cooking temps.

You can accurately monitor and adjust the heat in both cooking chambers with a high-quality temperature gauge. Cleaning up is easier and more convenient with an air damper added. 

Two wagon-style legs are attached for moving the grill, however, it weighs around 205 pounds, you probably will not be able to travel it far.


  • Additional cooking and storage area
  • Heating evenly and quickly
  • Controllable temperature
  • Easy for cleaning


  • Wheels do not work well
  • Heavy weight makes difficult movements
  • Fairly expensive

[amazon box="B01CBT69DY" ]

This is one of the best combo grills for small gatherings or an informal family barbeque. It offers you to easily switch from a gas to charcoal side without any tool. Enjoying gas grilling with the pace and convenience while getting the signature savors of charcoal cooked, you can get both on this product.

The Gas2Coal combo grill is extra durable with stainless steel burners, cast iron grates coated porcelain that are easy to clean. Therefore, longevity is not a matter.

It has a total cooking area of 540 square inches, comprising a warming rack 120 square inches. The temperature gauge is easy to control along with keeping track of status with electronic ignition.

The brand usually offers you approximate 5 years of manufacturer warranty according to each product.


  • Space saving
  • Great warranty policies
  • Affordable price
  • High-value materials
  • Adjustable heating status


  • Complicated assemble
  • Tricky clean up
  • The charcoal tray cannot adjust

[amazon box="B07SSLBH8Q" ]

You can freely present your culinary ability and dish up families with mouthwatering meals in a massive 720 square inch working area. The grilling space is separated into 2 areas for flexible cooking. 

This is one of the best combo grills of Blackstone’s as it is considered a reliable product thanks to its strength and durability with steel-designed materials and 4 sturdy legs. Cleaning it up is painless and effortless. 

Adjustable temperature systems are also another great thing about this grill machine. Getting rid of ash is not a big deal. The Assembly process just takes about 30 minutes and is extremely versatile.


  • High-quality materials
  • Durable and longevity
  • Provides massive cooking space
  • 4 strong legs
  • Easy to clean and assemble
  • Reasonable price


  • The heat is not high enough to cook quickly
  • The griddle is not completely sealed with wind

[amazon box="B00DYN0438" ]

Another great selection to consider from Blackstone’s brand. With 36 square-inch design, it offers you a large space for catering outsized feasts. The model is equipped with solid stainless steel burners, which give you a permanent and long-lasting product.

Assembly process is time saving, you do not need to worry about that and can start outdoor meals at any occasion.

An extra amazing feature that proves its attribute is the excellent heat retaining and functional distribution to grill tasty dishes. Heating is not only efficient but also well-distributed thanks to using the rolled carbon griddle surface. 

4 controlled burners with manageable temperature are set which allow you to grill versatile dishes in this grill combo.


  • Maintaining heat and cook evenly
  • Modern looking
  • Strong and long-lasting material used
  • Controllable temperature system
  • Portable and ideal for parties
  • Enough space for serving many people


  • Fairly expensive
  • Boiling surface when using, you need to be careful
  • The top might rust

[amazon box="B001CJKUO4" ]

This model has a huge cooking space in gas and charcoal sides with 1,260 square inches, including an additional cooking area of a side burner. The side burner can be folded down when you do not need to use it, giving more spare space. 

2 wheels are installed for convenient mobility around your backyard. The combo grills also have a shelf on the bottom and another one on the side, which gives you extra storage space. 

It is easier for you to control the temperature thanks to adjustable charcoal grates and it would be effortless to clean up. The gas grill will fire up quickly and effectively with an electronic ignition.

Your cooking food is more convenient as there are warming racks on both grills. A thermometer is designed for both grills that not only help you adjust the air vents but also can keep track of the heat.


  • Enormous cooking space
  • Saving time with gas starter
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Painless to clean up
  • Grilling evenly and efficiently
  • Suitable for large family gatherings


  • Low durability
  • High maintenance fee
  • Take times to assemble

[amazon box="B07TBPJ4PJ" ]

The combo grills offer a commodious cooking space with 870 square inches in total, consisting of a primary cooking area of 606 square inches and the remainder for warming racks. 

The gas side comprises two burners. You can easily clean the charcoal used with an ash pan coated with porcelain. 

An extra side shelf and hangers give you additional storage space. With a user-friendly design, the product allows you control temperature thanks to air holes, changeable charcoal grates and gauges. 

It will not take too much of your place, therefore, it would be worth the best combo grid for your family and budget as well.


  • Ash tray coated porcelain for easy cleaning
  • Do not take time to assemble
  • Space saving
  • Affordable price
  • Suitable for parties or even just outdoor breakfasts


  • Poor customer service
  • Low longevity

[amazon box="B07WVQ73YK" ]

This model has an eye-catching design with the combination of offset smoker and charcoal grill. The all-in-one model would be the best combo grills for your perfect backyard gatherings. While a tasty smoked flavor is provided by a firebox that supports offset the heat, the side vent can be used to deliver air flow. 

The combo grills offer an ample storage capacity with 2 shelves: one in the front and the other on the side. You can grill essentials and put accessories in a metal grating below. 

The Outsunny’s model has a user-friendly construction. In order to prevent you from being burnt, the grill is installed with wooden handles that remain cool to the touch. You can monitor the heat with a thermometer, which is connected on the main lid.

The strong structure with angled legs makes the grill stable. It will give you years of dependable use with the rust-resistant cold-rolled steel. You can smoothly move it around your backyard owing to 2 wheels.


  • Unique design
  • Spacious grilling space
  • User-friendly construction
  • Durable structure and materials
  • Easy mobility
  • Inexpensive price


  • Do not produce enough heat for a large amount of food at a time

Buying Guide: Key Factors For Choosing The Best Combo Grills For You

Choosing the best combo grills would take time as you need to consider variety factors before purchasing. If you are a grill enthusiast, a combo grill would be a great choice for you as it combines charcoal and gas grill to suit your taste. 

There are many options on your way to buy a right combo grill. Therefore, you are still wondering about all your possible selections? Well, don’t panic. Let us help you have a clearer idea on making the ultimate decision on the best combo grills with our guidelines. Hope you find this useful.

Cooking Space

One of the most important elements to consider in choosing a combo grill is cooking and storage space. It will depend on your family size or how many people you would normally serve in a party. Besides, the space that you aim to place your griddle combo would be essential as well. 

Best Gas and Charcoal Grill Combo

Combo grills usually combine both gas and charcoal sides in one chamber and also offer warming racks and side tables for you, which would be a plus for working or storage space.

A grill with a large grilling surface means you can cook a decent amount of food and serve more people at the same time. Based on your specific demands, you can find a grill that is not only suitable for your place, but also does not misuse your money.


You should buy combo grills that are made of high-quality materials such as stainless steel or porcelain cast iron for longevity. Besides, ensure the material is rust resistant to harsh weather conditions because you will not want to buy a new one every year. 

The legs should be strong enough to guarantee sustainability on diverse landscapes. Some products can protect them from the rust and corrosion with a paint finish. 

There are two things you should check with products:


Porcelain cast iron grilling grates: 

This will ensure exceptional durability for grates as they can be exposed to extreme temperatures constantly. The porcelain coating provides smooth heat distribution on the grill surface, supporting to avoid cold spots. 

Infrared burners:

The purpose of this is to spread heat evenly belơ the cooking grates. They are quickly becoming standard across all contemporary gas grills.

Investing high-quality material combo grill will bring you more advantages and save money for maintenance. 

Temperature control

Best Gas Charcoal Smoker Grill Combo

You have to ensure your combo grills will come with vents and dampers for the best and controlled grilling. They help to control the heat inside the grill. Besides, you also need to make sure there is a gas regulation knob that assists in controlling the gas grill temperature.

A grill which comes with a temperature gauge on each grilling part is easy for you to read so that you can adjust the heat as you want to reach your food.

Heat output

You need this factor to ensure that the burners can produce enough heat. It is measured in BTU, the higher the BTU digit, the more effective the grill. 

It all provides the amount of heat produced per burners. Some gas grills is saving time to start cooking with electric ignition

The BTU ranges between 80 and 100 BTUs square inch would be great for grilling performance.

5050 10 Lifestyle Food


The price ranges from affordable to expensive, you get what you pay for.  So do yourself a favor by budgeting for something good if you need the best combo grills. Therefore, consider your demands and plan for a high-quality model budget if you want it. 

We recommend you pick the model that comes with a warranty to ensure that you can use the combo grills without worrying any damages. Of course, you need to read carefully the terms related to the warranty before purchasing.


You may want a combo grill that is transportable to organise an open-air party or camping. Even if you are not planning on outdoor meals, you sometimes may need to move it around or move out. That would be easy for any circumstances.

Cleaning and assembly

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The combo grills should be cleaned after every use. Therefore, you should go for a model that comes with a system which makes you easy to clean up. Most grill models feature an ash pan or damper tray that are effortless to clean. If you buy a product that is difficult to clean, it might get rust quickly. 

You may want a grill that is quickly assembled, that not only helps you quickly set up when there is an unexpected party, but also easily corners every corner when finished grilling. Thanks to that, your grill will be long-lasted and prevent rust for years.


Last but not least, the features of your best combo grills also play an important role. The best combo grills would be equipped with side burners, caster or wheels. 

Built-in thermometer is also a need for you to monitor the heat inside the grill to ensure safety. Warming racks and hanging tools provide you more space for storage and grilling.

We attach this video to hope you have more vision before purchasing for the best combo grills:

Our Top 5 Picks For The Best Combo Grills

In order to pick the best combo grills for your preferences and demands, you should put your aim to buy a grill first. A product that combines both gas and charcoal grills is a worthy investment. That is because it not only saves space saving, but also helps you cook a large amount of food to serve your families and friends. 

Picking a combo grille with careful consideration of important elements such as cooking space, features, price, durability and so on. We hope the top-recommended combo grills of 2021 make it easier for you to decide which product is the best suit you.

We exceedingly recommend our top 5 picks of the best combo grills rely on our researches for you:


Best combo grills for huge parties or family gatherings

[amazon box="B075684RY6" ]


Best combo grills for durability and functional

[amazon box="B004REK2XA" ]


Best combo grills for mobility

[amazon box="B078HFRNPQ" ]


Best combo grills for camping or small gatherings

[amazon box="B00L9XAMTQ" ]


Best combo grills for easy cleaning and assemble

[amazon box="B01N1G04RL" ]

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