Cooling Pillow Reviews

Sleeping throughout the night can be quite uncomfortable if you are overheated. If you are waking up at midnight and getting a fresh glass of water, then you prefer purchasing the best cooling pillow that stays cold throughout the night. These can help you to get cosy quicker and eventually results in minimum tossing and turning. A great sleep throughout the evening will keep you fresh to start a new day.

Your pillow makes up a quarter of your sleep surface, so choosing the most appropriate one is necessary. You will find many models featuring various cooling agents, composition materials, and contouring designs. It might be a little tricky to know which one suits you the best. Therefore, we have spent more than 48 hours testing a variety of cooling pillows and compiling a detailed buying guide for you. You will get to know which model is perfect for your needs and the most significant features a best cooling pillow must have.

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Top 5 Cooling Pillows

Coop Home Goods Cooling Pillow

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Coop Home Goods offers you a premium adjustable pad, which promises you the most relaxing sleep you can expect. The pad uses shredded memory foam for ultimate softness and comfort. These pieces come in an interlocking state that does not create any lump inside the pillow. Also, you can remove the shredded foam pieces and add more as per your need until it gets to a perfect loft.

The adjustable pillow is suitable for both kids and adults. Along with the classic quality, it does not have any toxins, ozone depletes, etc., which makes it hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. The cooling pillow has CertiPUR-US certification and successfully meets the quality standard. The Coop Home Goods Cooling Pillow comes with a suitable cover manufactured from 60% polyester and 40% rayon derived from bamboo.

The fibre keeps the cover cool, whereas the fabric offers additional breathability to allow maximum airflow. The airflow keeps the pillow fluffy and helps in heat dissipation. Also, it keeps the temperature of the pad quiet a little.

Classic Brands Reversible Cooling Pillow

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Classic Brands brings you a foam gel cooling pillow featuring the latest open-cell memory foam technology. The type of memory foam is porous, which keeps the proper flow of air and dissipates body heat, thus regulating the temperature of your body.

Along with refreshing gel, it provides you with a cool sleeping surface and a knit cover for enhanced breathability. The model has a reversible design to serve you throughout the year in the most efficient way. For warmer nights, you can stay calm with a gel layer on one side, whereas on a colder night, simply flip it over and get comfortable with the memory foam that will keep your head, neck, and shoulders in an optimal sleeping position.

This cooling pillow is highly suitable for back and side sleepers. The 5-inch height supports the head at the perfect height, no matter if you are sleeping on your back or your side. Also, it keeps your head tilted in the right position, thus giving you great support for your neck and upper back. The classic brand cooling pillow is hypoallergenic, which makes it a suitable choice for allergy sufferers. Finally, for easy maintenance, it comes with a machine-washable zip-off cover.

Slim Hypoallergenic Bamboo Pillow by Xtreme Comforts

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The Slim Hypoallergenic Bamboo Pillow is a stomach sleeper’s dream thin pillow. It is manufactured in the USA with the use of hypoallergenic materials to give you the best possible sleeping experience. The cooling pillow comes with shredded memory foam, which makes for a very lightweight pillow.

The shredded foam is relatively less dense and fresh compared to traditional memory foam. It comes with a cover featuring advanced breathable technology. With 42% bamboo viscose, it is 4 degrees cooler than cotton. The cooling pillow offers high durability, so you quickly toss and turn in the washer or dryer for quick cleaning. It guarantees you not flatten over time. This cool memory foam pillow will reach you in a sealed, eco-friendly shipment. It might take a few hours to decompress before you can use it.

At times, the memory foam pillow might become lumpy over time. Therefore, it is advised to toss it in the dryer for 10-15 minutes and get it back to its regular shape. If you are looking for a highly efficient cooling pillow for people who sleep on their stomachs or prefer using thinner pillows, this can be the best product for you.

Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow by SleepBetter

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SleepBetter brings you one of the best cooling gel pads on the market today. It’s a great alternative to many competitors. It can be a dream pillow for side sleepers and is designed with a thick edge to support your head and minimize strain on your neck while you are sleeping on the one hand.

The cooling pillow features a visco-elastic memory foam which is lighter in weight and offers a plusher compared to traditional memory foam. With a high-quality yarn cover, it comes with Outlast Adjustable material that has tiny PCM beads to grip warmth and make you feel relaxed. Also, it releases heat to feel warm on colder nights.

Coming towards the dimensions of the product, it measured 18 x 24 inches and was manufactured in the USA. You might not want a cooling pillow that can make you feel uncomfortable with the firm nature while you are frequently changing your position. Here, Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow can be an appropriate choice as it is less firm compared to traditional memory foam. You can surely have a refreshing feel with the use of this high-end cooling pillow.

Perfect Cloud Dual Option Cooling Pillow

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The Perfect Cloud Dual Option Cooling Pillow features a reversible design with freshening gel for warm night-time and memory lather for chiller nights. The thermos changeable Freshening Gel circulates heat to provide you with a cooler sleeping surface and a pleasurable night’s sleep.

The soft memory foam makes sure to support your head and neck, thus reducing pain in pressure points and helping to maintain a perfect alignment of your spine. It is also known as a go-to menopause pillow. However, it is not limited to that. The cooling pillow comes with a hypoallergenic pillowcase for quick and easy cleaning. Also, it makes for a great option for people who have sensitive skin.

The Perfect Cloud Dual Option Cooling Pillow provides you with superior quality and functions at a relatively low price. Finally, it is advised to let the air out of your pillow for 24-72 hours before use which will eliminate any odour which can make you feel uncomfortable.

Cooling Pillow Buying Guide

How to Choose


best cooling pillow

Cooling pads have several different materials composition, including foam, water, bead, hell, buckwheat shell inserts and cotton fibre. It’s important to choose the one that perfectly fulfils your needs. For instance, while you are sleeping on a particular side, you may not want your head to sink deep into the pillow. Therefore, choose a model which is thick and constructed from resilient materials. These cooling pads are usually heavier than what most people commonly use.


A well-reputed name will make a difference in delivering quality cooling pillows. These pads come with a decent warranty. However, they cost a little more than standard pillows. Warranty will make sure to save your money against flattening out, quality defects, or any other issues you might face. Also, a famous company will keep their customers satisfied and answer your queries you might have regarding your newly purchased pillow.

Formed or Moldable

Some people are fond of pillows that stay entirely in their shape throughout the night no matter how you are using them. At the same time, others prefer a pillow that can be tucked or twisted to fit into the desired shape. If you are someone who habitually puts his arm under a pillow or looking for a side sleeper pillow under your neck and at the same time supporting the upper body, do not consider cooling pillows that come with substantial memory pads.

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Who Is Using The Pillow?

If you are purchasing a cooling pillow for yourself, then consider a single size or type of pillow. Whereas, if you want to buy multiple pillows so everyone in your home can have one, then a preferable choice is a modifiable side sleeper cushion such as water-filled or buckwheat-filled side pillows.

Cooling Pillows for Children and Pregnant Women

If you have kids that prefer sleeping on bedsides will need more protection for their head, neck, and spine. Therefore, consider pillows with a slimmer profile or use an adjustable type to make sure your kid gets the most out of it. Likewise, pregnant women need a lot of support and prefer a cooling pillow which is firm yet moldable. Shredded memory foam pillows provide you with a lot of support as they can easily bend and wrap around the body with the changes.

Reversible Design

Cooling pillows that come with reversible designs will provide you with two options while you are sleeping. You can have one side to keep you cool on warmer nights and dissipate body heat, whereas the other side will keep you cosy and warm on colder nights. These dual-side options can prove to be quite convenient for people who prefer using only one pillow throughout the year.

best cooling pillow

Breathable Fabrics

Breathable fabrics can have great significance in enhancing the insulating properties of a pillow. These materials, such as bamboo, can create a much cooler impact even without the addition of a cooling pad. The bamboo material comes with higher water absorbent properties which give it a high-wicking feature to help you stay calm. Besides, look for a pillow that offers ventilation on the sides along with the cover. You will find the best cooling pillows have ventilation on the top and bottom sections to maintain the consistency of coolness.

Maintenance Instructions

Maintenance of a cooling pillow is a significant consideration. You are required to maintain your cooling pillow so it can provide you with excellent results for several years. Make sure to go through the maintenance instructions. Every product comes with precise instructions to follow. For instance, some cooling pillows can be washed by hand, whereas for others, machine wash is required. Cooling pillows for machine washing come with specific instructions on how to load them into washing machines, washing duration, etc. These instructions are critical to follow, or else you may ruin your new cooling pillow. Be sure to check which washing method is applicable to your pillow.


With a wide-ranging variety of cooling pillows on the market, it can be quite tough to sort out the best ones. Every individual has a particular sleeping pattern and requirements. Therefore, the best cooling pillow for you might not be suitable for someone else. We hope that by using our best cooling pillow buying guide, you will be able to differentiate among various models and pick the one that is suitable for your needs. We compiled a review list of our top picks that are appropriate for most people. Choosing the best cooling pillow can be a great idea, especially if you frequently have night sweats.

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