Best Electric Guitar For Metal for the Money [2024 Reviews]

The guitar is an essential part of any live performance, and the right electric guitar can make or break your show. The kind you buy at the store doesn’t mean much if you don’t practice with it for a day or two beforehand.

When looking at the different options available, you might wonder why not just get a cheapo little acoustic that will do the job? Well, the truth is that there are actually so many advantages to getting a metal guitar as opposed to an acoustic one. You have the added weight of metal, which makes it harder on your shoulders and less susceptible to injury compared to an acoustic guitar. When it comes to choosing the best electric guitar for metal, you have several great options from cheapo sources. Whether you are looking for something completely new or old school in design and functionality, we have some great recommendations below.

Best Electric Guitar For Metal: TOP PICKS

Best Overall: Ibanez RGA42FM Elec Guitar Blue Lagoon Burst Flat

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Sharp horns, careful body contouring, and a proving ground for the very slim Wizard neck profiles helped Ibanez’s RG series become an instant classic when it debuted in 1987. While there is an RG for every budget, the most basic model is surprisingly affordable. It boasts a thin Wizard III maple neck that is just 19mm at the first fret and 21mm at the 12th, making it very fast.

Best Durable: Fender Jim Root Jazzmaster

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Jim Root has always had a penchant for taking a tried-and-true Fender model and giving it a military makeover. Just as you could take an old station wagon and install a surface-to-air missile launcher on its bonnet, that’s what he’s done with his new Jazzmaster. This example has a mahogany body that deviates from the norm in both appearance and weight. The guitar’s controls have been stripped down to the bare minimum, with only a master volume, no tone pots, and a three-way blade switch allowing him to choose between his active EMG Daemonum pickups or both.

Best V-Shape Guitar: Epiphone Electric Guitar (Flying V, Ebony)

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The guitars of Epiphone’s Prophecy line scream their way into the modern day with their vintage looks but modern construction. Put simply; the Prophecy Flying V is a terrifying beast. From the unique asymmetrical neck shape to the high-end Fishman Fluence custom-voiced humbuckers, this guitar has it all in terms of features. It’s easy to see that the guitar lacks the usual ‘coil-split’ feature often seen on guitars with push-pull volume and tone knobs.

Best 8-String Guitar: Schecter OMEN-8 8-String Electric Guitar

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It used to take the entire GDP of a G7 nation to buy an eight-string electric guitar, but times have changed, and today, that sum will get you a decent instrument plus some. There’s no denying that Schecter is a major player in the extended-range industry and although the Omen-8 isn’t going to fool anybody into thinking it’s a high-end model, it’s still a heck of a guitar for the price. The neck feels comfortable while playing, and the Omen-8 is well-balanced thanks to the high-ratio 15:1 Schecter tuners. The weight is tolerable as well. The fit and finish are typical of a Schecter product.

Best High-Quality: EVH Wolfgang Standard Exotic Electric Guitar

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The modernized EVH Wolfgang Standard Series is a safe pick if you’re searching for one of the finest cheap metal guitars and want to avoid something too necro- and pointed. It’s versatile enough to play in several different genres, and you know it plays quickly and cleanly since Mr. Van Halen’s initials are on the headstock. The Wolfgang has a basswood body with a bolt-on roasted maple neck, a 12″-16″ compound radius fingerboard, and an ergonomic lightness and friendliness that made it difficult to put down throughout our testing.


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What is the best type of electric guitar for metal?

There are many different types of electric guitars for metal. It is important to know what type of guitar you are looking for and what type of music you want to play. The best electric guitars for metal are ones that have a high output, a heavy sound, and are easy to play. For a heavy sound, you should look for guitars that have humbuckers.

What guitars do heavy metal use?

What guitars do heavy metal use? A lot of people might assume that heavy metal is only played on electric guitars. But this is not true. Heavy metal can also be played on acoustic guitars, acoustic bass guitars, and an array of different stringed instruments. This is because heavy metal is all about the rhythm, and the rhythm needs to be heard. The more instruments there are in the band, the better the rhythm.


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