The Best Electric Guitar For Worship: Top 12 Picks You’ll Love

Inspiration and introspection are two goals of worship music. Though there isn’t one ideal “praise and worship” tone, certain guitars are better suited to the kind of singing practiced in different churches. Contemporary Christian music, such as that of Bethel Music, Planetshakers, and Hillsong, has a far broader and more sophisticated musical palette than its forebears. You’ll notice some jangly strumming and delicate lines amid the joyous, overdriven tones and airy melodies. Therefore, selecting the best electric guitar for worship is not a simple undertaking. I have done the legwork for you. So, check it out!

best electric guitar for worship


Best Overall: Epiphone SG Special with Chrome Hardware and KillPot

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Despite its low position on our list, I have seen the Epiphone SG Special in the hands of various guitarists in worship bands, including my own high school worship band, a friend’s modern praise band in a West Virginia megachurch, worship services at Christian rock festivals, and live-streamed praise music throughout the United States. The SG Special’s upper frets never scream shrilly but fly in with a skydiving raptor’s precise strike, making it an excellent instrument for high-end licks.

Best High-Quality: Squier by Fender Classic Vibe 70’s Telecaster Thinline Electric Guitar

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It was a close race between this Telecaster Thinline and the guitar that ended up being the best under $500. It was, to be honest, a dead heat. For worship music, the Squier Classic Vibe ’70s Telecaster Thinline is a fantastic instrument, particularly if you play a prominent rhythm guitar position in the ensemble. Because of its semi-hollow body, it produces rich, full-chord tones that are reminiscent of a bright acoustic guitar rather than an electric one.

Best Clear Sound: Fender Player Mustang Faded Mocha FSR

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Even though the Mustang name is more often associated with Fender’s bass guitars, the Offset Mustang Electric is one of the best instruments you can get for around $500. The Offset Mustang’s traditional Fender tone is a perfect compromise between the Strat and Telecaster sounds, so your congregation won’t find anything to complain about there. Our Fender Offset Mustang, the only guitar on this list under $500 that doesn’t have humbucker pickups, is excellent for crisp rhythm playing and upbeat solos.

Best Stainless Steel Frets: EART E-335 6 String Semi-Hollow-Body Electric Guitar

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The roasted mahogany neck is more balanced than standard mahogany since it is both more stable and lighter in weight. We employ a solid mahogany core block and laminations throughout for even more body and rumble in the low to mid-range. Due to its hardness and inherent lubricating characteristic, bone has long been a favorite among luthiers who craft high-end instruments.

Best Unique: EART Headless Electric Guitar GW2

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Padauk is a sought-after premium wood because of its deep, reddish-brown hue and powerful tone. GW2 is a stunning and adaptable instrument thanks to its rounded body and burled maple veneer. Large bends are straightforward and uncomplicated on stainless steel frets since they are durable and user-friendly. To enhance playability, each fret end is individually hand-dressed. The 9.5″ to 14″ compound radius of the GW2 fingerboard makes it simple to play chords and improvise solos. The shoulder of the GW2 is broader at the nut and progressively thins down as you move up the neck, giving it the term “U to C compound neck profile.”


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What type of guitars are used at church? 

best electric guitar for worship

However, the acoustic guitar has become more regarded as a legitimate musical voice in religious venues like churches and synagogues.

Is a Telecaster good for worship music?

For a good reason, telecasters are the first instruments that people think of when they think of praise music; their unobtrusive appearance and pure tones are ideal. The Deluxe Tele Thinline is a Tele with a semi-hollow body, delivering the distinctive Tele sound.

best electric guitar for worship

What does worship guitar mean?

It’s useful because it gives individuals of diverse locations and denominations something to relate to in common. Therefore, there is a rationale for church musicians to stick to well-known hymns. This is also why most songs considered to be worship or “praise” are quite straightforward.


I usually tell people to shop within their budgets to find the best electric guitar for worship. Therefore, I did my best to include instruments of varying costs on this list that are nonetheless of sufficient quality for use in public performances. As long as you play from the heart, it doesn’t matter whether you choose an inexpensive Epiphone or a PRS designed for professionals; any of these guitars will do for your worship music.

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