Best Electric Guitar Under $2000 To Buy In 2024 Reviews – Top 10 Ranked

You can now afford to buy the most expensive items available. You won’t be able to afford unique signature models, but you will have access to the greatest of everything that A-list manufacturers offer. Every aspect of the instrument may be tailored to your preferences, from the hardware and pickups to the choice of tonewoods. A high-quality electric guitar in this price range will make you proud whether you’re performing in front of rhythm-crazed audiences or recording in the studio for your next single release. Check the best electric guitar for under $2000.

best electric guitar under 2000


Best Overall: Fender Stevie Ray Vaughan Stratocaster

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SRV (Stevie Ray Vaughan) is teaching everyone that great music can be performed without excessive gain or distortion. This Fender, with its bluesy and rockier tones, has set a standard that won’t be easily surpassed. From what I can tell, Fender’s “number one” replica of this instrument is spot on. This Strat has an Alder body and a neck of Maple shaped like Vaughan’s favored thick oval. 

Best Design: Fender Eric Clapton Stratocaster® Electric Guitar

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For many years, Fender has been making excellent guitars. While many of their signature player Stratocasters may cost several thousand dollars; the Eric Clapton signature model can be purchased for less than two grand. The guitar’s neck, crafted from Maple, has a gentle V shape that makes it a pleasure to play for extended periods. The guitar is fitted with three Vintage Noiseless pickups, which are preferable to standard single-coil Fender pickups due to their lower noise output.

Best 3-Voice Guitar: Godin XTSA Solid Body 3-Voice Electric Guitar

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Check out Godin’s XTSA Solid Body 3-Voice electric guitar if you’re in the market for a high-quality instrument that won’t break the bank. You’ll like the many high-tech additions to this guitar. Thanks to its two Godin humbuckers, one Godin single coil pickup, and onboard piezo pickup, this instrument may be played either electrically or acoustically. There is a 13-pin synth output and a 3-band equalizer to improve the sound quality.

Best Sounding: Ibanez RG5120MPRT RG Series Prestige 6-String Electric Guitar (Polar Lights)

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The Ibanez RG5120MPRT is a 6-string electric guitar that provides extra-smooth playing with its Birdseye Maple Fretboard and Jumbo Stainless Steel Frets. The neck is also super-honed for a weighty sound. With an African Mahogany body and Fishman Fluence Modern Humbucker ceramic pickups, this electric guitar has a great sound and great value.

Best For Professional: Yamaha Revstar Professional RS20 Electric Guitar with Hardshell Case, Swift Blue

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The Yamaha Revstar Professional RS20 Electric Guitar is a high-quality electric guitar that comes with a carbon-reinforced neck and body. It features 2 Humbucking pickups, a 5-Position pickup selector, and scales on every higher string. You’ll love the easy-to-use controls and the softshell case.


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What is the best guitar under 2000? 

best electric guitar under 2000

Fender is widely regarded as one of the finest guitar manufacturers in India and around the globe. It first appeared in 1946. The company was started by guitar pioneer Leo Fender, and through the years, it has become known for making many various types of instruments. From entry-level to high-end instruments, Fender has you covered.

Can you play an electric guitar without an amp?

You can play an electric guitar without an amplifier. However, without an external power source, they will not produce as loud of a sound. Any guitarist worth his pickle knows that an amplifier is an essential component of any electric guitar setup. It may assist in boosting the volume and give the music more oomph.

best electric guitar under 2000

What’s the most beginner-friendly electric guitar model?

Electric guitars may be classified as either hollow, semi-hollow, or solid bodies. Solid-body electric guitars are the most popular choice among professionals due to their playability and comfort.


The point being made is that you can obtain a high-quality guitar with American-manufactured gear or a high-quality guitar produced in Japan for around $2000. The sound and tone of a guitar’s pickups are tailored to match the guitar’s hardware.

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