The Best Pull Buoys for Swimming in 2024

Without a doubt, the Pull Buoy is one of the most common pieces of equipment in the kit of swimmers of every type in their swimming sessions. In fact, some swimmers are very reliant on this equipment that they may even struggle to complete a session without incorporating the pull buoy.

The best pull buoys for swimming correct the body position. Also, it can help you to improve and develop a much better body alignment in the pool by artificially replicating the perfect body position that professional swimmers practice. 

A pull buoy is swimming equipment with an eight-figure shape of closed-cell foam. It prevents the legs from sinking and dragging into the water by giving them a floating motion and giving you a better position in the first place.

Moreover, its second effect allows you to get the rhythm of the movement with arms rather than legs. So, it will enable you to focus on building the strength of your upper body without the involvement of the lower body muscle.

Therefore, a pull buoy is a great tool to enhance the power and strength of your forelimbs.

Besides, it is vital to have a nice and decent pull buoy that does the job well, and if you are confused between so many brands, then we have got you covered, have a look at this article; it will help you to choose the best pull buoy for swimming in 2023.

Top 6 Pull Buoys for Swimming in 2024

Speedo Unisex-Adult Swim Training Pull Buoy

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Speedo Unisex pull buoy is our top pick that gives the most buoyancy to your legs and elevates the legs and hip to ensure proper body position. The design has one end wider than the other to provide maximum buoyancy so that you can contribute more time to build upper body strength.

It is 100% polyester and made up of soft Ethylene Vinyl Acetate foam. Also, it does not degrade quickly, whether you are taking care of it after use or not.

Besides, this lightweight pull buoy by speedo allows swimmers to normalize the kicking motion and concentrate on developing techniques and powerful strokes in the water.

It has an ergonomic (one-size-fits-for-all) size and several colour options.

Arena Swim Keel

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Arena’s Swim keel is the most developed and advanced swimming aid specializing in its design for two-in-one use. Yes, you can use it in two ways, the first is as a pull buoy, and the second is as a board.

It is an arena-patented, innovatively designed swimming tool that will assist you in developing abdominal muscles, stability, proper form, and whatnot. Its special technical features allow you to maintain correct body positioning during your training.

It has a floater at the top and weight at the bottom part, creating stability in the water.

It is a multipurpose pull buoy, and you can incorporate this tool in different training sessions such as butterfly leg kicks, rehabilitation, backstroke leg kick, pulling motions, etc.

Arena Pull Kick

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The third tool is also by the brand Arena with its excellent two-in-one inventive design. It has a combined pull buoy and kickboard feature that allows the users to take benefit of two pieces of swimming equipment while you are only paying for one.

Moreover, it saves space for storage with its compact design. It perfectly fits your legs as well as your hands.

Also, the material is durable and does not cause skin irritation.

The moulded hand grips provided in the tool make the product compatible with various types of hand positioning and improve core strength at the same time.

TYR Pull Float

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TYR pull buoy is a durable pull buoy with its high-quality foam of EVA material. In addition, it is smoother and an ideal product for long-term use with a non-fancy and straightforward design. It is the best tool for pulling motion for recreational and professional swimmers.

The product has very vibrant colour options with a dual-colour pattern like the classic black and blue coloured striped design.

Most importantly, this high-quality swimming aid has good use when it comes to developing upper body and core strength.

Finis Axis Buoy

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Finis Axis buoy has a unique and ergonomic keyhole design. That has the functionality of both an ankle float and a pull buoy. Besides, the streamlined contours and keyholes in the product allow the user to shift it from the ankles to the leg effortlessly.

The 100% EVA foam makes it durable and easy on your skin. Also, it has features to immobilize the leg and put extra focus on upper body strength.

Moreover, it improves overall swimming techniques by focusing on the hip while pulling to build core strength to enhance hip rotations.

Maru Pull Buoy

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The Maru pull buoy is a great swimming accessory for your pulling needs in the water.

The simple yet durable design makes it best for upper body workout sessions in the water as it promotes power in your arms. In addition to that, its lightweight and high-quality material makes your swimming more comfortable and easy.

Its elegant and bright colours make you stand out from the crowd.

How to Use a Pull Buoy

best pull buoys for swimming

Pick the best pull buoy that fits you comfortably in the first place. Then, you have to put that pulling tool in between your thighs.

However, you can also band your ankles together at the bottom to prevent any urge for kicking motion.

Carefully go into the water (please avoid jumping into the water). Gradually balance your body with the buoyancy of the pull buoy.

After that, you can start swimming by pushing off the wall with your legs for forward movement. Then, Use your arms to pull the body through the water.


I hope this article helped you choose the best pull buoy for swimming in 2021. Although there is not so much to tell about the design of a pull buoy due to fewer advancements in these types of tools, you can still have a clear idea of your next pulling tool by using our article that will be the best band for your bucks.

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