Top 15 Best Sealer For Quartzite In 2023: You Do Not Want To Miss

Quartzite is intrinsically considered the hardest natural stone compared with marble and granite. However, it is still susceptible to staining regardless of the acid-proof and scratch-resisting. That is why you need the best sealer for Quartzite occasionally to ensure its beautiful appearance. 

The point is that many non-categorized sealers on the market may confuse you a lot to choose the most appropriate one. Don’t worry! Here we are to show you significant differences between the top 15 best sealers for quartzite in 2021 via their pros and cons. Then you can pick one yourself. Ready? Go! 

Best Sealer For Quartzite Comparison 2023

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Top 15 Best Sealer For Quartzite Reviews 2023

More Premium Plus Stone Sealer 

[amazon box=”B087JJBH38″ ]

Branded by MORE Surface Care, the More Premium Plus Stone Sealer is one of the best sealer for Quartzite on the Amazon platform. The company manufactured it with a second to none formula for maximum protection against stains in any form. 

When it comes to quality, this product will be the most highly rated one. The up-grade formula will give extra built-in protection from food and beverages which are considered the most factors causing ruined natural stone countertops.


  • unique formula
  • strongly effective
  • easy to use
  • focused on F&B factors


  • nothing

Granite Sealer

[amazon box=”B07MZCW7JZ” ]

This is a product from the brand Black Diamond Stoneworks specialized in caring for all types of stone, so I think it’s a kind of assurance for your first choice in the field.

Even though its name refers to Granite, the product is still on the top 15 best sealers for quartzite because of its wide range of use in different natural stones. Furthermore, Granite has the characteristics resembling that of quartzite the most. 

This sealer is the most effective to protect your countertops against various harmful elements, including bacteria.

The sealer is also the best for skin and food contact safety, so if your family has children or the elderly, try this one.


  • famous brand name
  • easy to use
  • safety
  • versatile applications


  •  quite expensive

Miracle Sealants 511 Porous Plus Penetrating Sealer – best sealer for Quartzite

[amazon box=”B00CD7NKBY” ]

All-natural stones are in a state of porosity to some extent. If you don’t seal it appropriately, oil and other liquid will penetrate its inside structure and ruin the appearance. Quartzite is not an exception.

The Miracle Sealants 511 is an expert in the field of filling porous surfaces. Plus, the sealant also is the best at weather resistance, especially suits for outdoor designs.

This sealer works as its primary function. Though many brands try to add some extra effects into their products, The Miracle mostly focuses on the covering. If you are a person who loves professional use, choose this one. Of course, specialization is always at its best when it is alone.


  • profession use
  • weather resistant
  • super covering
  • U.V transparent


  • quite expensive

Aqua Mix Sealer’s Choice Gold – Gallon

[amazon box=”B000GFPNG0″ ]

This sealant is the best long-lasting product in terms of stone-caring. It is expected to wear up to 15 years. Therefore, it immensely suits those who want to use a product for a long time but effective, of course, like my daddy. LOL! I chose it for him once, and he really likes it. He hardly tries any new brands after that. Because of its super-long duration, I suggest this one should be used for outdoor countertops.

Furthermore, the Aqua Mix Sealer is also available to use for both natural stones, quartzite included, and tiles, enhancing its productivity and financial saving for users. 


  • long-lasting using
  • natural-look finish
  • various usage
  • formulated for food preparation and serving areas


  • quite expensive

Tuff Duck Granite, Grout and Marble Sealer 

[amazon box=”B019VMLU7O” ]

This product is the best at giving double-active in one-shot apply, so it’s pretty convenient for busy people. Furthermore, the formula is non-acidic with extended coverage of up to 800 square feet, beneficial for exterior countertops. Regarding interior designs, the Tuff Duck also functions well for up to 5 years.

The only weakness of the little “duck” may be the odor added, I thought. I don’t mind this. However, to those who are quite sensitive, be aware! Besides that, I have to say everything was so good, the top 5 best sealants award.


  • maximum protection at one coat
  • huge coverage
  • long duration


  • strong fragrance
  • quite expensive

Eco-Tuff Clearcoat Bio-Polyurethane

[amazon box=”B085X87BGV” ]

A sealer coming from the brand The EcoProCote is well-known for the chemistry derived from bio-renewable resources. Hence, it may be the best choice for those who are prone to environmentally-friendly.

 I have to admit that I am a fan of organic products, so of course, I never leave without trying this remover. Awesome! Better than I expected. I had thought bio-products would not come with an excellent outcome because the green ingredients are not so intensive. Maybe this one changed my mind.

The Eco-Tuff is also highly evaluated because of its outstanding features, especially its abrasion resistance.


  • environmentally-friendly
  • abrasion resistance
  • non-toxic
  • affordable
  • excellent finish


  • a thin, filmy layer require multiple applies
  • not much duration

Stone Coat Countertop 

[amazon box=”B07MBH96DB” ]

This Stone Coat Countertop sealer is famous for its heat resistance, up to 475 degrees Celsius, which suits outdoor surfaces. With this feature, Quartzite surfaces in your garden will be well protected regardless of the hot summer. 

Imagine you have a barbeque party outside, and your hands get burnt when touching the Quartzite table surface without heat-resistant sealing. How awful it would be! So maybe let’s try this one if you have any intention for that party.

Furthermore, with details illustrated very lucidly, I suppose that housewives or even children who want to help their parents will be easy to use at home. 


  • extremely easy to use
  • heat resistant
  • sheerness
  • affordable


  • not too intensive

DRY-TREAT Stain-Proof Premium Impregnating Sealer 

[amazon box=”B006HB93X6″ ]

The DRY-TREAT Stain-Proof is the best at its breathable feature, allowing water vapors to escape freely, preventing harmful moisture buildup. This sealer is appropriate for use outside rather than inside because the fume is so strong. If you use this one in your room, make sure you open all doors and windows. 

However, the protection is warranted to be very strong at any scale.


  • reinforced protection
  • long-lasting 
  • sufficient to prevent moisture damage


  • quite expensive

StoneTech EX6-16 1-Pint Oil Stain Remover

[amazon box=”B013WHT2G0″ ]

The StoneTech Remover emphasizes deep and oil-based stains without fading the original color of the stone surface. Therefore, it is my favorite sealer when cleaning dirty spots caused by food on kitchen countertops. 

Compared with water-based products, oil-based have some advantages in intensively preventing oil stains, which almost all other water-based hardly demonstrate as the same.


  • oil stain focused
  • affordable
  • versatile stone applications


  • little effective on stubborn stains

Glaze ‘N Seal Clear Extra Strength”Natural Look” Penetrating Sealer

[amazon box=”B01482M5IU” ]

As its call, the sealer builds up your surfaces with natural looks while still functioning to resist moisture and algae. I often appreciate the extra effects along with the main function. Because it is like killing two birds with one stone. How convenient! It also brings no fragrance, so very well-matched sensitive customers. So, those who love convenience like me chose this one

I used both a garden sprayer and a paint roller to apply. The paint roller works better. Once it is on-job, the sealer is invisible – no change in the concrete’s color or surface texture.


  • natural looks
  • affordable
  • no odor


  • less likely to work on long term spots

Supreme Surface All-In-One Stone Care

[amazon box=”B00D628WA4″ ]

The product from Supreme Surface is powerful in terms of combining polishing and sealing. Besides, I think the design with the spraying feature is convenient for surfaces with small scales.


  • smooth, streak-free shine
  • easy to handle 
  • affordable


  • less likely to remove or reverse hard water spots

TriNova Granite Sealer & Protector 

[amazon box=”B01AB21E4M” ]

This Trinova sealant is recognized as one of the best sealers because of its effect and affordable price. It also brings a shining finish to your countertops. 


  • professional quality stone care
  • affordable and powerful
  • gloss & shine finish


  • not too powerful

Weiman Granite Sealer and Protector

[amazon box=”B008ULGBZE” ]

The sealer comes from the Weiman, which specializes in repelling moisture and resisting stains. I suppose this is very suitable for small surfaces demonstrated outdoors on wet days.


  • long-lasting protection
  • versatile applications


  • not too powerful

Granite Gold Sealer

[amazon box=”B000BZYBHM” ]

The brand Granite Gold has been so well-known at stone care for ages, like The Black Diamond Stonework, this sealant has the name of Granite, but it still works on other natural surfaces, including quartzite. 


  • affordable
  • effortless applications
  • safety for food


  • not too powerful

Rock Doctor Granite Sealer

[amazon box=”B002IKOWB8″ ]

Manufactured by the Rock Doctor, the countertops sealer is outstanding for its huge coverage of 100 feet at once spraying. Its power comes with a sufficient level, so if you want a mild product for daily use, the Rock Doctor Sealer is quite preferable.


  • affordable
  • handy 
  • sufficient


  • not too powerful

Things You Should Know Before Purchasing The Best Sealer For Quartzite Countertops 

After reading our 15 reviews about the best Quartzite sealer, how do you feel, guys? Still up in the air? Well, take it easy! It’s just beginning. We do understand how confused you would get to look for the best choices for your homie. Frankly, first, you should obtain some pieces of knowledge about what Quartzite really is and which factors, directly and indirectly, affect products made of the material. Again, let us show you!

Here some helpful questions that will untie your twists! 

  1. What is Quartzite?

A Quartzite is a form of sandstone formed through the process of being heated and put under Earth’s crust pressure. Thanks to that heat and pressure, Quartzite has tightly interwoven characteristics. 

Compared with Marble and Granite, Quartzite is quite similar on the outside but stronger and more durable than any of the other kinds.

In terms of outside appearance, it is glassy-like and spiking, that’s why Quartzite has attracted a lot of preference towards professional home designs.

Its original color is white or grey if it is pure, and it is available in many exotic shades.

  1. Why choose Quartzite?

Quartzite has beauty in an exotic way. It is one of the most favorite natural stones when people are looking for something special. According to Laura Grandlienard, the ROCKin’teriors in Raleigh owner, North Carolina, it’s a great way to reaccess your space.

Quartzite is nearly the strongest stone. The two top of its nature on the commercial side are its toughness and long-term use. Quartzite is around double as tough as glass and sharper than the knife’s blade. It is also impervious to common acid that often exists in the kitchen. Hence, things like juice or alcohol will not make it to etch when exposing.

Easy To Care And Maintain

Because of the resemblance to Granite and Marble, caring for Quartzite is similar to that for those too. Grandlinenard recommends that you should clean your countertops frequently with a soft cloth or towel dipped in water or a gentle cleanser.

As usual, any surface caring job needs simple measures to prevent its quality before it is stained. As fast as possible, let wipe up your Quartzite countertops from stains and moisture. Perhaps, you can use trivets or cooling racks to combine.  

  1. Does Quartzite Need To Be Sealed?

Yes, it is. Like any other kinds of natural stones, Quartzite is in a state of porosity, having microscopic pores, which allows liquids and many types of stains from daily activities to penetrate the inside structure at the same time destruct the outlook.

This phenomenon is experienced in all kinds of natural stones, including marble and granite. The only exception to porous countertops is Quartz, the artificial form of Quartzite, which is nonporous and easy to maintain.

However, the extent of its sealed necessity varies on how porous the stone has. Based on the density of metamorphosis, individual Quartzite could be porous to a different extent. Take White Macaubas as an example, they may be advantageous from being sealed by a good sealant.

Many recent sealers are able to protect your stones in different lengths of periods, ranging from the beginning up to 10 years. For some special, they could give extra duration, maybe above 10 years, 15 years as an instance. There are also some products warranted about their abilities against stains and bacteria.

  1. When Do You Know Your Countertops Need Sealing?

By and large, the most-used way to indicate when your countertops need to be sealed is to observe the area near the kitchen sink. If you see the stone go darker, it’s time for a new seal needed. Because the darkening means the sealer you are using is becoming inactivated. 

Your stone surfaces need to be hygienic and absolutely dry before you apply the new sealing coat. Grandlienard noted sealing is easy for all people to use a sealer that can impregnate wisely. Though, you still need to follow the instructions on the products strictly.,

  1. What Are The Characteristics of Natural Stone Sealers, Quartzite Included?

According to the waterproof feature of a silicone base, sealers have the ability of water and oil resistance to the stone.

Active ingredients: 

  • Silicone; pHI: 10-1; 
  • VOC: No VOC; 
  • Anti-UV: Good;
  • Usage temperature: 5- 30 degrees Celsius. 
  • Storage: 2 years in a cool dry place

This characteristic allows the surface to “breathe”, water vapors freely outside but prevents moisture from coming inside.

The critical functions of Quartzite sealers:

  • Significantly reduce & prevent the water absorption of natural stones
  • Increase the life for the product to be processed.
  • Maintain the original surface color.
  • Resist stains & moisture on material surfaces. Reduces heat loss for the material.
  • Less affected by freezing, melting (only in cold countries).
  • Preserve the natural appearance of the treatment surface and preserve the gas exchangeability of the materials
  • Keep the natural beauty and maintain the shine of the stone.
  • Allow the stone to “breathe” naturally. The moisture can escape through the treated chemical layer.
  • Penetrate deep into the rock not to create membranes. Non-toxic and non-flammable.
  • Protect the stone surface from dirt absorption during construction.
  1. Which Else Factors You Should Consider to Buy A Quartzite Sealer?
  2. Brand Name
  • You should consider brands that are verified on the market. It’s fine if you choose a newly born name, but it means that you will not have many reviews or rates about the sealers you are going to buy. Then, it’s riskier for you.
  • Some brands that have specialized in a certain field for a long time, which will give you trusty assurance about the quality. Because they must have pleased the market well enough to exist that long.
  • However, indeed, there are still some multi-field companies that did well perform on their products regardless of the short experiences. The point is you should carefully do research about all backgrounds of sealers that you are going to buy so that you can minimize the risks.
  1. Oil-based Or Water-based
  • Most of the sealers on the market are water-based. Because it is easy to use and its benefits are acid-proof. When choosing water-based sealants, you should look for sealants that are transparent, colorless, un-toxic, and inflammable.
  • In terms of oil-based sealers, they are capable of better oil stains removal. So you should consider them if you want an expert at protecting your kitchen.
  1. Exterior or Interior Countertops: 
  • When it comes to choosing a sealer for any counter surfaces, this one should come into your mind, Why? Because indoor and outdoor designs are exposed to different conditions. 
  • If you want to opt for the outdoors, let’s go with sealers having weather-resistant features (like waterproof or heating resistance). Then you will not worry if it’s gonna rain or shine.
  • If you come for a surface in your kitchen, maybe you can be less strict to the above features, and opt for a product with food safety, as an example.
  1. Small or Large Scale Surfaces
  • If you own a villa with a wide garden and pool, many areas might be made from natural stones, like Quartzite. It brings luxurious looks but also needs cleaning to ensure the appearance. Besides considering some factors based on weather, you also should bring to mind the size. Big-size is very convenient and financially saving for long-sighted use.
  • On the contrary, if you are living in a small, cozy house, and your appliances are also in one-person size, you should have a look at products that are designed for spraying and easy to handle. Because you use it for things like small Quartzite tables.
  1. Professional Use or Not
  • If you want to experience professional products, of course, they will bring more powerful effects on individual Quartzite categories. However, take into consideration that price along with that use.
  • Normally, for homely use, you just need a sufficient Quartzite sealer for all kinds of surfaces.
  • Professionals use best suits for hotels, resorts which require extra care to maintain the gorgeous look.
  1. Fragrance and other admixtures
  • Some customers prefer the smelling product, while others find the non-perfumed one. Depending on your purpose, but I suggest you should consider the latter because it boosts extra safety for all-ages members in your house.
  • The admixture may bring some extra effects like a natural look, or a long-lasting mask, etc. It is up to you, but remember, many additions will be able to decrease the key purpose.
  1. Duration
  • For those who love to use for the long-term, consider buying products highlighted with “up to 15 years”, as an example.
  1. Price
  • There is a variety of prices for this kind of product, ranging from 10$ to 200 $, maybe above. Judging by the above keys, I think you can choose which one at your best.
  1. How to Seal Quartzite Countertops
    1. Use a brush or soft cloth to sweep the top, bottom, and four edges around the ice cube. (For paved stone, only the surface of the material can be scanned.
    2. Apply 1-3 layers depending on the permeability of the material. Each coat takes 1-3 minutes apart. The first layer is the dominant layer (should be scanned carefully).
    3. After applying the last layer for 3-5 minutes, use a dry cloth to wipe off any remaining chemicals on the stone’s surface. The stone will have white film stains on the surface if this action is not done.
    4. Regularly check the color contamination and loss concentration of chemicals when scanning for timely adjustment.
    5. Areas that have been scanned chemicals must be kept completely dry in a covered house and ventilated for at least 12 hours. Allow circulation after 6 hours.
    6. The chemically scanned material is most effective after 24 hours.
  2.  After How Long Your Quartzite Countertops Need Re-sealing?

Suppose your Quartzite countertops have been well sealed with high-standard sealers. In that case,  they will be in protection for 5 years under the condition of proper use and care, according to the company’s instructions.

After 5 years, to re-seal them, the countertops need to be treated to remove the old coat. Although the countertops’ lifespan has been increased 5 years, their quality and beauty have been protected in the best condition.

Here is a short video to show you more about Sealers For Quartzite 


Here is a table of chief summary that will tell you the appropriate sealers in general. 

[amazon table=”1454″]

The top 15 best sealer for Quartzite are easy choices. We did research and extract from 100 products for customers to use. They can effectively remove any grease, oils, or other grime left on your counters from preparing meals for kids or entertaining guests.

And now you also know about the natural features of this stone. Quartzite is better than granite and marble at strength. However, Quartz is stronger in its natural form, Quartzite, as well as more beautiful and easier to maintain. When cared for, Quartzite countertops will last for many decades before they need a replacement. The simplest way to guarantee our Quartzite countertops is to buy them a sealer.

So, after reading our reviews and information, hunky-dory? Ready to pick one for your cart? If yes, it’s time to find your own ideal Quartzite sealer on Amazon and make the final decision!

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