Finding the Best Tennis Bags for the Tennis Lover 2024

So you love tennis, which is why you have plenty of tennis gears, including shoes, balls, grips, racquets, towels, etc. That said, it is crucial to invest in the best tennis bags to securely store these items.

The best tennis bags should also be durable enough, so it can serve you for a long time. It should also be capable of protecting the strings and frame from the harsh weather and moisture that might damage your tennis gears, particularly your racquets.

Here is a list of the best tennis bags/packbacks today, so you can pick one, which perfectly suits you.

Top 6 Best Tennis Bags and Packbacks 2024

Babolat Club Line X3 Racquet Holder

[amazon box=”B00TNCR8G0″]

Babolat Club Line X3 is a tennis bag and racquet holder, which offers enough space for all your racquets and other tennis valuables. It has separate zipped compartments, allowing you to store up to 3 racquets simultaneously.

Also, it features a zipped external pocket, adding to the number of storage spaces the bag has. This makes it helpful for you to store everything that you need to play tennis.

Aside from its features and plenty of space, what I love about this bag is that it is comfortable to use and lightweight. It can also secure all your belongings. You don’t need to worry about them losing at some points.

You can comfortably fit the items that you need to enjoy tennis in the bag. Its features are also more advanced when compared to other brands and models.


  • Provides plenty of space for storing all your tennis gears, including balls, racquets, water bottles and towels
  • Can secure the items inside the bag even if it’s raining. It’s made of a material, which protects the items inside from getting wet
  • Features a nice design
  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • Lightweight


  • Side compartment is a bit small

Wilson Racquet Sports Tour V Backpack

[amazon box=”B01A04OKLU”]

Available in three colors, blue, red and black, you will definitely love owning this bag. It’s a durable bag, perfect for tennis players who have a lot of stuff that they need to secure for each session.

It is large enough that it can hold several gears, as well as two tennis racquets. It’s also constructed out of water-resistant and durable materials, so expect it to serve you for a long time.

Furthermore, it has a soft molded outer shell, which is a good thing if you want to maintain the bag’s shape, while still protecting your items inside. Also, it comes with padded and plush back panel, so traveling even with heavy items is easier.

Another feature I love about this bag is the large main compartment. You can open it from the front. There is also another compartment, which you can use to store your sweaty clothes and shoes.


  • Well-designed bag, which is also large enough to store several items
  • All compartments are easy to access
  • Well-built with strongly attached zippers
  • Great structural integrity
  • Wide shoulder straps, making it comfortable and ideal for a typical male body


  • The material is thinner than what I initially expected, but still solid enough to hold several items

Head Tour Team Tennis Bag

[amazon box=”B01AVI4BKA”]

Head Tour team bag works well for all types of tennis players who are in search of a versatile tennis backpack, which is also both comfortable and trendy to use. It has a single main compartment plus one compartment for the racquet.

The main compartment can be used to store your clothes and other essentials. The racquet compartment, on the other hand, has auto-stop zippers and you can use it to store up to two tennis racquets.

There is also an accessory compartment, which is located in front. This is where you can store small items. The bag also features a wide side pouch, which can accommodate one water bottle or one can containing tennis balls.

Another feature I love about this bag is the adjustable padded shoulder strap. You can adjust it to make it more comfortable to wear on your back.


  • Features a nice and sturdy design while being capable of holding 2 rackets
  • Spacious enough to hold shoes, can of balls, clothes and water bottle
  • Has a segregated bag designed to store dirty shoes and sweaty clothes
  • Padded racquet area with zippers


  • Quite hard to wedge in a bottle in the side pocket in case the bag is too full

HEAD Tour Team 9R Supercombi Tennis Bag

[amazon box=”B00OO6KIK8″]

This is an ideal bag for you if you’re really looking for a spacious one. It actually features two compartments capable of conveniently holding up to nine racquets.

The bag features its signature CCT+ lining, which allows you to store your racquets in a compartment with a controlled climate. This type of lining can protect your racquets from outside elements and can keep them dry.

Moreover, the second compartment, which is also large enough, is capable of accommodating additional racquets and other essentials like towels, shoes, and clothes. It also features an internal mesh zippered pocket, which can store small items.

There is also an additional section at the side, which is ideal for accessories. This can help keep middle sized or flatter items away from the stored racquets.


  • Made of top-notch quality and durable materials
  • Middle compartment is extremely spacious, so securing your items is a breeze
  • Has a climate-controlled CCT section, where you can store two to three of your best tennis racquets


  • The shoulder straps need a bit of improvement as it is positioned too high, making it uncomfortable when cycling or walking

Maggie Mather Tennis Tote

[amazon box=”B00ACVYIUA”]

This tote bag is ideal not only for tennis but also for other racquet sports. You can even use it when you’re traveling. It features one exterior pocket, which is large enough to store one racquet.

It also has two additional pockets in front, plus two pockets on the side. The side pockets are ideal for storing sunglasses, water bottle, and balls. At the back of the bag is one zippered pocket.

One of the many things I love about this tote bag is the fact that it’s made of water-resistant and heavy-duty fabric. Its shoulder straps are adjustable, making it possible to make the necessary adjustments to increase comfort.

You will also love the zebra print in its interior lining. It provides a more stylish touch to the material.


  • Features vibrant colors, adding up to the stylish appeal of the bag
  • Several rooms for racquets and other essentials
  • Just the right size to comfortably carry it when roaming around the city
  • Lightweight – It is not as bulky as other types of bags


  • Does not come with a zipper to at least close the primary compartment

All for Color Tennis Backpack

[amazon box=”B01IPJ26TA”]

This tennis backpack can make you feel and look like a professional tennis player with its top-notch quality and durable material. It’s constructed out of a durable fabric and features stylish colors along with attractive all-over prints.

All these provide the bag with a sporty and more playful look. Moreover, it features an exterior clip, making it easier to hang it on the fence in your most frequented tennis court.

What you’ll instantly notice in this bag is its spacious main compartment. It’s spacious enough that it can hold up to two full-sized racquets. Also, it comes with an organized interior, capable of accommodating tennis balls, water bottle, towels, and other accessories and essentials.

Aside from the features above, it also has a zippered pocket on its exteriors. This is designed for keys, cell phones, and other smaller items. It features removable and adjustable shoulder strap.


  • Stylish enough but without compromising quality and sturdiness
  • Capable of holding your tennis racquets well while still leaving plenty of room for other essentials
  • Features fun and bright designs and colors
  • Lightweight, making it more comfortable to wear
  • Made of high quality and durable fabric


  • Does not feature a drinks pocket on its exterior


With the help of all the information provided by this article, finding the best tennis bag for all your belongings will be easier. During the selection process, don’t forget to check the quality of the material of each of your options.

Pick a bag, which is spacious enough for all the things you need to play the sport. Figure out what size you specifically need prior to buying. It’s also necessary to check other features including moisture protection or water-resistant properties.

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