Best Tomahawk: Buyers Guide Reviews And Comparison

If you are looking for a practical instrument, then the tactical Tomahawks is a good choice for campers and hikers. It is also good to have for survival situations or self-defense. They are resourceful as well as a splendid substitute to hatchets, essentially due to their light structure and overall length. If you are chopping wood, trying to rescue someone or need to rip into a metallic door, then the tomahawk is a flexible tool. In order to get the best tomahawk, you must consider its purpose, why do you need this implement.

As with any tool, there are different types. They fall into several categories, namely, breaching, survival and cold steel. The purpose of this article is to help you identify which multifaceted tomahawk, suits your needs best. So continue reading the buyers guide for the best tomahawks as we explore several of the top ranked performers in this category.

Tips To Think About When Buying Tomahawks

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It is very important to select merchandise that’s reliable. Substandard tomahawks have weak blades and handles.

Therefore, they cannot withstand regular and demanding usage.

You want to pay attention to the consistent with the length of the handle.

The longer the handle, the more you can gain momentum and impact, when you strike. But still, those with a shorter handle offer diverse usage as well.

One more deliberation is the cutting edge.

If you need to break down a door, then a longer edge tomahawk is the ideal tool.

It gives maximum force.

Quite a number of the larger hawk awes come with a cut out sections to lessen the mass of a long edge. Those with a shorter edge will carry less weight and are compact.

They handle the toughest tasks.

If you are stuck on whether to get a short or long tomahawk, then opting for the shorter and smaller tomahawk is the best bet.

We agree that selecting any one tomahawk can be difficult to contemplate, mainly because of the myriad of choices that are on the market, and the internet.

So, to lessen the stress, we have compiled a list of the best tomahawks on the market.

They all got high commendations and they are of great value.

How We Reviewed The Best Tomahawks

best tomahawk

Just hopping on to United Cutlery or even over by Amazon to purchase a tomahawk, is not the correct procedure. You need to understand the types.

That is why, we identified, the top tomahawks that are versatile.

So we looked at all three types, including the tactical tomahawk, a combat tomahawk and a throwing tomahawk. The number one tomahawk is highly rated in all three categories.

The Types

Tactical Tomahawk

This is a great choice for survival purposes. A tactical tomahawk is very versatile.

Combat Tomahawk

This is not a throwing axe, but an axe meant for combat. It is lightweight, used by the military and is effortless to swing or handle.

The combat tomahawk serves well for breaking down doors, windows or fighting for your life.

Throwing Tomahawk

As the name suggests, it is a throwing axe.

You will see this tool used in throwing competitions. But, it is also used for self-defense and hunting.

When you throw a tomahawk, if you are fighting, understand that your attacker can use to oppose you as well.

Any throwing tomahawk ought to be a well-balanced implement that is flexible, balanced but not necessarily sturdy.

Further to understanding the various types and comparing them, you have to look at the features. These include the grip, handles, versatility and durability of a tomahawk.

The Grip

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What use is a tomahawk if it does not fit or stay in the palm of your hand?

It can be the sharpest tomahawk on the planet, it cannot serve you well, if you can’t hold it. Neither if it falls apart when you first use it.

Therefore, the grip is very important.

As such, makers of the tomahawk use a number of grips, they include a wrapping grip and a polymer grip.

The former prevents slipping and if it is not comfortable, simply remove them.

Add your own wrap.

However, do not dispose of the paracord. It serves many purposes. Like that of building a shelter, creating snares or a semi-permanent tourniquet.

However, the polymer grip tomahawk is resistant to any condition.

It is durable, long lasting, lightweight and sturdy. And because of its lightness, the balance won’t be affected.

This will serve you for many years.

The Handle

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Depending on how advanced or familiar you are with a tomahawk, you know that the length of the handle affects how you wield it.

That is important to note when you consider the long and short handle tomahawks.

Those with longer handles are heavier and those with shorter handles are lighter. Because of the weight, wielding a long handle tomahawk gets tiring after a while.

They are also tedious to carry, unlike the short handle tomahawk, which can be tucked in your backpack, jacket, vest or on your waist. You might have to strap a long handle one to your back.

Tomahawks, with a short handle, are not for cutting down or breaking large objects. So the answer is no, to going out and chopping down a Christmas tree.

The Versatility

best tomahawk

You want a versatile implement. One that is useable in any number of ways. Tomahawks will allow for this diversity depending on their built.

This tool is for a number of reasons, including as an axe, a hammer, a spike, a pry bar and a glass breaker.

So if you want to chop, rip, smash, cut holes, apply force, puncture, or pry something open a tomahawk can get the job done.

List Of The Best Tomahawk

There is nothing like being out in nature and exploring the wild. But sometimes that comes with risks and unpredictable situations.

You want to have a tool that can get you out of a bind, literally and figuratively.

It is often easy to carry, if you get the one that has a sheath and goes along with your other hunting gear. You need one that is Molle compatible.

Molle is a tactical gear and is quite popular.

So, all the above-mentioned factors are rudimentary when rating the best tomahawk for your money.

After considering the purpose, versatility, durability, grips, handles, types, long handles and short handles we have compiled the best tomahawks on the market.

SOG Tactical Tomahawk

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Whether for hand-to-hand combat, removing objects or striking a nail, the SOG FastHawk F06TN-CP – Hardcased Black, 420 Stainless Steel, GRN Handle, Nylon Sheath, 2″ Blade is a great option.

This short handle tomahawk is quite effective.

SOG produces high quality tomahawks that will serve you well. Its ergonomic design makes for efficient gripping as well.

You can expect longevity and easy handling with its 24 ounces of weight.

As mentioned before, short handle tomahawks are not for chopping down trees, so that is the SOG’s one downside.

The SOG FastHawk F06TN-CP tomahawk is available on Amazon, with prices starting at around $18.00.

Browning Tomahawk

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This Molle compliant tomahawk would be a great tool to include in with your hunting gear.

The Browning tomahawk is versatile and comes with a wrapped gripped.

It has a spike and axe on opposing ends. You will be able to chop and puncture holes.

This small tool is well balanced, lightweight and has a good grip. However, you prefer having it on your back as the large sheath makes it uncomfortable to have on your hip.

It is available in a variety of colors, including tan and black.

The Browning – Black Label Shock N’ Awe Tomahawk is available on Amazon, with prices starting at around $60.00.

Columbia River Tomahawk

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If you are looking for a durable and efficient tomahawk, then the Columbia brand is a good option.

This CRKT Chogan T-hawk Tactical Axe: 2720 Carbon Steel Tactical Tomahawk particular design uses one piece of steel.

That means greater durability, performance and balance. It also means that there are no knots, bolts or screws to contend with, after a while.

Like the Browning axe, it too has a spike and axe on opposing ends.

In terms carrying the implement, the sheath is above average. You can take it however, you wish. This might be on your hip, across your back or in a backpack.

The choice is yours.

The downside is that it has an uncomfortable handle. And the edge can cause some bruising to your finger. It might require getting creative with some grip tape.

The CRKT Chogan T-hawk Tactical Axe: 2720 Carbon Steel Tactical Tomahawk with Dual Axe and Hammer Head, Curved Handle with Textured Grip, and Kydex Sheath is available on Amazon, with prices starting at around $87.00.

Gerber Downrange Tomahawk

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Talk about versatility!

This tomahawk accommodates prying, hammering and chopping. It is multifaceted. Gerber makes a great tomahawk that is Molle compatible. You picture it used quite efficiently by military men. And it affords carriage on webbing, body armor, in, or on a backpack. 

It is lightweight but vicious in terms of defense.

A wooden door could not withstand it.

We saw that the implement wasn’t sharpened on arrival. You have to find a way to sharpen your short handle tomahawk.

The Tomahawk, Downrange, Bevel, 19-1/4 in, 30 oz is available on Amazon, with prices starting at around $206.00.

Estwing Tomahawk Axe

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The tomahawk made in America has a patented shock reduction grip. It comes with a heavy-duty sheath that is made from ballistic nylon.

You can use this Estwing tomahawk to wield, against some formidable but smaller sized trees.

There is a uniquely designed pick end and an opposing awe end. So you will have no problem if you choose the Estwing Tomahawk Axe – 16.25″ Lightweight Hatchet for extrication, excavation or breaching.

Even though it is only 7 ounces, it can do some damage and you won’t get tired from using it for a long time. It has great durability and comes well balanced. Consider it almost indestructible. Some users will have a problem with its large grip, which make it less than comfortable to maneuver.

The Estwing Tomahawk Axe – 16.25″ Lightweight Hatchet with Forged Steel Construction & Shock Reduction Grip – EBTA is available on Amazon, with prices starting at around $40.00.

Select The Best Tomahawk fFr Your Needs.

Whether you are gathering some wood and need a nifty axe to chop them up or you require one to take on a camping trip, there is a tomahawk for you.

From the days when Native Indians roamed the wilderness to the modern times, when nature-loving fold explore the great outback, tomahawks have been a reliable tool for many generations.

Now, however, they are more popular. More people are making treks through forested areas and require tools that will help them navigate the various situations they will face.

Whether long or short, lightweight or heavyweight, you won’t regret having a flexible tool, like a tomahawk.

We are certain that you will enjoy those included on our buyers guide for the best tomahawks.

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