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Nothing beats the calming effects of beautifully maintained lawns after a hard day at work. The grassy area in your backyard swells you with pride, thoughtfulness, and serenity deserving of your home.

The best traveling sprinklers ensure your lawn gets adequate water to keep it healthy and attractive. Below we review the best of them to your benefit.

best traveling sprinkler

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Orbit 58322 Traveling Sprinkler

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The first thing that you may notice about this traveling sprinkler is the screaming simplicity. And you know what simplicity means – something about the ease of use and low maintenance. This sprinkler comes in three speeds you can choose from. It can move along any hose path you set, meaning that it can cover all the area that you want it to.

When it comes to durability, there is no question about this product from Orbit. Its body is rustproof cast iron that will give you years of service.


  • Comes with a 3-speed control option
  • Rugged and waterproof cast iron body
  • Spray arms that are adjustable
  • Adjustable pattern depending on your area
  • Massive coverage of up to 13,500 sq. Ft.


  • Not the best for overgrown lawn

Nelson Raintrain Traveling Sprinkler

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The best traveling sprinkler must have a durable body and a decent coverage area. This Nelson Raintrain Traveling Sprinkler comes in a chip-resistant cast-iron frame and possibly a great coverage area of up to 13,500 sq. Ft. The spray arms on this device are also adjustable.

Unlike most other traveling sprinklers in the market, this Nelson powerhouse has an automatic shut-off – for those conscious about how much they spend on lawn care. It is also a two-speed traveling sprinkler – high and low – and is built to last.


  • Made of a durable, chip and water-resistant cast-iron
  • An automatic water shut-off feature
  • A coverage area of up to 13,500 sq. Ft.
  • Two-level adjustable speed


  • It may take a long time to water a small patch.

Farm & Ranch Self-Propelling Tractor Sprinkler

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This traveling sprinkler religiously follows the path laid down by the Hose, so every section of your lawn gets watered. It has a durable cast iron body heavy enough to prevent accidental tip-offs. Its arms are also adjustable to cover the area you need them to.

The sprinklers’ coverage area is 13500 sq. Ft. which is much the size of your lawn – at least most of them. It comes with a pair of spiked rear wheels for great traction.


  • Spiked rear wheels for a good traction
  • Has metal arms that are both adjustable and durable
  • Easily follows the hose path
  • Has an auto-stop feature for water efficiency
  • Solid and durable cast-iron construction


  • Does not have a range of sprinkling patterns
  • May have a problem negotiating hilly patches

Choose a sprinkler that will cover a large area.

What are Traveling Sprinklers, and how do they Work?

best traveling sprinkler

Depending on the size of your backyard, you may have an expansive lawn, and watering it using a hose may take you ages. Traveling sprinklers make the whole business of watering the grass effortlessly. They move around sprinkling water, and you don’t even need to be there – you can be somewhere else, making yourself productive. And the best part is that they don’t need gasoline or electricity for that matter.

So how is this even possible? No fuel, no battery, and no electricity?

best traveling sprinkler

The tractors of traveling sprinklers make use of water pressure to move around. In other words, the force of water from the Hose turns the gears appended to the axle, which in turn drives the wheels – clear now?

In the majority of cases, there are two wheels and two sprinklers involved in this propulsion business. These devices travel along the length of the Hose and so you will need to position it adequately for the best results.

Choosing the Best Traveling Sprinkler

There is a wide variety of sprinklers in the market, and it can be confusing when it comes to selecting the best. However, it need not be so hard to get the traveling sprinkler that suits your needs. The following considerations will help you in your quest.

best traveling sprinkler

Coverage area

You will agree that not all our lawns are the same size. Yours might be bigger or even smaller than your neighbor’s. Choose the one that has a coverage pattern consistent with your lawn area. The specifications or product details will provide this information.

How much are you willing to Spend

The size of the budget must guide your purchase decision-making process. If you are looking for a machine that is just convenient, then there are loads of cheaper alternatives in the market.

But if you are more concerned with efficiency, convenience, and cost-cutting in the long run, then you must be ready to make a higher initial investment. Devices with such features as automatic shut-off will not come cheap. However, they will save a reasonable sum over a period.

The types of plants

Different plants require varying amounts of water to thrive. Mostly, some plants require a little bit more water volume to do well. Feeding them with insufficient water would be counterproductive. Consider the needs of the plants you need watered and then choose a sprinkler based on this. The best traveling sprinkler should provide your plants with the right amount of water.


It is always best to go for sprinklers that are metallic. The gears inside can break easily if they have a plastic part within them. Metal gears can withstand barriers along their path better than any other material.


The quality of a product, in most cases, goes side by side with the amount that you are willing to spend.

The best sprinkler out there is all down to its manufacturer, operating mechanism, and the materials used. If a manufacturer has carved a niche in the market by making quality products, then it’s obvious they still have the best products. Most sprinklers are a mix of plastic and metal; however, it is always best to make sure that the metal parts are stainless.

The Hose

Depending on the area that you need the traveling sprinkler to cover, consider the size of the Hose and what you consider most appropriate. If going for more massive sprinklers, you may need to ensure that a hose is part of the package.

Rain sensors

It would be a waste of water to use your sprinkler when it’s raining. Some of the best traveling sprinklers in the market may have a rain sensor to stop sprinkling when it’s raining.

Warranty and maintenance

Most products come with a warranty intended to protect the buyer from defective products. The more extended the warranty, the better it is for you as the buyer. The warranty also serves as the best indicator of quality – a manufacturer will give a more extended warranty period for good-quality traveling sprinklers.

As you check on the warranty period, it is always best to also determine the duration provided as a maintenance-free period. The traveling sprinkler usually has serviceable parts such as the turbine, gears, and sprinklers. If you can get a lifetime free service, then you are in a good place.


Traveling sprinklers are among those tools designed to make your work easier – in this case, watering your beautiful lawn. The best among them should be durable, preferably a water-resistant body, and have a pretty good coverage area. And even better, it should have a water-saving feature.

best traveling sprinkler

In all honesty, Nelson Raintrain Traveling Sprinkler is one decent product that will not disappoint. It has a water-resistant, durable, and chip-resistant cast iron body that is also a source of stability. And with a two-level adjustable speed, automatic water shut-off, and 13,500 sq. Ft coverage area, you may not need to look elsewhere for a review of a sprinkler.

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