Best Work Boot Insoles Reviews

There are myriad of option when it comes to footwear. They are much different than sneakers or sandals which are designed for being worn regularly. They are also much different than shoes that are designed for special occasions, which generally sacrifice comfort for a style that matches other clothes that you wear. What makes boots completely different from the aforementioned kinds of footwear is that they come in different forms and put different kinds of pressure on your feet and ankles.

Again, these are not as binary as sneakers, sandals, or designer shoes and that is why you should research carefully before purchasing the best work boot insoles. Although they may feel uncomfortable at first, your feet and ankles will thank you when you put insoles in your boots. However, you should definitely consider a few things before getting the best work boot insoles.

Top 10 Best Work Boot Insoles Reviews

Stress relief replacement premium shoe inserts by Protalus

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A good amount of shoe inserts and boot insoles are simply not designed to decisively relieve plantar fasciitis. They’ll provide comfort and give you the illusion that you are micromanaging your plantar fasciitis, but you’ll still be prone to plantar injuries or plantar degradation with these shoe inserts and boot insoles.

When you place Protalus’ shoe inserts inside of your boots or shoes, you will not need to worry about any more plantar issues. They do this by containing three different parts to the insole instead of just one. The body provides cushioning, the shank will give you support, and the bottom cushion will make sure that all shocks are completely absorbed. This will eliminate your current plantar issues and prevent future ones from emerging.

Another really good thing about Protalus’ shoe inserts is that they contain a top layer that goes over the body that is antibacterial. This is fantastic if you wear your boots regularly and especially if you wear them when working outdoors. It can even prevent foot infections.

As effective as Protalus’ shoe inserts are, they really do not last long. This is because they contain four different insoles instead of one or two. Once one of these wears out, the entire insole will not feel the same. You will notice a difference when this happens, and you may not like this difference. Be ready to replace the top cloth and cushions regularly.

Anti-Fatigue technology replacement insole by Timberland

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While most shoe inserts and boot insoles are designed to go over the insoles of your current shoes or boots, there are some instances where the insoles are completely worn out to where they do not reduce any impact on your feet on ankles at all. This can force you to make a tough decision: Do you buy new boots or shoes or keep them while dealing with no shock absorption?

The answer to this question takes the form of Timberland’s replacement insole. They are designed specifically to replace insoles for boots and shoes, and the anti-fatigue technology that they contain will ensure that they will last a very long time. You will get the most out of them if you wear heavy work boots that you work outside in regularly.

Timberland’s replacement insoles will last a very long time and you will not need to worry about replacing them for a long time, even if they do encounter regular use. This is because of the anti-fatigue technology that they contain. You’ll be hard pressed to find replacement insoles that last longer than Timberland’s.

However, absorbing shocks is pretty much the only thing that Timberland’s replacement insole does. They do not offer anything else which can be problematic for anybody with specific plantar and ankle issues. If you are suffering from plantar fasciitis, you’ll need to look for a different insole. They are also a lot more thick than most insoles so some might find it uncomfortable.

Orthotic shoe inserts with high arch support by Superfeet

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Something that a lot of shoe inserts lack is high arch support. A shoe insert could be perfect in every way but may not even be usable because the user’s feet might have unusually high arches which do not fit the profile of this perfect shoe insert. Even worse, this seems to be common with shoe inserts, which is unfortunate.

Superfeet has solved this problem with its shoe inserts. They contain high arch supports, which is very rare. If your feet have high arches that do not feel comfortable with regular shoe inserts, you’ll enjoy what Superfeet has to offer with theirs. Superfeet’s shoe inserts also have a deep heel cup which also provides support for the heel, which is something else that very few shoe inserts possess.

The stabilizer cap on the bottom of the insert is something else that sets Superfeet’s shoe insert apart from other shoe inserts in a good way. These will provide even more support and comfort. That very few other shoe inserts do.

However, Superfeet’s shoe inserts also set themselves apart from other shoe inserts in a bad way. Many shoe inserts are pre-fitted, but this is not the case with Superfeet’s shoe inserts. You can’t just put these in your shoe when they arrive. You’ll need to fit them yourself and this can be troublesome.

K-20 insole with extra cushion for neutral arches by Keen Utility

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Most people’s feet have low arches. Therefore, the majority of boot insoles are designed for those with low arches. While this makes sense, it will leave those with low arches begging for more cushioning in their boot insoles. It may even turn this population away from boot insoles in general if the insoles do not provide enough comfort.

Keen Utility’s boot insoles are your choice if your feet possess a low arch. They contain the extra cushion that you need and you will notice a significant difference. The cup in the heel is also a little deeper than most which will allow for stabilization, which is something else that many complain about when using boot insoles or shoe inserts.

As convenient as Keen Utility’s boot insoles are for those with low arches, they do not possess too much technology that reduces shocks or prevents plantar issues. They can reduce odors, but that is an industry standard among a lot of boot insoles and shoe inserts. They also do not last long at all and you’ll need to replace them often if they are put into a boot or a shoe that you wear regularly.

All things considered, the only thing that really stands out positively with Keen Utility’s boot insole is that they are designed for those with low foot arches. You’ll need to look elsewhere if you are looking for shoe inserts that decisively reduce plantar stress.

Orthotic support full length gel shoe insert by Sof Sole

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There are two things about most shoe inserts that frustrate a lot of people who use them. First, a good amount of them are not designed for low arches or flat feet. While this is understandable, it is still an inconvenience. Second, practically none of them are built for athletics. Most organizations who make shoe inserts mistakenly believe that their main demographic are older individuals who are not athletic.

Sof Sole solves both of these problems with their shoe inserts. First, they are designed specifically for those who exercise or play sports. They absorb impact especially well, with the material containing air bubbles. These air bubbles are conveniently located on the arch and heel. This significantly reduces impacts when running, walking, or jumping.

When it comes to satisfying the low arch and flat footed crowd, Sof Sole offers a shoe insert that is almost completely flat. Not only that, but it also contains a nylon plate in the arch that will help a low arch foot stay in line. Very few shoe inserts contain this feature and it is exactly what you are looking for if you have flat feet or low arches.

However, this also means that Sof Sole’s shoe inserts are pretty much designed only for those with low arches or flat feet. Anybody else will need to look elsewhere. Also, the nylon plate can feel very uncomfortable for some. While most shoe inserts become more comfortable over time, this is not true with Sof Sole’s shoe inserts.

Orthotic shoe inserts with high arch supports and forefoot cushions by Superfeet

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A lot of shoe inserts completely ignore the forefoot. They may be designed to effectively reduce shocks everywhere else around the foot, but very few shoe inserts are created to reduce shocks on the forefoot, where the ball of the foot is located. This can be discouraging for anybody who avoids pushing off on the heel of their foot when walking or running.

Fortunately, Superfeet’s shoe inserts come with forefoot cushions that reduce most of the impact that the ball of the foot will encounter, especially if pushing off on the ball of the foot when walking and running. You will feel the difference and you will enjoy the difference. Very few shoe inserts contain this feature.

To balance the forefoot cushions, Superfeet’s shoe inserts also contain a stabilizer cup that will provide structure and support for the heel of your foot. You’ll notice this difference as well and you’ll prefer it over the imbalances that other shoe inserts struggle with

Something that you will need to watch for with Superfeet’s shoe inserts is that they are considered a high profile and high volume shoe insert. This means that you will feel a lot of shape under your foot. While they do prevent a lot of impact, it will take a very long time to be comfortable with them.

“Total Support Max” shoe insoles by Spenco

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How many boot insoles are designed for those who perform in athletic tasks regularly? Not many, if any. It can be extremely frustrating for anybody who regularly performs athletic tasks to find a shoe insert that can withstand the constant amount of impact that an athlete’s shoes go through.

For this group, Spenco offers their Total Support Max shoe insert. The Total Support Max lives up to its name, and then some. It contains a forefoot pad that takes pressure off the ball of your foot. It contains an extra rigid cradle which offers stiff arch support. This is a godsend for anybody who has high arches who need rigid arch support in their shoe inserts.

The final thing that the Total Support Max offers is a modulation system on the bottom of the insert which contains multi-density impact areas which will promote natural strides. This is something else than anyone who performs athletics can take advantage of.

You will not need to worry about manual sizing of the Total Support Max either. All you need to do is get them in half a size lower than your shoe size and you’re set. Say goodbye to cutting around your shoe insert, hoping that it will fit. The Total Support Max is completely pre-fitted.

Unfortunately, the Total Support Max seems to only be for athletes who have high arched feet. This is how it is designed. The Total Support Max assumes that you are trying to prevent plantar fasciitis and it is not for those who do not already have that kind of condition.

Full-Length orthotic shoe insoles with arch support by Powerstep

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The vast amount of shoe inserts tend to be one-dimensional. If they are designed for high arches, they won’t fit those with low arches. If they significantly reduce impact in one part of the foot, they won’t do anything for another part of the foot. It can be really difficult to find an “all purpose” shoe insert.

Powerstep’s shoe insole is the solution to all of this. First, it is extremely flexible, being able to fit almost any kind of shoe. Your days of having a different set of insoles for different shoes are over. This instantly makes Powerstep’s shoe insoles the most versatile insoles in existence.

No matter what arch your foot has, it will see less impact with Powerstep’s shoe insoles. It has built-in arch supports and a deep heel cradle, two things that are universal among any type of foot. No longer will you be resolved to guesswork when it comes to selecting a shoe insole, you’ll have what you need with Powerstep’s shoe insoles.

However, this does not mean that Powerstep’s shoe insoles are perfect. They are far from perfect; in fact, they are average. You will not get any kind of advanced protection from them at all. They make plantar fasciitis feel a little less bad and that is about it. Also, you’ll need to replace them constantly if you use them all the time because they do not last.

Maximum support premium insoles by Form

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As effective as they are, shoe insoles can be very uncomfortable when wearing them in your boots or shoes the first time. This is because most of the time, shoe insoles are not ergonomically designed for the shape of your foot. This is the one thing that turns people off from them.

You will not be turned off from Form’s insoles at all. This is because they are ergonomically designed for your foot and you will notice this right away. Instead of having to break in other insoles, you’ll be comfortable right away when you place Form’s insoles in your footwear whether they are sneakers, dress shoes, or boots.

That’s right, unlike with most insoles, Form’s insoles will fit any kind of footwear. This makes things very convenient, especially if you were previously struggling with seeing which insoles go into which kinds of footwear you own. Form’s insoles will fit them all.

Unfortunately, “average” is the only real word that defines Form’s insoles. They are anti-fatigue, just like any other insole. They have high density foam, just like any other insole. They reduce moisture, just like any other insole. If you are looking for a pair of insoles that solve specific foot problems, you will not find it in Form’s insoles.

Reinforced premium insoles by Form

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“All purpose” insoles are a really good thing. You can put them in any kind of footwear that you own and they always feel comfortable no matter what. However, one of the biggest issues in “all purpose” insoles is that they do not last long, especially when used daily. This is because they get worn out very, very easily, causing you to replace them frequently.

Form is known for making “all purpose” insoles, but as mentioned previously, they come apart and lose their impact resisting properties in a short amount of time. You will not encounter this issue with Form’s reinforced insoles. The bottom of the insoles contain a lot more materials that absorb impacts and that means they will last a lot longer.

Like with their other insoles, Form’s reinforced insoles are also ergonomically designed to make sure that they are comfortable as soon as you put them in your footwear. This means you will not need to wear them a few times to eventually feel comfortable.

However, just because Form’s reinforced insoles last longer, they are still just as average as any other “all purpose” insoles. You are going to need to look elsewhere if you are looking for insoles that can solve particular foot issues.

Best Work Boot Insoles: A Buying Guide

Just like not all boots are the same, not all boot insoles are the same.

Here are some things that you should consider when purchasing boot insoles.

What Kind of Boots do You Own?

Remember that not all boots are the same. Because of this, you’ll likely need to “match” the insoles you want to the kinds of boots that you own.

How Often do You Wear Your Boots?

Some boot insoles last forever but do not reduce a lot of impact. Some boot insoles resist a ton of impact but do not last long. In order to make a solid decision on boot insoles, you will need to determine how often you wear your boots, this way you’ll know what kind of insoles you need.

How Much Impact can Your Feet and Ankles Withstand?

This is something else that will determine whether you need insoles that last forever but reduce little impact or insoles that need to be replaced often but don’t last too long. It is also something that ties in with how often you wear your boots.

How Long have You Owned Your Boots?

If you have owned your boots for a very long time and have worn them regularly, there is a very good chance that the soles are worn out. In this case, insoles are probably necessary. If you continue to leave your beat up boots without insoles, you will experience a lot of pain in your feet and ankles eventually, especially if you wear them often.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are insoles good for your feet?

A: The purpose of insoles is to prevent impacts from walking and running. This will do two things. First, it will allow you to keep doing these things without the risk of your plantar being injured and it also allows you to walk and run despite your plantar injury. Therefore, the answer to this question is “yes.” if everybody took advantage of insoles, a lot fewer plantar injuries would occur.

Q: Are memory foam insoles bad for your feet?

A: As comfortable as memory foam insoles are, they are not nearly as effective as other insoles are. The biggest issue with memory foam insoles is that they get worn out really quickly and they do not absorb nearly as much impact as other insoles are. So while memory foam insoles are not directly bad for your feet, they do not protect from plantar injury as much as other insoles.

Q: How do I stop my feet from rolling inwards?

A: When your feet roll inwards, it usually means that you have bad posture. People with bad posture tend to drag their feet, which will make them roll inwards. This can then cause plantar injuries as well as conditions that involve your plantar. This can be remedied by using insoles that prevent impacts on the front of your feet as well as having better posture.

Q: Do insoles help overpronation?

A: Insoles do help overpronation, but you need to know what kind of specializations you need from your insoles. For example, if you stand all day when working, you might need different insoles than if you are very physically active and spend a lot of the day walking and running. Understand that being stationary involves different parts of the foot than being active. Insoles can help if both of these have produced overpronation but you need to know which insoles you need.

Q: Do insoles hurt when you first wear them?

A: If you have never put insoles in your footwear before and the insoles are brand new, you will feel a little discomfort. It will take some time for your feet to get used to the insoles. This might not be unpleasant, but it might be uncomfortable. If you have worn insoles before but are just putting in new ones, it will not take so long for your feet to adjust. In either case, you’ll feel a little discomfort at first, but no distinct pain.


Chances are very good that insoles will help if you find that your feet hurt.

This is especially true if you wear “heavy” footwear such as boots.

Something you should understand is that you need to know whether you need insoles to prevent an impending plantar condition or need insoles to improve your compromised plantar condition.

Because different insoles do different things, this is probably the most important thing to understand because if you have the wrong kind of insole, you might not be treating the proper foot conditions with insoles.

Choose the right insoles for your foot conditions, and you will reduce the symptoms of those conditions greatly.

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