Top Best Blues Acoustic Guitars-Choose The Best One For You In 2021

The best blues acoustic guitars are often the most affordable! This post will explore what to look for in a quality guitar, as well as some of the top picks. The most popular guitars are electric and acoustic, but there are many other types of guitars available. The acoustic guitar is a type of string instrument with a hollow wooden body that resonates when played. 

There are many different brands and models available on the market today for you to choose from; which one do you think will be best for your needs? Read our article to find out!

What makes an acoustic guitar great? Well, it all depends on what kind of music you want to play, what level of skill you’re at as a guitarist, how much money you can spend – these factors all come into account in determining which acoustic guitar is right for you. 

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Top 10 Best Blues Acoustic Guitars Reviews In 2021

Martin Guitar 000-15M

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Martin Guitars is recognized globally as the leading manufacturer of acoustic guitars. The company’s mission includes providing skilled working musicians with professional instruments that will provide them a lifetime of service, an instrument they can rely on when it counts. 

This 000-15M guitar features a dark mahogany body and top, solid rosewood fingerboard, and bridge paired with traditional scalloped X-style bracing for clear projection and responsive bass. 

Finished in satin lacquer, this comfortable right-handed guitar offers 6 strings made from nickel-plated steel to create that classic “Martin twang” found on many hit records around the world.

Martin Guitars has a long-standing tradition of producing the finest acoustic guitars designed for pro players. With each instrument comes an uncompromising commitment to quality and value.

Its sound begins with delicate sustain, providing excellent balance among lows, mids, and highs on all strings through the entire range of any chord thanks to expert construction techniques found only at Martin.


  • Excellent sound and look
  • High-quality design
  • Playability


  • Expensive

Taylor 150e

[amazon box=”B01MR2PYOY” ]

Tune in to your next level of music.  Let our 100 Series help you find the beginner’s dream guitar- one that will grow with you and become an intricate part of your musical journey. 

The natural finish on these guitars is simple and elegant, perfect for imparting a minimalistic look to this exceptional instrument. 

Our layered walnut backs create greater sound quality as well as aesthetics, a design echoed by its carbon bracing that creates extra resonance at every possible frequency while enhancing volume dynamics. 

The Sitka spruce offers warm lows with a crisp midrange, plus 12 strings provide rich overtones for finer gradients of notes and more advanced techniques like strumming the low E string alongside the B or high E string during chords.

Taylor’s 150e dreadnought 12-string acoustic-electric guitar is a pro-level exotic wood guitar that offers a beautiful tone and amazing playability, making it one of the best blues acoustic guitars. 

The 150s all feature layered walnut backs and sides, as well as new architecture for even more volume and dynamics for the musician on their first or next step in their musical journey. 

Taylor’s famous neck profile allows players to form barre chords easily to take their playing to the next level. These models are perfect for any type of player looking to embark on a musical adventure with an instrument they can grow into gracefully.


  • Dreadnought shape
  • Playable
  • Solid construction
  • 12 excellent strings


  • None

Taylor GS Mini-e

[amazon box=”B081WQGCPY” ]

The Taylor GS Mini-e Rosewood ES-B 12 String Acoustic Guitar is engineered in the same way as a full-scaled grand symphony guitar. 

That means it’s smaller and has a shorter scale than most stringed instruments, all with the intention to allow for unmatched comfort and playability for guitarists of all levels. 

It contains beautiful Curly Sapele Wood back and sides, along with a layered Spruce top and beautiful Bronze strings for an insanely resonant tone that defines Taylor guitars. 

This instrument also features a Sitka Spruce Top, Ebony Fingerboard, GS Mini Hard Bag, Expression System 2 Electronics, which come together to create a more dynamic sound quality on account of its innovative design.

The tone is everything, and the ES bodies were hand-selected for their superior density and clarity. The guitar’s design offers crisp articulation, effortless transition across string heights, and a bell-like singing tone that ensures easy tuning. 

Sapele neck and ebony fingerboard can produce punchy overtones so popular in both live performance sound reinforcement systems as well as modern recording studios. 


  • Short scale Sapele neck
  • For traveling
  • Great craftsmanship
  • Playability


  • Fret buzz problems

Gretch G9200

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Looking for a smooth, mellow sound without the bright bite? Look no further than the Gretsch G9200. 

Boasting a beautiful burled rosewood back and mahogany neck, this beauty is bound to turn heads wherever you take it. The natural finish allows you to see all of the big-name features that make this guitar worth every penny. 

Packed with premium tonewoods such as Mahogany, Rosewood, and Ebony fretboard options have never looked so good! Come experience epic tone at its finest with this stunner from Gretsch Guitars!

With its mahogany asymmetrical body and neck and rosewood fingerboard, you’ll be able to cut loose without any worry at all that it will cost more than your lunch break. 

The 25″ scale length is just right for capturing a livelier sound as well as making it easier on your fingers so no matter where or how tight the gig may be, you’ll have enough left in the tank to give this beauty what she needs.


  • The sound of a resonator guitar is better for blues and ragtime music.
  • This guitar has a mahogany body which enhances the tone. 
  • You’ll be playing on an instrument that’s perfect for your genre of music.


  • Fret buzz issues

Ibanez AW54CEOPN

[amazon box=”B00HWIRQXM” ]

Completely revamped and packed with new Ibanez electronics, the AW54CEOPN Artwood Dreadnought Acoustic/Electric Guitar is a professional-level acoustic that can be plugged into any sound system thanks to its Fishman Sonicore pickup (apartment dwellers rejoice!). 

This Ibanez acoustic guitar features a mahogany body with a solid spruce top for a rich, warm tone, making it one of the best blues acoustic guitars on our list. 

The mahogany top, mahogany back and sides, rosewood bridge, and fretboard are resonant while still giving a sweet treble like the pickups really round out. 6 strings of sophistication make this a must-have for any guitarist.

A Mahogany neck and Okoume back and sides provide easy playability. It has graphite-reinforced diecast tuners, rosewood bridge, bridge pins made of burnt urea resin composite material to resist wear better than conventional pins. 

The Fishman Sonicore pickup provides quality amplified sound whether performing live or recording in the studio. With its impressive versatility, this intelligent instrument is perfect for all styles of performance.

Ibanez set out to create an affordable acoustic guitar that did not compromise on tone or quality – but also needed a little something


  • Dreadnought body
  • Playability
  • Great strings
  • For beginners and intermediate players


  • Sticker adhesive

Takamine GD20-NS

[amazon box=”B00B5LB5MA” ]

If you’re a newbie to the acoustic guitar world, it’s always important to start off with instruments that are high-quality and come from reputable brands. That way, when you progress as a player there will be less of an adjustment period while your dexterity increases so profusely. 

It might seem tough to make your first purchase because the best guitars in any line category offer different advantages and disadvantages, but all three Takamine 6 String Acoustic Guitars boast quality craftsmanship that is simply hard to defy without sacrificing tone. 

Compatibility with various playing styles coupled with impressive durability creates guitars capable of satisfying even the most seasoned guitarist whether they’re an amateur or professional performer (or someone who just likes jamming on their own).

The Takamine guitar has a professional acoustic body that provides a balanced tone, volume, and clarity. The stylish wedge shape gives the guitar a great look while keeping it balanced when sitting on your lap. 

With its slim satin-finish mahogany neck, 12″-radius rosewood fingerboard, split-saddle pinless bridge design for superb intonation, bone nut, and saddle, the Wedge offers exceptional playability with sound quality unequaled in this price range.

The natural color design of the natural finish with pearl accents gives this guitar an attractive appearance. It is beautifully understated while affording you all the desired qualities as a proper instrument should have.


  • Best for beginners
  • Excellent sounds with perfect sized neck
  • Great construction


  • None

Ibanez PF1512

[amazon box=”B00BBKGRFU” ]

When it comes to guitars, Ibanez is a brand you can always count on. Their impressive stringed instruments have graced stages across the globe with their signature sounds and woodwork. 

The PF1512 Acoustic Guitar from the Performance Series gives you all of that heritage at an unbeatable price…all backed by the Ibanez name and quality.

This Dreadnought 12-string has your back with its mahogany body and rosewood fretboard! Taking inspiration from historic designs, this acoustic guitar features old-school dot fingerboard inlays for an iconic look.

The Ibanez PF1512 brings pro features, quality, and great sound to the table. The full-size acoustic guitar has a spruce top, mahogany back and sides, and easily accessible tuners. 

Comfortably lie left of the fretboard to produce lighter tones with greater resonance than those produced by playing right-handed. 

This affordable 12 string acoustic offers something for beginners looking for an upgrade or professionals that just want a second instrument at home!

Whether beginner or professional player, everyone benefits from owning more than one guitar— especially politicians. So get yourself a little peace of mind from knowing you’ll be protected even when your job gets sleazy.


  • Well-constructed body and neck
  • Playable
  • Great tune and sound


  • None

Fender CD-60S

[amazon box=”B07FYBLG93″ ]

The Fender CD-60S Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar has a mahogany body and neck with phosphor bronze strings, which gives it a rich tone that’s perfect for strumming. 

The mahogany top is handmade from handcrafted sheets of high-quality wood that are laminated to form the back and sides in order to provide more durability over time. 

It is a timeless classic and a well-crafted, reliable electric acoustic guitar. The Fender CD-60S Dreadnought is durable, easy to tune, versatile both in style and sound. Great for new students on a budget or anybody who wants a solid yet affordable six-string guitar.

Chrome die-cast tuners ensure your tuning stays accurate, even as you play outside without an amplifier or microphone. 

An extra convenient feature of the guitar is its 12-inch fingerboard radius, making this guitar specially designed for beginners and experts alike who want a sturdy instrument with excellent acoustic sound quality.

For players that want an expressive acoustic guitar with a wide variety of tones you can only get from using a dreadnought body shape coupled with electronics, this model offers great features without breaking the bank. Case not included but easily found online for purchase.


  • Great craftsmanship
  • An excellent guitar for learning
  • Simple to play


  • Uneven fret heights

Ibanez AEG62

[amazon box=”B084BX4SN2″ ]

The Ibanez AEG 62 is the perfect instrument for those who want powerful amplified acoustic sound, but prefer a smaller guitar. 

A full design overhaul has resulted in a player-friendly surface, making the best blues acoustic guitars from Ibanez feel both comfortable and familiar. 

It’s not just about looks – with its slimmer craftsmanship and low-profile waist, this new beast is effortlessly lightweight. The result? 

Your experience will be your best since you’ll worry less about heavy or bulky guitars weighing you down on top of anything else that might happen to go wrong during the performance.

This lightweight guitar features an easy-to-read onboard tuner plucked from the preamp and comes stocked with outstanding tone qualities such as bright highs and deep lows.

The Sapele construction gives this six-string acoustic Guitar rich tonality that will take you to your next gig in style. If you are looking for a ferocious-sounding guitar with crispy strings and warm overtones, have a look at this mahogany beauty!


  • Lightweight
  • Playability
  • Not too big
  • Excellent sound
  • Glossy finish


  • None

Bailando 40 Inch Cutaway Guitar

[amazon box=”B01JYBFU0K” ]

The Bailando Cutaway Acoustic Guitar is made from linden plywood, so it has a great tone and the durable construction offers ease of play. 

Unlike more traditional acoustic guitars, the natural texture on this product highlights a luxurious sense that you’ll love to show off wherever your music takes you! 

This beautiful acoustic guitar is handmade by skilled craftsmen and built to last. With high-quality materials and a professional tone, you can’t go wrong. 

The linden plywood top gives this guitar just the right sound, while the thick and heavy back/sides ensure durability. 

The 18 silver nickel frets provide smooth tuning capability through sealed chrome Die-Cast geared tuners plus an E-tuner for that perfect pitch every time. 

Don’t worry about carrying it with you – this quality instrument comes with a waterproof gig bag so you can take it on the road!


  • Solid and durable
  • High-quality materials
  • Smooth and accurate tuning


  • Average build quality

What To Consider Before Buying An Acoustic Guitar To Play Blues?

If you are a blues aficionado, then there’s no better option for you than an acoustic guitar. Acoustic guitars make the blues feel alive and help you correctly channel your emotions.

However, choosing a Best Blues Acoustic Guitar isn’t as easy as it looks. Many factors need to be taken into consideration such as budget constraints, build quality of the Best Blues Acoustic Guitars, etc. 

It’s always important to get yours right because having one that matches up to your expectations from Best Blues Acoustic Guitar will give you the real feel of what Best Blues Acoustic Guitar is all about.

Here follows a comprehensive guide to choosing Best Blues Acoustic Guitars in 2021, and we will also look at some tips on how to use Best Blues Acoustic Guitars for your better understanding:

best blues acoustic guitars

Consider Your Budget

You should consider your budget first before looking for Best Blues Acoustic Guitars. We know that there’s no dearth of Best Blues Acoustic Guitars under every price bracket, but it makes sense to buy one only if it fits into your budget. 

As far as the great Blues Acoustic Guitar reviews go, they are fairly cheap instruments you can learn with or even take to gigs without breaking the bank. The Blues Acoustic Guitars can be affordable to you if you do some research and are sure about what brands to buy.

Figure Out the Style of Best Blues Acoustic Guitar You Want

There are many Best Blues Acoustic Guitar Brands available in India, the US, UK, etc that can cater to any style or taste of the blues lovers in Best Blues Acoustic Guitar Reviews. 

So take your time and try out as many Best Blues Acoustic Guitars as possible before making a final decision on the Blues Acoustic Guitars that will not put a hole in your wallet but still retain high-quality standards with Best Quality.

Best Blues Acoustic Guitars: 3 Top Brand Choice For Top Class Performance

It’s important to choose the Best Quality brand from Music Instruments which can meet up to your expectations on a quality and performance basis in addition to service support. 

From this point of view, it’s always useful to know what are some of the Best Blues Acoustic Guitar Brands available in the market and has earned Best Blues Acoustic Guitars Reviews based on Best Quality standards.

1) Fender Best Blues Acoustic Guitars: Best quality, tone, looks, and design in the industry! Best prices in India. Since the 1940s, several gifted musicians have played Fender Blues Acoustic Guitar to give some memorable performances. These guys know what it takes to win hearts with their Blues Acoustic Guitars. 

2) Yamaha Best Blues Acoustic Guitars: With low action and a perfect Best Quality set-up, Best Blues Acoustic Guitar from Yamaha always stands out. 

These Best Blues Acoustic Guitars are widely used in studios because of their Best Quality and Best Customer service available on Amazon at the very affordable price range. If you need Best Blues Acoustic Guitars for studio recording or to just jam around with friends, this is the Best Brand For You.

3) Gibson Best Blues Acoustic Guitars: Several guitarists will never like any other best acoustic guitar brand than a Fender or Gibson Best Blues Acoustic Guitar brand! They have certainly made a name for themselves in Best Quality along with Best Prices that you can get on any online site for your acoustic needs. 

best blues acoustic guitars

Consider The Woods And Other Blues Acoustic Guitar Parts:

It’s always useful to know a little bit about Best Electric Guitars because it will help you figure out what woods are used and what other Best Components are present in the Blues Acoustic Guitar that goes into making them! 

Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to become an expert overnight but simply knowing some important terms related to Best Blue acoustic guitar Reviews will make your browsing experience much better. 

For instance: The Necks of guitars ( Best Brand ) are usually made from Mahogany, Maple, or Rosewood. This is where the strings lie against; hence the Best Tone and Best Performance come from them.

How To Maintain Your Acoustic Guitar

It is important as a guitar player that you maintain your acoustic guitars. If you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on maintenance, then just make sure you take the five minutes it takes to do this every day:

#1: Clean Fretboard

Make sure your fretboard and frets are clean and sanitized for each session. It will help keep your fingers clean which helps heal finger infections faster. 

Also, this helps prevent dust from getting into the fretboard wood, which can cause damage over time with constant friction against the strings. 

You should use a soft cloth or microfiber rag because if there’s dirt build-up on the rag, it will scratch up the neck of your acoustic guitar.

#2: Wipe The Neck And Body With A Cloth

Your body oils will get onto your acoustic guitar, so you should make sure you wipe down the neck and body with a microfiber cloth or some other soft material. The neck may be cleaned with a wet towel or rag especially if sticky handprints are prevalent.

best blues acoustic guitars

#3: Keep Your Guitar In A Case

Make it a habit to always keep your acoustic guitars in cases when not in use. This will prevent any damage to the finish and wood of your guitar, especially if you put them next to heat sources (like radiators) or sunlight frequently. 

If possible, try not to expose your acoustic guitar to extreme conditions like high temperatures/humidity and extremely cold temperatures as these can cause serious damage over time that cannot be repaired easily nor cheaply. 

You should also let your hands rest for at least one hour after playing your acoustic guitar, as this will reduce the amount of body oil that builds upon the neck and surrounding areas. 

If possible, it is always best to let your hands rest for an entire day before touching any instrument. This way you won’t hurt yourself but also give your hands time to recover from the wear and tear of playing a solid-body electric or acoustic guitar, which can be extremely painful and hard on fingers if you are not used to it.

#4: String Action

Always make sure that string action (how high the strings sit above the frets) is comfortable for both low-action/high-action players by making slight adjustments with truss rods every once in a while. 

You should never break a string on your acoustic guitar as this can cause serious damage to both the neck and bridge of your acoustic guitars, requiring you to get it professionally repaired or possibly even replaced. 

If you must break a string, make sure to do it at the headstock by simply pulling down on the string hard enough that it breaks (don’t snap).

#5: Tune Up Before Playing

Always tune up before playing to avoid unnecessary stress on your acoustic guitars. This way you will be able to play carefully without having to worry about getting a bad tone from out-of-tune strings. 

Also, if you are using any pedals for reverb effects, distortion, etc… make sure they are off when placing your guitar in its stand. 

Having them on while resting can cause small electric shocks or other small electrical malfunctions that can make your acoustic guitar go out of tune faster. If you have any pedals like this, just leave them on when playing and remove them right after.

#6: Get Your Guitar Setup

Get your acoustic guitar professionally set up every few months by a professional luthier. They will also be able to help you with any questions or issues about the bridge, neck, tailpiece, and anything else related to the function of your acoustic guitars. 

Tips On How To Start Playing The Blues With A New Guitar

Over the past year or so, you may have wanted to dabble in this music genre. There are many ways that you could start playing the blues with a new guitar. One of these includes the following tips:

best blues acoustic guitars

Learn The Best Ways to Hold Your Guitar Properly

You can never achieve proper sound if you do not hold your guitar properly when playing it. Depending on what kind of acoustic guitar you have chosen, there will be different ways to hold it.

As an example, people should learn how best to hold their acoustic guitars correctly if they want top-notch results while playing them. 

It is especially important because some holds violate what is supposed to happen in terms of creating a good sound wave for your instrument’s strings.

Practice the Best Ways to Press the Strings

Another important start-up tip for playing blues on an acoustic guitar is learning which parts of your fingers should be used to press down on the strings when playing certain chords.

You can also have some music lessons from professionals before you decide to go solo. You know how to play without getting confused with different ways people use their fingers in holding or handling a guitar properly.

Best Blues Acoustic Guitars

Listen To Blues Music That Best Suit Your Needs

If you are starting, then listening to blues music is going to be important if you want ideas on what notes and effects may come into play while doing this particular kind of music genre.

But there are plenty of resources for this kind of material. If you have the Internet on your side, then you can easily get YouTube to help give you pointers on what notes to play if you want your instrument’s sound quality to be at a high level.

Learn The Best Ways to Play Blues Chords

Learning how to use blues chords while playing guitar is something else that you need if you want to start in this particular musical genre. This will not come all at once though because it takes time before these chords become second nature for the player.

You should always learn these things as soon as possible. So that mistakes are kept at a minimum. Proficiency is achieved more quickly than otherwise would happen in other instances. 

Players do not take advantage of all the lessons they can get from music experts before actually starting out playing this kind of song.

FAQs For Blues Acoustic Guitars

What guitar is best for fingerpicking blues?

– Fender Stratocaster

– Acoustic Guitar 

– Jazz Guitar

Which type of guitar do you think is best for blues?

Acoustic guitars work well with blues. What type of music, vibe, or style do you want to play? Electric-acoustic guitars allow for a wide variety in tone and sound. 

For example, if you are going for the rockabilly look, then an acoustic guitar is perfect with its twangy tones, which will make chords more prominent than single notes. 

Is is great to play soft sounds on a blues acoustic guitar?

If you are playing softer sounds like folk, ballads, and love songs, then electric acoustic may be best suited. These types of instruments have better amplifiers that produce clear highs rather than muffled lows when played acoustically on stage. 

On the stage, there can be feedback from microphones used by other musicians on stage like drums who might end up overwhelming quieter parts due to their higher volume level production levels.

What are the best ways to learn how to play blues guitar as a beginner?

– Learn chord shapes and strumming patterns. 

– Listen to live performances of blues songs. 

– Practice with a metronome, slow and steady.


Your choice of guitar has a lot to do with your budget, skill level, and personal taste. If you’re just starting out on the instrument or looking for something easy to carry around while traveling, then an acoustic is probably your best bet. 

But if playing through distortion effects is important to you or you have more money than time (or patience), then consider investing in a quality electric model that can take all sorts of beatings from any kind of music-making situation without skipping a beat.

We hope this post helped clear up some misconceptions about how guitars work so that when it comes time for purchasing one, you’ll be able to find the most suitable blues acoustic guitars for your needs.

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