Don’t Miss Top 10 Brushless Motors For Traxxas Rustler Reviews & Comparison

Brushless motors are an essential tool for most individuals nowadays. This type of device not just offers many wonderful functions but enhances the user’s safety standard, especially brushless motors for Traxxas rustlers.

Hence, picking this sort of item could take a lot of your time, and choosing the best brushless motors for Traxxas rustlers will be contented with your requirements.

In fact, It isn’t completely simple to collect the top of the best brushless motors for traxxas rustlers. Thereby, we – FBB- are here today to introduce to you the Top 10 brushless motors for traxxas rustler Reviews & Comparison. The great post will provide you some great brushless motors for your device you want without any hesitation in the future.

Therefore, to become wise buyers with handy tips, let’s assemble these clues by accompanying the content to unveil which brushless motor is the best brushless motor for traxxas rustler in this year 2021 and how it might be your favorite unit as well.

Brushless Motors For Traxxas Rustler Comparison 2024

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Top 10 Brushless Motors For Traxxas Rustler Reviews 2024

Traxxas Stampede 3500kv Velineon Waterproof Vxl-3 Esc Brushless Motor 

[amazon box=”B01JF6V92M” ]

Right now, there is a good choice for those who want to seek the right tool which is put in this top of Keep Pace With Top 10 Brushless Motors For Traxxas Rustler Reviews & Comparison, that completely is the Traxxas Stampede 3500kv Velineon Waterproof Vxl-3 Esc Brushless Motor.

First of all, the kind of item- Traxxas Stampede Velineon Waterproof Brushless Motor ensures this suit by joining your style number. Furthermore, this device – Traxxas Stampede Velineon Waterproof Esc Brushless Motor Velineon has a 3500 Brushless engine (section # 3351R) Upgraded (May 2014) 3351R engine for utilization with 3S 3355R ESC. 

This engine isn’t suitable for older style  #3355X ESC Gold Bullet Connectors  along with twelve-gauge input power voltage: approximately 11.1v High pace Ball Precision Balanced super High-Temperature Neodymium completely Rebuildable Connectors along with Leads twelve Gauge End engine Cover (section # 3354R) 

Furthermore, this type of item- Traxxas Stampede Velineon Vxl Brushless engine contains Sensorless Velineon 3500Kv Brushless engine (section # 3351R) Water-resistant Brushless ESC (section # 3355R)

In addition, the Traxxas Stampede Velineon Brushless engine section number(s) contained (in-planton  packaging): 3351R 3355R.


  • Durable
  • Smooth operation
  • Good design


  • Not really

 Traxxas Slash Platinum Brushless Velineon Vxl-3s Esc Motor

[amazon box=”B01JF6VZ12″ ]

If you would like to have the best Brushless Motors For Traxxas Rustler, we are bound to support you to catch up on which tool is the proper option, and we believe that the Traxxas Slash Platinum Brushless Velineon Vxl-3s Esc Motor would become the best choice for you.

First of all, the sort of ite- Traxxas Slash Platinum Brushless Velineon Vxl-3s Esc Motor is 1.09 pounds in weight. Furthermore, the Traxxas Slash Brushless Velineon Esc Motor has a great product warranty.

The motor ensures this suits by joining your style number. Furthermore, this device has 3500 Brushless engines for most utilization.


  • Great warranty
  • Good durability
  • Quite well- known for quality


  • Not really

 Traxxas  Bandit Vxl Velineon 3500 Brushless Motor Rustler #3351r

[amazon box=”B0131FLTMS” ]

Right now, there is a valuable peak for those who require the right item which is put in our list of Keep Pace With Top 10 Brushless Motors For Traxxas Rustler Reviews & Comparison, that is the Traxxas  Bandit Vxl Velineon 3500 Brushless Motor Rustler #3351r.

First of all, this kind of item- namely the Traxxas  Bandit Vxl Velineon 3500 Brushless Motor Rustler #3351r is a genuine traxxas rustler replacement section. Furthermore, the item  Bandit Vxl Velineon Brushless Motor Rustler can fit a lot of 4wd Traxxas one over ten versions, like Bandit, Slash, Rally, Stampede, Rustler, to name a few.

Moreover, the Traxxas  Bandit 3500 Brushless Motor Rustler will not be suitable for some outdated versions of Traxxas ESC 3355X.

In addition, the sort of item- Traxxas  Bandit Velineon Brushless Motor Rustler is recommended that this kind of engine be utilized with fitting ESC: 3355r


  • Having the long-lasting ability
  • Great pattern
  • Long lifespan


  • Not much

 Traxxas Stampede 4×4 Vxl Mot Velineon 3500 Brushless Slash Rustler

[amazon box=”B012BH4X1G” ]

The following tool is the Traxxas Stampede 4×4 Vxl Mot Velineon 3500 Brushless Slash Rustler which would be a wonderful  Brushless Motors For Traxxas Rustler for your correct choice.

Firstly, this kind of item- the Traxxas Stampede 4×4 Vxl Mot Velineon 3500 Brushless Slash Rustler is real Traxxas Replacement sections

Secondly, The Traxxa Stampede Mot Velineon Slash Rustler may suit many models, like Stampede, Slash, Rustler Bandit, to name a few.

Furthermore, this sort of item, namely Traxxas Stampede Mot Velineon Brushless Slash Rustler has been upgraded 3500 engine for utilization with the VXL-3355R ESC (that is Not suitable for 3355x ESC)

Moreover, the Traxxas Stampede Vxl Mot Velineon Brushless Rustler with four poles, ten-Turn, and 3500Kv model with plaited wires.


  • Good design
  • Long-lasting,built-in feature
  • Smooth operation


  • Having some complaints about package

Traxxas 3350R Velineon VXL Brushless System

[amazon box=”B012H0XMDM” ]

The next selection for your requirement is the Traxxas 3350R Velineon VXL Brushless System and we believe that it’s about to be your favorite tool next time.

Firstly, this sort of tool, particularly Traxxas Velineon VXL Brushless System consists of VXL-3s water-resistant ESC Velineon with four poles engine, and pace control plate.

Furthermore, the sort of device, namely Traxxas Velineon Brushless System highlights three drive profiles, particularly Sport, Training, and Race Mode to restrict throttle up to fifty percent for untrained drivers.

Moreover, this product- Traxxas Velineon Brushless System has built- two stages of low-voltage observation for LiPo (Lithium Polymer) power usage. Moreover, this kind of item has Input Voltage with NiCad or NiMH from four to nine Cells (or four-point eight to ten point eight Volts DC)

In addition, the sort of device, particularly Traxxas Velineon Brushless System, has super high-heat refused Neodymium magnets that provide linear power and massive torque. 

Lastly, the Traxxas 3350R VXL Brushless System has the Widest distance of power options varying from four cells NiMH and NiCad packs most of the method up to the 3S LiPo power packs (11.1 volts)


  • Long-lastingslotsa,  toare, overheats lifespan
  • Outstanding design
  • Good battery


  • Having some complaints about customer services.

GoolRC Waterproof Brushless Motor 60A ESC Combo for RC Automobile Truck 

[amazon box=”B07WHP96WP” ]

If you want to have the best Brushless Motors for your requirement, don’t think too much, we will assist you to get which tool is the good selection, and we bet that the GoolRC Waterproof Brushless Motor 60A ESC Combo for RC Automobile Truck would be the correct choice for your demand.

First of all, the sort of item- GoolRC Waterproof 60A ESC four-pole twelve slots great-torque engine design. Besides, the sort of GoolRC Brushless Motor ESC is Precision designed for maximum power conversion.

Moreover, the GoolRC Brushless Motor ESC set has a precision equal rotor, flatness for best maximum, and reliability RPM. The GoolRC Waterproof Brushless Motor has Multiple protection factors which are low voltage protection,  throttle loss protection, and overheat protection.

Furthermore, this sort of GoolRC Brushless Motor is fit for one over ten scale RC automobiles. to to


  • Outstanding quality
  • Edge-cutting equipment
  • Compatible with various purpose


  • Don’t have the reputation brand on the current market

Hobbypark 3930KV Brushless Motor Shaft

[amazon box=”B08R393TM8″ ]

If you would like own a good  Brushless Motors For Traxxas Rustler, don’t think too much, we will help you unveil which tool is the correct option for your requirement, and we believe that the Hobbypark 3930KV Brushless Motor Shaft will be the right selection for your demand.

First of all, this kind of item, namely Hobbypark 3930KV Brushless Motor Shaft Heatsink might suit 2S or 3S lipo power for one over ten scale RC automobile/ Cars or Trucks On Road, which will completely suit Traxxas Axial Losi ECX.

The Hobbypark 3930KV Brushless Motor Shaft is suitable for: one over ten scale RC automobiles Trucks/ Cars Buggy On the Road styles along with a system for the M3 Screws, or For the Traxxas Slash 2wd, 4×4 Rustler/ Slash, Redcat Volcano, ARRMA, EPX, AXIAL, Losi, ECX, HPI, to name a few.

Furthermore, the kind of item- The Hobbypark 3930KV Brushless Motor Shaft has a Waterproof with 3.175mm shaft, and it can work with 7.4V-11.1V.

Moreover, the sort of item has Sensorless Brushless four Poles with twelves Slot High Torque. In addition, this sort of item has an electric motor that is CNC completed, a 6061-T6 billet heatsink could motor. Besides, the kind of tool has a precision equaled rotor and flatness for best maximum and reliability RPM.

Lastly, this item also offers one hundred percent New, and authentic HobbyPark Items, long-lasting and exquisite workmanship.


  • Long-lasting lifespan
  • Great design


  • Not really

Hobbypark Shaft 540 Brushless Motor Combo Waterproof Set

[amazon box=”B08RJRL5MB” ]

Now, we are about to recommend the SPQ Brands NA425 YG03 Gate and Window Alarm that will become the right choice for your requirements.

First of all, the kind of Hobbypark Shaft Brushless Engine has the Combo 3800KV 3660 80A water-resistant combo for one over ten one over eight RC automobile Truck/ car Off-Road Traxxas with 2WD 4 by 4 Arrma

Secondly, the sort of device – namely, Hobbypark Shaft Brushless engine Combo water-resistant Set has a five mm product shaft. In addition, the wonderful Value, especially Extension Wire,  Heatsink, and programming Card. They are suitable for one over ten Scale RC automobile Trucks/ Cars On Road.

In addition, this kind of machine- Shaft Brushless engine Combo  water-resistant  combo NOT recommended to operate on three seconds lipo. 

Besides, this item has an effectively non-maintenance run and durable performance. 

Furthermore, Precision equaled rotor, flatness for top maximum and reliability 50000 RPM. It also has a heatsink fin, and temperature-resistance operating motors permit faster paces,  extending engine life and longer runtime.

Moreover, this kind of item has reputation for  Exquisite workmanship and Durable


  • Great reputation
  • Suitable for many different devices ultra the has-premiumturn-off Easy to install


  • Not the most famous brand in the recent market

Traxxas Rustler Stadium XL-5 Control Remote RC Truck

[amazon box=”B07JZXGFK1″ ]

At the present, we are about to recommend which product will be the correct tool for your demand, so there is the Traxxas Rustler Stadium XL-5 Control Remote RC Truck.

First of all, the kind of item- Traxxas Rustler Stadium Control Remote truck ultra-premium energy system which is strong Titan 550 adjusted motor features twelves turns of solid copper cord for power-handling and increased torque capabilities

Furthermore, the Traxxas Stadium Control Remote Truck has great rate control which has XL-5 electronic pace control factors a complete water-resistant design, low detection, thermal turn-off protection, three throttle profiles, from four to seven cell NiMH as well as two-cell LiPo closeness and integrated BEC

Moreover, the Traxxas Rustler Stadium XL-5 has long-distance radio which is TQ 2.4GHz system along with super programming that offers long-distance control along with smooth, non-glitch performance

In addition, the Stadium XL-5 Control Remote Truck is super current connectors that are created to cover high-recent applications as well as funnel the highest energy to your car’s electronics

Besides, this Traxxas Rustler Stadium RC Truck super quick charging consists of iD 3000mAh, 8.4V, energy cell NiMH power, and four amp 12-volt DC quick charger for authentic power and charging


  • Great operation
  • Good guarantee
  • Long-lasting lifespan


  • Having some complaint about the  ackage

 Raidenracing Mesh Nylon Chassis Dirt Guard Resist  Cover

[amazon box=”B07R71TWNJ” ]

We believe that the kind of tool- Raidenracing Mesh Nylon Chassis Dirt Guard Resist Cover would be a perfect device as well as satisfy your demands. 

First of all, the kind of item- Raidenracing Nylon Chassis Dust Resist Guard specifically for Traxxas one over ten Rustler 4 by 4 4WD VXL  Brush and Brushless.

Secondly, the Raidenracing Chassis Dirt Resist  GuardCover with the main material is Nylon Mesh. Besides, the sort of tool – Raiden Racing Chassis Dirt Guard Cover is For Traxxas Rustler 4 by 4 Brush and Brushless Version.

Moreover, the sort of product – Raiden Racing Mesh Nylon Guard Resist which contains the dust cover, the car in the photo is not contained. In addition, the Raidenracing Resist Cover can wipe the Chassis and heat up the dual-sided tape along with the hairdryer (till the adhesion has hints of liquefaction) before sticking them to a Chassis, it would stick closer. Don’t utilize the suede promptly to pull the following stick velcro to a chassis, attempt to nestle still for much more than one hour


  • Durable ability
  • Outstanding guarantee
  • Great operation


  • Not the great well-known name in this field

How To Choose The Best Brushless Motors For Traxxas Rustler?

It completely is not easy to choose the best Brushless Motors For Traxxas Rustler. We are about to unclog practical hints which not only offer support but provide us with some handy clues to consume your time correctly and wisely.

There are several key factors that we have to concentrate on picking.

Selecting the brushless motor, toys, and quadcopter is a risky process. So, toisthenToVK has a clear hint on what to select the best product, you ought to consider what features to wonder about before shopping for these BLDC motors.

1. Engine Size

One ought to determine the dimension of the engine before they’re about to buy or utilize it. Most manufacturers utilize a standard scheme of the four-digit number. For example, an engine named 2205, where the first two digits represent the size of the stator. And the last two digits represent height.

Furthermore, if one of these two digits is larger than the engine would cover more energy and thereby generate more torque. 

2. RPM and Speed Constant

The pace of the engine is interlinked to the speed you require a toy or plane to go. In order to balance the engine speed, you need to seek a KV number. Besides, this kind of VK is especially equal to revolutions for each volt. It describes how exactly many times an engine would turn each volt.

Furthermore, all engines would come with the VK voting and this vote will identify the fastness of turning a propeller. The engine’s maximum RPM would be identified with ease. For example, your engine has 2300 kV.

3. Winding Dimension

ATo thrust is comparable to energy. So, to raise the quantity of energy a motor would accept, you need to follow some ways.

Pick the engine that has a great RPM constant balance to narrow all windings. This reduces the resistance as well as increases the quantity of recent flow via them, thereby offering diminishing returns. Anytime the windings reach shorter, it creates less force along with more temperature. Hence, it affects the engine’s ability to convert electrical energy to torque or efficiency.

In order to enhance the engine’s efficiency of covering more power simply by improving the copper quantity in windings by pulsing more windings. Decreasing the resistance of the windings to permit more current/power flow. More copper leads to heavyweight as well as engines that are stuffed along with windings needed to either enhance the engine size on the structure. Furthermore, in many cases, the engine’s dimension will be enhanced and therefore large motors could easily generate more thrust.

The kind of permanent utilized in the motor would provide a powerful field for the windings to run against as well as thereby increase energy. This context is used until manufacturers started utilizing magnets in the engine and this shift led to a prompt power improvement of around 25% when engines are needed to compare with many other magnets.

4. Arc Magnets

The space between the magnets that are adhered to the bell and stator would also impact the engine. The reductions in the gap between the resources of 2 magnetic fields would have the impact on energy magnets could assert. This is actually termed the air space of the engine.

Thereby to unclog this trouble, all the producers improve it by turning the magnets into the arc-formed one. These Arc magnets would lessen the air gap certainly between the stator and magnet (less than one mm) and therefore result in improved performance.

5. Engine Shaft

The size and length of the engine shaft are not to disregard consideration. People pick an engine with a five mm shaft, because it’s a perfect hole diameter. Moreover, if you’re seeking to reach an engine with a shaft then suit the props along with the shaft dimension adapter. For a bigger shaft, you need to drill the bigger hole.

However, ensure that the dimension of the small shaft would house the locknut and prop properly. Therefore, the engine ought to provide the needed shaft length. And for example, a shaft extent of around thirteen mm would run to actually torque some nuts to maintain them tighter during flights and therefore result in threads.

6. Energy factor

The energy of the engine is shown by Watts that is estimated as Voltage Amps. Besides, the greater wattage would make the engine more strong. Ensure to look through how exactly many amps an engine would tug to figure out the correct electronic pace controller (ESC). The use of an ESC that is around 20% bigger would make the engine run effectively. In this case, owning an engine that tugs 20A, next utilizing a pace controller of the 30A would work fine.

7. Thrust factor

One will have to unveil how much this factor the engine would manufacture with different combinations of battery and propeller. This would assist to figure out the ideal sized engine for your plan. For example, if you want to have a style with two lbs in weight, next select an engine that manufactures over two lbs of the thrust.

8. ESC factor

This ESC is utilized to manage the speed or movement of a brushless engine by operating the MOSFETs, in order to generate a rotating field and therefore let the engine rotate. The quicker ESC or higher frequency, which is finished through six intervals, next the greater would be the engine speed.

You ought to unclog when to operate the right phase. For this, the has users are required to unveil the rotor slot, where its slot would be identified by 2 popular methods.

  • First Way – The rotor utilizes hall-impact sensors in order to sense the magnetic sector embedded in the stator and create for one pole and small for other opposite ones. With the information, an ESC would know how to operate the commutation order.
  • Second Way – the sensation in the rear electromotive power or rear EMF is utilized to identify the rotor location. The EMF is the consequence of creating a magnetic sector of the opposite procedure. Or easily changing the magnetic sector which goes through the coil would convince the current in the coil. Therefore, this would result in a drop of the voltage

Lastly, this keeps the same, and even when actually there is a rise in the number of the rotor and stator. For a 3 phase engine, the quantity of interim would enhance to finish the cycle.

9. Weight factor

The brushless engines for minor-quad ought to have around four and per gram ought to protect on the engine and reach multiple. Thus, the heavier engine will manufacture more energy and thus balance their weight with ease.

10. Price factor

The cost of the item will identify its quality as well as the engine’s efficient productivity. For shopping for a great quality brushless engine, one needs to consume around $10 to $25 on the engines. 

Furthermore, you can assemble handy tips associated with the type of product through the video:

Conclusion: The Best Brushless Motors For Traxxas Rustler  

You ought to drop by several main choices that could be put as the below table:

[amazon table=”3423″]

These Brushless Motors For Traxxas Rustler  were completely offered to enhance your passion. Thus, it depends on various individual’s styles, aims, hobbies, and interests. 

You could look through the handy list to gather your hints and clues, and unclog how to choose the best Brushless Motors For Traxxas Rustler.

Thank you for your company, and please don’t skip following us and share this content with others to have a lot of useful hints next time. 

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