Cell Phones For Kids – Which One Is Safe To Choose?

Parents today are constantly worried about their children’s safety, especially when it comes to technology. With the invention of cell phones for kids, parents now have another device to worry about. Many parents are unsure if they should get their child a cell phone and what features they should look for in a phone designed for kids. In this essay, we will explore the pros and cons of giving your child a cell phone and discuss some important features to look for in a kid-friendly phone.

Cell Phones for Kids Parental Control App

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Choosing Safe Phone for Kids

When choosing a cell phone for children, careful parents should make sure that in addition to various opportunities and convenience, such a device also provides safety for their little loved ones.

Many producers of mobile gadgets have designed special safe phones for kids. Thus, they maintain the necessary functions of an ordinary cell phone and at the same time include some other features you will find helpful for children in case of emergency.

And remember that Kids Parental Control App provides you with even better parental control opportunities and your kids – with more reliable protection. The app allows monitoring your child’s device remotely, control its use, and setting all required restrictions for your kids’ security. It can be installed on any cell phone and tablet and used easily from anywhere you are.

Regular Phone or Safe Phone for Kids: Which One to Choose?

cell phones for kids

Like it or not, tablets and smartphones are inherent to your child’s life. Manufacturers are quick to respond to this trend with devices like Kajeet, Firefly glowPhone, Kytephone, LG Migo, Just5 J510, Samsung Factor, Nokia Lumia 710, etc. Yet, there’s also a trend for kids to use their parent’s old devices before getting a tablet or a smartphone of their own. Besides, kid-friendly products might seem too childish for kids of certain age groups.

Do child-friendly tablets suit your child? Or maybe an iPad mini is still a better fit? Here are several practical factors that you might need to consider when deciding on tablets and cell phones for children.

Parent Control Software

Parent control is a must-have feature for connected devices used by children. As you can expect, functionality of this kind is conveniently available out of the box in smartphones that cater to children.

For more “grown up” alternatives, consider mobile monitoring. While this option implies additional steps and expenses, such an app encourages more proactive protection for your children and ensures parents that kids are safe on their devices.


Rubberized edges and recessed screens may look unappealing to many, but they actually are the key selling points of cell phones for kids. Given the way younger kids treat their toys, a sturdy case with a bumper is a necessity. Some companies offer warranties for mechanical damage to make child-proof features even more lucrative for customers.

You might have noticed that regular phones aren’t as durable. Most of them can survive a drop or two, but this is nothing compared to the battering a child-proof cell can take. However, if your kid is old enough to handle things with care, a standard phone might actually be a better buy that can teach them to value things. Besides, you can always use a protective case for a regular device.

Cell Phones Versus Safe Phones for Kids

So which one is better? A couple of years ago, a regular small-sized cell could actually look like a worthy purchase. Today, you can still consider devices of this type if you are looking for a full-fledged device for a teenager. Yet, the plethora of kid-friendly products provides a wide array of options to choose from, especially if you consider the prices for this category of products.

How Cell Phones App Secures Your Kids

cell phones for kids

Control mobile phone use

  • View call logs and SMS
  • Block calls, limit text messages
  • Set screen time restrictions

Track location

  • Find out current whereabouts
  • Follow the entire route history
  • Set geo-fences, receive alerts

Follow Internet activities

  • Check bookmarks and browsing history
  • Follow Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat,
  • WhatsApp, Kik, Skype, and Viber

Features Ensuring Safe Phone Use for Kids

Phone Use for Kids comprises many useful features to make your children’s mobile devices safe. The app lets you monitor them both online and during daily activities. Comprehensive protection, accuracy, and reliability are what make Kids Parental Control App an irreplaceable helper for careful parents. Utilize all the 24 features to the fullest and keep your family safe remotely.

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Peter G. – father of a 12-year-old son

“If you wanna secure a phone for your child, Kids Parental Control App is the most workable way to do that. The app lets me track all activities that may be dangerous for children. Moreover, I can block those I consider inappropriate. I can block misgiving callers and SMS senders, limit apps and websites with inappropriate content.”

Zoe H. – mother of 11-year-old daughter

“I tried different mobile phones made especially for kids. But most of them are not as functional as ordinary ones. Sure, they provide some kind of security, but they lack some good functions that smartphones have. That’s why I decided to try Kids Parental Control App. I bought my girl a good smartphone and installed Kids Parental Control App on it. Now I have access to all of her activities and can control and protect her remotely. At the same time, my daughter can use her smartphone entirely to explore this world of technologies and keep up with times.”

Best Emergency Cell Phones for Kids

cell phones for kids
Cell Phones For Kids – Which One Is Safe To Choose? 5

If you are thinking of buying an emergency phone for your child, you should understand that there are a lot of aspects to consider. First of all, you should choose among countless emergency cell phone models depending on age, gender, and general preferences. Secondly, you need to clarify the purpose of the phone and exactly when and where your child is going to use it. In order to give you a hand, we created a list of top emergency cell phones for kids.


It is one of the best emergency phones for kids between the age of 4-7 years. It comes in four colors and is shaped like a bracelet or a watch. The phone has five emergency number programs, which allow you to add the closest relatives your child can reach by clicking one button. It is also GPS enabled to ensure you know your child’s exact location.


There is also a possibility of buying a cell phone that was specially designed for kids. The Kajeet Company produces several emergency cell phones for kids and even smartphones, which are said to be 100% safe for kids. While it is a smart option, Kajeet has one big disadvantage – it works on the Android platform only, so your child won’t be able to synchronize it with his/her iPad or iPod. These phones are preferable for the little ones, while your teenage children may want a real smartphone.

Nokia Lumia 710

This model is perfect for older kids. Equipped with all necessary phone features, it has built-in Office integration to access homework or papers via cell phone. Moreover, this kid’s emergency cell phone has a bonus Xbox live app that comes in a package for those kids who like gaming.

HTC One Mini

If you have a teenager, you will have to upgrade him/her to a real smartphone in order to keep them technologically educated and generally satisfied. HTC One Mini is easy and safe to use; it is based on Android 4.2.2, which allows you to install parental control apps to keep track of your child’s GPS location and monitor his/her social media activity.


If you have a 14-17-year-old kid, he would never fall for a child’s emergency cell phone. iPhone is an extremely popular smartphone, equipped with all possibly needed features for an older, responsible teenager. In order to control and protect your child from possible online dangers, you can install parental control apps that will give you full access to your child’s phone remotely.

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