Chopping Onions In Food Processor – A Completed Guides And Tips For Chopping Onions

Chopping onions can be a messy and time-consuming process. We all know that chopping an onion is one of the most common cooking tasks, but it’s also one of the messiest and most frustrating. Therefore, chopping onions in food processor is a great idea for you to consider.

A food processor is your best friend when it comes to chopping onions – just throw them in there and let the machine do all the work for you! It’ll chop them up so finely that they’ll melt into any dish you add them to. The only thing left for you to do is enjoy your delicious meal!

Benefits Of Chopping Onions In Food Processor

Chopping Onions In Food Processor

The food processor is a quick and easy way to chop onions. You can save a lot of time and energy by using the food processor. The machine does all the work for you so all you have to do is place the onion pieces in the processor and switch it on.

It is almost impossible to chop an onion without getting some of those tough pieces stuck between your fingers. This can also be troublesome because you have bits of onion stuck between your teeth or your hands smell after chopping it up. The food processor can chop onions without you having to worry about any of this matter.

If you are worried about your hands smelling after chopping an onion, you can place the chopped-up pieces in a bowl or pan before adding them to your dish. This will allow the onion smell to dissipate. If using a food processor, simply put your hand over the opening so the smell doesn’t escape.

Similarly, you might be worried about making a mess when chopping onions because of their strong scent. The food processor will chop them finely so no onion juice is released. You can simply throw the chopped pieces into your meal and enjoy it without worrying that it’ll taste like onions or make a mess!

Food processors are good for chopping onions because they usually come with a shredder blade attachment that can be used specifically for this purpose. The blades on the food processor rotate at very high speeds, which means you will get your onion chopped or shredded much faster than if you were to do it by hand.

Chopping an onion using a food processor is also easier because all you need to do is peel off the outer layers of skin and place your onion in the food processor’s bowl. Lastly, the food processor makes less of a mess than chopping an onion by hand because it comes with a large opening that fits most onions perfectly and keeps them tightly inside while it chops the vegetable into small pieces.

However, if your food processor does not have a shredder blade attachment you can always use the regular chopping blade that comes with it. This will work just as well as the shredder blade and will also keep your onion from going everywhere while you chop away.

Using a food processor to chop an onion is much faster than doing it by hand. It will save you time because all you need to do is take the outermost layers off of your onion and put them into the food processor’s bowl before pressing the start button. If using a shredder blade, your onion will be completely chopped in a few seconds.

If you use a food processor to chop your onion, the one-time task of chopping an onion will turn into a recurring task that can be done daily or weekly to help make mealtime prep much easier. Whether you are cooking for yourself or for others, using a food processor instead of manual chopping will save you time, energy, and produce less mess.

Using a food processor to chop an onion will keep your kitchen countertops from being covered with pieces of onion that are usually left behind if you do not properly mince the vegetable. This is because most food processors come with a large opening that fits an onion perfectly, ensuring that all of the onion is chopped up and stays inside the bowl while it works.

Guide To Chop Onion In Food Processor

Chopping Onions In Food Processor

Step 1: Peel Onions

Before you start chopping onions, make sure that you have peeled them. This will be the first and most important thing to do. If you chop an onion without peeling it first then your fingers might burn and your eyes would water; not a good way to spend your time! Make sure that there is no skin left on the onion before you take it to the chopping board.

Step 2: Slice Onions In Half

Start by slicing your peeled onion in half from top to bottom. This is a good way of making sure that you have sliced through the whole onion strongly and its halves will not fall apart during the rest of the process.

Step 3: Chop Onions Using A Food Processor

Now that you have your onion halved, set it onto the chopping board and take your food processor. Turn on the machine at its highest speed setting; you will need to move the blade down into the onion.

This can be dangerous if you are not careful so make sure that your hand is well out of the way. Once it has been chopped through the whole onion, you can stop. The chopping will go a lot easier if you keep your fingers well out of the way!

Step 4: Peel Onion Skin Off Processor Blades

You will want to take some time to peel the skin off your food processor blades after you have finished using them. This is important so that bacteria does not build up on the blades and also to make sure that they are completely clean. If you do not take time to remove this skin, it can cause problems with your food processor later on as well as your health.

Step 5: Clean Up

Clean Out Food Processor Container

Once you have finished chopping onions, you will want to spend some additional time cleaning out your food processor container. This will be the only way that you can make sure that your machine is in tip-top condition and not running the risk of mold or mildew growth.

Just remove the blades, take off the lid, take out any removable parts and wash everything thoroughly using warm water; never use hot water as this could damage some kinds of plastics.

Wash Metal Bowl & Lid

You will need to wash the metal bowl and lid separately from all of your other plastic or rubber parts if you have them as they could be damaged by the detergents that you are using. This is a very important step for keeping your food processor in good condition and working well for you in the future.

Wash Your Cutting Board & Knife

The last thing that you will need to do before you put your tools away is to wash your cutting board and knife. You will want to clean these thoroughly so that they stay in good condition for next time as well as make sure that there is no trace of onion left on them.

Step 6: Store Your Chopped Onions

Once you have finished chopping your onions, it is important to store them correctly in the refrigerator. Putting your vegetables away in airtight containers will keep out any additional bacteria and moisture that might cause the onions to go bad.

You should note that if you chop an onion incorrectly, there are some things that you can do to compensate for this. Put all of your vegetables into a bowl and sprinkle them with some salt; then pour boiling water over them. Leave the mixture to stand for fifteen minutes and drain it before using.

Tips For Using Food Processor To Chop Onion

Chopping Onions In Food Processor

If you’re looking for the best ways to chop an onion, then you’ll want to do it with a food processor. You can just put the onion in the food processor and watch as it gets diced up. Of course, there are some people who might have doubts about this method.

Some people might not think that using a food processor to chop onions will produce good results because they don’t work well with wet ingredients or because they break easily. However, we find that this isn’t the case at all.

We find that chopping onions in a food processor works well and doesn’t take too long. To make them even better, you can use vegetable oil spray before adding any other ingredients into the food processor if you don’t want to end up with a mess.

Now, some people would rather use a manual chopper to chop onions instead of using a food processor. This is okay if you know what you’re doing. However, we don’t really recommend this method because it can take quite a while and your hand might get tired after a while. Also, the results that manual choppers produce aren’t as good and they don’t work on larger onion chunks.

Another thing that you might be wondering is why you should use a food processor to chop onions instead of using your knife. Well, the biggest reason that I can think of is that it takes less time.

You can probably get through an onion in no time if you were to use a food processor. Also, you’ll get better results by using a food processor than you would if you were to use your knife. This is because chopping onions with a knife is tough and can take a while.

Now, some people might be worried about their food processors getting stained after they’ve used it to chop up an onion. Well, you don’t really have to worry because this won’t happen. The onion isn’t that tough and it doesn’t take long at all for the food processor to get rid of the color.

So, if you’re wondering how to chop up an onion, then you can use your food processor. It works well without breaking too easily or having to take too long.

Safety Concerns When Chopping Onions In Food Processor

Chopping Onions In Food Processor

1. Using the wrong blade

If you are chopping onions, do not use the fine grating or slicing blade. Onions are soft enough that they will get mushed up instead of getting cut. If you have to, then at least use the smaller side so it doesn’t overwork your food processor.

2. Using a dull blade

Using a dull blade is dangerous because it will take longer for you to slice the onion. It will also be more difficult to control the food processor because of how slowly it works. This increases the chances of your hand slipping, which can cut or injure your fingers.

3. Chopping onions without first putting them in ice water

This not only prevents tears but also helps keep your onion from oxidizing before you get a chance to use it.

4. Not letting the onions rest after chopping them

After chopping onions, let them sit in ice water for at least five minutes so they stop reacting to the sulfur-containing compounds that cause tears.

5. Chopping more than one onion at a time

It is not advised to do this as the onion vapors can irritate your eyes. This also makes it harder to breathe, and harder for you to see what you’re doing with all those fumes in the way.

6. Chopping an onion and its pungent relatives at the same time

Onions aren’t the only vegetables that make you cry. Garlic and shallots also come with their own sets of problems when chopping them in a food processor, which also makes it harder to breathe, see, etc.

It is best if you chop these types of onion one at a time to avoid any of the problems described above.

7. Not knowing how to properly clean your food processor

Before cleaning, make sure you have removed all parts from the bowl and washed them in hot, soapy water. Then run some cold water through before washing it again with warm water and soap or dishwashing liquid.

Also, do not use harsh detergents or too much soap to clean your food processor. If you are not sure how to properly clean it, run the machine for a few seconds with some warm water before using it again.

8. Not using enough liquid when chopping onions in the food processor

When making any recipe that requires chopped onion, it is advised to use enough liquid so the onions do not stick to the sides. This makes it easy to chop and mix everything together.

When chopping onions in the food processor, use only about one tablespoon of liquid for every two cups of onion.

Chopping Onions In Food Processor

9. Chopping too much at a time

If you are adding chopped onions to a soup or something similar, don’t add it all at once as this may cause the food to become watery.

Make sure you add the chopped onions little by little until it reaches your desired taste.

10. Not having a designated cutting board for onion chopping

Onion vapors are strong enough to get through any porous material, so avoid using cutting boards made of softwood or bamboo as these can absorb more of their juices.

11. Trying to chop an onion with a dull knife

Using a dull knife is dangerous because it will take longer for you to slice the onion and you are more likely to slip and cut yourself. It is best if you use a sharp knife that can easily slice through the onion’s skin.

12. Chopping onions near an open flame

Onions and other vegetables containing sulfoxides can become toxic when exposed to high heat, no matter how small. Do not chop them near an open flame such as a stove or candle.

13. Not cutting the top off first

To make it easier to slice an onion with a knife, cut off the top with about one centimeter of the skin left on.

14. Using an onion that has started to sprout

An onion with even one sprout can be unusable because it will give off a strong flavor and odor which will be transferred to your food if you chop it in the food processor. Make sure all onions you use are firm and free of any sprouts.

15. Pitting an onion before chopping it in the food processor

Pitting an onion takes a lot of time and patience as well as making your fingers smelly. It is recommended that you use a sharp knife to cut off four sides instead and slice them up using the motorized chopper.

16. Chopping fresh garlic in the food processor

If you use a food processor to chop up fresh cloves of garlic, your dish will not only taste like garlic but could also contain whole pieces that cause you to chew and break them down.

It is best if you remove their skins first and then chop them up using a knife. Also, remember to avoid touching your eyes for about 30 minutes after chopping them up.


Chopping Onions In Food Processor

How do you make onions chop without crying?

Avoid chopping onions near people. If that is not possible, get a little distance and then get them to cover their eyes or look away (tell the person around to close their eye).

The fumes from an onion will cause tears because two chemical compounds in them react with each other, causing this burning in your eyes. But by slicing it in a food processor so it’s cut up in pieces before releasing the fumes – it won’t cause a problem. The same goes for garlic which also contains sulfur compounds when chopped.”

Which type of cutting board should I use to cut onions?

You want to use a non-porous surface for chopping onions. The onion juices will seep into the wood or material, so it’s best to do this on plastic or something else that won’t absorb the juices.

What types of knives can be used to make the process easier and safer?

The type of knife you use to cut onions depends on your cooking preferences. The best tool is a serrated knife because it will reduce the amount of squishing and pushing you to need to do. A paring knife will be able to work as well as long as you’re careful and take your time.

Is it possible to slice an onion using a food processor?

Yes. The process is straightforward and easy-to-follow for the average person in your kitchen; no fancy skills are required.

Start by cutting off the top of the onion so it’s flat on both sides. Place onions inside food processor with caution to avoid making contact with powerful blades, then process until thinly sliced using sharp metal blade inserts which will chop onion rather than puree them). That should do the trick!

Say goodbye to tears promoting crying while chopping onions or other types of vegetables in a food processor, because you no longer need to worry about that problem when slicing veggies in batches.

Just slide all ingredients into the appliance, start laying out slices/chopping until they’re to your desired size, and then remove them from the food processor and add to your favorite recipe!

How do I chop onions without tears?

There are many ways to avoid crying while chopping an onion. A popular method is to freeze the onion first because cold slows the movement of the enzymes that make you cry.

Another method is to put a metal spoon in your mouth while chopping, which will absorb some of the gases from the onion before they reach your eyes.

One of the most common ways people prevent crying when cutting onions is by wearing goggles or glasses with large lenses. Cutting boards can also reduce tears because the board absorbs the onion juices that cause tears.


Now that you have all of this information, you should be able to chop onions in a food processor with ease and with no problems. Just follow the steps above and your kitchen will be transformed into a safer environment without all of that annoying onion smell! We hope you will be easily chopping onions in food processor after reading our detailed reviews and a completed guide in 2021.

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