Cicret Bracelet Projector Review 2023: Visualize Your Sci-fi Reality With This Wristband

Smartphones & tablets seem to be no longer the only wireless technologies available, with wristbands growing appeal. Cicret bracelet projector, on the other hand, wants to push things to another level and convert users’ arms into something like a smartphone.

Ideas and trends aren’t exempt from the digital world, and they might occasionally bear no resemblance to established conventions. Users initially desired the tiniest phone available. Several phones of the ancient pre-smartphone age have been so little that dialing them was incredibly difficult. Smartphones reversed this tendency, with tiny phones giving way to mobiles.

Bigger has once again proven better. Cicret aims to tackle the issues for everyone by cramming the greatest useful display into the tiniest possible gadget. Although it appears to be anti-intuitive, we find that its concept is brilliant.

Things To Consider Before Buying Cicret Bracelet Projector

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The issue is that, despite the fact that the idea was first offered just several years ago, Cicret is actually running a fundraising effort on their official platform. It is indeed adopting a unique style of fund-raising. There seem to be a few various contribution choices available, which each reduces the cost of a Cicret bracelet projector pre-order in the future.

With several questions towards Guillaume Pommier, one of the founders of Cicret, WTOP reporter Neal Augenstein went to the end of such a mystery. Pommier informs Augenstein that their video is indeed an introduction and also that his business consists of four associates who are working to grow resources for expansion through PayPal.

So the moment this Cicret bracelet project had a short hold back on Indiegogo, Bret Conkin, President of Crowdfund Suite, initially discovered something. Customers invested in crowdsourcing initiatives ought to think twice before contributing to autonomously run campaigns, he advises. Kickstarter, for instance, requires a working model, yet the Cicret bracelet projector is built on a demo.

Unlike with the crowdsourcing projects we’ve accustomed to on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, where supporters have assured updates as quickly as they’re finished, Cicret is somehow just looking for contributions.

Vapourware is a word for devices that firms advertise and yet never deliver. Although it’s really only right to offer Cicret an opportunity to produce the concept that its viral promotion video offers, there still appears to have lots of hype surrounding such a bracelet’s construction thus far.

Cicret Bracelet Projector Overview

Cicret (roughly “secret”), a Paris-based business, is developing a wristband featuring a pico projector as well as various proximity sensors. This projector projects a display onto one arm, and thus its proximity sensors identify the gestures or activation instruction of their bracelet when they engage with it.

Cicret bracelet projector, which was first revealed in 2014, has indeed been established throughout the previous years. Rather than looking at practical action, this bracelet gives users arm-complete smartphone capabilities. Everything revolves around this little projector hidden within the bracelet. It can sense motions and gestures in addition to mirroring your smartphone touchscreen. Its proximity sensor could monitor what is really going on and send orders to your smartphone over Bluetooth.

So exactly how many percent of that footage is genuine? Spend some time looking yourself, then continue reading for further information:

According to the ad, this Cicret bracelet projector is like that of a touchscreen… however it’s on one’s skin. Those users throughout the footage are carrying a small plastic bracelet and can generate an Android resistive touchscreen on their arm by easily flicking their arm. The display is supposedly created by a projector, while the touchscreen mechanism is created by a set of 8 proximity sensors along with the bracelet. As shown in the design specifications displayed in the movie, the bracelet is packed with invisible electrical parts that offer all the capabilities of smartwatches and so more.

To top it off, this Cicret bracelet projector will be accessible in 2 memory sizes — 16 GB & 32 GB – as well as ten different colors.

Cicret Bracelet Projector: Features And Benefits

Pico Projector

This Cicret projects your smartphone screen onto your arm using a Pico projector. It even has eight proximity sensors, which are used by the wristband to identify your finger movement and provide input settings. This implies you could use your smartphone regularly whilst keeping that on your forearm, whereas the phone actually remains in your backpack or purse.

This Cicret Bracelet Projector launched on Indiegogo and previously worked on its fundraising campaign. This Smart Bracelet appears to just be a regular wristband, however, it contains an internal sd card, CPU, sensor, vibrator, USB connector, Bluetooth, plus Wi-Fi. A pico-projector and also an arrangement of eight proximity sensors are by far the most crucial parts. Its screen is projected onto the wearer’s arm, whereas proximity sensors follow the wearer’s finger to facilitate smartphone interaction. The footage that we’ve just mentioned above is just incredible.

However, one crucial thing we are concerned about is how this one would function in direct sunshine; projectors may not perform well in strong sunlight. Still, we would have to wait till the finished product is available in the market to find out.

Proximity Sensor

Along with the pico projector above, a series of 8 proximity sensors aimed at the user’s arm. It really is an independent device that displays an Android screen onto the wearer’s arm when enabled by twisting the wrist. Its proximity sensors pinpoint the source of the user’s fingers thus enabling communication with the display as they would in any other Android device.

Once again, we’re pretty impressed with this bracelet, like the fact that it operates by projecting an image from the bracelet directly onto one’s skin, allowing their skin to operate as a smartphone on their arm’s area.

Imagine just by using your fingers only, it can interact with a lengthy proximity sensor, which is a beam that travels straight through the air and detects your finger, collecting its motions then sending them all back straight to your smartphone. Whenever you attempt to take a shot using your device, the lengthy proximity sensor limits the number of the thing you’re concentrating on. This Pico projector is often used in conjunction with that kind of innovation.

Cicret connects directly to the user’s tablet or smartphone and uses the two incredible features, which are undoubtedly the pico-projector plus proximity sensors, to display the touchscreen onto your skin. Users are allowed to do whatever they could on their cellphones from the palm of their hand. Yet, to our guessing, you’d probably still have to take out your smartphone in order to use the cam.

Mirror Smartphone Devices

This Cicret opens up a world of incredible potential. The gyroscope would be used for user input; for example, merely swinging your wrist over displays could flip through them. Just by simply reflecting the display in one pocket, their wristband could also be utilized as an attachment to a current smartphone with Bluetooth.

Cicret’s new bracelet will all be capable of mirroring Apple, Android, and even Windows Phone Smartphones, according to the company. There really isn’t a lot of detail available as to how it is done, whether it’s through AirPlay or some other programming feature. This functionality is now only duplicated with Android phones in the video above, and it displays an initial representation as to how the program would work. 

So, what does all of this imply? For starters, it’ll almost certainly be a far more efficient way to utilize your smartphone than most of the other available choices. But it all depends on Cicret’s power to make this item a reality.

One of our major gripes with the Apple Watch is just how inadequately the gadget has duplicated the features of the phone. There might not be a lot of essential features there apart from getting notifications or logging the fitness routine. The option to provide complete control over the whole of the applications and data would be a desirable idea.


Cicret bracelet projector has been portrayed, from the most recent video footage hit spreading social networks, as a remarkable item of wearable tech that you could have while cycling, taking public transportation, or even bathing – it’s waterproof!

Under the water, the screen on your forearm would be activated in the same way by flipping your wrist. This Cicret bracelet will indeed be waterproof and long-lasting. Along with the touch-to-text feature, users would be able to flip, slide, drag, as well as zoom. With just a flip of your wrist, you’ll be capable of answering the call.

Smartphone Compatibility

Users will be able to transfer and get emails, surf the web, even play various kinds of games upon this device. Users will also be able to match it up with their current smartphone, accept incoming calls, and also use their device’s loudspeaker capability.

Indeed, you may now use your hand to browse through your newsfeed, messages, even emails.

The device itself operates a customized variant of Android and comes with 32GB of internal storage. And there’s a vibrator for notifications, as well as Wi-Fi & Bluetooth transmitters.

Again, we do think that the video demonstration is intriguing, however, it indeed is predicated on ‘potentials’ but not indicative of its actual device. Since this bracelet’s computing power is probably limited at first due to its tiny size, it really would be ideal to use it in combination with some other smartphones. In any case, we’ll figure it out soon.

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This Fitbit Sense excels in a number of areas, including battery life, sleep monitoring, as well as a variety of novel sensors that may be useful to some users. It appears to be attempting to accomplish too often, with elements such as tension management appearing to be more complicated than beneficial. However, Fitbit has enhanced the general performance by introducing new features like automated SpO2 monitoring at nighttime, Google Assistant integration, and also the option to access calls from your forearms, which could really be a desirable alternative item while waiting for the release date of Cicret bracelet projector.

Although this Venu Sq is designed for health and wellness monitoring, that just doesn’t imply you won’t be able to use it as a wristwatch. This Venu Sq, like practically any other watch, shows alerts from your smartphone and dings to find if you happened to lose Bluetooth connection. Calling notices would come through irrespective of which smartphone this watch is connected to, but still, solely Android users would be able to reject calls and send texts with pre-programmed replies from their watch. Since there’s no speaker/microphone aboard, voice-to-text answers are not possible.

We applauded the initial Fitbit Versa since it had been the right mix of activity tracker and wristwatch available at a fair price, unlike the Cicret bracelet projector, whose price we expect to be less decent. In comparison with Apple Watch, this Versa 2 has better-designed sleep monitoring with iPhone and Android support. This item does, however, miss GPS. This Versa 2 is comfortable and supportive, albeit the wristbands are somehow difficult to fasten. The health monitor displays frequently provide enough statistics to be useful, but switching displays involves importing data from users’ smartphone applications, which is time-consuming.

Key Takeaways From Our Cicret Bracelet Projector Review

This Cicret bracelet projector appears to be a fanatical undertaking, and it’s difficult to comprehend it’ll be completed in the near future. Maybe this bracelet may go down in the annals as a little blip, or it may create a huge influence on the evolution of wearable tech.

According to Guillaume Pommier, the company has suppliers from all across the globe, from the USA to Belgium. He stated that he was quite not sure the number of emails they’ve received, but there appear to be numerous people who claimed that they wanted to invest. The business also has significant firms offer for meeting with the interested in checking if this Cicret bracelet projector works. Other large corporations have also approached them with the hope of collaboration. Pommier said their company was a tiny crew, but they’re moving quickly and hoping their video will be shared by those who view it.

Overall, we’re intrigued, and we’re looking forward to seeing how the finished product looks. It’ll be fascinating to see if this Cicret bracelet projector can enhance the science and turn it into something we would choose to buy.

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