Guide to the 5 Best Cob Led Grow Lights in 2023

Chip on Board (COB) is the latest in LED lights that ensure optimum plant growth and yield.

They have chips embedded on a board which, when turned on, produces a full spectrum of light.

best cob led grow light

The Reviews

KingLED BestVA X6 1800W COB LED Grow Light

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This is a quality cob LED light to nurture your indoor plants to optimal growth. Specifically, they don’t consume that much electricity and have a wide coverage – they are real energy savers. The lights have two fans that keep the heat under control.

And what’s even more interesting is that the LEDs are ideal for all stages of plant growth – they are an excellent growth companion for your plants.


  • Energy-efficient LEDs with a wide coverage area
  • Sunlight spectrum for accelerated growth
  • They are easy to use
  • Two powerful fans to control the temperatures
  • Support plants through all the phases of plant growth


  • It may not last as long as other brands but a great option none the, less


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Ardent isn’t ready to compromise on the quality of the equipment that they use in their grow rooms. The light features optimal full spectrum lights that plants need to thrive. It is, therefore, ideal for a variety of plants, including vegetables, among others.

And to ensure longevity, the lights utilize high-quality LEDs. LED chips are among the best the market has to offer. They can replace the other variety of lights easily and save a significant lot in terms of energy bills – they are super savers!


  • High-quality full spectrum lights that plants require to thrive
  • Provide sufficient red light for the vegetative and flowering stages
  • Good quality LED chips for longevity
  • A powerful cooling system ensures they don’t burn the plants


  • They sometimes can become very hot

VIHIMAI 1500w COB Led Grow Light

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The product includes five 300W LEDs with a full spectrum that imitates sunlight better than any other conventional light – the plants wouldn’t know the difference. They are ideal for that 2.5×2.5’ grow area where you have your favorite vegetables.

Its heat dissipation design, together with an internal heat sink, ensures the heat doesn’t go overboard. Plants would not perform so well in a scorching environment.


  • Full spectrum lights that imitate sunlight for optimal plant growth
  • Has a very effective heat-dissipation design
  • Easy-to-use lights
  • They are pretty versatile – they can be used with potted plants, flowers, pipeline cultivation, among others
  • The LEDs are easy to set up


  • Are not the most effective
  • Work on a relatively small grow area

Roleadro 200W Grow Light COB Reflector-Series LED Plant Growing Lamp

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This light has the right wavelength for maximum plant growth and health through all stages. The product has a patented design reflector cup that ensures a higher lux or PAR value, light condensation, and a better growth environment. Unlike most other led lights, this compact design product has uniform lighting to ensure maximum plant growth. The plants love a proper distribution of light to process their food and be productive.


  • A quality product with all the necessary features for adequate growth
  • Uniform lighting essential for plant growth
  • Big heat sinks for an efficient cooling system
  • Has advanced piled chips


  • There are not enough blue lights for such plants as the tomatoes

CrxSunny 1500W COB LED Grow Light

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This led cob light is designed to maintain the right balance of light for efficiency and durability. And at 380-780nm, the spectrum is perfect for plant growth at all stages. This light also has a robust fan system that maintains its coolness and quietness – this feature is vital to ensure the plants do not suffer from burns.


  • The light is durable and has a long lifespan
  • Has adequate spectrum perfect for plant growth
  • Has a powerful and quiet fan
  • Has super bright lights, and the plants will respond almost immediately


  • Its brightness is a bit lower compared with some products in the market

Are LED COB lights any Better than the typical LEDs?

best cob led grow light

LED lights are some of the newest technology that allows farmers to grow plants indoors, providing some of the best conditions for growth.

COB lights incorporate many tiny LEDs that appear to the ordinary eye as a mass of lights. They are better than the typical LEDs in so many ways. For starters, COBs give out a full scale of white light – there is no purple or red light.

Another thing about COBs is their affordability. In an actual sense, you don’t have to strain your budget to acquire them – there is no logical reason you are stuck on plain LEDs or even hydroponics. They are also energy efficient – even better than LEDs – and so you save on power costs. In fact, COBs use more than half the power that LEDs use. This means that you achieve the same objectives cost-effectively.

best cob led grow light

Another reason to choose COB is the lifespan which is better than LED. At about 30000 hours, its lifespan is better by more than half of LEDs which is mostly less than 15000 hours.

COBs also have a High Coloring Index (HCI). This HCI determines how light appears before your eyes, and the higher it is the more realistic the perception. In other words, there is no purple, orange, yellow or red but a more robust white light – there are no unrealistic colors.

When it comes to light distribution, COBs have a better performance in comparison to the others. Placing these lights at various locations in the grow room avoids any blind spots typical of HID lights or LED. This means that you achieve more efficiency with them than with any other lights.

Choosing the Best LED

best cob led grow light
  • Brands: in every market, you can quickly name two or three brands that are consistently top quality. In the world of COB LEDs, three names usually feature – Citizen, Cree, BloomBeast, and Bridgelux. Bridgelux, BloomBeast, and Citizen have the best all-rounders that are kind in your pocket. Cree COBs are energy efficient but require you to loosen up your purse strings. Whichever choice you make, it is always good to go with the trusted brands, as chances of getting frustrated are quite minimal.
  • Color Temperature: this factor is all about the warmth of a particular color when it comes to planting growth. The primary objective of using LEDs is Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR). This is the range of light most important to plants for photosynthesis. There is an unending debate regarding which lights are better. For some people, 5000K lights are best for plants in the blooming stage. Others contend that a warmer light in the region of 3000K is much better when the plants are flowering. You will also find others that go the middle way by choosing 3500K, which they think is better in both stages. For simplicity’s sake and to avoid a situation where a group was right all along, you should go with 3000K or 3500K lights for the whole growth stage.
  • Efficacy: this is easily defined as the number of lumens for every watt of power produced by a COB. Even though lumens are not the ideal units of measurement, they are essential when comparing one LED with another. The better the score in terms of the lumens of a particular LED over another, the better it is.
  • The grow space size: it goes without saying that the bigger the space you have for growing plants, the more units you will require for efficiency. A reasonable estimation is in the region of 32 watts per square foot.
  • The Type of Crop: depending on the type of crop you are growing, you can choose one light over another pretty quickly. Most of the LEDs will produce many plants to the flowering stage. Some of them are designed for particular types of plants – not all plants require the same amount of sunlight. If anything, just go with the right kind of lights to avoid regretting your choice in the end.


The best-LED light has the perfect design and is easy to use. It must lead to the maximum yield, and its operation must be flawless. The cob-led lights in this review are pretty decent and would make an excellent choice.

best cob led grow light

However, we will have to go with KingLED BestVA X6 1800W COB LED Grow Light based on a number of factors that include energy efficiency and wide coverage area. They are a breeze to use and support plants throughout their growth stages.

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