Colordash Batten-Quad 12: The Best LED Light To Consider

Are you looking for Colordash Batten-Quad 12? Batten-Quad 12 light is a great way to stay safe at night, but it can be hard to find the right one.

There are so many options out there that you might not know where to start. What’s more, some of them don’t work as well as they should or have other problems like being too heavy or difficult for kids to use.

Colordash has been making quality lights since 1885 and we’re proud of our heritage. Our batten-quad 12 light is lightweight and easy enough for anyone in your family to use with just one hand – even if they’re wearing gloves!

Here are our detailed reviews of Colordash Batten-Quad 12. Check out!

Things To Consider When Buying Colordash Batten-Quad 12

Here are some factors you should consider before buying Colordash Batten-Quad 12:

Colordash Batten-Quad 12

Type Of Lighting

What you need to consider before buying DJ LED Lighting is the type of lighting that you’re going for, such as uplighting or wash lighting. You should also think about how much power you need and the brightness level of the lights. Most DJ LED Lighting will offer a range of lights that vary in brightness, voltage, and beam angle.

Power Consumption

One important consideration to look at when buying DJ LED Lighting is power consumption. You’ll need to know how much power you need and then just add a little bit more because if you under-power your lighting, then this can cause problems such as the lights not being bright enough for your event.

Size Of The Lights

You should also think about the size of the lights that you want to buy and how many of them you need. You should think about lighting up different areas or just specific parts of the dancefloor for that club feeling.

The light will also need to be small enough to carry around without too much hassle as it can be difficult to move equipment such as this from place to place.


You should also consider the packaging of your DJ LED lighting. If you want to carry them around with you then it’s important that they are durable enough to travel in without being damaged or broken.

If the lights are just for your home, then this doesn’t really matter too much but if you’re looking for something more professional, then look out for heavy-duty cases or bags.

Portability And Reliability

One of the most important things to consider is how portable and reliable your DJ LED lighting is. You’ll need to make sure that they are durable enough to move around without breaking, but also lightweight so you don’t get tired of moving them around all the time.

If they’re not reliable, then you’ll always be left with problems so it’s important that you look for something that is going to work well without too much hassle.

Beam Angle

Another thing to consider when buying DJ LED Lighting is the beam angle. This is basically the angle of the light, which is measured in degrees. The larger the beam angle, the wider the spread of light and you’ll need to think about where you want to put your lights, your preferences, and how much power you have available. You can find out more about beam angles here.

Colordash Batten-Quad 12


When looking for DJ LED Lighting, you’ll need to consider how bright your lights are. If you want something which is super powerful then it’s going to produce more heat and this will affect the life of the light so if you don’t need that much brightness then just settle for something that gives off less heat but is still ideal for your event.


Another thing to consider is the connectivity of your DJ LED lighting. If you want all your lights to be part of one system, then this can obviously cost more so you’ll need to decide whether it’s worth paying this extra money for better connectivity or just settling for something cheaper with no connectivity options. You should also consider how many lights you have and if they need to be connected at all.


If you want more from your DJ LED lighting, then it’s worth looking out for ones that offer some exciting features such as sound activation or DMX control options. These will obviously cost a bit more but could help bring your lighting display to life in a way that a standard DJ lighting system just wouldn’t be able to do.

Shatterproof And Weatherproof

If you’re planning on using your DJ LED Lighting outside then it’s important that you look for something that is designed to be used in the rain and cold weather.

There are lights available with IP ratings that will help protect them from dust and water, but you should always check the specs before buying in order to make sure that your lights will last in all weather.

Supported Operating Systems

You’ll also need to consider what operating systems are supported by your DJ LED lighting. Some of them may only work with Windows while others may only work with Mac so it’s important that you read the specifications carefully.

Colordash Batten-Quad 12

Weight And Size

The weight and size of DJ LED lighting is obviously important too as you’ll need to make sure that they are lightweight enough for you to lug around from gig to gig, but also small and compact enough not to be too awkward.

If you’re not transporting them then it doesn’t matter as much, but if you want a traveling light then it’s important that you look for something which is going to be easy to carry around.

Attachability And Modding

If you’re buying your DJ LED Lighting in order to mod them, whether you’re hand-painting them or using spray paint, then make sure that they are attachable and compatible with the things you want to attach.

For example, there are LED panels with magnets which is a great thing if you want to stick them to various surfaces without needing to drill any holes and this can be useful.

 LED Brands

You should also consider what LED brands you want to buy. Today, some of the more popular names are Chauvet professional and Elation lighting, but there are others such as American DJ, ADJ, and Martin Professional which you may like.


Pricing for DJ LED Lighting can vary depending on what you’re looking for in terms of quality and performance. If you’re looking for a cheap option, then you’ll have to settle for some cheaper models which won’t last as long. If you want top-of-the-range gear that will last years and offer bright lights without flickering, then this is going to cost more. 

Colordash Batten-Quad 12 Review

Chauvet Lighting LED Lighting (COLORDASHBATTENQ12)
  • Colordash batten-quad 12 includes: powercon power
  • Cord control: 3-pin DMX, 5-pin DMX
  • Creating customer-driven solutions in the world of professional lighting
  • High performance lighting products at unparalleled value
  • Innovative professional lighting fixtures for the production and touring market as well as permanent installations

Colordash Batten-Quad 12 is a 12 inch LED fixture suitable for freshwater and marine aquariums. The unit is equipped with four individual chambers, each containing three high-output (10W) LEDs (12000K, 470nm blue, and 460nm royal blue).

The complete light spectrum of the Colordash Batten-Quad is good enough to entirely replace metal halide and fluorescent lighting. Colordash Batten-Quad 12 has a built-in fan for cooling the LEDs and an electronic ballast that allows you to dim or shut it off completely during the nighttime.

The unit is packed with T5 fluorescent lamp holders and comes with a pair of pre-installed lamps. The whole fixture weighs about 5 pounds so mounting it on a tank will not be a problem.

The only downside of this product is a lack of lens diffusers which would increase PAR readings at the bottom of the tank. However, considering the fact that Colordash Batten-Quad 12 is a low-profile fixture it can be positioned in such a way so glass diffusers would not cast any significant shadows.

Who Is Colordash Batten-Quad 12 For?

Colordash Batten-Quad 12 is for anyone who needs to make quick changes in the loud. It has a clear color that will help you see what you are doing or seeing. It’s also good for making sure that all of your colors are just right.

Pros Of Colordash Batten-Quad 12 light

The Colordash batten-quad 12 is really cool and can be used as a light. It has really nice lighting effect, the ambient light jumps off of it and reflects really nicely.

The light quality is great and the colors blend very nicely together. It produces really nice, smooth rays that you can see on walls and ceilings easily. You can use it as a nightlight or just to produce ambient lighting for your room during the day.

The green color is great for setting the mood and relaxing during the day. It has a removable cord so that you can plug it into other devices. It has a dimension of 11″ by 4.5″ by 3″, and weighs 2 pounds.

Cons Of Colordash Batten-Quad 12 light

The only con is that the green might be too bright for some people, it makes it hard to sleep because no one wants their room to be too bright during the night.

Features & Benefits

Colordash Batten-Quad 12


Colordash Batten-Quad 12 has a great design. It is a 12 foot LED batten that is built with slim and flexible PCBs. A robust silicone cover completes the finish on this modern light, which comes in right around one pound, making it light enough to hang as an uplight or as a floor wash.

Controls & Dimming

Colordash Batten-Quad 12 is dimmable by 25%, 50%, and 100%. RGBW colors are created with 4-in-1 RGBW LEDs, which use a phosphor to turn the blue light into white.

This product also comes with an LED controller that enables you to create custom colors with a variety of built-in color macros or load new macros from the front panel.

Brightness & Efficiency

Colordash Batten-Quad 12 is super bright, delivering 3330 lux at 2 feet and 11196 lux at 5 feet. This batten can deliver stunning 21-foot candles of light from 60 watts of power. The LED PCBs and the tight beam angle emits an incredible 2075 footcandles from 3 feet and 3850 footcandles from 5 feet.


Colordash Batten-Quad 12 has a 50000-hour lifespan, which means you can run this batten for over 8.5 years without having to replace it.

Installation & Operation

Installation is fast and easy with the included hanging brackets that are adjustable up to 45 degrees. An optional tripod is available as well. You can use this batten as a stand-alone wash or as part of a larger array by daisy-chaining it to other Colordash Battens.

Applications & Uses

Colordash Batten-Quad 12 is well-suited for large stages and theaters, as well as any areas where you need powerful wall washes. Because Colordash Batten-Quad has 4-in-1 LEDs, it is a bright batten using very little power.

Colordash Batten-Quad 12 can be used as a batten wash or batten downlight. This product includes a waterproof polycarbonate lens cover and an integrated hanging bracket for easy installation.

Color Temperature

Colordash Batten-Quad 12 has a color temperature range of 3200K to 6500K, which is great for lighting up any interior space.

Colordash Batten-Quad 12

Beam Angle

Colordash Batten-Quad 12 has a tight beam angle of 19 degrees, making this product versatile to use in any environment.


Coloureddash uses only the highest quality LEDs in their products, so you never have to worry about replacing them again. The LEDs used in this product are rated for 50,000+ hours. That’s up to 11 years of continuous use!

Durable Housing

Coloureddash products are constructed with high-quality aluminum for maximum durability. This is especially important if you ever plan to mount the Batten-Quad 12 on a wall or ceiling.

The Colordash Batten-Quad 12 has an excellent beam angle of 19 degrees. Identify colors with ease! The Colordash Batten-Quad 12 has an excellent CRI (Colour Rendering Index) of 95, which is extremely high for an LED product. This means the color you see will be very close to its actual color when used in your environment.

Mounting Options

Colordash Batten-Quad 12 is great for hanging in the studio or on location. It comes with an integrated yoke mount and choker cables. The batten can also hang from a grid frame with integrated hanging brackets.

Power Options

Colordash Batten-Quad 12 can be run on AC power with Uni fixtures, or it can be plugged into the optional Colordash Wall Mount Power Supply that can provide power for up to four battens. It comes standard with an IEC connector for powering from an existing dimming board.

Brightness & LEDs

Colordash Batten-Quad 12 comes with 144 high-power SMD LEDs. Each module features nine RGBW LEDs that are capable of 1,830 lumens when in white mode.

LED Data & Warranty

4-in-1 RGBW LEDs provide great color mixing and low power consumption in one package. Colordash Batten-Quad 12 features a three-year warranty on the LED driver and two years on the LEDs themselves from the date of purchase, subject to normal use.


Chauvet SlimPar 56 LED DMX

(4) Chauvet SlimPar 56 LED DMX Slim Par Can Stage Pro DJ RGB Lighting Effects
  • (4) Brand New **Chauvet Slimpar 56** LED Par Can Light!
  • Features:
  • LED par can designed for any application where a compact wash light is needed
  • Compact and low-profile fixture can fit in most places where other lights canít
  • Compatible for use with the Satellite battery-operated system; Not wireless

Chauvet SlimPar 56 LED DMX is compatible with the universal DMX512 protocol. It’s also compatible with the Art-Net and Kling-Net protocols allowing for greater compatibility when used in multi-type installations like live event lighting or permanent installations like museum displays.

The Slimpar 56 is a very direct alternative to our Colordash Batten Quad review unit. Here are some of the key differences between the Chauvet Slimpar 56 and the Colordash Batten-Quad 12.

The SlimPar is a single head unit, while the Batten Quad can be configured as one, two, three, or four heads connected by daisy-chaining cables. The Chauvet SlimPar 56 has a slightly higher pixel resolution than the Batten Quad.

The Chauvet SlimPar 56 is a standard 1U rackmount unit that can be mounted into compatible lighting racks, though it’s also quite light enough to be placed on the floor or carried in your hand for stand-alone use.

Colordash offers optional mounting hardware where you can mount up to 4 Batten-Quad 12s side by side in a single 3U rack space, versus the SlimPar which requires its own full 1U of rack height.

The Batten Quad is rated at 100,000 hours of LED life while the Chauvet Slimpar 56 has an estimated lifetime rating of somewhere around 30,000 hours. The Batten Quad is more likely to be available with the latest software updates.

The Chauvet Slimpar 56 can sound activated with a built-in microphone allowing it to act as a color-wash unit where it responds to music, or if that’s not your thing, you can always run it in manual mode.

CHAUVET DJ Helicopter Q6 

  • A multi-effect light that includes adjustable RGBW beams, a round SMD strobe and a red/green pattern laser on a rotating base
  • Continuous pan rotation that creates unique and amazing effects unlike any other light
  • Narrow, razor-sharp beams of RGBW light for astonishing aerial effects
  • Achieve maximum room coverage by positioning each of the 6 RGBW beams independently
  • Flexible control using automated and sound-activated programs, Master/Slave, DMX or an optional IRC-6

CHAUVET DJ Helicopter Q6 is the perfect mid-range helicopter for small to medium size mobile productions. The Q6 is bright, efficient, and easy to set up with no assembly required, so you can focus on the performance.

This helicopter light features a high-power 4-watt Quad-LED that generates amazing projection patterns over an even wider area because of its unique square-shaped design. 

It has built-in automated and sound-activated programs via the 4-button LED display, which can be operated stand-alone or with DMX. The Q6 helicopter light gives you smooth, quiet operation thanks to its rubberized noiseless motors.

You can use it as an eye-catching effect by itself or combine it with the Q4 and/or Q8 to create more complex aerial effects. Its compact size lets you maneuver it easily, even in small spaces.

The body is made of lightweight aluminum alloy making the Q6 only 7.2 lbs / 3.3 kgs while producing a bright 2650 raw lumens, equaling 90-watts using 4 LED lamps.

The Q6 is small enough to fit in your hand and its square shape means you can pack more Quad Rotor Helicopters per case than circular-shaped models, which gives you maximum flexibility when setting up for a mobile show or event. 

The CH-Q6 helicopter light is built to last with an aluminum alloy body that is virtually indestructible.

CHAUVET DJ 10 LED Lighting

  • 100% TRUE wireless, battery-operated, quad-color LED Par with built-in D-Fi transceiver
  • Includes quad-color (RGBA) LEDs for additional color combinations , Input Voltage - 100 to 240 VAC
  • Wirelessly master/slave with other Freedom fixtures for a coordinated light show
  • Compatibility mode works with first generation Freedom fixtures
  • Shine light where it is needed using the built-in adjustable kickstand

CHAUVET DJ 10 LED Lighting is designed for mobile entertainers and small venue applications. These compact fixtures offer bright, eye-catching lighting effects with the same rugged durability as larger Chauvet fixtures.

Designed for small mobile entertainers and venues looking to add visual impact, the CHAUVET DJ 10 LED Lighting Fixture offers bright, eye-catching lighting effects with the same rugged durability as larger Chauvet fixtures.

At just 3 pounds (1.5kg), this fixture is ideal for mobile entertainers, small clubs and bars, as well as backyard events and parties where portability is a must. The CHAUVET DJ 10 LED Lighting Fixture comes complete with a collapsible tripod that can be fitted into a travel or storage case for maximum convenience.

The CHAUVET DJ 10 LED is an incredible little light – compact, lightweight, and bright as hell. Love this light – especially for its price point. Not quite as convenient as other units that house their power supplies in the actual fixture, but still nice enough.

It’s also lightweight enough that you can put the fixture on a light stand and still be able to rotate it without feeling like you’re fighting against gravity. To put the light on a stand, you just screw it into the top of its stand, screw on the included cold shoe mount, and then attach the cold shoe itself to the spigot atop your light pole.


Colordash Batten-Quad 12

What is the optimal range for Colordash Batten-Quad 12 LED Light?

The Colordash Batten-Quad 12 LED Light can be used in a 2200 square foot area. It is also perfect for residential areas, showrooms, and offices that have a high ceiling.

What color temperature does this have?

Batten-Quad 12 features a daylight color tone which is great for offices. The Colordash Batten-Quad 12 LED Light has a 2700K. If you require a different color temperature, this product does not offer other color temperatures.

How does this compare to a traditional light bulb?

Better for the environment – Colordash Batten-Quad 12 LED Light bulbs use up to 80% less energy and last a lot longer, saving you a significant amount of money over time. They also do not contain toxic mercury so they are safer to transport from the factory.

Much lower power consumption – Since each 10W LED light can match or exceed the equivalent output of 60-80W incandescent light bulb, it saves more than 84% in electricity usage as well as reduces your carbon footprint


The Colordash Batten-Quad 12 is a great choice because of its energy efficiency and the ability to change colors. It’s perfect not just for offices but also for retail storefronts, restaurants, bars, or even event venues!

The light will help your customers feel more at ease during their visit while they enjoy everything from food and drink options all the way up through entertainment choices. If this sounds like it might be right for your establishment, order one today!

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