Top 10 Best Cricut Scoring Stylus Alternatives For Sale

For those of you who use Cricut’s Expression or other machines and don’t like the built-in scoring tool, here are some of the best Cricut scoring stylus alternatives on the market. This article compares tools that offer easy viewing options as well as ease of use. 

Some of these tools, such as the ink pad, also work for other types of cutting machines, so you can choose whichever fits your specific cutting machine needs. Many of these tools will also work with other cutting machines, such as a Silhouette machine. 

Some Cricut users may prefer the ease of ink-free scoring, while others may prefer to use their own favorite ink and cutting machine. Either way, these options will offer the same finished product and make for quick, easy cutting. High-quality colored ink is available for most Cricut machines.

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Cricut Scoring Stylus Alternative Reviews 2024

Cricut Tools & Trimmer Set

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We’d been looking for a Cricut suite of tools and we were overjoyed when we came across this one. To minimize the size issues that a portable trimmer has, we chose to get the 12″ trimmer instead. These tools with a trimmer set are excellent and could be used while making a few decorations. The three-in-one gadget is ideal for any endeavor.

This is a great quality tool for every home. It has a sturdy exterior that makes this more durable. This set is not only attractive but also gives you the power to cut and trim paper and fabrics. This is one of the useful trimmer set in the market. You can choose this product for crafting and cutting designs into your paper, fabric, or card stock.


  • A great way to make decorations.
  • A 12″ trimmer is a great way to minimize size issues.
  • This three-in-one gadget is ideal for any endeavor.


  • These aren’t even close to being sharp enough to cut through most materials.

Cricut Scoring Wheel Combo Pack Maker Tool

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This scoring wheel is ideal for changing and cutting various materials, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced crafter. The replaceable scoring wheel makes it possible to quickly and easily modify a variety of materials. The scoring wheel is strong and stable, with a non-slip rubber base. 

This is especially beneficial for individuals who work with cards or crafts. The scoring wheel is equally useful for cutting acrylic, paper, aluminum, wood, fabric, and more. It’s the perfect tool for a crafter who often handles various materials. 

The wheels can be removed and replaced with ease. Because it’s made from quality materials, this wheel is virtually indestructible.


  • Ideal for changing and cutting various materials.
  • The replaceable scoring wheel makes it possible to quickly and easily modify a variety of materials.


  • The way its description is written, it appears that this item is compatible with the Explorer, but you must read each item’s description (even if that’s the description for the scoring wheel) to find that it is not.

DODODUM Basic Tools Set

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This basic tool kit is ideal for any DIY enthusiast. Each instrument is intended for a certain task, such as sewing, construction, and so on. This collection of basic equipment is ideal for quickly cleaning up the cutting mat or blade after each usage. Each tool is intended to assist in the cleaning of Cricut mats used in the Explore air or air 2. 

This package includes two excellent tools for removing minor cut-outs or needle holes from the artwork. When dealing with a picture that requires several components, such as a jigsaw or a large image, the weeder comes in handy. This tool is useful for gently removing the end of a cut shape or to use as a hinge to remove the piece that makes up a puzzle.


  • Includes two excellent tools for removing minor cut-outs or needle holes from the artwork.
  • Comes in handy when dealing with a picture that requires several components, such as a jigsaw or a large image.


  • N/A

Cricut Transfer KIT FOIL

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This Cricut machine is ideal for both beginners and people with greater advanced talents. This device is a must-have because of its tiny, elegant form and ease of use. In a matter of minutes, anyone could create custom-designed foiled effects and papercrafts using this program. This is a fantastic tool! 

Without the use of a heat tool, we may now securely adorn products. It is capable of producing multiple effects from a single project. It’s simple to use and appears to be more costly than it is. This product provides high-quality foiling, stenciling, embossing, and debossing capabilities in a lightweight, easy-to-transport, and runs machine.


  • Easy to use and perfect for beginners.
  • You can create custom-designed foiled effects and papercrafts.
  • A must-have for anyone who loves crafting.
  • Tiny and elegant, making it perfect for any crafting


  • The learning curve is steep.

Cricut Single Scoring Wheel

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This product has left a lasting impression on us. The most significant factor is the width of the paper, which is why we didn’t give it a full grade. Another reason we awarded it a 4 is that it cuts pretty well. It is well worth the investment! 

The Cricut Maker machine would benefit greatly from the addition of this Cricut Single Scoring Wheel. Extra-deep score lines are created for excellent folds and a perfect finish. The score lines are cut into the surface to ensure an exact and precise scoreline. 

We had three (5,6,7) Cricut single scoring wheels and we are going to keep them as spare parts for later use.


  • The width of the paper is the most significant factor.
  • The paper cuts well and is worth the investment.


  • When working on a project, you must replace it with a blade.

Cricut Tools, Scoring Stylus

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Even though our girls began with basic beauty products, they swiftly progressed to beauty goods. After doing a lot of research, we decided to get a Cricut Explore machine. We were enamored with the fantastic scrapbooking cuts and scores that we could create. This is an essential tool for any crafter! 

There are several ways to create with this machine. You can score, engrave and cut so there is no limit to the things you can create. There are several ways to create with this machine. You can score, engrave and cut so there is no limit to the things you can create. We were amazed by the level of precision that we were able to achieve with our machine. 

It also came with great tutorials on how to use this tool and more importantly, how to use all of the different die-cutting cartridges for specific products such as fun hair accessories.


  • Easy to use
  • Giftable
  • Value for money
  • Sturdy


  • For whatever reason, it sticks up significantly higher than the Cricut. As a result, you must either remove it each time or keep the Cricut open.

Scoring Stylus

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When working on paper crafts, this stylus comes in handy. The tip is sturdy and will not bend or break easily. You can make more accurate folds in any scrapbooking projects, postcards, tags, and other projects with this scoring stylus tool. Folds are easier and smoother with the stylus.

When we tried the Cricut scoring stylus, we were quite pleased with it. It made folding cards so much easier. When you’re using the scoring stylus, you get a nice crease in your paper. It ensures that the cards are folded perfectly every time. This scoring pen is a handy tool for scoring and cutting at the very same time. 

It comes in handy while we’re cutting with the Cricut. This Cricut explore air 2 scoring stylus is simple to store and fits neatly in the equipment storage box with the other of your instruments. It is a must item for every crafter who is a perfectionist and likes to keep their papercrafts orderly.


  • Great for accurate folds in scrapbooking, postcards, tags, and other papercrafts projects.
  • The tip is sturdy and will not bend or break easily.
  • Folds are easier and smoother with the stylus.


  • It appeared to function in some areas, but not on the project.

Corey-z Scoring Stylus

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Anyone who has ever battled with Cricut cutting will love these scoring styluses. This stylus can be used with your Cricut or another cutting machine! What’s more, these styluses are incredible! This scoring stylus is precisely what we needed.  

This stylus is of excellent quality. Because it’s water-resistant, you may use it to text and draw on touch-screen gadgets. And because it’s easy to use and you may clean it with a damp cloth, your cutting surface will remain attractive for a long time. Stylus cut the perfect lines and draw too. 

We highly recommend this stylus if you need a writing instrument that’s not like a pen or pencil.


  • Perfect for anyone who has ever battled with Cricut cutting!
  • They make scoring so much easier and more precise!


  • It does not remain in place.

Nicapa Scoring Stylus

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For everyone who enjoys making cards and graphics, this stylus is indeed a must-have. It’s small and light, making it simple to use the stylus in either circumstance, be it at a laptop or a conference room table. All Cricut users should have this Nicapa stylus. This stylus makes marking the score lines of designs and paper products on your Cricut maker a breeze.

We use this for all our projects and for jotting down scores in the score sheets. If you’re looking for a new purchase for your Cricut, this is a must-have product. 


  • Small and light, making it easy to use.
  • Makes marking the score lines of designs and paper products on your Cricut maker a breeze.


  • It did come out and flew a couple of times.

50 PCS Fine Point Blades

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Those blades are precisely what the Cricut required. We looked everywhere for a replacement blade, but it appears that everybody’s blades are different. This is a fantastic item to be in your DIY toolbox. These blades are used to clean windows, and a few of them have seen a lot of use. 

They do break now and then, but if they do, they are replaced at no cost. The blades, like the rest of the device, were razor-sharp and effortlessly sliced through whatever material we needed. It was a little tough to grip because the rubber cover slid off the fingertips, especially while using the attachment. 

Overall, we had a good time with them and had no issues with them. This collection of 50 fine point blades is an excellent addition to any Cricut cutting tool collection. They’re ideal for intricate cutting of all kinds.


  • The blades are very precise and fit the Cricut machine perfectly.
  • Great to find a replacement blade that is so specific to the Cricut machine.
  • It is always helpful to have a DIY toolbox with a variety of blades for different purposes.


  • They do break now and then
  • It was a little tough to grip

Cricut Scoring Stylus Review

Let’s be honest, the original Cricut scoring stylus has its problems. For one thing, it can be a bit loud. And you might worry about breaking the device if you use it to repeatedly tap down on certain materials–even though that is not normally what happens (at least without pushing the button with more than three pounds of pressure). 

Cricut Scoring Stylus Alternative

A third problem is that the internal battery only lasts for about two years, depending on how often the manufacturer calibrates it. Having said all. that. the device does have certain advantages. It works in the most difficult to use (and often damaged) areas of the Cricut machine. It also appears to be more accurate than the original scoring stylus. 

One advantage that is less apparent, but perhaps of more significance, is that it uses a AAA battery which tends to last much longer than those in the Cricut machine’s internal battery. I believe my stylus is now about two years old and still working well. If you purchase it through the Cricut website, you also get a small sample of three different colors to try out. 

(Note: We have not tested the colors, but the various white, silver, and black ones that we used seemed to be of fine quality.) Lastly, it also has a nice feature that allows you to record several stylus/pencil tip combinations so that you can easily switch between them. 

On the downside, the battery can leak (unless you get the stylus that comes with a small clip to fasten it).

Cricut Scoring Stylus Alternative Benefits

There are a few benefits of using a Cricut scoring stylus alternative. For one, it is less expensive than the original scoring stylus. It is also easier to find, as it is more widely available. Additionally, it works just as well as the original scoring stylus. However, while the scoring stylus is a bit pricey, it is also worth every penny you invest. 

You get to use a good, high-quality tool and it will last you a long time. Even if you have to buy an extra for the bottom of your Cricut, which is unnecessary, it will still be well worth the money. 

Of course, the main reason you are better off with a scoring stylus than a Cricut stylus is that a Cricut stylus won’t last. As soon as you have damaged the needle, it is practically useless. You will need to replace it every couple of months and if you have a high-dollar machine like a Cricut Explore, this can get pricey.

Cricut Scoring Stylus Alternative

Factors To Consider When Choosing Cricut Scoring Stylus Alternative

A Cricut scoring stylus is an electronic device that comes in handy when working with the Scoring board of a Cricut machine. These accessories help the user to accurately measure, using different methods and making markings on the material surface.

Being one of the small tools in the Cricut toolkit bag, it doesn’t cause any significant damage or wear and tear if misplaced, but can significantly increase crafting efficiency. While many users prefer to use their own tools for cutting vinyl, not everyone possesses the needed tools and equipment.

Cricut is offering various scoring stylus alternatives so as to help users work faster and easier. Having the choice of different stylus’ is a great help and relief, but which is the right choice for each user? Here is the list of the scoring stylus, their features, and recommended use.

Its Ability To Suit The Different Cutting Materials

The first factor to be considered while buying a Cricut scoring stylus is its ability to suit the different cutting materials. Some work well with standard vinyl, while others can also be used with special vinyl such as instant bonding film (IBF). 

But before purchasing any scoring stylus, make sure that you are able to choose the correct option for the material you are using.

It Is Easy To Clean

A scoring stylus is a precision instrument and just like any other fine equipment, it needs to be cleaned in order to maintain its perfect condition. So how does one clean a scoring stylus? At first, make sure that the blade part is wiped with a dry cloth. Afterward, take the blade part and gently wipe it with a moist sponge. 

Cricut Scoring Stylus Alternative

If you want to keep your scoring stylus working properly for a long time, then you need to do regular cleaning on it. So it’s very important to clean your scoring stylus as soon as you come to a point where it becomes dirty. Tip: For easy and fast cutting, it is recommended to use fabric for both the cutting mat and cutter wheel.

Ease Of Use

The next factor is the ease of use it has to offer. The scoring stylus needs to be sharpened before each use so as to avoid any unnecessary damage to the cutting material. In order to sharpen the scoring stylus, it is important to use the optimum grit number of the cutter wheel. 

For best results, it is recommended to sharpen the scoring stylus at least once every six months. Tip: If your scoring stylus has a plastic safety cover over it, make sure that you don’t forcefully twist it as it might damage the cutting wheel.

Precise Scoring

The next is the precision of the scoring, the users need to make sure that the stylus is sharp enough so as to avoid cutting unintended portions of the materials. This can be easily accomplished by choosing a scoring stylus that is thicker in size than the intended cutting material. 

Precise scoring ensures that the cutting result is uniform. Hence, you will be able to get a flat surface without having to restart the scoreline over and over again.


The next factor is the ease of use it has to offer. The stylus needs to be held comfortably in the hand. The Cricut Beechwood stylus with the pommel feature will be an example of a good choice. As you handle the stylus, you can also use your fingertips to gently push the blade in the scoring area for a deeper cut. 

Cricut Scoring Stylus Alternative

This will help in making sure that the scoring goes deep enough to allow for the cut materials to be pulled out as soon as you remove the cutting mat.


The next thing is the control it gives to you. The user needs to make sure that there are no unnecessary motions to score with the stylus. The Cricut Beechwood stylus with the pommel feature will be an example of a good choice. 

The scoring you do should not come off the surface unless the user pulls it, this is the reason you need to choose a stylus that is able to release the materials so they will be cut easily. Another feature you should look for is the ability to control the handle of the cutter. Some styluses have a strong handle that the user can hold in their hand comfortably.


The last is the volume. The users need to consider the dimensions of the cutting material and the volume it will require for cutting. If the cutter has a large handle, you will need to look for one that will not be too hard to hold. The smaller the cutter, the more difficult it will be to handle.

FAQs About Cricut Scoring Stylus Alternative

How does the Cricut scoring stylus alternative work?

While cutting machines like the Cricut have simplified the art of scrapbooking and crafting, a unique accessory was recently created to help all crafters. The Cricut Scoring Stylus is an excellent alternative that creates superior scoring on a variety of materials without scratching or dulling your blade.

Keeping the tool’s power to a minimum, this low-tech alternative has been designed to work with any type of Cricut cutting machine. Because the tool is not powerful, it makes any form of craftsmanship more simple and easier to use. You don’t need a separate scoring tool and the results are consistent and smooth. 

Cricut Scoring Stylus Alternative

You will also save money, not needing to buy several scoring tools or maintain one specific to your model.

How do I use the Cricut scoring stylus alternative?

The Cricut scoring stylus alternative works just like a normal blade, except you score with it. You can use it on paper, cardstock, acetate, vellum, and almost any other material that would normally be used for scrapbooking or crafting. Simply place the tip of the tool over your material and score with one swift cut. 

To create a straight line, press down on the tool rather than pulling it back and forth. Using the Cricut scoring stylus alternative requires less pressure than using a normal blade. When purchasing, pick up at least one but have extra on hand to make all your craft designs.

What are the differences between the Cricut scoring stylus and the Cricut scoring stylus alternative?

Craft knife scoring is the single most important step to a successful DIY Cricut project. But have you ever wondered why? Read on to learn more. Scoring does not dull your Cricut blade, it’s simply another tool for your crafting arsenal. 

The cutting head of the Cricut is designed to work with a cutting blade, unlike most other brands that have dedicated scoring tools. Scoring makes cutting on plastic easier because you can use less pressure and stay cleaner. The Cricut blades are designed to last a lifetime without getting dull, but occasionally the material can get stuck in them.

What are the downsides of using the Cricut scoring stylus alternative?

With all the high-tech tools available to us today, sometimes it’s nice to look back at how things were done previously. While there are definite advantages to using something like the Cricut scoring stylus alternative, it also comes with some downsides that should be considered before choosing a particular product over another.

First of all, it’s worth considering what you’re using your Cricut to do. While most machines cut, the scoring stylus isn’t actually designed for cutting. In fact, it’s designed specifically for tracing images and shapes on paper or cardboard that you want to cut out. 

While you can use it for making your images look more professional, it’s not what you need for something like cutting fabric.

The second consideration is how you’ll be using the scoring stylus. While it does come with some great tips to help you keep the tip from breaking off, it’s still not a good idea to abuse a tool like this. You don’t want to damage the stylus tip by poking it too far or too hard.

Who should use the Cricut scoring stylus alternative?

A Cricut scoring stylus alternative has several functions and can be used in many different ways. Although these sorts of tools are especially useful for crafters, anybody who works with paper often may want to try one out.

For example, if you find your fingers hurting after a long day of cutting or folding paper, or maybe the stress is just too much and you’d like to step away from it all, there are alternatives. The Cricut scoring stylus alternative can provide some relief by helping you focus on your papercraft while still being able to create details and check sizes.


The best scoring stylus is the one that is sharp, has an easy and comfortable grip, and has the ability to suit all materials. You need to go for a scoring stylus that is made by reputable brands. You will find the perfect one for you.

To save time, you need to compare scoring stylus models by visiting different websites. Choose a reputable brand to avoid getting scammed. Or you can check out our favorite: Cricut Tools & Trimmer Set. You can also check out this list of the best scoring stylus for specific materials to find your perfect match.

No products found.

Whether you are a novice crafter or an expert, you will find the perfect scoring stylus that suits your needs. There are tons of options out there. But the last thing you want is to go with the wrong product that leaves your hands sore from overuse. You can spend hours learning and practicing with the wrong scoring stylus. So, what will you choose?

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