Top 15 Custom DJ Table Detailed Reviews: Available For All Budget Ranges

Custom DJ tables are not like the normal desks that you still use to study or work, DJ desks contain separate functions and heights and sizes to optimize the use of DJs on stage. Thanks to the special features of the table design, DJs can easily mix and work with DJ control panels on the stage. We have researched the market and selected 15 of the most popular desks, packed with great features and at a variety of price points.

In this list of best custom DJ tables, we have also selected products suitable for both beginners and professional DJs, which will shorten your choices and save you a headache when working with the DJ desk. What’s more, for those who don’t know how to choose DJ desks, we also have a buying guide and necessary notes below for your reference.

DJ tables come in a wide range of prices, some for just a few dozen dollars but others for several hundred dollars, and for starters, you probably just need the simplest table possible to learn from zero, and professional DJs, let’s see which table is for you today!

Best Custom DJ Table Comparison 2024

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Top 15 Custom DJ Table Reviews 2024

American DJ Mixer Stand

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The first table has an extremely trendy design and color, it is a folding table, easy to carry and fold. The American DJ Pro Event Table II weighs in at about 40 lbs, and with its versatile portability, it’s suitable for any type of event. As you can see in today’s list of custom DJ tables, this is the only white table, this is the sleekest and trendiest design a DJ can own.

This table is very large, sized enough for DJs with two or more turntables, which means you can store a lot of accessories with it, and you will be more active in the process of working when you do not have to depend on the event’s accessories. Despite being so large, but with the design of 2 front aluminum doors, the table can be folded and looks neat. With this design, it will also take up less space than other DJ tables and you can store it in your small room.

Do you know what’s special here? It’s at the front of the table, there’s room for you to put your brand name on, or whatever design you want. This is a perfect table for branding, it is also a very popular point of this table.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Wide surface for multiple accessories
  • Polished and trendy design
  • Included space for brand name
  • Take up less storage space


  • Pricey

Odyssey ATT2 DJ Gear Stand

[amazon box=”B001Q3KTA6″ ]

The Odyssey ATT2 is designed as a double door, it can be opened and folded, providing high convenience and many professional DJs appreciate this design. As you can see in the picture, this table can be folded into a flat surface, its legs not only fold into the sides but also fold in the middle, the side pedestal can also rotate and fold, you can customize it according to your needs. This optimizes the space and weight of the product.

There are two things you need to keep in mind if you choose to buy this product. The first is the adjustable padding at the end of each leg, it is said to be less durable and less stable than other models, I think this design is to ensure the fluidity of the product, but accidentally it is a minus point. The second thing is that the stability of the tabletop is not high, the aluminum frame does not seem sturdy enough to support if the tabletop is under too much pressure. So DJ should be careful not to press down on the table too much or put too many heavy objects on it. Perhaps this table will be more suitable for beginners who have fewer capacity needs.

Another plus point is that the table is very easy to install, it has specific instructions and just follow and you will have a table that can be used that day. The quality of the product is also quite sturdy, suitable for the price that customers spend.


  • A smart design that can be folded flat for portability
  • Easy to install and use
  • Large surface 
  • Solid materials


  • There is a little stability problem

Seismic Audio – SAMRWT-16U

[amazon box=”B00DS1NJF6″ ]

As you can see in the picture, this is a combination of tool case and work table for DJ, although it looks quite bulky but they are versatile and have many uses. This table measures 1″ x 21.75″, weighs 75.2 lbs, compared to the separate tables above they are not light, but because of the extra case, you can understand this. 

Talking about compactness and convenience, the front door and top door of the case are removable, the corners of the product can be stacked, and there are also 4 wheels at the bottom for easy mobility. If you ask me if the small table is removable, the answer is yes, they are removable, and the table legs fold up quite neatly. That means you can use the table on its own or fold it with the case. 

However, this desk is quite small and they can be quite entangled if you use it with another case, because the case is higher than the table, so your left hand can get in the way when working. The good thing is that the material of this product is sturdy, has an outer layer to prevent liquid, and is highly stable when you play music. The design looks bulky but they are not as heavy as you think.


  • Stable and solid materials
  • Include wheels for mobility
  • Removable doors cases and DJ table
  • Versatile and provide multiple uses


  • Dj table surface is quite small

Sound Town 14U PA DJ Rack

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This is an integrated product like the one above, you can disassemble the doors, the table, the legs, the baseboard too, for cleaning or moving needs. The wheels of the case are very sturdy, they withstand heavy loads and when you have a lot of tools in the trunk, they still move smoothly and easily. The space of the rack is quite deep, about 20″, you will be able to hold a lot of things such as a turntable, mixer, speakers in here.

Talking more about the table, this table is small, easy to install and disassemble. The legs of the table can also be folded neatly, the table has metal-coated corners to avoid bumps when you carry it and ensure the durability of the product. The material of the product is ATA wood, covered by a PVC layer, which helps the product to be durable and avoid scratches during movement.


  • Rack space is deep and roomy for mixers, speakers, DJ panels
  • Solid material with ATA wood and PVC
  • Removable doors and table
  • Easily to be folded neatly


  • Bulky design

DJ Event Facade

[amazon box=”B07T16K28M” ]

For professional DJs who don’t want to show off all their gear to the audience, who like to have a professional look while performing, this table with a curtain makes perfect sense. it will even make the DJ more confident on stage. This DJ table is all black painted, looks classy, ​​simple, and it’s also quite light about 35 lbs, has good portability, it’s great for you to take it everywhere.

The body of the table is stretch panels that are glued to the metal frame, these panels are removable and clean, the only minus point may be that they will be less sticky after a period of use. The metal tabletop is also removable, they are lightweight and have a metal bottom design. Especially the table can be flattened to flat to move, I really appreciate this folding design. The metal frame is sturdy, sturdy, durable, and weatherproof.

The product has 2 colors white and black, these two colors will be the stretch panels, and the tabletop will be black for both types. The white double-layered scrim faces are flame retardant, creating some interesting lighting effects during the performance. It can be said that this product is both sturdy and convenient so that you can disassemble everything easily.


  • All parts are removable for maximum portability
  • Super lightweight and effortless to carry
  • Solid metal frame for high stability during performance
  • Comes in two colors
  • Simple design but sturdy and versatile


  • The stretch panels can reduce stickiness over time

ProX Transformer Series Fold Away DJ Performance Desk

[amazon box=”B01IC8G5FK” ]

This ProX Transformer Series product is designed as a box or a suitcase. The tabletop part can be folded neatly in the middle, then the 2 side doors can be closed like doors, forming a closed case that you can carry things, then when you go to the stage, you unload it like a table. It really is a suitcase because with handles on the side of the table and 2 wheels on the bottom, you won’t need to carry this table, just push them along. So you can comfortably store a lot of stuff inside. 

Another difference with this product is that it has a divider. The case section below the tabletop has two compartments, so you can divide your tools and they won’t get tangled up when you carry them. This table is designed to be extremely fixed and sturdy with many hinges, screws, a sturdy frame, anti-rust material. Therefore, its weight is also quite large, but this is not an obstacle because you already have wheels to make it easy to move. In terms of color and design, there is only one model, it is black and does not contain many cumbersome details.


  • Smart design with a suitcase shape
  • Include a handle and wheels for portability
  • Include a divider for larger storage space
  • Super sturdy and solid


  • The product maybe a little bit heavy

Odyssey CTBC2060

[amazon box=”B001Q3KTLA” ]

The best thing about this product is probably that it can be adjusted in height, which is also what makes our customers most satisfied. Unlike the massive designs with many other doors and steel frames, this table is small, narrow, compact, and very suitable for placing in small rooms or places with limited space. This design also means that assembling this table is quite simple and does not take much effort. 

Convenience is also reflected in the product has a Strap handle, easy to carry. The table legs are foldable and adjustable in height from 26 to 38 inches, which is great for those who are just starting to learn to DJ and don’t know what height is right for them. The tabletop is quite solid, made of metal, covered with black paint, and simple design. The table can hold up to 150 pounds and it can hold a laptop, a turntable, and other small things. 

The point to note is that this is a fairly minimalist table, so it does not integrate any custom features. However, this can be a utility because you can use the table for many different purposes.


  • Height – adjustable from 26 to 38 inches
  • Compact and simple design for easy installing
  • Include a strap handle for easy carrying
  • Solid tabletop, which can hold up to 150 pounds


  • Not include any advanced or custom features


[amazon box=”B07KRQ1LV7″ ]

This is the same design as the ProX above, but they differ a bit in the way they fold. I will talk about the specifications and characteristics of this product although it is similar to the product above. This is a suitcase-shaped design, meaning that every part can be collapsed down to become a rectangular flat suitcase, then you use the handle and wheels of the product to pull it like a regular suitcase. The tabletop has a fairly standard width: 54″ x 18″, you can estimate with the table at home to see what size this is. 

The case allows you to double space with two shelves, separated by a divider, as I said above, this design optimizes the storage space because you can store many different tools without them getting in the way. wish or overlap. This type of design is very sturdy, provides great stability when you perform on stage, and also prevents many external influences, allowing you to preserve and preserve your products for as long as possible. 

In terms of color and size, they only have one model as shown in the picture I have. In terms of weight, you probably won’t need to pay too much attention because the table has wheels and you won’t have to carry it.


  • Solid design for the high level of stability during performance
  • All parts can be folded down which takes up little space
  • Double the storage room with a two-shelf case
  • Include wheels for portability


  • It is not variety in sizes

Odyssey FZF3336 Flight Zone

[amazon box=”B001Q3KSPC” ]

Really glad I found a custom DJ table that comes in different sizes for you to choose from, I understand that there are different needs and that the height and size of the table cannot fit everyone. The height of the fixed table is 36 inches, a standard height, and its width will range from 22, 26 to 33 inches. If you want to know what the ideal height and width are, you can scroll down to the buying guide below. 

This table is compactly foldable, you can remove the lower shelf and fold them neatly in the corner when not in use, the top part I can’t be sure but you will need to buy an additional tabletop or place your computer stand on it. The great thing about this table is that it is very stable, it is suitable for professional performances because the only thing you need to focus on is your music, you won’t have to worry that it will shake.

In terms of weight, at 33 pounds, you can be confident you can move it on stage. It has many options in size but the style and paint color is only one. This is understandable because the designers have weighed in on what is needed and what is not on a DJ table.


  • Variety in sizes
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Include bottom rubber feet supporters and an interior support shelf
  • Affordable
  • High stability during performance


  • No tabletop is included


[amazon box=”B01KZC0I0Y” ]

This table is a compact design with a different base than those with a curtain. They are a pretty simple design, they have a tabletop, legs, stackable open edge, and they are foldable for easy carrying. The biggest advantage of these types of desks is that they are light, at only 24.4 lbs, which also means that their stability and sturdiness will not be high, and if you install the foot position incorrectly, it may shake while you play music. But this is not something that happens often, so don’t worry. 

They are featured chrome-plated steel and covered table corners to prevent knocks, and the design is compact, but you can count on the material’s strength and durability. With all of this in mind, you have a pretty cheap price tag for such a table, which I think is a reasonable investment for someone just starting.


  • Compact design and easy to install
  • Suitable for small and narrow space
  • Super light
  • Durable materials


  • It may not be great instability


[amazon box=”B01KZC0P5W” ]

This best custom DJ table is considered to be very good for its price. Thank you for the customer reviews that let me know this table is large enough for two playing cards, a laptop shelf, and a headset. This table is really no different from the one above that I described to you. It can be said that this type of table is quite suitable for home use, instead of bringing to large professional stages because you see, its design is quite simple.

The truth is that this table is probably best suited for turntables, its width, and size are comparable to that of a standard turntable. The table is small but the design is sturdy and sturdy, with 4 corners covered to avoid scratches. The table comes in black and is a single size. This is an optimal choice for small spaces.


  • Great for placing turntables and laptops
  • Compact size but sturdy and durable
  • Suitable for a small room
  • Solid design and material


  • Not come in various sizes 

Harmony HCTABLE Portable

[amazon box=”B07T4SNJJ4″ ]

I just said that the above one is a pity that it only has 1 size, the next one has 3 size choices for you. When I look at this desk, I think of my school desk, because they can be folded neatly and stored away when not in use. You can use it as a regular table, or fold it down into a tabletop, put it on your speaker. This table is similar to the one above, there is no difference, it also holds enough for two turntables.

This simple design won’t have built-in headphones or holes for cables, but customers say it’s pretty easy to design those yourself, so you can do it yourself. The table legs do not have wheels to move, so you will have to carry the table by hand if you want to move, fortunately, they are quite light so there is no problem.

They have 3 sizes for you to choose from, 36″, 48″ and workstation table, but there is only one model and design. The material is absolutely sturdy, so buyers can rest assured.


  • Comes with two size
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Wide enough for two turntables
  • Solid design with durable materials


  • No holes for cables running through


[amazon box=”B06WGR7WCZ” ]

The black color of this table is really simple yet classy. I believe it will suit the followers of minimalism. It’s a pity that this is not a perfect custom DJ table because although the brand says they can be adjusted to the height of the table legs, customers complain about this part the most. It can be said that assembling it will have some problems and customers are not satisfied when they take a long time to assemble.

But what’s great about this, customers love this table because it holds loads well, up to 150lbs, they say when they put the DJ coffin on top and it still supports perfectly. This table has no wheels, but it has a handle to make it convenient to move, it is quite light so you can rest assured. Moreover, the table is compact but the stability is quite good, many DJs are very satisfied with this and they consider it a reasonable investment.


  • Include a handle for carrying
  • Weight range up to 150lbs
  • Lightweight but great stability


  • Installing may be time-consuming

Odyssey FZF5437T Flight Zone

[amazon box=”B001Q3KSPM” ]

The reason you see Odyssey products a lot in reviews is that the company is pretty good at making DJ tables. To intertwine this next car has nothing to make you and me have to keep an eye on. This table measures 54 x 37 inches, is foldable, has a good load-bearing capacity, and is excellently sturdy. Customers say it is easy to put on and take off, which is a strong point for first-time DJs using the table. The next great thing is that it has a shelf in the case, and the case is large enough for you to hold everything you want. 

What’s more, that storage also allows you to conceal all your cables inside, creating a maximum professional look when performing. The design of this product is simple, when you look at the picture, you can immediately see the details of the product. It can be said that this is a great product for you to customize because it has a front panel for you to stick your brand name or poster for different types of events.


  • Large space for storage
  • Fold-flat for better mobility
  • Customizable and suitable for many kinds of event
  • Easy to set up and takedown


  • A bit heavy

Quik Lok DJ Table and Mixer Stand 

[amazon box=”B01E5GC32W” ]

This table is entirely made of metal, providing high stability and good weight-bearing capacity. The table design is simple, the tabletop is made of metal mesh, it has holes and it would be nice if it was big enough for you to run cables through. Talking about the size of the table, it comes in 4 sizes in terms of height: 38.2 inches, 33.8 inches, 29.5 inches, and 25.2 inches. 

Customers say that this table is enough for 2 turntables and a mixer, this is also a fairly common size for DJs, its stability is quite good, but you should put the balance on both sides and do not put things into something tilted to one side. This table folds flat, and so can almost every table we review today. Since this is simply a tool table, it leaves no room for your custom branding, but the great thing is that it’s compact, affordable, and doesn’t take much to install.


  • Metal material for great capacity and stability
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Variety in sizes


  • Include no storage

Top Tips For Choosing The Best Custom Dj Tables

As a professional DJ, you will certainly spend time behind your “table” for a long time, even all day, so choosing a suitable DJ table, avoid you having pain problems. Back, in the long run, is extremely important. In addition to the height of the table, there are a few things you also need to keep in mind when choosing a custom DJ table, such as price, materials, features, flexibility when moving, and roomy enough for your DJ kit.

Moreover, choosing a suitable DJ table will help you save setup time, preparation time, and time getting used to new equipment. While we’ve picked the best DJ sets for you, they might not be right for you, so you need to check out this buying guide to better understand your needs.

How tall should the DJ table be?

Custom DJ Table

It depends a lot on your height, the taller you are, the taller the table needs to be. Usually, the tables on the market will have a height of about 2-3 feet, and often DJs will choose a table about 38 inches, but there are also types up to 48 inches high.

In today’s types of desks, some types can be adjusted to the height quite easily and you do not need to worry about this problem. If you choose a fixed type, you can measure and estimate that if the table surface is close to your elbows, and when working, your hands can be comfortably relaxed, then that table will be suitable. unify.

The standard height of DJ tables is about 100cm – 3.3 feet, it is suitable for guys about 1m70-1m80. If you do not have that height, then choosing a table under 100cm is suitable.

How wide should my DJ table be?

Stereo.T Side View 1600x1000 2

If the height of the table depends on your height, then the width of the table will depend on your needs. Usually, there are two types of desks you will see on the market, those with drawers and ones without. If you have a lot of turntables, more than two, that come with accessories like microphones, mixers, effects pedals, then you will need a fair amount of space, and you should choose a large table with drawers. for the accompanying accessories.

If you have a separate accessory bag, and the table is only for the turntable, to work on the stage, then you probably just need to choose a table that is just right, not too big, so that you can easily carry it.

What features should I pay attention to when choosing a DJ table?

First, if you work with a laptop a lot, your laptop will need a safe place. So it will help if you choose a DJ table with a separate stand for the laptop part. This will ensure that when you move or the table shakes or even dropped.

Stereo.T Close Up DJ 2 1600x1000 2

For DJs who move a lot, portable tables with foldable table legs will save you time and effort. There are tables without legs, it can be folded but it does not have removable legs, then you should also choose the one with wheels, so you can carry it from the bottom of the hall to the high stage. easily.

Another feature you may notice is the section your headphones built into the structure. When integrating this feature into the DJ table, you can easily carry it without fear of being left behind at the stage or the hotel.

What’s more, I also recommend that you pay attention to the number of multiple plugs or amps in the table, many plugs help you connect multiple devices and enhance the performance of your performance. These sections will not be visible to the audience, so they will look neat and uncluttered.

There are many other things but I think the above is the most basic form a perfect choice.

What about the material of the DJ table?

c10c64c27e0606d1654b81b9bb482558 L 1

There are usually two materials you will see most commonly on the market: wood and metal. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages.

With wooden DJ tables, most of them will be MDF (medium-density fiberwood). This material has the advantages of high strength, firmness, good stability. More specifically, its coat can prevent liquid and protect your table against high humidity. The drawback of this type of table is that it can print streaks of cups and cups when you put them on the table.

The second type is the metal table, which is equally popular because they are light and easy to move, for those who often have to carry the table by themselves, this material is quite convenient. However, its weakness is that the stability is not high, and if you have too many tools, the table may not be as strong as a wooden table.

Is it more economical if I make my DIY DJ table?

Screen Shot 2020 04 14 at 12.59.26 AM 1

I’m not sure if it’s more economical. The truth is, when you make your DIY desk, you can get creative and you can design the drawers to suit your needs. That way it will meet long-term needs instead of having to buy several tables at once because one does not have all the functions you want.

However, when you do something for yourself, it is understandable that you will choose the best, choose the best materials, the best plugs, the best paint color. So the cost will become quite high and even you spend a lot of time measuring, cutting tools, putting them together.

If you want to save money, I have a suggestion that you can buy 2hand tables of professional DJs, it will be more economical. You use that table to learn setup, and when you master it, you can confidently buy a new table according to your needs.


I’m very pleased with the buying guide for the best custom DJ table that I’ve compiled, I think we spent a lot of time researching and synthesizing information, and we wanted to give you a brief overview. , the easiest to understand. I hope you can choose a custom DJ table that suits your needs, and it’s good if you can stick with it and use it for a long time.

Above are the top 15 custom DJ tables on the market, including the easiest to use, suitable for both beginners and professionals, the table for personal use. If you liked this article and found it useful, please comment below to let us know, we will make additional articles according to the needs of customers and readers.
I can see the final picks above, and in the detailed review below you can see the pros and cons as well as a more detailed look at each product. In each review section, you can find information about its design, features, and materials, as well as its suitability for each need. I leave you a short video here to make the subject more accessible:

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