DDJ SZ Cases Reviews – Choose The Best Case For Your Digital Controller

Choosing the right DDJ SZ cases for your controller can be difficult. There are so many different cases out there, and it’s hard to know which one is best for you.

DDJ SZ Cases has a wide variety of cases that will fit any need. They offer cases with built-in storage, shockproof protection, and more! With their great selection of products, you’re sure to find the perfect case for your controller today!

Here is our detailed review of DDJ SZ Cases. Check out!

Things To Consider When Buying DDJ SZ Cases

There are many factors to consider when choosing your DDJ SZ cases. Here, we will give you a list of the common things to consider in 2021:

DDJ SZ Cases


DDJ Cases should be big enough to house all the necessary items without the case having to be excessively large or heavy. On the other hand, it should be compact enough to allow for portability. In general, you should choose a case that is slightly bigger than the DDJ SZ itself.

Weight Distribution

Typically, DDJ cases have a weight distribution of around 2/3 in the base and 1/3 in the lid. This increases stability while minimizing movement when being transported. A good case will sit upright without needing to be propped up against anything.


If you are playing in a live setting, being able to quickly get your gear on stage is essential for time management. However, if you are using your case in the studio, quick-access storage compartments aren’t always necessary. In general, cases with fold-out layers are easier to access than cases with individual trays.

Material & Padding

The material of the case will affect its weight, durability, and ease of transportation. The padding plays an important role in protecting your equipment against shocks and vibrations during travel or transport. It’s also worth noting that some cases are made with all-aluminum construction which doesn’t transfer heat as well as cases lined with rubber.

DDJ SZ Cases


If you are playing in a studio or small space, aesthetics may not be an important factor for you to consider. But, if you are playing live in front of an audience, style can make all the difference! If your DDJ SZ is your instrument and it represents your brand, you should find a case that matches the style of your performance.

Build Quality & Warranty

This goes without saying but you should always look for sturdy cases with the excellent build quality. The last thing you want is to see your hard-earned equipment crushed because the case gave way mid-performance!

You ideally want to invest in a product that comes with a warranty, which assures you that your gear is protected. Most cases offer at least one year of protection against manufacturing defects and materials.


The DDJ SZ cases should have attached side handlebars. This enables you to pick up the case with ease, especially when it is filled with equipment! Ensure that these are made of strong plastic rather than metal in order to prevent damage to your valuable controller.

Lid & Front Cover

Ensure that your DDJ’s lids and front cover close easily to protect your equipment. Some products have latches that are difficult to close. This can be a real headache if you need to quickly get your gear on stage!

Ideally, you want lids and front covers with quick-release clasps for easy access. If they can’t, damage can occur due to a lack of protection, resulting in a costly repair bill.

DDJ SZ Cases

Braces & Feet

Good DDJ cases should have metal braces attached to the walls. These will protect your equipment from damage due to movement, or from any sudden drops or falls that may occur while you are transporting it.

The added advantage of a case with feet is that it allows for airflow between the bottom and sides of your controller, meaning that it will not overheat or become damaged from being left in a hot environment.


For the final point, you should consider how convenient it is for you if there are wheels on the DDJ cases. Although this may make them heavy and bulkier, it allows for ease of movement and less strenuous lifting.


There are many manufacturers of DDJ cases out there. Some well-known brands include Odyssey, RANE, and Gemini. The choice is largely down to your preferences, but it’s important to do your research before buying so that you can find the perfect case for you in 2021!

So remember, when choosing between all of these great items, always take into account your budget, the size of your controller, and what you will be using it for. This way, you won’t regret your purchase in 2021!

DDJ SZ Cases

Ease Of Transport

The next thing to consider when choosing DDJ SZ cases is the ease of transport. Even if your DDJ is built with wheels, you will still have to lift it. This makes the weight of the case an important factor in making your choice. Ensure that it is easy to transport so that you can avoid any unnecessary back pain.

Padding & Protection

The padding and protection of the case are also extremely important if you want to protect your controller. There are many choices out there, but it’s worth noting that some cases are built with all-aluminum construction which doesn’t transfer heat as well as cases lined with rubber.


DDJ cases come in a wide variety of prices, and it is important to choose a price range before shopping around. This will cut down on the amount of time looking through options that are not within your price range or do not have desirable features.

DDJ SZ Cases Review

ProX Cases Pioneer DDJ-SZ (BLACK) Digital Controller Flight Case w Laptop Shelf and Wheels XS-DDJSZWLTBL (ProSoundGear Authorized Seller)
  • Features: ProX XS-DDJSZWLTBL Black DJ Flight Case For Pioneer DDJ-SZ W/Gliding Laptop Shelf+Wheels. ATA-300 style gig ready flight road case. Sliding laptop shelf. Easy locking fit and tongue. High-density foam interior support & casing. Recessed spring action handles per side
  • Reinforced steel ball corners. Dual anchor rivets. Laminated 3/8" plywood. Black on black digital honey comb exterior design. Industrial recessed butterfly twist lock latches that can be padlocked. Industrial-grade rubber Feet. Cable access hole with removable emblem cover. Rubber wheels

DDJ SZ Cases are the official Serato DJ Cases for the Pioneer DDJ SZ controller. The cases are made of plywood, have heavy-duty ball corners, recessed handles and latches, rubber feet, and are covered by a limited lifetime warranty (covers faulty manufacture).

The SZ Case is a large case that fits the DDJ-SZ and it’s a laptop stand. It comes with a strap to keep the laptop from moving around in the case. The nice thing about this case is that it has built-in wheels, so you can roll your set up in one piece.

There are also two small aluminum cases that fit the CDJ-SZ. Both of these small cases have a handle and wheels so they can be rolled around. The DDJ SZ Cases are perfect for the person who always uses their own equipment at gigs. They are sturdy, have a great look, and protect your controller from damage.

The things to consider when buying these cases are how you will take them to gigs, if you need built-in wheels or not, and what equipment you plan on putting into your case.

These cases aren’t the cheapest cases around, but they are one of the best out there. The DDJ SZ Cases are top-notch! They are easy to use and offer great protection for our valuable gear.

Who Are DDJ SZ Cases For?

DDJ SZ Cases

The DDJ SZ Cases are for DDJ SZ owners, but only on a temporary basis. It is for those who want a premium controller to go with their DDJ SZ. These cases are a bit expensive, but they’re also the best option for protecting your equipment.

The DDJ SZ is a fantastic piece of kit. Pioneer DJ really outdid themselves on this one. The controller has been well received by the overall DJ community and all of the functions work great. However, as with most things nowadays, there’s going to be a need or want for more features.

The SZ Cases are not only for the DDJ SZ but also compatible with other similar-sized Pioneer DJ equipment such as the XDJ RX2/RX, CDJ 850/900, etc.

Pros Of DDJ SZ Cases

The most obvious pro for the DDJ SZ Cases is that they’re made to protect your controller. The DDJ SZ Cases are designed with a rugged exterior that protects against impacts and dust.

A specially-designed foam padding system also helps ensure that the controller inside stays safe. The cases are also equipped with an interior padded divider that separates the DDJ SZ from any other equipment you might be carrying.

Another thing about these cases is that they come in three stylish colors – black, white, and red. Additionally, there are also pre-cut holes that allow for easy access to the jogs on the top of the controller + knobs on the sides.

The last pro is that the cases are compatible with other Pioneer DJ equipment such as the XDJ RX2/RX, CDJ 850/900, etc.

Cons Of DDJ SZ Cases

Unfortunately, not everything about these cases is good news. For one thing, they’re pretty pricey, especially considering the controller comes with one.

Second of all, because of its functionality and build quality, the DDJ SZ is rather heavy. This means that you’ll definitely need to buy a case before any additional equipment you might be carrying (e.g. cables).

Features & Benefits

DDJ SZ Cases


The case is made of plywood, has a compartment to place the controller in to keep it from moving around, heavy-duty ball corners, recessed handles and latches, rubber feet. The case is coated with a black vinyl material on the outside and a soft non-scratching material on the inside.

The case features a removable front lid to place your books, manuals, and other gear, the inside of the front lid is made out of foam that can be custom cut to fit any items you may want to store.


DDJ SZ cases have various sizes from S up to XL, which can hold any of the DDJ-SZ models. Usually, the model number is written on each side of the case so you know exactly which one it is for.

The size is so important because if your controller doesn’t precisely fit inside, some parts may damage when you close the case while using it. Sometimes you can squeeze it inside by removing the controller’s feet and some other times you will need to remove some parts like buttons, jog wheels, and knobs.


One of the most important features is the handlebars. Every case has some retractable handlebars on top and some on the side, so you can lift it up and carry it where ever you go.

The weight and materials used for building these cases make them sturdy enough to keep your controller safe from any damage during transport or just throwing it around.

DDJ SZ Cases

Padding and Inner Pockets

Every case that we offer has high-density foam and other materials to keep the controller safe from any damage. We also provide custom-made inner pockets to fit your model perfectly, so there’s no risk of movement inside the case.

Same as every product we try our best to make sure it’s built with high-quality materials and lasts long.


DDJ SZ cases are affordable and priced to fit every budget, they are really worth the value that you will get out of them when properly taking care of your controller.


We offer high-quality water-resistant cases which can be a perfect choice for any weather condition. Our DDJ SZ waterproof cases are built with the same materials as others and they can protect your controller from rain or other liquids that you might encounter during transport.


If your DJ controller fits perfectly inside the case, you can use it while carrying it. This is very useful if you are playing at a party somewhere and need to quickly pack up and go.

You can do that without fear of breaking or damaging any parts of your gear. Sometimes this means removing parts that can get in the way of your controller to fit it properly. If you have a big gig coming up and need to be sure everything will work perfectly, you can leave all parts on for peace of mind.

DDJ SZ Cases


DDJ SZ cases are perfect for their durability. They are made of plywood and coated with black vinyl material on the outside and soft non-scratching material on the inside. Also, they have heavy-duty ball corners, recessed handles, and latches, rubber feet.


DDJ SZ cases are not that heavy, which is good because they can be bulky at times. They have retractable handlebars on top and some on the side which give you an option of carrying them in two different ways.

Controller Compartment

The controller compartment is located in front of the bag, has releasable hinges on both sides making access easy to place or remove the controller. There is also a compartment behind the controller to place cables, a power adapter, and other accessories you might need for mobile use.


The bag has 4 wheels on one side making it easy to roll around should you prefer to travel with this case instead of carrying it by hand. The recessed handle makes it comfy to carry the case by hand should you choose to do that.

Space For Other Gear

A compartment is located in the rear of the bag, use it for your laptop, cables, etc. It also has a pocket on one side where you can store small items like memory cards or anything else you want to have quick access to while being on the go.



ProX Flight Case For Pioneer DDJ-SZ or DDJ-RZ Digital Controller With Laptop Shelf & Wheels - Black on Red Design - XS-DDJSZWLTRB
  • TO FIT: Pioneer DDJ-SZ or DDJ-RZ Digital DJ Controller
  • MADE WITH THE HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIAL: This Hard Case is made with the highest quality material and workmanship to give you the ultimate security for your DJ system.

ProX Flight Case XS-DDJSZWLTRB is a comparable option for DDJ-SZ. This is a ProX flight case designed to fit Pioneer DDJ-SZ and many of the most popular DJ controllers using the Serato software.

Each XS-DDJSZWLTRB case has been constructed with high-quality plywood and covered with black Tolex for an attractive appearance, durability, and long life. The main features of the XS-DDJSZWLTRB include:

Flight Case is designed to fit Pioneer DDJ-SZ and many of the most popular DJ controllers using the Serato software. Made with high-quality plywood and covered with black Tolex for an attractive appearance and durability. Durable ball corners

Heavy-duty hardware including recessed spring-action handles and removable front panel with a heavy-duty metal latch. Removable Low Profile shelf enables you to mount smaller-sized controllers or fit an additional mixer. Pre-cut foam to securely hold all of your gear in place and keep it safe during transport.

Odyssey Red Series Gear Bag for Pioneer DDJ-SZ

Odyssey Red Series Gear Bag for Pioneer DDJ-SZ - New
  • Package Dimensions: 37 L x 19 H x 7 W (inches)
  • Package Weight : 8.2 pounds

Odyssey Red Series Gear Bag is extremely well made & extremely durable. The zippers are heavy duty and the padded handle & shoulder strap make it easy to carry this bag around.

It’s well designed too as there is a pocket for cables/controller etc and then another section with velcro that fits your laptop easily. There is even a pouch on the end of the case that you could fit your iPad into.

Even the inside of this bag has been well considered as there is a removable section that can sit between your controller & laptop to protect it from any knocks, or if you want to put some wires underneath your laptop so they don’t dangle out the side

This case fits perfectly too and looks like it’s part of the controller when you have your cables in there. Even with this removable section inside, it still holds everything very tightly so no moving around or rattling.

The wheels are good quality too and feel sturdy which is always a bonus for you. This bag also looks really nice – sleek & understated – just what you want from a laptop bag really.

Decksaver DS-PC-DDJSZ 

Decksaver DS-PC-DDJSZ Pioneer DDJ-SZ Protective Cover
  • Designed to fit the Pioneer DDJ-SZ
  • Strong, attractive protection for your gear

Decksaver DS-PC-DDJSZ is a light, durable and high-quality case for Pioneer DJM-S9 Serato Control Surface. It will protect your gear from dirt, scratches, and accidental impacts during transportation.

The design of this protective cover was thought through to the smallest detail – all ports, controls, and connectors are easily accessible which means that you can use it as soon as you take it out of the box.

Thanks to elastic form, you can dismount the front panel if needed by simply removing 3 screws located in the back of your equipment. Decksaver is made of polycarbonate, a very durable material, which keeps the weight of the cover minimal.

Because it is made of one plastic shell, there are no built-in hinges or moving elements in this protective case which makes it both lightweight and long-lasting. Even when it’s scratched, there’s almost no visual impairment, allowing you to use it for a much longer time.

Decksaver DS-PC-DDJSZ comes in black color and it will be a smart choice for everyone who wishes to take care of their Pioneer DDJ SZ. It is a great investment as it will last you long and protect your DJ controller from damage over time.


DDJ SZ Cases

How can I clean my DDJ SZ case?

The case can be cleaned by either wiping with a damp cloth or placing the article on the top rack of the dishwasher. The DDJ SZ’s thin, water-resistant Neoprene outer fabric is machine washable, too.

Just toss it into your washing machine on its own or use laundry liquid followed by a cool rinse to clean any stains which are due to dirt akin to sullying from jeans / dark clothing.

How do you prevent scratches on the case?

To prevent scratches on the case, please be sure to remove the device from the case before using it. Don’t rub the case against abrasive surfaces. The same goes for any other part of your phone’s exterior, which you should avoid rubbing the DDJ SZ cases against.

Are these DDJ SZ cases waterproof?

Yes, DDJ SZ cases are waterproof. However, if you want some added water protection for your device, some people recommend using some sort of waterproof cover. But there’s no official word on whether these would be compatible with the DDJ SZ case.


 DDJ SZ Cases has been providing high-quality cases for many years now. DDJ SZ Cases is committed to delivering quality phone cases at competitive prices with an industry-leading warranty policy. If you are looking for excellent customer service as well as fast shipping options, make sure you choose DDJ SZ Cases next time you’re in need of a new or replacement case!

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