Top 17 Best Decorative Rifle Wall Mounts in 2024: Our Top Picks

Are you wandering around and looking for the best decorative rifle wall mounts but don’t have any idea? Congratulations! I’m here to assist you to find a FANCY one in the following part.

Due to its name, the rifle wall mount is generally used to store many kinds of guns, as well as for decor purposes. A wall mount would be the perfect insert of your rifle, added to the vibe of your house, and make it more swag!

The rifle wall mount will function to keep your gun with some holes in either the vertically or horizontally places. There are various sizes, components, weights, and models so you need to pick the one that suits you the most.

Through research and reviews, we notice and select the top 17 best decorative rifle wall mounts that you can make a consideration and choose the desired one. Follow me and deep in the detail reviews:

Best Decorative Rifle Wall Mounts Comparison 2024

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Top 17Decorative Rifle Wall Mounts Reviews 2024

Hold Up Displays Gun Rack Wall Mount

[amazon box=”B07JBK3734″ ]

Let’s have a look at this product’s brand. Hold Up  Displays have the experience of a decade, being a well-known brand in the rifle wall mount industry, which aims to cover all of the rifle kinds and hang it securely. 

With the capacity of up to 6 rifles and 6 handguns and the securing padding that will avoid any possible damage like a scratch to your precious firearm! Plus, you would never worry your gun can fall out since the deep cradle will keep it tight and in the right place.

It is manufactured in Wisconsin located in the USA with a reliable lifetime guarantee, ensuring that your item will be fixed with great customer service. It will make your house become organized instantly.

Designed with heavy-duty metal and screws fixed around makes your rifles more firmly on the mount. The attractive point of this one is probably the shelf place options, ranging from the box, bag, helmet to other objects.

Set up it at your home and you will have the beautiful and tidy decoration corner that boosts the uniqueness and the visitors would be stunning when they come in. On the whole, it is a great item to purchase not because of the quality and warranty but also the sturdiness and appealing display.


  • Stored properly
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Large space
  • Made by gun enthusiasts with 10 years of experience 
  • Nice decoration item
  • Easy accessible


  • Not the best for price

Hold Up Displays 12 Gun Rack Wall Mount 

[amazon box=”B07PQSZRYY” ]

This is another wall mount for rifles of the Hold-Up Displays brand with the space up 12 firearms gives you a lot of space to hold any kind of shotguns and rifles. Made by the up-to-date strategic black steel standard rack, allowing you to enlarge extra hangers and panels.

It also included high-quality heavy-duty steel, a long-lasting black coating, and soft thick rubber to protect your gun safe in case you move it in and out the mount. All your firearm is placed in the half hexagon structure designed for accessible and display purposes.

 This one also has a lifetime warranty that proves the certainty and trustworthiness of the brand. Overall, this one is the PERFECT choice for gun enthusiasts looking for a rack with a large capacity and display it as the collection in your house to show off the sentimental and physical value.


  • Wide capacity
  • Excellent material included
  • Life assurance
  • Half hexagon shape for easy display and use
  • Must-have decoration item


  • Need to secure the top middle rack properly

Hold Up Displays Slatwall 6 Gun Rack and Rifle Storage

[amazon box=”B00SE7GI0W” ]

Let’s have a deeper look at this one. The mounting plates design helps you set up different racks next to each other with no rift. It is not intended for layered Slatwall panels and PVC, it is value the Hold Up Displays Extruded Aluminum Slatwall Panels.

Say NO to these unreliable metals, Hold Up Displays use the steel hand-welded that is 100% made in the USA. the glossy basic black finish that is so FANCY for decoration and ornament on your house’s wall. 

The thing I fell in love with this brand is that the manufacturers and designers play as gun lovers, who have experience and can create the mount that features suitable characteristics that understand what buyers really need.

It can perform nicely in a large variety of gun sizes since it can be modifiable. If you’re not the one who enjoys those complex and hassle set up, well congrats, this one is super easy to use, though!

As I considered, all products from Hold Up Displays have a lifetime guarantee that makes them the best stable items ever. Besides those outstanding traits, it can only hold 6 guns, in case you have many firearms to display, you can opt for another one!


  • Easy installation
  • Long-lasting material
  • Fit neatly in the place
  • Reliable warranty
  • Adjustable rack 
  • Sleek design


  • Not the best capacity wall mount

Savior Equipment Wall-Mount Rifle Rack

[amazon box=”B088W78B43″ ]

Now, let’s move on and find out about Savior Wall Mount. First and foremost, it is durable thanks to the heavy-duty steel factor and the powder-coated frame. It can also withstand weather so next time you don’t need to worry when there is 

Second, the maximum weight is about 150 lbs that fit most guns at any distinct length. Typically, it can hold up to 6 firearms. This one is to take care of your gun securely with the rubber-encased prongs to avoid any damage to your gun. 

Third, it can protect your gun in the right place so it won’t fall out. Plus, this one is the solid design from Savior since the two screw holes included on every single Slatwall boost the sturdiness of the rack, associated with the studs to mount on the wall securely.

 You should rather use the level when set up to make it mount correctly. Besides, you must measure and drill CAREFULLY, or else you will end up having a slanted frame that your gun will easily be affected negatively. 

Last but not least, the unconditional lifetime certificate will be the perfect feature and you can return if any unhappy events occurred.


  • Easy installation
  • Firearm placed securely
  • Compatible with the majority of gun
  • Solid design
  • Enduring heavy-duty steel 
  • Weather-resistant


  • Can’t hold a lot of guns

TESLYAR Gun Rack Wall Mount Hold Up Displays

[amazon box=”B084T58CN7″ ]

You can easily realize the capacity of the TESLYAR Gun Rack due to its appearance. Well, it is used for only one gun and mainly for decoration rather than storage. The design is emboldened by nature with the mission to manufacture products from nature-inspired, such as shape, color, duty, and so on. This idea from the company is absolutely AWESOME!

It is constructed by solid hardwood:  Ash-tree and being protected by the coating with a solid hook that lasts so long. This natural beauty inspiration can highlight the allure and elegant shape of your gun that can stunning guests.

The feature I love the most is this wall mount is already put together so your task is to fix it on the wall. How HANDY it is! A Felt pad is glued inside each hook to make sure your gun will not suffer from slide, scratch, or quiver.

Furthermore, it can be compatible with both single and double barrels firearms and sword or saber as well. To sum up, all items from TESLYAR are made from the environment love and take care of by creative artisans, all of these things will certainly make you buy it immediately!


  • Innovative design
  • Top-notch quality and marvelous craftsmanship
  • Ash-tree material with the non-polluting feature
  • Taken care of by the hands of many European leaders in the field
  • Great gift idea
  • Cushion pads included for the protection work


  • Template needed to be fix

Rush Creek Creations American Flag 

[amazon box=”B07NFRVMPB” ]

Ok, let’s move on to the Americana 4 firearm wall mount with storage. Using the barn wood and featuring the American flag on the backboard shape the whole look of this product. This “piece of art” is a great decor item to mount in your gun room.

There is also a locker mainly for storage of any things that you want. This is specifically convenient as a large compartment for accessories. The size is designed to carry many firearms, including shotguns and rifles.  Padding is put on the panel’s side for your gun’s be intact.

Spacious distance and a deep groove that ensures your gun will not fall and rub against one another. The hidden fastening system that buries all screws makes the rack more chic and fancy.

Besides, it is SUPER simple to install with the mounting hardware involved. On the whole, this barn wood grain laminate will take your display to the next level and be placed securely horizontally. It is also great that it is assembled already so you can easily get the hang of it.


  • Storage capacity included 
  • Padding for finish’s protected
  • Easy installation
  • Hold gun firmly
  • Unique design with the nationalistic flag


  • Not for double-barrel shotguns

American Furniture Classics 4 Gun Wall Rack

[amazon box=”B000VI6UPK” ]

Manufacture from the American Furniture Classics with sturdy oak wood and being stained properly. There is a compartment that has the locking to secure the things inside, many people used to store ammo. About the compatibility, this wall mount can easily go with double barrels shotguns and 52 inches rifles.


The plus for this product is the design and color seem just perfect. Also, the price is an economical choice as well. Featuring felt liners that will not “hurt” your firearm. This one is also easy to clean up any dust and dirt on the gun rests.

Nothing is perfect, the setting part of this product is quite a hassle, though. However, there are some reviews that the company did not provide enough screws for the work and the hinges are not being assembled earlier. Also, the wood plugs do not include wood glue. You should install the hinges before doing everything else and put the parts together quickly. 

Honestly, if you’re not the one who is interested in assembling, you should rather look for other alternatives. 

The happy news for you is the warranty policy with 90 days to change parts and it is FREE!


  • Can fit many rifles
  • Amazing finish with no wood’s scratch
  • Durable hardwood 
  • Have he lockable compartment
  • Affordable
  • Great warranty policy


  • Not so easy to install (instructions need to be improved)

Evans Sports Gun Rack 

[amazon box=”B001VJ3GM8″ ]

Moving on and diving deeper into Evans Sports Gun Rack. Built by the stable native pine, having a simple and rustic look with the pastel wood color, making it an ADORABLE item. It can store 4 rifles or guns, which is an Ok option for hunters.

On the backboard, there is an imprinted picture of 2 deer in the wood, which is strongly associated with hunting cabins. The picture is probably the highlight for the overall look. This one has a large compartment that gives you many spaces to hold things like hunting accessories, shells, cleaning equipment, and so on. There is no lock contained in the package so it is just for holding things, not secure.

I am going to announce to you the happy news that this product is assembled from A to Z. Hoorah! Your task is just to determine the wall and hang it up. There is also a 1-year warranty added. 

In addition, there are felt strips that take you away from any slide, scratch or rub. It is also so compact, which is a good factor to the wall on the mount, though. All in all, this eternal design can last a lifetime that is ideal for your next hunting trip. Evans Sports Gun Rack is the sign that you need to purchase it INSTANTLY!


  • Exclusive design with engraved deer in the background
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to mount (preinstalled)
  • Solid wood
  • Door works great
  • 1-year guarantee


  • Not feature the locking system

Rush Creek Creations Indoor Wall Storage Display Rack

[amazon box=”B07N1365V8″ ]

The impressive thing about this product is the wide variety of styles ranging from Americana, American Cherry, Dark Stain, Realtree Camo to Rustic Pine. First, Rustic Pine is assembled by the pine material that creates a primitive but beautiful outlook. 

Second, The finish of Dark Stain is called Dark Walnut and expresses the state-of-the-art aspect. Third, Realtree Camo is born for lodge or hunting cabin with the position for 3 guns. Fourth, Americana with the print of the American flag makes it a nationalistic pattern. 

Lastly, American Cherry is constructed by natural American cherry laminate which color is INDESCRIBABLE. The installation is not worrisome since the 4-piece structure is SUPER accessible and the mounting hardware consists. Besides, each of the styles will have different prices.

To sum up, everything that has been stated, all the styles from this product are durable gun racks that can hold up to 5 firearms with a high-quality color finish. Moreover, the side panel groove helps you with the gun’s safety work to be at rest in the right position. It can be handed out to many generations thanks to its stability. 


  • Durability
  • Reasonable
  • Ideal gift
  • Ease-of-installation
  • Amazing outlook
  • Varies from many gun rack styles
  • Secure groove included
  • Soft edge cutouts


  • Mounting screws are not sustainable


[amazon box=”B07CH7GF8H” ]

The design is so simple to make the installation a piece of cake within 5 minutes. The felt line is equipped to protect your lovely gun and hold it sturdy on the rack. Also, it can be compatible with a variety of firearms: shotguns, rifles, muzzleloaders. It is not designed for bigger than 2.25 inches in width. Still, you can contact the seller directly to custom your own size as well.

This one is SUPER versatile, which can mount on any surface like wall, closet, door,… This can cater to your needs and flexibility in any desired place due to its compactness. The cradle points and hooks give your gun decoration mount to the next level!

Made from the stable steel and mechanical felt that contribute to the stability VERDICT BRACKETS Rustic Gun Racks. Every bracket can stand about 35 pounds in case you set it up accurately.

There would be uncountable options of 100 styles. What an INTERESTING number! Additionally, the shell casing is manufactured from reliable brass. The guarantee policy stands out because you can be fully refunded if the product has any problems, no need to be shy and talk to the company!

In conclusion, this simple design can shape your firearm beautifully in a large number of places. If you’re a beginner to this project, well it is so easy to install. So let’s smash it!


  • Compatible with many firearms
  • Lightweight
  • Great customer service
  • Flexibility
  • Numerous choices
  • Handcrafted in the US
  • Long-lasting shell casing
  • Antiquity design


  • Such a bother for a gun that is wider than 2.25 inches

E-ONSALE Shotgun or Rifle Rack

[amazon box=”B00E6ECW9I” ]

Comes from the E-ONSALE, the package can be able to hang 2 rifles, which can get along with walls, blinders, UTV’s and so on. This is also a wise choice for a long gun since the height is up to 6 inches.

The solid steel construction combines with the mushy rubbery covering to save the gun from dampness thanks to the hydrophobic plastic vanish. To summarize, this product has a simple design and is practical on any surface.


  • Simplicity
  • Sturdy design
  • Rubberized coating included
  • Quick access
  • Economical


  • The screws provided are useless

Creative Displays Two Place Gun Rack

[amazon box=”B00O6B2YYY” ]

This reasonable option can hold 2 guns with the hard native red oak and even iron steel. The company can actually read your mind since there are pre-drilled mounting holes. In addition, the felt lining placed on the hook can protect the original coating of your gun. The offset hook lines up the wood and barrels properly.

It can go on well with a range of shotguns and rifles, even the scoped rifles. Plus, you can mount in a wide choice of areas: wall, blinder,… The manufacturers mentioned it to be used indoors because of some specific problems. By the way, you can use it in your home, hunting lodge, and shack.


  • Fully assembled
  • Fits most standard rifles and guns
  • Solid red oak and steel material
  • Felt lining consisted
  • Compact
  • Affordable


  • Somewhat problem with the hole plugs

BOOMSTICK Pistol Wall Mount Rack

[amazon box=”B00PE3EYLY” ]

Discovering the next gun wall mount called Boomstick with the overall of 4 slots of handgun that can easily be mounted on the wall or inside safe. The vinyl finish with the sturdy metal helps your precious gun secure in the resting place. 

One bonus point for this product is the compatibility as it can adapt with the most wide-body and magnum-type pistols. All you need to do is place the grip and the trigger protector in the mount. It would help your space become more tidily and free up numerous spaces as well. The package already included the 4 wall anchors and Philips head screws.

Lastly, it may not be for a small house and if you have kids, PLEASE make sure to mount it in a safe place!


  • Easy setting up
  • Hold many sized handguns
  • Sturdy design
  • Great for pistol storage
  • Fabulous coating
  • Compact


  • Slightly bent

Rack’Em Mount

[amazon box=”B005A32D70″ ]

Manufactured from the Rack’Em brand that can be used on many surfaces like wall, shape, UTVs, and to name but a few. It can shape all shotguns and rifles with the perfect dimensions. The rubbery coat will avoid moisture and make your gun’s color safe. 

The heavy-duty steel design makes it last a lifetime. The open-air design will keep the gun clean and dry and circulate the air perfectly. When you look at the appearance, it is quite related to the rack of the dishwasher, isn’t it? 

You should equip the trigger lock all the time for security elements.


  • Can be mounted on all surfaces
  • Adaptable with totally shotguns and rifles
  • Cushion included for shielding
  • Powerful steel construction
  • Air circulation design
  • Easy to install
  • Home defense with the trigger lock


  • The screws provided are not enough

Allen Company Mount Gun Hanger Hooks

[amazon box=”B001SH7VHO” ]

This outstanding golden rifle wall mount with a special design makes it the worth-buying item on the list. Being produced from excellent brass and equipped with an internal felt that won’t damage your beloved firearm. 

There are two pieces so it would hold the entire barrel and buttstock of your gun, which is immovable on the wall. Furthermore, this one can hang the gun on the horizontal. Setting up is so simple, follow the manual and use the included 4 brass plated screws. In conclusion, it would be so shining to display in your house.


  • Best display case
  • Cheap price
  • Feature felt-lined 
  • Nice look
  • Easy installation


  • Problems with flat head screws

LINIDI Wall Mount Rack

[amazon box=”B085LQ9B71″ ]

The first impression is probably the EXCLUSIVE design with the foldable formation built from the solid metals that is unbreakable. You can display it on the wall, table, shelf, and more. The package will come with 4 screws and soft rubber, say “No” to scratch or damage.

Mount it on the wall and you can enjoy the artistic and aesthetic decor item, which is held firmly on the wall thanks to the raised factor. This one will change your space immediately as a beautiful decoration and stay organized simultaneously. The installation just takes you only minutes. Overall, this is the one that you shouldn’t miss to make the visitors amazed at how awesome it is when displayed on uncountable surfaces in your home.


  • Foldable feature
  • Upgrade the soft pads
  • Install within a minute
  • Two-screws fixed for stability
  • Made from the anodized aluminum
  • Lightweight
  • Value for money


  • Screw quality is not the best

Hongmei Outdoors Wall Mount Rack

[amazon box=”B07G2PVT6W” ]

This one comes with 4 sets total which can store a shotgun, BB gun, pistol, airsoft, air rifle,… or even things like compound, guitar, baseball bat. The uniqueness is the arms can be rotating to any craved angles. The squishy sponge can protect your adored hunting equipment that no wobble or scratch can occur.

Long screws enabling guns up to 10lbs and just a piece of cake to install on the wall. Also, you can clean up any dust within a few minutes. The material included a plastic base and sturdy metal arms. You can use it with one to hold one gun vertically or two horizontally


  • Modest price
  • Flexibility
  • Hold many kinds of guns and other objects
  • Best for Sniper Rifles
  • Mount effortlessly
  • Soft rubber coating


  • Mounting hardware is not reliable

Things To Ponder Before Buying To Possess The Best Decorative Rifle Wall Mounts

As a usual part of your life, you need to consider the thing carefully before making a decision. The same for shopping ornamental rifle wall mount, there are some specific factors that you should keep in mind. Hopefully, after reading the following sections, you can purchase the best one.


Typically, the price range of a rifle wall mount is $10-$500 based on many things including the value, brand, capacity, shape, and to name but a few. It will be up to you, whether you want a mount that can hold many guns or not,… You should start questioning yourself and opt for the one that suits your ability.

Brand Value

Decorative Rifle Wall Mounts

Every brand has its own path and goal for its potential customer. That’s the reason why you should go and look up the brand quality. For instance, TESLYAR prefers to take advantage of the natural beauty in their gun rack while other brands prefer other factors. You should choose the brand wisely or else the quality will not make you happy.

Here are some famous brands on the market: Hold Up Displays, Rush Creek Creations, Evans Sports, and more.


You should measure the wall of your room and see the product specification as if everything will fit PERFECTLY or you will end up getting the big one that does not go well with your space.  

Ratings and Reviews

This part plays a crucial role since when you read these comments about the product, you will know the actual feeling and the images of the received product, plus some useful tips from real-world users. Because of that, spend a few minutes reading them. I’m sure you will need it!

Decorative Rifle Wall Mounts


“How long does it last?”, “What materials are included in a product” or “How about the warranty policy” are examples of reliability. You need to consider the materials, the finishes of the mount, and more to consider how long it can work for you. And of course, the more money you paid, the higher quality you earned.


It simply means what attractive factors are added to the products that persuade the customers (bells and whistles). As for rifle wall mount, things like installation, storage, design, material, durability,… are the things that people look forward to.


It can be ranging from color, item weight and dimension, material, and some sort of that. All this information will get you to know the products in more detail.

Storage Area

Decorative Rifle Wall Mounts

Well, you should find it since not every single rifle wall rack will have storage. Typically, it is used to keep the ammo or you can keep whatever you want, though. In my opinion, you should pick the one with this part since you can keep things there logically.


How many firearms can it hold? The maximum capacity is 12 guns, varied from many kinds. Besides, you have to identify whether it is suitable with your gun kinds or not since the design is built differently for different guns.


Since you will install the gun wall mount for decoration, you should opt for those sleek and appealing designs to attract eyes from visitors and bring your area to become the GAME CHANGER!

Watch the video here for a detailed look:


  1. Is it worth buying a decorative rifle wall mount?

ABSOLUTELY yes! Not only providing you exceptional gun storage but also perform as the must-have item for decoration, makes your space neat and organized properly.

  1. What are the most important factors to consider while buying the gun wall mount?

From my viewpoint, I think durability is the most important feature simply because it indicates the lifetime of your rack. It also has a strong connection with material, design,… contribute to the overall durability.

  1. How to mount a gun rack on the wall?

There are 3 simple steps with a few tools included. Firstly, choose the place you want to put your rifle wall mount. After that, using the electronic stud finder to identify the drill holes. Holes are for screws installed in the gun mount to hold it securely on the wall. When you finally find the holes, mark them and drill through. You have to ensure that the holes drilled are equal to the mount holes of the rifle wall mount.

Finally, to finish the task, screw the mount on those holes drilled and place your gun rack accordingly, and TADA, you are done! I hope all of you guys can do it. Good luck!

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