Top Ear Piercing Gun Kit In 2021: Safety To Use!

Even though we might need to get our ears pierced, we don’t generally have the advantage of going to a parlor to complete them. Fortunately, a few organizations get this and have fabricated home ear puncturing packs. That way, we can get that desired ear puncturing yet in the solace of our own homes. Here, we will take a gander at our rundown of the best ear piercing gun kit that you can think about purchasing. There are two children; reusable and expendable. We should investigate.

It takes a lot of time, patience and skill to pierce your own ears. It’s not an easy task for someone without experience or knowledge. But now the ear piercing gun kit makes DIY ear piercing much easier than it has ever been before and we will give you a product review about the ear piercing gun kit.

The Ear Piercing Gun Kit comes with everything you need to pierce your own ears – including jewelry that matches your style! All you have to do is use this gun-shaped tool with interchangeable blades, insert the sharp end into one of two holes in either side of its handle, then pull back on both ends until pierced through.

The gun includes a patented sealing mechanism to reduce bleeding, so it’s easy enough for anyone to do at home. This product review is brought to you by the number one online source of ear piercing tips and tricks.

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Top Ear Piercing Gun Kit Reviews 2021

Piercing gun, Ear Piercing Tool Set

Piercing gun, Ear Piercing Tool Set, Ear Nose Navel Piercing Machine with 144Pcs Ears Studs, Professional Body Hole Piercing Tool
  • Ear piercing tool: Made of high-quality stainless steel, anti-rust and durable, our ear piercing toolset is individually packaged and disinfected, safe and non-toxic to use, suitable for ear piercing salon use or home use, can be applied in different parts of body, such as ears, nose and navel, safe and easy to use.
  • Save your time: our kit is suitable for professional piercing and personal piercing at home, you can enjoy a quick and safe ear piercing process even at home, no need to go to the salon, helpful in saving your time and energy, you can also share these smart and practical tools with your friends, families and colleagues.

This ear piercing kit is perfect for professionals or those who want to do ear piercings at home. The kit includes all the items needed to do ear piercings such as a piercing gun, marker, round mirror, 72 pairs of stainless steel studs and 18 pairs of crystal studs.

The ear piercing set is made out of stainless steel and it is very durable. There are 72 pieces of ear studs that come with the kit, 18 pieces that are clear and 36 pieces that are crystal. The kit also has a professional ear piercing gun that is safe and non-toxic. The kit comes in a plastic case and the mirror inside the kit can help you to see what you’re doing when you’re piercing your ears.

This is a professional ear piercing gun kit that lets you pierce your own ears at home. The kit comes with everything you need to pierce your own ears – including jewelry that matches your style! All you have to do is use this gun-shaped tool with interchangeable blades, insert the sharp end into one of two holes in either side of its handle, then pull back on both ends until pierced through.


– Durable stainless steel ear piercing gun and studs.

– Wide selection of styles for earrings.

– Non-toxic, easy to use and saves time.


– Plastic case with a sliding mirror inside may be bulky.

Reusable Ear Piercing Gun Kit

Reusable Ear Piercing Gun Kit, Professional Body Nose Lip Earrings Piercing Kit with 16 Pairs Stud Earrings (6 Pairs Sterling Silver Stud Earrings+10 Pairs Gun Stud Earrings)
  • 【Professional Piercing Kit】: This reusable piercing gun made of high quality stainless steel and plastic material. You can reuse it as much as you want.
  • 【2 Kinds of Stud Earrings】: It comes with 6 pairs 925 sterling silver cubic zirconia stud earrings set for wearing and 10 pairs gun stud earrings for piercing.The sterling silver stud will help you to minimize the chances of an infection.

The Reusable Ear Piercing Gun Kit is a great tool for crafting a hole in your ear. I often make mistakes with the holes and the kit provides me with a professional piercing gun that has been designed to help me stay strategic. The kit comes loaded with 10 pairs of stud earrings for piercing, ensuring that I will always have the right size on hand. The kit also comes with 6 pairs of sterling silver stud earrings that are beautiful and delicately designed for various occasions.

Reuseable Ear Piercing Gun Kit is a high-quality stainless steel and plastic. It’s really easy to use, just find the spot you want to pierce your ear and insert the gun stud to the adapter. Pull the trigger and you’re done! The kit has everything needed for a painless piercing process. You can reuse it as many times as you want without having any issues. It comes with a variety of size studs, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm and 8mm. All of them are made from 925 sterling silver which will help minimize the chance of infection or skin irritation.

This is a really great product for people who want to get their ears pierced. It’s easy to use and it’s reusable, so you can save money in the long-run. We also liked how there were plenty of different sizes of studs in the package – it made it easier to choose one that fit just right.


– High quality stainless steel and plastic 

– Easy to use

– Lots of different sizes for studs

– Reusable


– None

Ear Piercing Gun Disposable Self Ear Piercing Gun Kit

The Ear Piercing Gun Disposable Self Ear Piercing Gun Kit is an easy way to learn how to use a professional-quality ear piercing gun without the intimidation that comes with trusting your body to someone else. The kit is made of 12 birthstone crystal and medical class stainless steel, giving you the reassurance that it’s safe for use. It’s also easy to operate and accurately locate the position that needs to be punched, but most importantly it’s totally sterile.

We were particularly happy with this product because it came in individual packaging and was sterilized according to standard procedures. We felt confident knowing we weren’t going to get any inflammation from our purchase, especially when we planned on using it at home. This kit also includes 2 ear studs and 2 alcohol pads, which was nice to have on hand for any quick clean up.

Overall, the kit is pretty cheap considering it includes ear piercing studs. It does its job well and even comes with a little extra – something that would make this product perfect for anyone who wanted to save money in the long-run.


– Clean and quick

– Safe for DIY enthusiasts

– Convenient size


– None

4 Pack Self Ear Piercing Gun

4 Pack Self Ear Piercing Gun, Disposable Self Ear Piercing Gun Kit with Earring Studs Safety Ear Piercing Gun Kit Tool (silver)
  • High Quality, Crafted with superior metal-includes 3mm 4mm 5mm ear stud.
  • Unique Design, Each unit combines self-destroying ear piercing gun comes with an ear stud. Notice As this is a Self Destroying "One Time" use kit, Please do not "Try" or "Test" by pressing it down.

The 4 Pack Self Ear Piercing Gun is a great item to have on hand if you want to save time and get the job done. Once you’ve pierced your ear with the gun, you can take the included safety pin and insert it into your ear, this will prevent you from accidentally poking yourself with the sharp end of the gun.

The 4 Pack Self Ear Piercing Gun is a must and comes with three (3mm) studs and one (1mm) stud. The unit combines a self-destroying ear piercing gun which can be used as many times as you want because it has been engineered to only self-destruct once.

This unit also includes an instruction booklet, ear tips, sterilized cotton pad, alcohol wipes and an extra set of ear tips. It is included in the standard medical requirement that this item should be packed for each individual user to avoid contamination so be sure to buy it from a reputable seller.

It is also designed to be easy to use and just requires pressing and holding firmly and quickly to pierce the ears.  This unit is also perfect for beginners but also suitable even for professionals.


– Economical, inexpensive

– Convenient, saves time


– None

2PCS Ear Nail Gun Disposable Aseptic Household Ear Piercing Gun

2Pcs Ear Piercing Kit Ear Nail Gun Disposable Aseptic Household Ear Piercing Gun Portable Ear Piercing Gun Group Ear Piercing Tools Comes With Built-in Ear Studs (4mm Silver)
  • ❄ ONE PACKAGE CONTAINS ALL - You will receive 2 pack ear piercing gun, 2 pack 4MM Silver ear stubs and already built in the piercing gun, 2 pack of cleaning pads. Also we've offered you a skin marker pen, with this pen you can pierce precisely where you want. This type is a version from KAIQIKAIXI.
  • ❄ HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL - The ear piercing gun from KAIQIKAIXI is made of high quality PVC material and has its own manufacture date. The ear stubs are made of safe 304 stainless steel, which is firm and durable compared with other products and with long service time. With disposable design makes sure that our piercing gun can't be used for the second time. Both piercing guns are packed individually to avoid situations, makes you feel more safer while piercing.

The 2PCS Ear Nail Gun Disposable Aseptic Household Ear Piercing Gun is the perfect supply for professional salons who want their customers to have safety, precision and reliability. The kits are also great for beginners who want to operate in the safest way possible!

This particular product comes with everything you need- two ear piercing guns, two different sized ear piercings, ten cleaning pads and a skin marker pen. This is a perfect starter kit for anyone who wants to pierce their ears. It contains two ear piercing guns with one pre-loaded gun, 4MM silver ear studs, and two ear cleaning pads.

The package also includes a skin marker pen that holds the place of where you want to pierce on your body. This kit is perfect for professional salons or new beginners. All it takes is taking care of your hands, wiping the area where you want to pierce, making a Marker on the place you want to pierce, aiming it at the right spot, and pressing the trigger on the gun.


– Comes with everything you need ( ear piercing kits, cleaning pads)

– Easy to operate


– It’s disposable

Set Professional Steel Ear Body Lips Nose Navel Body Piercing Gun

1 Set Professional Steel Ear Body Lips Nose Navel Body Piercing Tool Beauty Kit with 108 Steel Ear Studs Set and Storage Case
  • Material:Stainless Steel;Package:1 x Piercing tool;108 x studs;1 x Storage Case
  • Easy to handle, perfect for professional and home use. Popular in many ear piercing salons.

In this unit, we have a top-notch-made firearm with predominant metal. The reusable ear penetrating firearm is made of expert gadgets maker to wipe out the conceivable cross-contamination and aggravation while ear puncturing. Simple to deal with, ideal for expert and home use. Well known in numerous ear puncturing salons.

It is made so the ear-puncturing firearm accompanies an inherent ear stud. You’re guaranteed that each bundle you use is clean, given that you just utilize the weapon once and discard it.

Generally, you don’t need to stress over contamination from any quarters. The weapon from this brand offers a simple to grasp and pinpoint accuracy, yet make sure to be delicate when squeezing the firearm.

Interestingly, you don’t need to utilize power to get an ideal puncturing.


  • Simple to work, simple to find the pinpoint where you need the opening to be accurate. Simple working makes you more delightful.
  • The reusable ear penetrating weapon is made of expert gadgets producer to wipe out the conceivable cross-disease and irritation while ear puncturing
  • Making openings for hoops on your ears. Apartworked-inThe most famous ear penetrating instrument, it is usually utilized by numerous ear puncturing salons.


  • There is no manual

Reusable Ear Piercing Gun Kit, Professional Body Nose Lip Earrings Piercing Kit

Reusable Ear Piercing Gun Kit, Professional Body Nose Lip Earrings Piercing Kit with 16 Pairs Stud Earrings (6 Pairs Sterling Silver Stud Earrings+10 Pairs Gun Stud Earrings)
  • 【Professional Piercing Kit】: This reusable piercing gun made of high quality stainless steel and plastic material. You can reuse it as much as you want.
  • 【2 Kinds of Stud Earrings】: It comes with 6 pairs 925 sterling silver cubic zirconia stud earrings set for wearing and 10 pairs gun stud earrings for piercing.The sterling silver stud will help you to minimize the chances of an infection.

At the point when you purchase from this next brand, you get numerous dispensable clean ear-puncturing firearm tool compartments.

A part of giving you certainty is an expert clinical gadget producer makes these. Thus, you’re guaranteed that there will not be cross-disease or irritation while penetrating.

Furthermore, every unit accompanies worked in-ear stud, and whenever you’ve pierced, the unit self-annihilated to debilitate various employments.

Each bundle comes fixed and cleaned, yet make sure to do it again when you remove the weapon from the container.

This reusable penetrating weapon is made of top-notch hardened steel and plastic material. You can reuse it however much you need. It accompanies 6 sets 925 authentic silver cubic zirconia stud earrings set for wearing and 10 sets of weapon stud hoops for piercing. The real silver stud will assist you with limiting the odds of contamination.

The 6 sets accompany 6 distinct sizes, including 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, and 8mm, you can pick the diverse sizes as indicated by your necessities, perfectly and gently planned, reasonable for different events. you can make openings on your ears effectively with this ear-puncturing weapon. you simply need to find where you need for the opening. And afterward, embed the weapon stud to the connector. Last, pull the trigger. Done impeccably.

You can utilize it for proficient penetrating or individual puncturing at home, you will get an easy puncturing measure even at home without going to the salon, setting aside your time and cash.


  • Quick, effortless, simple to utilize, protected, and non-toxic. Make you more excellent and enchanting. 
  • You can do it without anyone’s help. Through exact situating, spring drive cut achievement. 
  • Smaller than normal size, you can appreciate puncturing at home, no compelling reason to go to the salon. 
  • 6 distinct sizes, to meet your beautifying needs in everyday life. 
  • A protected and advantageous ear puncturing measure makes you more lovely. 


  • Not found yet

2Pcs 4Pcs 8Pcs Ear Piercing Guns Disposable Ear Piercing Kit

No products found.

This ear-puncturing unit accompanies one expendable weapon in a pack for every ear. What makes it distinctive is that there are different decisions accessible; 14 altogether. The stud alternatives are produced using steel, and some likewise have cubic zirconia, do what you need to do before tapping on “purchase” is that you’ve gotten the stud type that you like.

Shadings range from gold, silver, rose gold, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. As a rule, the assortment that is given implies that off the batt, you can have hoops that stick out, particularly those that have gems.

All things being equal, you don’t need to stress over disease since they are generally protected. The brand says it’s pretty much as simple as utilizing a stapler, you simply need to push down quick and immovably.

With each bundle that you buy, you get two liquor trades, one for every ear.

Each bundle consolidates 2pcs dispensable ear penetrating firearms with worked-in ear studs and liquor cushions. A total arrangement of cut apparatuses for you. You don’t have to buy different apparatuses during your ear penetrating. The self-obliterating ear-puncturing weapon, for single, utilizes as it were. The piercing firearms are made in 100,000 evaluation tidy up room, independently pressed, keep away from cross-disease and aggravation while ear penetrating.

The dispensable cut firearm is made of excellent plastic and 316L hardened steel. The bundling is perfect and non-allergenic, reasonable for expert or family use. The ear puncturing firearm is intended for simple hold and the tip is precise to the piercing position so you can simply track down the specific area of the specific. You can even pierce your ears yourself. Reasonable for forte stores just as families.


  • Plastic and hardened steel trunnions
  • It is made of clinical tempered steel, furnished with drill hoops and human tissue similarity.


  • Not found yet

Anself Ear Piercing Gun Set Safety Ear Nose Navel Body Piercing Gun Kit Set

The firearm is produced using a programmed spring opening, and it is dispensable whenever you’ve utilized it.

Utilizing it is simple; you simply need to tenderly press it and penetrating an opening is simple. The firearm is likewise very quick, which decreases the agony that one would somehow or another vibe while getting a piercing.

Utilize the marker gave, delicate press down, and the hole is finished.

The organization is energetic not to allow individuals to utilize their weapon again since it’s dispensable, so they’ve put a falling to pieces include that compels you to throw it in the receptacle.


  • Simple to work, simple to find the pinpoint where you need precisely with a marker pen.
  • Proficient ear penetrating weapon, make openings on your ears and nose, effortless and safe.
  • Imaginative molded head of terminating pin gives improved vision while puncturing.
  • With 4pcs distinctive measured hoop holder, more helpful to utilize.
  • Convenient conveying case, solid and top-notch metal material.


  • Not found yet

Ear Piercing Guns, Disposable Ear Piercing Kit Nose Piercing Kit

No products found.

Normally we imagine that a body puncturing weapon must be utilized to pierce ears, and it can likewise be utilized spot on and commotion navel. It is normally utilizing by numerous ear puncturing salons. Each bundle joins 16pcs nose ring puncturing with worked-in ear studs. A total arrangement of cut apparatuses for you. You don’t have to buy different apparatuses during your ear puncturing.

Simple to work, simple to find the pinpoint where you need the opening to be precisely. The puncturing firearm is intended for a simple grasp and the tip is precise to the piercing position so you can simply track down the specific area. This ear-puncturing firearm empowers you to do the ear penetrating without anyone else at home, which assists you with saving go-out time and cash. Make you more delightful and beguiling!

Proficient dispensable ear penetrating weapon with ear studs; Self-obliterating ear puncturing pack for single utilize as it were. The nose puncturing unit is made in 100,000 evaluation tidy up the room, independently stuffed, keep away from cross-disease and aggravation while ear penetrating. However long you delicately press the piercing pack, the ear opening will play pleasantly on the ear, it is helpful!

The dispensable expendable puncturing firearm is made of great plastic and 316L hardened steel. Every unit joins a nose penetrating firearm with an inherent ear stud. Separately fixed bundle and sterile sanitization, keep away from cross-contamination and irritation while ear commotion nail piercing. The bundling is spotless and non-allergenic, appropriate for expert or family use.

Security dispensable ear penetrating pack firearm ear pneumatic nailer pierced instruments, wipe out the conceivable cross-disease and irritation while ear puncturing. These self-piercing packs for all piercings can be utilized for first-time clients or experts the same, reasonable for ear nose nail penetrating salon use or home use.


  • Simple to work, simple to find the pinpoint where you need the opening to be precisely
  • Every unit joins a nose penetrating firearm with an inherent ear stud


  • Not found yet

Jetway Piercing Kits Nose Rings Hoop Septum Jewelry Tongue Barbell

No products found.

This ear-penetrating firearm is produced using iron, which makes it additionally usable in all pieces of the body. The pack accompanies studs, alongside a pen, at that point a firearm, and surprisingly a compartment where you place everything after use.

The other element to note is that it is completely flexible, so you can make a smooth puncturing, which lessens the agony. Since it is something that you reuse, guarantee that you clean to stay away from defilement, aggravation, and disease, particularly in case you’re sharing it.


  • Durable
  • Easy to use


  • Not found yet

Xpircn 140PCS Piercing Kit Stainless Steel 14G 16G Nose Lip

No products found.

With this unit, you’ll note the molded handle and the general predominant nature of the instrument. It additionally involves a pressing factor spring that keeps the ear cartilage in the perfect spot when you’re puncturing for an exact establishment.

The stud connectors are shading coded so you can rapidly tell the size of each, the studs included. This insightful element eliminates the mystery of deciding the correct instrument setup. The ear piercings studs additionally meet FDA/EC necessities, with each bundle cleaned. It is every one of these highlights that make the real Studex weapon liked by a lot of experts and home clients the same.


  • Made of good quality hardened steel, high protection from rust, without lead and sans nickel, protected to wear. High cleaned smooth surface, simple to perfect, agreeable to wear.
  • 140PCS body puncturing adornments and apparatuses in one request incorporates all you require for a body penetrating.


  • It’s a bit difficult to get through

Ear Nose Piercing Tool Kit, Ear Piercings Gun

Ear Piercing Tool Kit, Ear Pericings Gun With 16 Pairs Stainless Steel Stud Earrings,Ears Nose Navel Lip Body Hole Peircing Guns Stud Earrings, Pearcings Kits For Salon Home Use (Black)
  • 【FAST AND PAINLESS,MAKES YOU MORE BEAUTIFUL】: KAVIAR ear pearcing kit is suitable for first time users or professionals, No pain, fast, easy. Mini size, easy to carry. The most convenient ear piercing tool you ever met! Make you more beautiful and charming!
  • 【EASY TO USE,SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY】: You can do it yourself.You just have tolocate the place where you want for the hole to be accurate to pierce, once you gently press the trigger, the ear hole will be finished nicely on your ear.You can enjoy a quick and safe ear piercing process even at home, no need to go to the salon.

CAVIAR ear-piercing unit is appropriate for first-time clients or experts, No torment, quick, simple. Smaller than expected size, simple to convey. The most helpful ear-puncturing device you at any point met! Make you more delightful and beguiling!

You can do it yourself. You simply have to locate where you need for the opening to be precise to pierce, when you tenderly press the trigger, the ear opening will be done pleasantly on your ear. You can appreciate a fast and safe ear penetrating cycle even at home, with no compelling reason to go to the salon.

An ear puncturing device reasonable for expert or family use, Made of top-notch hardened steel, hostile to rust and strong, protected, and simple to utilize. can be utilized in different pieces of the body, like ears, nose, navel, and so on It is mainstream to the point that numerous ear penetrating salons are utilizing it.

We give 2 styles of stud hoops, 6 sets cubic zirconia stud studs accompany 6 distinct sizes, including 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 7 mm, and 8 mm, wonderfully and carefully planned, to meet your enhancing needs in the day by day life.


  • Made of super excellent 316L tempered steel.
  • Hypoallergenic to forestall disturbance.
  • 6 unique sizes, to meet your brightening needs.


  • Not found yet

Trout 6 PCS Disposable Ear Piercing Kit

Proficient dispensable piercing firearms with ear studs; As long as you delicately press the weapon, the ear opening will play pleasantly on the ear, it is helpful. Since the weapon is dispensable, it tends to be securely punctured without being reused. Suitable for proficient use or home use. Smaller than normal size, simple utilization, simple to an adjusted position where you need the ear opening to be puncturing.


  • Easy to operate
  • Affordable


  • Not found yet

auto 80PCS Stainless Steel Piercing Jewelry Kit Piercing Needles Piercing

Aumeo 80PCS Stainless Steel Piercing Jewelry Kit Piercing Needles Piercing Clamps Nose Ring Lip Tongue Tragus Cartilage Helix Daith Eyebrow Belly Ring Body Jewelry Piercing Tools 14G 16G 20G
  • Piercing Kit - 80PCS professional piercing kit includes everything you need for piercing.
  • Piercing Tools: 10PCS 14G Piercing Needles, 10PCS 16G Piercing Needles, 10PCS 20G Piercing Needles, 2 Disposable Piercing Clamps, 2PCS Black Latex Gloves and 6PCS Alcohol Pads. All Items Are 100% Sterilized Using EO Gas.

The pack we have here is somewhat not quite the same as the past two. It is produced using a tempered steel needle.

In the bundle, you get a penetrating weapon, a marker pen, and 108 studs, all in a capacity case. That makes it ideal for both home and expert use. The firearm is intended for various applications.

Thusly, to keep away from cross-defilement, the organization has guaranteed that the parts come from a clinical producer.

Make sure to clean completely after each utilization as you would prefer not to taint individuals that you use it on after, yourself notwithstanding.

It is, notwithstanding, convenient to have around in case you will do numerous ear puncturing and not need to buy countless dispensable ear-penetrating units.


  • 80PCS proficient puncturing unit incorporates all you require for penetrating.
  • Made of carefully hardened steel.
  • All puncturing units are fresh out of the box new, general size, singular pressing, and unused.


  • There is no long bar

Ear Piercing Gun Kit Benefits

The ear piercing gun kit is primarily designed to provide the wearer with a convenient solution for ear piercings. It also provides for an easy-to-learn process that will have you up and running in no time at all. The kit includes everything you need, including gloves, to operate your gun safely at home.

The ear piercing gun kit may also include sterilized tools, which are designed to seal wounds and prevent infection. The kit is safe to use on people of all ages, including kids, so there are no worries about using it on children. If you are not sure how to use the kit properly, the instructional booklet provided should be able to help you out. One thing worth noting is that this device does not require someone to hold it in place for you; you can do it without any help.

ear piercing gun kit
Top Ear Piercing Gun Kit In 2021: Safety To Use! 19

The ear piercing gun kit is relatively inexpensive when compared to other methods of getting your ears pierced, at about $25-30 US Dollars (USD). It promises convenience and provides less pain because the holes are made by mechanical force rather than by hand or a needle. It’s also a great way to get your kids used to the idea of getting their ears pierced, and it is a safe method for this purpose.

You can pierce both ear lobes or just one with the kit, but make sure you follow the instructions exactly before proceeding. There will typically be an instruction manual provided in the kit as well, so be sure to read through the instructions before beginning. If you are designing your own ear piercing gun at home, make sure you take the necessary safety precautions and follow all of the steps properly so that you will not injure yourself in the process.

Using an ear piercing gun kit is a great way to save some money if you’re on a budget. These kits usually have everything you need for the process, including guns, tools, and jewelry. And while some people might think that they are only suitable for children, they are actually good for anyone who wants to do it themselves.

You can also compare prices of ear piercing guns between different places before you buy it. Finding the best deal will help you get the most bang for your buck.

If you want to buy one online, make sure that it has a return policy in case there are any problems with your purchase. But overall, buying an ear piercing gun kit is a great way to save  some money, especially if you plan on doing it more than once.

Some Notes To Know Before Pressing The Ear By Using Ear Piercing Gun Kit

Although the trend of ear-piercing is always a trend that is loved by young people not all young people take the time to learn carefully what to do – not before and after using an ear piercing gun kit.

Be mentally prepared

Today, young people have many choices when pressing the piercings, no longer fixed in the ear lobe position traditionally. If you press the piercings in the earlobes, you will not feel much pain, quickly heal, when you decide to press the piercings in the ear cartilage, a place where if you are not mentally prepared, it is easy to fall into tears. . So you have the answer to the question of whether ear-piercing hurts. Pain a lot less depends on the position of the press.

It is inevitable that when pressing in this position is often quite painful, so you have to be someone who loves beauty and pain tolerance to dare to try it. Therefore, you should prepare yourself mentally before doing ear piercing, avoiding excessive stress, because it will make you feel that the press will hurt more than usual.

If you choose press positions such as ear lobes or parts other than the cartilage, you will not feel to pain and usually, about 3-5 days will start to heal and after 5-7 weeks to heal. But for the other parts of the ear cartilage areas, be prepared to be mentally crying when you leave the shop.

That is why experts or people with previous experience have the same opinion: never press advice if you are stressed. That not only hurts you physically but also affects the psychology as well as the days after taking care of the wound.

Should press the ear in any position

A single-ear press or traditional press is one of the positions that many people choose. This type of press is popular with both women and men, from popular people to luxurious girls. In addition, instead of pressing a simple ear, many people also add 2 or 3 but even 4 vertical holes on the ear cartilage.

Currently, positions such as the ear rim or inside the ear rim or the cartilage inside the ear are also enthusiastically promoted by young people. It not only creates personalitybut also creates a quality aesthetic when combined with personality earrings or simply a small rivet. However, the punching of the ear cartilage is quite painful and often takes a long time to heal, so you need to consider beforehand if you want to press in this position.

Another location that is being loved by many young people in the position above and below the surface of the cartilage. This is a beautiful position that many young people love when doing ear-piercing but requires high technique and precision by the operator.

How long does it take to heal?

This is probably the question that receives the most attention frompersonality but young people before deciding to beautify their ears. The time to heal will depend on the age, location of each person as well as how you take care of the click properly. Normally, the click in the earlobe will take 6 to 8 weeks to heal, but in other locations. another takes 3 to 6 months. Experts say that the safest place to press the ear is the ear lobe, and the other is not safe because then you have broken the structure of the supporting cartilage tissue of the ear. So, if possible, you should limit presses in these sensitive locations.

Take care of the streak

Before you press the earrings you also need to remember that to prevent the wound from getting infected and to heal quickly, the key lies in the hygienic care after the press.

  • Wash your hands when cleaning the wound
  • Use sterile or hydrogen peroxide soap
  • Then take the cotton to dry
  • Can dilute saltwater to wipe around the wound

10 Foods that need to be CHECKED after finishing punching

After pressing the ears, everyone should eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, foods such as fish, eel… and fortify with fruits, especially vitamin C, so that the wound can heal quickly, without any swelling or infection. Besides, it is advisable to learn more about what kind of dieting should you eat to avoid “damaging the mouth”.

Is it okay not to abstain from eating after getting your ears pierced

Many young people, when getting their earrings back, do not follow the advice of the piercer or do not learn about this issue, you should consider. It is very dangerous for people to eat unscientifically, without abstinence.

Especially young people who press many holes at once in their ears, click on dangerous positions above their ears, such as not eating properly, eating everything, not only reuse because the wound usually does not heal, the punch hole. cap and bleeding, but also bring extremely serious consequences.

Wearing hats for a long time, the wound often bleeds if not cleaned and properly treated, the risk of infection is very high because when people eat resistant foods, the wound becomes more serious. Once infected, it not only affects one’s health but also leads to ear necrosis and untimely treatment can lead to damage to the cortex of the nerves around the ear.

10 foods to abstain after pressing ears

Sticky rice

Sticky rice is the first food that people should not eat because this is a great food for open wounds. After all, it will cause pus and discharge in the wound. If running pus a lot, even with blood fluid, it is very dangerous and later when removing the piercing can leave a scar as well as a piercing larger than expected at first. So people should not eat foods that do not contain sticky rice such as sticky rice, glutinous porridge, and sticky rice cakes …


Shrimp is one of the most allergenic seafood, people may notice that after surgery or surgery, doctors advise people not to eat shrimp too much because it can cause itchy wounds. With open wounds that are itchy, it is very uncomfortable, scratching can tear the wound, making the piercing take longer to heal.


Water spinach contains Madecassol that promotes the growth of fibers, promotes skin processes, and increases epithelial more. So with open wounds when eating too much water spinach will cause keloids, so just press the ears and advise people not to eat vegetables because this can cause keloids in the ears, very lost aesthetics and also difficult to treat later.



Although eggs are very good for health, researchers only advise people to eat only 2-3 eggs/week and with open wounds such as newly opened, stitched, scratched wounds should not eat eggs. The reason is that egg whites slow the healing process, cause long-lasting scarring and increases the ability to pus open wounds, but people can eat egg yolks separately.


Beef is a nutritious food that helps restore good fitness after surgery, doctors also recommend eating to quickly recover, but with that, it is noted that eating a lot of beef causes marks wound after surgery worsens. With the ear-piercing, it is similar when eating a lot of beef, the piercing will heal quickly, but in return, the piercing will have a dark red color separate from the wild color around the ears, making it very unattractive.


Chicken is a nutritious food, but doctors always recommend that we should not eat chicken after surgery, although it does not affect health, it has ingredients that cause itching for open wounds. So when you first get your ears pierced, people should not eat chicken because it can cause itching in the piercing, causing scarring after wound healing.


Squid is one of the types of seafood that do not eat often, but people should limit eating because many people can eat seafood but cannot eat squid because it is very prone to allergies. Normally, allergies can scratch, take medicine, but with a piercing, scratching will cause tearing, bringing up the hat makes the piercing take a long time to heal, not scaly.


Crab or crab are also highly allergic foods such as shrimp or squid, even the ability to cause allergy of crabs and crabs is greater than other types so people should not eat crabs after being pierced. Ear on, especially piercing a lot of earrings, avoid it as far as possible for yourself and piercing.


Alcohol is a very popular drink for young people nowadays, especially for men with a habit of drinking on weekends or parties, drinking a lot. However, after the ear is pierced, staying away from alcohol is good for the most open wound because alcohol causes vasodilation, swelling of blood causing pain for the wound. If you do not want your ears to hurt, then people should not drink alcohol at the time of giving advice.

What to eat with ear piercing to heal

In addition to abstaining from foods, foods, and foods that are not good for the piercing, people need to add foods that help to quickly heal wounds, foods that limit infection. People can choose to eat the following foods:

Eat vegetables and fruits: Instead of eating too much meat and fish, people should eat a lot of green vegetables to keep the body healthy, avoid liver and heart diseases … besides helping to make the piercing after healing. beautiful skin does not cause purple or red.

Fruits: Fruits, especially oranges, tangerines, lemons … should be eaten a lot to increase resistance to infection.

Foods such as eel, shrimp, salmon …, everyone should eat more instead of shrimp, crab, crab, beef …

Above are the foods that people should eat when they first get their ears pierced if they want the wound to heal quickly, the piercing is beautiful and not infected.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Ear Piercing Gun Kit

With so many different ear piercing gun kits out there, it can be difficult to choose the right one for you.  There are a few things that you should consider before making your purchase. Here’s how to do it:


The material of an ear piercing gun kit is important because if it’s metal and not plastic, then you’re less likely to experience pain and bleeding. However, some people prefer the feel or weight of metal over plastic which might make up their decision on what type they want.

ear piercing gun kit


Ear Piercing Gun Kits come in all sorts of prices from very cheap ($5) to expensive ($200). It would be best to find something in between those two price points as any more expensive than $200 and you’re just wasting your money on bells and whistles that you don’t need. 


Most ear piercing gun kits will come with a thirty day to one year warranty which can help cover some replacements or repairs as well as refunding your money if you find the product unsatisfactory. However, not all warranties are created equal: some only offer a twenty-five percent refund and others offer one hundred percent. You’ll want to make sure you know what the warranty covers and how long it’s valid for before making your purchase.

User reviews

Another important factor to consider is user reviews. They can help give you an idea of how easy or difficult a product is to use, if it breaks easily or not, and how comfortable it is. It’s also good practice to read the negative reviews as well as the positive in order to get a more accurate picture of what you’re getting into.


The size of an ear piercing gun kit can be important depending on where you plan to keep it. There are models which are much smaller than others meaning they can be stored almost anywhere or tucked away easily. Others might take up much more room because of their larger size, making them less ideal for home use. Make sure you consider what kind of storage space you have before buying an ear piercing gun kit that is too large to fit in your space or you’ll end up having to store it somewhere else.

ear piercing gun kit


Ear piercing gun kits can be corded or cordless. Most people prefer the convenience of a cordless ear piercing gun kit so they have more freedom to move around while performing their ear piercing services. However, this will come at a price with cordless models typically costing more than corded ones.

Ease of use

One important factor to consider when buying an ear piercing gun kit is how easy it is to use. Some have a harder learning curve while some are very straightforward and simple to operate. You should ask yourself what kind of instruction manual comes with the product, if there are any instructional videos online, and what kind of support system the manufacturer provides.

If you would like to know the proper way to use ear piercing gun kit, the following video will be helpful to you:

FAQs About Ear Piercing Gun Kit

Are there any safety concerns I should be aware of?

Ear piercing guns are intended for use on ears only. The ear piercing gun is intended for jewelry that is about one inch or less. The ear piercing gun should be used on all parts of the ear including the hard to reach areas near the nose and mouth.

When using an ear piercing gun, you should always apply enough surgical spirit with a cotton swab before inserting the probe into the hole of your right or left ear.  You should use only one hand when operating the device with your other hand supporting your head.

ear piercing gun kit
Top Ear Piercing Gun Kit In 2021: Safety To Use! 20

How do I clean my device regularly?

To ensure optimum efficiency, it’s essential to clean your kit regularly. Follow these steps:

– Make sure the kit is unplugged

– Open the piercing gun

– Spray some rubbing alcohol onto a piece of gauze or toilet paper and wipe it over the inside chamber

– Wipe again with just cloth or gauze to remove all oily residue on the contact

– Rinse thoroughly with running water

– Pat dry with a towel then plugin for storage

How to store the ear piercing gun kit?

The best way to store the kit is by plugging it into an electrical socket where it can remain until you’re ready to use it again. When you’re not using your kit, store it in a clean, dry place. Do not leave it out in the sun or near any heat sources.

ear piercing gun kit

Why should I consider buying an ear pierced gun kit that’s cordless?

A cordless ear piercing gun kit offers a number of benefits to customers. It’s easier to use, quieter – so you can do it in the comfort of your home, and more sanitary.

What is the size of an ear piercing gun kit?

The size of an ear piercing gun kit is not specified. The size of the kit will depend on the type of gun you’re using. For a standard gun, it’s typically about 12 inches long. The average size of an ear piercing gun kit is approximately 10 inches in length and 4 inches in width.

Ear press should abstain from what

Should I wash my hair after pressing my ears

Washing hair is the problem that many of you ask the most, many of you ask whether or not to wash it, how long does it take to wash, is it okay to wash it …? Then the answer is that people should limit washing their hair after punching them back because chemicals in shampoo can contact directly into the punch hole, causing irritation and corrosion of the wound. Especially, when the punch hole is closed, the loan will be fully washed, it will peel off the layer, making the hole return to its original condition.

Should ointment be applied to the piercing point?

Many of you, when you press your ears, see the hole is swollen and red so using ointment on the wound is not recommended. Just click on the wound is very sensitive, easy to get infected if you accidentally confuse these fats with unknown origin and the ingredients on it will cause problems, redness, swelling and even wound infection. . People only use normal saline to clean wounds and other types do not use.

How long does it take to remove the piercings after the press is pressed?

People should not remove the piercing right away, some of them feel itchy or ask to pierce the aesthetics of the candle and try to take it off or replace it with another piercing, then it is not recommended. People should only use their hands to rotate the piercings or push them up and down so that the latex does not stick to the earrings or the hole is attached to the pier when removed, causing bleeding and pain.

What should I do with an ear-piercing hole?

It is very normal to have a reddish yellowish-yellow cap leaking out. It is very normal that the discharge from the wound, people just need to use a clean medical cotton swab around to clean the red pus. But if the punch hole and the ear are swollen and red, along with the milky-white pus around the hole, make it numb, you should immediately go to your doctor to check because your punch hole may be infected.

Should wear a toothpick instead of an ear piercing

People should not replace piercing as a place to punch their holes with other items such as bamboo toothpicks, especially many parents often use bamboo toothpicks instead. It is very dangerous because bamboo toothpick is made from wood when bathing or washing the eyes, water can stick to and absorb into the toothpick, making the toothpick wet, when wet, there are many types of bacteria to live, so the risk The infection is very high.


Make sure to sanitize your ear and the ear piercing gun kit once you get it before piercing. That guarantees that everything is sterile and diminishes the danger of disease. Moreover, remember that with the falling to pieces expendable firearms, you don’t get another opportunity. You should point and press with certainty. Else, you’d have squandered the firearm. Accordingly, consider how frequently you may have to pierce your ears before picking a dispensable or reusable home ear-puncturing unit.

An ear piercing gun is a safe and sanitary way to pierce your ears. It’s also easier than using other methods, such as the needle method or hand-piercing that can be difficult for some people. The best part about an ear piercing gun kit is that you don’t have to visit a salon, go under general anesthesia, or take time off of work–all things which are usually required with traditional piercings! With this in mind, we hope you’ll consider buying an ear piercing gun so that you too can experience these benefits today.

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