Evolve 50 White Speaker Review: What To Consider When Buying A Home Speakers In 2024

A speaker is something that most people would like to have in their home, and the evolve 50 white is one of the best speakers on the market today.

It has everything you need to enjoy your favorite music wherever you are at home or outdoors. The range is up to fifty feet which means it can fill an entire house with sound or be used as a personal speaker in any room.

If you want more bass, simply plug in the subwoofer! Many customers have rated this speaker highly who say they are delighted with their purchase for this price point.

You deserve to have great sound wherever you are – at home, on the go, or outdoors. So pick up an Evolve 50 today and experience what everyone else has been talking about!

However, we know there is still a lack of information on the Internet, and you may not know whether you should buy the item or not. Therefore, we’ve written this article to provide you with the knowledge to make wise buying decisions.

Now, let’s jump into the reviews and see what we’ve got for you!

Evolve 50 White: At The First Glance

evolve 50 white

– 2.1 channel stereo

– 50 Watts (RMS) + 50 Watts (Peak)

– USB port for charging mobile devices and playing media from PC/Mac with a USB drive

– 15 hours of battery life

– Sophisticated sound with Evolve 50 technology

– Built-in microphone for true hands-free calling

– Enhanced charging port for increased durability

– Sleek look

– Support for AirPlay and Google Cast, with the Google cast capability being an exclusive Android feature

– 2.5-inch speaker driver

– Built-in cable management system to keep cords hidden from sight

– Compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices

– 50mm speaker driver for unmatched sound quality

– Built-in mic and remote control

– Handsfree conversation that is clear and crisp

– Stretchable headband for one size fits all comfort

Evolve 50 White: In Details

evolve 50 white

Evolve 50 White has made its name as one of the finest speakers on the market. This Bluetooth speaker is equipped with 50-watts of power and offers crystal clear, full-range sound.

The speaker has six speakers, all of which are neatly hidden behind the seamless front grille.

Its five 5.5-inch drivers and single tweeter are powered by a high-powered digital amplifier that produces excellent bass, mids, and highs for exceptional sound quality. Each woofer cone is made of natural materials for an elegant look.

The speaker features a USB port for charging your mobile devices on the go and can also be used as an alarm clock to wake you up each morning gently.

This unit has a rechargeable battery that will last up to 12 hours in Bluetooth mode and play audio when in AUX mode. The unit also has volume control, and the volume can be adjusted automatically.

It is possible to easily switch from Bluetooth to AUX with this speaker because it blinks in one color when in AUX mode and two colors when in Bluetooth mode.

This speaker also offers an LED light that changes colors depending on selected colors, such as red for Dance, blue for Electronica, green for Easy Listening, yellow for Disco Club, pink for Folk, purple for Latin Music, etc.

The speaker base is made from solid wood with a beautiful walnut finish, which will make it stand out in any room. It is engineered to produce an audiophile-quality sound that fills the entire room with sound.

The wireless range is up to 45 feet without any obstacles, so feel free to roam around your house or backyard while still enjoying your favorite tunes.

Evolve 50 White is one of the best Bluetooth speakers with excellent sound quality and design at an affordable price point.

Evolve 50 White: Advantages


evolve 50 white

Evolve 50 White speakers is powerful. It has a lot to offer. There are many different things you can do with it, too. It’s not just for listening to music; it’s also great for watching movies or videos, playing games, or even holding theater systems.

It gives you the best sound experience possible and will take your entertainment experience to the next level!

You’ll be able to use this speaker in so many ways that you won’t want anything else once you get one.

You may feel like buying more than one because there are so many uses for them, but don’t worry about space because these speakers are small enough that they would fit anywhere!

Sound Quality

evolve 50 white

The Evolve 50 White speakers bring high-quality sound to your home. They offer a combination of clarity and power, perfect for any listening environment, whether in the living room or the bedroom.

With these speakers, you can enjoy your favorite music with deep bass and crystal-clear trebles. You will be able to hear every note without distortion or interference from outside noise.

This speaker offers deep bass and crystal-clear trebles because they use a three-inch woofer made of polypropylene, which provides a higher response frequency than other materials such as rubber or paper.

This means that when you listen to music on this speaker system, you won’t feel the need to turn the volume up to get a full sound. With this speaker, you can also choose which kind of sound best suits your mood.

The standard selection includes Vocal, Flat, and Music for easy listening. Additionally, an Enhanced Bass option lets you hear heavy thumps with every song’s beat.


evolve 50 white

This speaker is straightforward to use, even if you aren’t an expert. The standard selection gives the user three sound quality options, while the Enhanced Bass option allows for heavy thumps with every song’s beat.

You can also go into settings and move or remove the dials used to adjust the sound.

The remote control that comes with this speaker system allows you to adjust the sound from a distance, so you don’t need to be near the device to change your music or move around the dials.

This speaker can last up to 6 hours of playback before needing a new charge with its rechargeable battery.

If the power runs out, you can always use the USB input to charge it up again. The rechargeable battery makes this speaker easy to use because you don’t have to repurchase batteries.

You will also have access to multiple inputs at once, perfect for those who want high-quality sound in more than one location.

Multiple Connectivities

evolve 50 white

The Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect your devices easily through an app compatible with this speaker. You don’t need Wi-Fi or cables to use this speaker because it connects wirelessly to any device with Bluetooth capabilities.

This means you don’t need extra cables laying around if you want to use it wirelessly; just turn on your Bluetooth-enabled device and pair it up!

To enjoy exceptional audio quality, you can pair it with all your mobile gadgets, including your tablets and phones. You can easily link it up to your android phone and stream your best music through Spotify or Pandora.

You can also listen to GPS directions with it as long as you download the Google Maps app on your mobile device.

If you’re an Apple user, then you can play iTunes songs using any speaker that’s Bluetooth compatible, which most likely includes the Evolve 50 White speakers.

It also has a USB input, so if you travel around with your laptop or tablet, this speaker will be perfect for attaching to it and getting good quality sound even while stuck in traffic.

It also supports multiple connectivity options such as 3.5mm AUX input to connect MP3 players such as iPods and iPhones, good for the days when you want to relax with your favorite song.

Evolve 50 White also has two built-in mics, so you can easily use this speaker as a speakerphone. You can talk it through and have important calls without any problem.


evolve 50 white

The Evolve 50 is small, and it can be carried anywhere, making it easy to carry while you go for a camping trip, fishing, or other outdoor activities. They’re lightweight and portable. You’ll have a blast using this great speaker with so many different things!

The best part is that the Evolve 50 can be used both indoors or outdoors, so whether your party moves or not, you will always be able to enjoy your music anywhere.

Also, the fact that these speakers have a wireless range of up to 30 feet means you can set them up pretty much anywhere, especially with its excellent long USB cord. With this speaker, no matter where you go, there will always be good tunes for company!

Works Well In Different Weather Types

evolve 50 white

The weatherproof design makes it perfect for any environment because it’s resistant to both water and dust. If you live in a place where the weather changes often, this is the speaker for you.

It’s also perfect for activities that require you to get dirty or wet. Its durable design allows it to withstand harsh conditions so that you can use it every day without any problem.

The high-end construction materials used in Evolve 50 White make it an excellent device that uses the most advanced sound technology available right now.

It also comes with several accessories like power adapters and cables to get you started using your speakers right away.

Simple Installation

evolve 50 white

The Evolve 50 White speakers feature a front panel that is removable and easy to install.

This means that it does not require any drilling, cutting, or hammering to get the sound you want in your car.

It also features a built-in amplifier for better sound performance and compatibility with all vehicle types. The speaker system includes an FM tuner and CD player so that you can play music from any input source at any time.

Generally, the Evolve 50 White speakers are an excellent choice for any music lover. The sound is clear and crisp, with deep bass that resonates in your chest.

You can adjust the volume or switch songs without having to get up off your couch, thanks to the built-in Bluetooth connectivity. And because they’re wireless, you can move them anywhere in the room for a more personalized listening experience.

Now, we head to some downsides of this speaker, so you will have a broad picture of this speaker to make wise decisions.

Evolve 50 White: Downsides

Bass Capability

evolve 50 white

The only major downside we found about the Evolve ‘50s is its bass capability. The speakers put out a decent amount of sound, and it will work for most situations.

However, there were some instances where we wished the speakers could produce more bass. This is primarily due to its compact size since it needs to be small for it to be easily movable.

The speakers may not be the best choice if you want strong bass or are looking to use it in ample space, like an outdoor patio area; however, these speakers may be for small rooms and indoors where there isn’t much space available.

Causes Echo

evolve 50 white

You should be mindful of where you place them because if placed too close to a surface such as a wall or flooring, they will cause an echo which can interfere with sound quality.

Finally, if your phone is in your pocket while playing music on Evolve 50 White speakers, the audio will cut out occasionally because it isn’t close enough to the speaker.

More Expensive

evolve 50 white

Evolve 50 White speakers are considered expensive because the price tag of the speaker is more than $1000, depending on where you buy the item.

This amount is more than most people are willing to spend on a commodity they may not even need.

Evolve offers a lot for the cost; however, consumers see this as too high. Many consumers are unwilling to spend more on a speaker because of this.

Evolve 50 White Reviews 2024

Electro-Voice Evolve 50 White Column Speaker

[amazon box=”B07H5MW82L” ]

The Electro-Voice Evolve 50 White Column Speaker is a speaker that can provide the best sound quality for the customers. This speaker has been designed with newer technology to give customers excellent sound quality.

The speakers are wireless, and they can be controlled by an app which makes it easier for customers to use them even if they are not always close by.

The speakers have a front panel that can control the sound quality, making it easy for customers to use it.

Customers looking for a great speaker should purchase this product as it has been manufactured using high-quality materials that can produce good sound quality.


– Wireless control

– Customized sound quality

– Good for all types of listeners

– User-friendly front panel controls sound

– Up-to-date technology

– Easy to assemble


– Pricey

Electro-Voice Evolve 30M White Powered Column Speakers

[amazon box=”B083XQWBCC” ]

The Electro-Voice Evolve 30M white powered column speakers are a system that delivers an engaging sound experience that you can’t get enough of. It has a sleek industrial design and EV-engineered parts of professional quality.

The speakers deliver the ideal balance of power and adaptability in a small size.

The system also boasts speaker-industry-leading QuickSmart DSP, enabling you to optimize your audio from all over the room using the control center or your mobile phone.

These speakers also have a sophisticated internal mixer that allows you the most excellent compatibility and power to mix your performance like a professional.

The 16 user settings, four low-cut filters, and eight delay options on the Evolve 30M powered column speakers make them ideal for musicians.

The speakers decrease the amount of equipment you take to each event by reducing the gear you carry backstage and in the truck.

We are confident that Electro-EVOLVE Voice’s 30M Powered Column Loudspeaker impresses experts with performance unrivaled by any other audio system on the market today.

Many of our clients who had already put the model to the test gave it rave reviews. The model has received outstanding reviews from many customers who had already put the speakers through their paces.


– Powerful sound quality that is unmatched by any other system on today’s market

– Reduces the amount of gear onstage and in the truck because it doesn’t require an external power source

– Economical option for system owners looking to upgrade or for those who are just starting out but still want a PA system


– It is small-sized

JBL Professional EON ONE Portable PA Systems

[amazon box=”B06Y4DC4RN” ]

A fantastic speaker system is the JBL Professional EON ONE Portable PA System. This variant can run on batteries, which is ideal for activities that take place outside.

Because all of the buttons are positioned on the speaker’s face, servicing it is simple. At all volume levels, the audio quality of this device is excellent and sharp.

The battery life is good enough to run the speaker for at least an hour, depending on the volume level. In comparison to other similar models, the price is relatively affordable. Overall, I think this is a great speaker system that I would suggest.


– The JBL Professional EON ONE Portable PA System has an excellent sound quality.

– Easy to service because all the controls are located on the face of the speaker.

– Price is very reasonable compared to other comparable models.


– Battery life is decent enough, but not quite as good as other portable speakers that have been available for a while now.

Now, we will move to the part in which we will talk to you about some factors to consider when choosing speakers, in general. However, you can still apply this knowledge to Evolve 50 White to decide if it’s a perfect fit for you!

Factors To Consider When Choosing Speakers

Choosing a speaker is not an easy task. There are many factors to consider when looking for the best one, and it can be hard to know where to start.

However, with a bit of knowledge and information about what goes into making a good speaker, you should be able to find something that will work well for your needs.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the basics of choosing speakers so that you can make an informed decision when shopping around.

Active or Passive Speakers?

evolve 50 white

Active speakers, or powered speakers, have the amplifier built into the speaker cabinet itself. This means that you just hook up a single wire from your audio source (iPod, turntable, computer) to the speaker, and that’s it – you’re good to go!

Passive speakers, on the other hand, require a separate amplifier to power them. The speakers themselves will have two or more wires coming from them that you’ll need to connect to the speaker’s corresponding input(s) on the amp.


evolve 50 white

Not all speakers are created equal: This may seem obvious, but it is important to note that an expensive speaker will not necessarily yield a better sound than a cheaper one.

A speaker’s overall quality results from several factors, including the build material and components used.

Place To Put The Speaker

Speaker placement makes a difference. Where you place your speakers can significantly impact the overall tone and accuracy of what you hear from them.

Placing speakers in corners, near the wall, or in other locations away from where you usually sit can have a dramatic effect on what you hear.

Experimenting with different speaker placement options is an essential step towards finding the best sound.

Speakers Types

Bookshelf Speakers

evolve 50 white

These are probably your most common option since they’re usually the minor type of speaker. They can be placed on a shelf or other little surface and are designed to produce the best possible sound for their size.

Floor–Standing Speakers

evolve 50 white

These are more prominent speakers designed to stand on the floor, in front of the main listening area, or behind it. Floor-standing speakers can be placed at a distance from the wall, which allows for more profound bass response.

In-Wall Speakers

evolve 50 white

In-wall speakers are designed to fit inside your walls as a remote speaker system without taking up much space. They’re typically built into a frame so that they can be easily mounted and removed.

These are great for rooms you don’t want to block the view, like in an office or bedroom.


evolve 50 white

These are designed specifically for producing bass frequencies, which is why they’re usually paired with other types of speakers.

Depending on what you look for, they can be placed near your main listening area or elsewhere in the room.


evolve 50 white

Choose speakers that are efficient with their power. Speakers that eat up lots of energy can cause your device to drain its battery more quickly, which means you’ll need to charge it more often if you’re using powered speakers (i.e., active speakers).

Passive (non-powered) speakers draw less power so that they won’t affect your device’s battery as much.


It’s a good idea to choose speakers with several inputs: If you have multiple devices, you’ll want to make sure that whatever speakers you purchase have enough inputs so that there are no issues hooking everything up.

Some options will even allow for multiple devices connected at once, which can be beneficial if you plan to share your speaker with someone else.

If you are a first-time buyer, this video could be a great help to you:

FAQs about Evolve 50 White

– How do I connect the sound to my speakers?

Plug the cable from your portable speaker or headphones into the 3.5mm port on your Evolve 50 White speaker.

– Will the Evolve 50 White speaker work on a TV, projector, or computer?

evolve 50 white

Yes, it will work on any device with a 3.5mm audio jack and amplifies the sound to make your TV or projector come alive!

– Is there a warranty for the Evolve 50 White speaker, and how long does it last?

A standard 1-year warranty covers the Evolve 50 White speaker for parts and labor with in-home service included.

– Can I use this with an extension cord without any issues?

evolve 50 white

We recommend plugging the Evolve 50 White into a power outlet. It’s not recommended to use any extension cords or power splitters with the speaker.


The Evolve 50 White Speaker is a great speaker that provides a fantastic sound experience. It’s perfect for any occasion and can be used by anyone of all ages.

The design is sleek, the controls are easy to use, and it has many different functions. The range in volume is perfect due to the size of the speaker not being too big or too small.

The sound quality is excellent, and it isn’t forced out in one direction, allowing for a more even listening experience than other speakers.

Although, there are some issues with how it charges and when playing music directly from a phone. Overall, the Evolve 50 White Speaker is a great speaker, and it has many features that make it stand out amongst other speakers.

If you are in love with this product, don’t hesitate to buy it right away. If you still want to find more information, it’s okay. Just keep researching and never give up.

We hope that this article has given you sufficient information about Evolve 50 White speakers. Sadly, we’ve come to the end of the article. Thank you for staying with us till the end of it. Goodbye, and see you in our following reviews!

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