Top 15 Best Golf Cart Windshield Hinge 2023 – Reviewed And Top Rated

Golf is a great sport. We rummaged through interviews with professional golfers and learned the gear they need to ensure a perfect day of golf. And this is why we write about golf cart windshield hinge products that help you become a better player. Our aim is to make it possible for our readers to find everything they need to know about golf cart windshields and other considerations without relying on any other website.

Golf cart windshields are one of the most important things to have, making a great addition to your ride. It helps you to ensure safety, avoid difficult weather conditions such as sunshine, wind, rain,… If you, unfortunately, encounter a shower or you want to avoid the wind, enjoy the warm feeling inside the car. golfing, a windshield would be very helpful.

If you are looking for the best windshield for your golf cart model, you need to select and read about the top rated products. And because there are lots of choices on the market that can make you confused, it’s important to buy the right price, the right use, and the right fit for your golf cart because most windshields are designed for Exclusive golf cart models.

In this guide, we will provide you with the top 15 professional windshields for golf carts and a rating of the top 5 brands to assist you in your choice.

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Best Golf Cart Windshield Hinge Comparison 2023

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Top 15 Golf Cart Windshield Hinge Reviews 2023

Tinted Windshield For Ezgo Txt

[amazon box=”B005F12IH2″ ]

Known for being manufactured 1995 – up, this windshield is designed for the EZGO TXT golf cart, we believe it will be a welcome addition to your golf cart. If you know about Golf Cart King Store, you will believe that they are one of the best golf cart products. Golf cart windshield hinges are manufactured by Golf Cart King, offering a high quality warranty and smart testing process. Heavy-duty acrylic provides good impact resistance making it a more durable alternative to other shield products, minimizing the risk of damage on impact. And finally, this windshield is compatible with a wide range of EZGO golf carts.


  • Impact resistant acrylic material, strong windbreak, elastic
  • Easy to install
  • Convenient folding design
  • Fits many EZGO TXT golf carts


  • The price is quite high
  • Dark color style
  • Acrylic colors can obstruct visibility on dark days

Buggies unlimited EZGO TXT Clear Fold Down Windshield

[amazon box=”B07K1GRQC6″ ]

The ultimate windshield from the Buggies Unlimited brand, this golf cart windshield hinge is designed for the EZ GO TXT and Medalist models released between 1994 and 2013. If you read up on Buggies Unlimited, you’ll get it. It turns out this is a prominent and highly regarded name in the golf cart and windshield accessories business.

This is a fold-down windshield design that easily attaches to your existing windshield frame. It comes with a vibration-free fit – one of their flagship products. It’s made of high quality acrylic material, 3/16 inch thick.


  • Durable
  • Made in USA
  • No vibration, tight fit
  • Includes all relevant parts for installation


  • No warranty
  • Difficult to install

Buggies unlimited Club Car Precedent (04-Up) Golf Cart Fold-Down Windshield

[amazon box=”B07T9FZXCV” ]

We recommend a golf cart windshield hinge model from Buggies Unlimited. It is compatible with any model of the Club Car Precedent stroller released in 2004 or later. This visor boasts a thick acrylic material that protects you from glare and UV rays, protecting you while golfing on hot sunny days.

High quality design, eliminate the possibility of vibration when you are controlling your car on the road. The manufacturer also provides you with all the mounting hardware needed for the installation.


  • Thick material – acrylic, protect from UV rays and glares
  • Vibration-free fit


  • Only designed for Club Car Precedent models

Buggies Unlimited Yamaha Golf Cart Fold Down Windshield

[amazon box=”B07Q1N923F” ]

The Buggies Unlimited windshield is designed for old Yamaha golf cart models from 1995-2002. Designed for G14, G16 and G19 vehicles with original Yamaha roof.

Like many other golf cart windshield hinges, it uses high quality 3/16th thick acrylic material that is almost 1/4 inch thick. You’ll be surprised that even though it’s designed for older vehicles, its robust protection is emblematic of Buggies Unlimited. Finally, it’s easy to install the hardware, which easily attaches to your existing windshield frame


  • Made in the USA
  • Use acrylic materials
  • Use the simple attachment tools


  • Because it is designed for older models, it is sometimes difficult to find

Performance Plus Carts Clear Windshield for EZGO TXT

[amazon box=”B005F13QPU” ]

The next golf cart windshield hinge comes from Performance Plus Carts. This brand usually creates a high quality product for their customers. This windshield is a good choice to use for EZGO TXT golf cart models released in 1995 or later.

It is designed with transparent acrylic, providing great visibility when you are driving on the road. Acrylic materials are also well known for their thickness and durability, so you can enjoy strong impact resistance. All hardware to help you complete the installation is also included.


  • Transparent acrylic material
  • Thick and durable material, increased impact resistance
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Convenient folding design


  • Transparent acrylic is hard to resist UV rays
  • The price can be a bit high

Yamaha G22 Tinted Fold Down Impact Resistant Windshield

[amazon box=”B073V9FPR8″ ]

Fat Cat Golf has released a tinted windshield for the Yamaha G22 golf cart, which is an evolution of the G14, G16, and G19 windshields. It ensures protection from extreme weather conditions and protects your skin from damage by UV rays.

It is made from impact resistant, highly durable acrylic and comes with built-in protective layers to prevent scratches. The company also supports 1-year warranty for products and after-sales customer service.


  • Tinted acrylic material protects from the sun
  • 1 year warranty
  • Protective film to prevent scratches


  • For the G22  model only
  • Difficult to install

Clear Club Car Precedent Golf Cart Windshield (2004-up)

[amazon box=”B005XODP78″ ]

Limited to models from 2004 to the present, this premium windshield is something you should consider, as it will provide those in this range with a great range of options. The acrylic folding windshield designed by Golf Cart King is your best choice.

This golf cart windshield hinge is nearly 1/4 inch thick, making it the most durable and resistant option. The Club Car’s windshield complements the luxurious design with a clear or colored screen, transparent acrylic material, providing you with excellent visibility. 

This windscreen features an easy latch-on, a folding pattern that provides unrestricted visibility to surroundings, providing easy and effective protection against wind, sun and harsh elements. This would be a great holiday gift for a golf club.


  • Good impact resistance
  • The clear style is very visible
  • Thick material
  • Easy to fold/open


  • Thick material feels heavy
  • Only compatible with later Club Car Precedent models

AW Fold Down Golf Cart Windshield Impact Resistant Acrylic Split Windshield-Club Car

[amazon box=”B074PK4ZK6″ ]

The AW Fold Down Acrylic Split golf cart windshield is another option for Club Car owners. It includes all the features and durability and impact resistance of higher-end cars.

High visibility windshield and convenient folding design will please you. Golf cart windshield hinge in impact resistant AW acrylic. Furthermore, you will find it suitable for your golf cart by its easy and quick installation.

This is a perfect cheap product but fits many golf cart models.


  • Transparent acrylic material
  • Convenient folding design
  • Affordable
  • Compatible for most golf cart


  • Removing the rubber can scratch the windshield

ECOTRIC Fold Down Tinted Windshield Compatible with 1994-2014 EZGO TXT & Medalist Models

[amazon box=”B07VX39GYR” ]

Created by Ecotric, this tinted windshield would be a welcome addition to your golf cart. This folding EZ GO Golf Cart windscreen offers a design to fit a variety of golf cart models, including the EZGO TXT & Medalist Gas or Electric Golf Cart (1994-2014) models.

It is thicker than most windshields on the market. The sturdy heavy-duty acrylic material also provides you with good impact resistance. What stands out is that it is covered with a protective film to protect the product from scratches. You will easily attach to your existing windshield frame because it requires no drilling or additional hardware.


  • The color design provides superior protection from UV rays
  • Convenient folding design, very easy to attach to the windshield frame
  • Thick acrylic material


  • Can bend when driving fast
  • Only compatible with certain models of EZGO strollers

10L0L Deluxe Foldable Golf Cart Windshield Fits EZGO TXT Golf Cart 

[amazon box=”B0811VMD25″ ]

This luxury golf cart windshield fits the EZGO TXT golf cart. 10LOL is a good option for many car owners. This is rated as one of the most wonderful golf cart windshield hinges out there but the design and build quality of this windshield is very good.

It uses the same heavy-duty, wrinkle-free transparent vinyl that’s commonly found on many easy-keeping windscreens. It is easy to install, has a clip-on strap design, and has an attached buckle and belt.

In the cold winter, the windshield can keep out rain and cold wind, keeping you warm while driving. In hot summer, you just need to fold it, it can be folded in half and used on a golf cart, it doesn’t obstruct your view.


  • Affordable 
  • Safety Velcro
  • Light material, very easy to install, easy to fold
  • Use in winter and summer


  • Material is not durable

Classic Accessories Fairway Deluxe Portable Golf Cart Windshield

[amazon box=”B001PGWO1Q” ]

This is a simple windshield design, designed by Classic Accessories Store. This is also a good option for those who want to spend less money on golf cart windshield hinges. If you just want a temporary windshield or you own a large fleet of golf carts, you should buy this to save for a larger selection.

The Fairway is a portable windscreen that is generous in size and fits most golf carts. When you purchase it, you’ll get straps and clips for quick installation.

This windshield is designed with a translucent or sometimes transparent style – you can choose it as a backup when the windshield breaks on the road. You can turn it off and on in seconds, very easy to set up. It can also be rolled up into a small bag and stowed into any golf bag easily because it is so light.


  • Has a high degree of protection due to being made of vinyl
  • Affordable
  • Has lightweight, easy to fold


  • High winds can cause the windshield to open
  • Hard to see through it

10l0l Deluxe Foldable Golf Cart Windshield Fits Ezgo Rxv

[amazon box=”B087M6BNX1″ ]

Our recommended next model comes from the 10LOL Store and fits a wide range of golf carts. The 10L0L Foldable Windshield is suitable for the EZGO RXV Golf Cart, a golf cart model that is increasingly popular in many fields. Our golf cart windscreen is similar to other windshields on the market, you can use it in 2 ways folding and unfolding. The simple option, you don’t need tools to install this windshield, easily roll it up for easy storage in a golf bag and store it when not in use.

10LOL gives you a safe shield against rain or wind storms. When driving in cold weather or driving at night, the windshield ensures that the interior of the car is always warm. The included velcro straps hold securely, eliminating the worry of the velcro breaking.

This is one of the valuable investments as 10LOL always offers one year warranty on the products. Note, the golf cart windshield hinge has a unique style, there are some textures that some users may not like. If there are wrinkles on the windshield, you can use a steam iron to smooth out the wrinkles.


  • Affordable
  • Folding design
  • Durable and highly protective vinyl surface


  • Lack of acrylic material can prevent visibility
  • Do not use tools when installing

Tinted Windshield 

[amazon box=”B005HSRUGC” ]

This tinted shield from Franklin is a good choice for the 2000s Club Car DS Golf Cart. Although specially designed for these strollers, this Club Car Golf Cart windshield is compatible with most vehicles. Club Car DS golf cart models, some models over 2000 are still suitable for other strollers. It is suitable for those of you who like to play golf on sunny days, especially for those who have a Club Car golf cart option.

You can expect a high-quality build here, acrylic material for clearly seeing. Premium golf cart-fit polyurethane hinge with new style roof strut. The folding design also provides you the convenience of using this golf cart windshield hinge.

All hardware is also included so you can easily attach this shield to your Golf Club Car. However, this offering is probably not very suitable for those who don’t know how to install golf cart equipment.


  • Tinted material provides sun protection
  • Premium quality polyurethane hinge for long-lasting use
  • Convenient folding design
  • Use a simple strut to hold the windshield


  • Acrylic tinted will obstruct visibility
  • Higher price for other windshields

Kemimoto Golf Cart Windshield

[amazon box=”B07FNTFLQN” ]

The Kemimoto windscreen is foldable, allowing you to enjoy maximum visibility when needed. This windshield is compatible with any Yamaha G22 golf cart, has a flexible folding design and is easy to install. It is also a good choice for you if you want to enjoy a golf session in a day.

The durable acrylic material is transparent to ensure it won’t obstruct your view at all times, but it’s hard to resist UV rays. All the equipment you need to fit into your golf cart is included. This Yamaha golf cart windshield replacement is also very easy.


  • Transparent acrylic material for excellent visibility
  • Durable and relatively easy to maintain materials
  • All fixtures are included


  • Not the best choice for sunny conditions as it is not UV resistant tailgate

KUAFU Clear Fold Down Golf Cart Windshield Compatible with EZGO TXT

[amazon box=”B08JGMF5G3″ ]

This transparent windshield from KUAFU is designed for EZ GO TXT (1994-2013) models. This is a foldable golf cart windshield. Due to its clear nature and construction, this golf cart windshield hinge offers better visibility.

This product from KUAFU is made from transparent acrylic and is thick and durable. As introduced in previous products, acrylic is a durable material and can withstand considerable physical impact. In addition, all necessary parts for installation are also provided in the package.


  • Durable and impact resistant materials
  • Includes all installation parts


  • No installation instructions

Benefits To A Hinged Windshield

If you need to drive a golf cart on the street, the Department of Transportation may require you to use an AS4 / AS5 windshield. If not, you may want to consider a full windshield or a hinged windshield.

The hinged windshield helps to get more air in the car, which means it’s breathable because the panel can be folded/unfolded.

When you open the windows, you will feel as if you are not using the windshield and really blend in with the air outside the car. Your view is also wider when you’re not looking through the windshield. When you feel too sunny or when it rains, you can quickly fold the windshield.

The hinged windshield also makes it easy to remove for cleaning and care. And you can easily replace new ones with just a few screws.

Buying Guide For Best Golf Cart Windshield Hinge 

Are you stressed out when thinking about buying a great golf cart windshield hinge? Planning to upgrade your golf cart making it more luxurious and protective? We have dug into golf cart windshield hinges and put together a complete list of the 15 best golf cart windshield hinges available on the market.

The best golf cart windshield should provide you with comfortable visibility and a good level of impact resistance. And acrylic material is a familiar thing to us. Here is our buying guide detailing all the things you should consider when choosing a golf cart windshield.

Types Of Golf Cart Windshields

Installing a windshield on your golf cart can help protect against unnecessary knocks by golf balls. Windshields come in a variety of styles and functions. We have selected most windshields that are compatible with Club Car, E-Z-GO and Yamaha golf cart models. The most convenient choice of golf cart windscreen is the folding and rolling design.

Fold-down / Split / Hinged Golf Cart Windshield

Golf cart windscreen folds down (split or hinged windshield). It is made up of two pieces of material that can cover the entire front of the cart, providing a more permanent solution. Polyurethane is an optimal choice of hinge material. 

The material is extremely durable, withstanding constant stress like bumps, rain and sun. If you like, you can fold it at any time.

Roll-up Golf Cart Windshield

If you are in need of a temporary, convenient and inexpensive windshield, a roll-up windshield is what you are looking for. They are made from highly portable vinyl that protects you from wind, snow, and sunshine.

Certificate As4 / As5 Windshields

Sometimes you will need an AS4/AS5 Certified windshield. It is specially manufactured to meet US Department of Transportation standards for Low Speed ​​Vehicles. Why do you need this windshield? Because some areas require you to have this type of windshield in order to register your golf cart for street use. 

The AS4/AS5 is 0.177” thick made of premium polycarbonate that resists scratches and breaks. They have DOT etched on the windshield for easy inspection and are supplied in one-piece and two-piece sets.

Golf Cart Compatibility

Some windshields will fit any golf cart, some have a versatile function. However, many golf cart windshields are made exclusively for specific models. You should consult detailed information when choosing a windshield to ensure that the windshield you choose is compatible with your golf cart. 

There are many manufacturers that still produce windshields suitable for an older stroller model. At the same time, there are many models of golf cart windshield hinge that are suitable for the most popular golf carts.

Windshield Material

Windshield material plays an important role in determining your safety when driving. Acrylic, vinyl and polycarbonate are the most commonly used materials.

You can also choose between colored or colorless or transparent windshield materials. Transparent acrylic provides good visibility, ensuring optimal visibility. If you don’t worry about the level of UV protection, the transparent acrylic seal is the choice for you. However, you should definitely consider buying a colored golf cart windshield hinge if you don’t like bright sunlight hitting your field of view while golfing. Vinyl is the main material used for roll-up windshields. 

Polycarbonate can withstand impact better than acrylic but is more susceptible to scratches. The cracks, whether large or small, make your golf cart less luxurious and less aesthetically pleasing. Over time, scratches can make the windshield more difficult to see. The best way and also the most expensive is to choose windshields made from a mixture of acrylic and polycarbonate because they include impact resistance and scratch resistance.

Material Thickness

It’s a fact that thicker windshields can handle small debris like rocks hitting it. An acrylic windshield is thick enough to withstand the impact of a golf ball. Most windshields are also made of 3/16″ or 1/4″ for durability. It withstands impact well without breaking or warping. However, thick windshields can add weight and cost more. 

Hardware mounting

Buying a windshield that comes with point-of-sale mounting hardware gives you complete peace of mind about compatibility. On the other hand, if you purchase mounting hardware separately, it may not fit your windshield completely, making it difficult to ensure a snug fit. This will cause your windshield to vibrate or even fall off during travel.

Also, you should look for one with hinges that are UV protected when shopping for a foldable windshield. Because prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause the hinges to become brittle and can begin to crack.

Original manufacturer or aftermarket

You will have two choices here: buy a genuine manufacturer windshield or buy a used windshield. And of course, buying windshields from a genuine manufacturer (or OEM) forces you to spend a little more. And conversely, buying a used windshield saves you a little money. 

Naturally, since genuine windshields are specially designed for the manufacturer’s models, they are new, fitting like they were born for the luxury golf cart itself. Used windshields are cheap, but may no longer guarantee the quality and appearance. Scratches or crooked hinges can appear and make you unhappy.

How To Clean A Golf Cart Windshield

Cleaning Instructions For A Polycarbonate Golf Cart Windshield

Note that the way to clean a golf cart windshield with Polycarbonate is different from the way to clean a regular car windshield. Polycarbonate needs to be handled with care because it is very susceptible to scratches. If you throw some Windex at this and wipe it clean, you could damage your windshield.

First, you need to use a microfiber cloth to clean the windshield with a very mild detergent. You can mix dish soap in a little warm water or use baby shampoo.

Then you wash your golf cart windshield hinge thoroughly, making sure all the dirt is removed. Last and very important, you need to use a windshield cleaner to remove water spots after cleaning.

Cleaning Instructions For An Acrylic Windshield

Acrylic windshields will be easily damaged if they are not handled properly. Similar to Polycarbonate windshields, the cleaning process of Acrylic windshields needs to be done according to a separate process. If you decide to clean it, make sure you use a cleaner that is safe for plexiglass because Acrylic windshields are also known as plexiglass windshields. Please refer to our master guides.

First, you need to pre-wash the dirt and debris on your windshield. Next, you use dish soap mixed with warm water and create soap bubbles to apply to the windshield. Next, all you need is a microfiber cleaning cloth to apply soap to the windshield. Finally, rinse the windshield and use a dry rag to dry the windshield.

Usually Mistakes While Cleaning Polycarbonate And Acrylic Windshields

  • Use a dry cloth or a microfiber cloth that is too hard to clean the windshield, which can easily scratch it
  • Use detergents that are acidic and corrosive
  • Always clean in a scouring motion, which means circular cleaning.
  • Clean the windshield in a place that is exposed to direct sunlight and where you are cleaning the windshield with lots of fallen leaves. They will stick to the cleaning cloth and scratch the windshield
  • If you use something like Windex windshield it will damage the glass surface completely and leave a cloudy appearance
  • You often use paper towels to wipe before and after washing the windshield because it creates more scratches

This video may be helpful for you to install golf cart windshield hinge:

Our Top 5 Picks Of Best Golf Cart Windshield Hinges

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With all the above information, we hope that you could find the winner. We’ve done the best we can to provide our recommendations, but it’s still important that you do your own thorough research on the golf cart windshield hinge you’re considering purchasing. Thank you for following this post. We really want to read your comments below.

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