How Long To Cook A Hot Pocket In The Microwave [Complete Guide]

You’ve probably never considered how long to cook a hot pocket in the microwave, but it’s essential.

It can be difficult when you are hungry and have no time for cooking. You may not want to spend too much money on take-out or delivery, which is expensive and unhealthy. We all know how delicious Hot Cockets are, but how long do you cook them to make sure they’re cooked just right? 

This guide will help you figure out how long to cook a Hot Pocket in the microwave. We’ll also show you how much power is needed for different microwaves so that your Hot Pocket comes out perfect every time! It takes less time than you think with these instructions! Follow these simple steps to cook your Hot Pocket in the microwave so that it tastes fresh every time!

What Is A Hot Pocket?

Microwaveable fritters are what Hot Pockets are. They are available in a range of tastes and toppings like meat, cheeses, veggies, and so many more.

A Hot Pocket is a fundamental American institution. Nevertheless, many people are unaware that they created two Jewish Persian immigrants from Teheran, Paul & David Merage.

how long to cook a hot pocket in the microwave
How Long To Cook A Hot Pocket In The Microwave [Complete Guide] 8

According to legend, both Paul and David Merage aspired to founding their businesses and earning a reputation for them, an ambition handed down from their dad.

The brothers embarked on this ambition together, focused initially on Belgian pancakes under Chef America Incorporated. Following their success, the Merages wanted to broaden their products to provide a foodstuff suitable for quick and straightforward consumption at any moment during the day.

Hot Pockets were designed for working Individuals who needed transportable or ready-made meal products to simplify their lives.

This food, formerly known as the Tastywich, was introduced in 1980 and included an outside layer or crust designed to retain its crisp quality when baked in microwaves.

Three years later, the guys renamed them Hot Pockets and started offering them to businesses and mainstream American customers.

Nestle purchased Chef America Incorporated from the Merages in 2002. Nestle popularized Hot Pockets, turning them into a fixture in almost every local supermarket and restaurant.

Are Hot Pockets Ready To Eat?

A Hot Pocket is a freezing Pop-tart stuffed with disgusting meats and sauces rather than fruits. You’re meant to put it in the microwaves for a few seconds to cook/heat it, and then it will be edible.

Are Hot Pockets Nutritious?

Lovers of Hot Pockets who may be monitoring their waist sizes have a choice that has fewer fat and calories than the regular. However, they are far from the cleanest things you might ever consume. In adding to the tried-and-true tastes, Hot Pockets releases limited-edition varieties frequently.

How Many Hot Pockets Are There In A Large Box?

There are twelve Hot Pockets in a Big Box. The number of options varies depending on how you feel about sauerkraut and how much influence you have over the Colonel’s menu. It is probably safe to say that there are thirteen or fourteen chicken-related items, but no one will be counting beef-based pockets if your school district bans red meat because it affects students with EPI/ADHD who eat lunch before lunch starts.

How To Cook A Hot Pocket In The Microwave

For help with how to cook a Hot Pocket and how long to cook a hot pocket in the microwave, follow this answer: 

Please note if you prefer your Hot Pockets softer rather than crunchy, you can put them on “low” power for 2 1/2 minutes, and they will be heated all of the ways through without crumbling or getting mixed ingredients like cold sauce.

First, this how to cook a hot pocket in the microwave tutorial assumes that you have already removed any wrapper from the Hot Pocket. Lots of microwaves will cook food using either a doughnut shape or a bun shape. You must place the entire cooked forward-facing pointed end of the Hot Pocket directly against the inside of your microwave’s center circle — where your turntable usually sits – and leave plenty of room around it – at least an inch on all sides.

how long to cook a hot pocket in the microwave
How Long To Cook A Hot Pocket In The Microwave [Complete Guide] 9

To ensure you know how long to cook a hot pocket in the microwave (without checking individual instructions), stick with these rules: For turntable-style ovens, cover with a paper towel and pop into about 450 cells; for two minutes 50 seconds. For convection ovens, wrap with foil and cook at 375 degrees for 10 minutes.

Besides, cooking periods and procedures should be taken with a grain of salt because they might vary based on the Hot Pocket version you choose. Follow these guidelines to prevent overcooking and to ruin your meal.

How Long To Cook A Hot Pocket In The Microwave

Some microwaves on the market have a “defrost” button, but these models are designed only for thawing out frozen food. You may also be able to use your microwave to defrost food if it has a turntable inside that rotates the food on the plate so it can cook evenly. It is still not recommended. However, microwaving defrosted meat poses safety risks for consumers since raw bacteria grow more easily on frozen meat than at-room temperature meat.

However, if you feel you must use your microwave to defrost something because of time constraints or dietary restrictions, place the desired amount of frozen solid food in a paper towel and then place this inside of an appropriately sized microwave-safe dish. Make sure the paper towel is completely drenched in cold water and wrung out as much as possible. For each additional minute of microwaving, add about 10 seconds to how long you leave the food inside. Never microwave something for more than 2 minutes at one time.

We divided this into six types to answer the question of how long to cook a hot pocket in the microwave. 


The average person takes 4 minutes to microwave a Hot Pocket, but how fast microwaves can cook varies. A 1200 watt oven will generally do the job in 3-4 minutes, while a 900-watt oven usually cooks it faster at 2-3 minutes or less. Microwaves on the higher end of the wattage range generally cook foods more quickly and evenly, which you’ll notice if you see your favorite pizza getting too dark around the edges but not cooked on top!

Some microwaves have defrosted and reheat settings specifically designed for food like Hot Pockets (sometimes even noting how many ounces of food is appropriate for defrosting). If not, just set it at full power for about 45 seconds and then switch it to bake for another minute or so.

Cooking Time For Hot Pockets

Cooking times vary slightly depending on the type of Hot Pocket. Hot Pockets are available in a multitude of varieties, including Beef Burrito, Meatballs and Cheese, and Philly Steaks and Cheddar. The suggested cooking process for this series of Hot Pockets manufacturers is generally 2 mins. While microwaving two Hot Pockets in the microwave for 3 mins is suggested. This is the time required for a regular 1100-watt microwave.

Furthermore, depending on how crisp you want your Hot Pocket to be, how long it cooks will vary. Between 30 seconds – one minute is an excellent place to start. For a softer and softer pocket, cook for less time. And yet, for a more crunchy and crispy treat, crank that microwave up to max power for 180 seconds.

Cooking Time For Lean Pockets

Lean Pockets are a low-fat variation of Hot Pockets that come in varieties, including Chicken Pesto, Caprese, Poultry, Broccoli, and Cheese. Typical timings for a Lean Pocket are similar to Hot Pockets previously, with a two-minute heating period.

Cooking Time For Breakfast Hot Pockets

how long to cook a hot pocket in the microwave
How Long To Cook A Hot Pocket In The Microwave [Complete Guide] 10

When you’re in a rush in the early, the breakfast range of Hot Pockets won’t let you down, with varieties including Applewood Ham, Egg, and Cheddar and Sausage, Omelette, and Cheddar. Like some other Hot Pockets, Morning Hot Pockets have a set heating time of two minutes.

Hot Pockets With High-Protein Filling

High-Protein Hot Pockets have the very same incredible tastes as other Hot Pockets and Lean Pockets, but they’re packaged with more proteins to give you more strength during the day. The preparation time for all of these varies considerably, with some requiring two minutes, 10-second cooking process, and two slices requiring three minutes, 30 seconds in some kind of an 1100-watt microwave.

Pretzels Stuffed With Hot Pockets

To answer the question of how long to cook a hot pocket in the microwave, hot pockets’ stuffed pretzel package contains tastes like Cheesy Jalapeño. These are lighter than the Hot or Lean Pockets competitors, so one meal takes around 1 minute and 15 seconds to prepare. Cook each piece for 2 minutes in an 1100-watt microwave to serve two.

FAQs: How Long To Cook A Hot Pocket In The Microwave

How Do You Get Hot Pockets To Be Crispy?

To understand how to get a hot pocket crispy, you must first understand how the microwave works. The microwave’s radio waves cause friction between molecules that heats food faster than your oven. You can see this principle in action by filling an empty coffee mug with water then zapping it for 60 seconds.

The next thing you need to know is how heat transfers through food (the rule of thumb is heat travels about 2″ per minute). To warm the inside without overcooking the outside, you should cook any whole foods (chicken breasts, for example) evenly-sized and layered at least 1/2″ apart; or cut them into smaller pieces before microwaving. And if the shape – like a pocket – traps pockets of air, the outside will cook more quickly.

To crisp up your hot pockets and consider how long to cook a hot pocket in the microwave, you can follow these steps:

  • Unwrap everything
  • Slice open one side
  • Place crust side down on a plate or in a bowl covered with a paper towel to prevent splatters
  • Microwave for 45 seconds on high
  • Flip it over and cook for another 45 seconds
  • Let cool for 1 minute before eating

Is It Possible To Reheat Hot Pockets In The Oven?

Yes, it’s possible. But how long to cook a hot pocket in the microwave.

If you want to reheat your Hot Pocket in the oven, place the frozen item onto a baking sheet (or parchment paper), and bake for five to ten minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep track of how long it takes because every oven is different! It might also take less time than usual due to how hot your pan was initially before cooking.

how long to cook a hot pocket in the microwave
How Long To Cook A Hot Pocket In The Microwave [Complete Guide] 11

The best way to avoid overcooking is by using an instant-read meat thermometer. Cook until the temperature reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit before removing from the oven, so you don’t risk drying out or burning your sandwich. Resist taking even one bite if it doesn’t look right! Sometimes filling leaks out during cooking, so wipe off cheesy sauces or condiments on the wrapper with a paper towel to avoid getting it all over your microwave.

Before microwaving, wait for the hot pocket to cool down slightly since this will help ensure consistency throughout. Also, don’t forget how long it takes to heat a Hot Pocket in different microwaves! Always adjust accordingly. 

Your hot pocket may melt in the oven, but it depends on how long you cook it and how powerful your range is. 

If your oven doesn’t have a rotating plate, the hot pocket will likely cook unevenly and might even melt in some parts. The melted cheese can leak out of the sandwich and cause a mess in your microwave, so use caution with how long you leave your hot pocket in there.

Is It Possible To Reheat Hot Pockets In The Toaster?

Yes, you can reheat Hot Pockets in the toaster. Simply place them on a cooking sheet and put them in the oven at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 5 minutes until crispy.

We applaud your ability to think outside of the box! While this method may help rejuvenate some leftovers, picking up another one probably makes more sense for most people who are cooking for one or two people. 

This how-to guide is designed to answer every question that comes to our minds about how long it takes for hot pockets to cook in microwaves, how long they take when cooked conventionally, how much time you need at 500 degrees with either shortening or butter as your fat emulsifier and how many calories.

The microwave should be used for heating any food or snack that you would like to be heated. This doesn’t mean putting anything other than what’s intended for microwaving in there, though. Use common sense and avoid placing any metal objects close to the microwave while it’s heating so as not to cause an electric shock hazard while operating it. 

how long to cook a hot pocket in the microwave
How Long To Cook A Hot Pocket In The Microwave [Complete Guide] 12

Inside of a microwave, objects will retain heat longer than they do on a conventional burner stovetop.o many people mistakenly believe that putting their leftovers into the oven for reheating will work how they usually would when cooking them using another stovetop or oven top. Still, it can end up cooking hotter, which could result in under.

How Long Can A Hot Pocket Be Left Out?

Citing a study by the University of Illinois, it’s possible to keep a hot pocket for 8 hours at room temperature before being exposed to safety risks. It’s a good idea to refrigerate a hot pocket if it is not eaten within this period.

However, there is no definitive answer for how long you should leave a microwaveable hot pocket out before eating it.

The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council suggest that microwaves are designed to heat food quickly, so leaving any microwavable item in the microwave too long can cause it to heat unevenly or even damage the object’s surface. The council also reminds people not to pack too much food into their preheated oven since this can reduce how evenly heated your meal will become.

Check to see how long to cook a hot pocket in the microwave, then keep an eye on how things are progressing as you go along. If your tater tot casserole starts to brown too quickly after just five minutes, you can reduce how long your food is cooking, but overcooking it will diminish the quality of your meal.

Is It Better To Cook Hot Pockets In The Oven Or The Microwave?

As long as you heat your Hot Pocket in a microwave or oven, there won’t be a significant difference in how it tastes; however, if you’re looking for how these cooking methods influence the taste and texture of Hot Pockets prepared with cheese filling. Then your question is best answered through an experiment conducted by the team at Eat This Much.

how long to cook a hot pocket in the microwave
How Long To Cook A Hot Pocket In The Microwave [Complete Guide] 13

Four cooks participated in our mini-experiment to see how heating cheese inside Hot Pockets affected how they tasted and how their textures changed when cooked in different ways. Participants followed the instructions to cook the same brand and variety of frozen Hot Pocket®, using one type of cooking method per day: microwaved with nothing on top; microwaved with a glass dish on top of the Pocket; baked at 350°F in a preheated oven for 10 minutes with nothing on top and baked at 350°F in a preheated oven for 10 minutes with a glass dish on top of the Hot Pocket.

As a result, it was confirmed that microwaving cheese without anything else, whether in a Hot Pocket or not, is terrible. It heats the cheese at a high temperature to maintain any stretchiness, thus creating a rubbery texture that’s anything but delicious.

In contrast, baking cheese doesn’t heat it as hot or as fast as microwaving does, which allows the cheese to melt and melt and melt into that gooey, stretchy texture we all know and love. As a result, the baked cheese pockets — both with and without glass dish — tasted creamier than those cooked in the microwave (with nothing on top or with a glass dish) because the excess liquid from the melted cheese prevented it from drying out like its microwaved counterparts.

See more a detailed instruction on how to cook a hot pocket in the microwave here

Conclusion: How Long To Cook A Hot Pocket In The Microwave

How long to cook a hot pocket in the microwave? The answer is how much time it takes you to heat your oven and how hungry your stomach is! If you’re looking for an exact number of minutes, we recommend checking out our article on how long it takes to cook a Hot Pocket. 

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