How To Add A Pull Chain To A Light Fixture- Detailed Instructions For Everyone

Besides chandeliers, LED drop lights are also decorative lights to make your space more attractive and perfect. But to choose a decorative ceiling light suitable for living space, along with the maximized features, is the concern of many people. Below is the guide on how to add a pull chain to a light fixture

The LED ceiling light is a type of light with a light-emitting element suspended from the ceiling by one or more cables. This type of lamp is prevalent because of its high luminous ability and perfecting space aesthetics. Drop lights do not have many light arms or have but are very small or few. This makes the pendant lights extremely soft and luxurious. 

Pendant lights are often suspended with chains (or cables) without being fixed to the ceiling like chandeliers. In particular, the drop light can be adjusted to the height of the light to suit the hanging space. Therefore, in today’s LED, more people choose ceiling lights than chandeliers.

Below is the list of information in this article

  • Benefits of used a light fixture
  • Considerations  when adding a pull chain to a light fixture
  • How to add a pull chain to a light fixture
  • Some of the best light fixtures on the market
  • FAQs

Benefits Of Used A Light Fixture

What is a good ceiling light?

The quality of ceiling lights depends on the following factors:

  • Lamp structure: The lamp’s frame must be made of solid and strong materials, the joints are interconnected, the lampshade/shade must be tight, tight, and not broken.
  • Accessories: Fragile accessories such as crystal, glass must be seasoned, free from defects, impurities, or scratches. Parts connecting accessories (wires, hooks) must be stable, not warped, broken.
  • Wiring system, tail lights: This wiring system must be of good quality and hidden, and convenient to handle when there is a problem. The tail system must be standard, ensuring good contact.

This type of light is suitable for installation in many locations such as the dining room, living room, bedroom, lobby, stairway. However, when installing decorative lights, you also need to pay attention to the location so that space is spaced. Harmonized as a whole.

If you choose ceiling lights to install the living room area, you should hang them in a central position to ensure the lighting area is suitable for the needs of each member of your family. Or private and smaller areas such as bedrooms, if used, pay attention to the size and position of the lights.

If you have used decorative pendant lights, you must pay attention to the surface corresponding to the position of the ceiling – floor. First of all, it is necessary to determine whether the ceiling design is suitable for the lamp’s design, along with the floor design and the interior on the floor must also correspond to each other. In addition, another point to pay attention to is to avoid the “falling” position of the lamp on the standing, sitting positions of the working or living area.

The position of the chandelier should be straight with the dining table in the dining room, the tea table in the living room, or places without furniture, where no people are sitting or living for a long time.

Fixture lights are now one of the interior designs used for decoration. In addition to lighting, aesthetics is also one factor that determines the beauty of the entire space of the house. To match the design of the space, the design of the product is now launched with many modern features. Usually, the pendant lights come along to help hang the lights at a certain distance suitable for space—the height of the ceiling. Therefore, instead of using chandeliers, pendant lights are among the most used interior decoration products in modern design.

  • The ceiling light fixture has a variety of sizes and designs to suit any space. People can use LED drop lights for the family, such as the living room and dining room. And used to decorate coffee shops, clothing shops.
  • The pendant lights can be adjusted in height from the ceiling, helping to ensure lighting effects in many different situations. The mobility of pendant lights is higher than that of other lamps.
  • Long life of LED drop lights, with energy-saving features to help reduce costs for users.
  • Besides, the lamp also does not contain heavy metals. It does not contain infrared and ultraviolet rays when it emits light, so it is very environmentally friendly and safe for users.
  • Depending on the installation space, such as the living room or dining room, choose the most suitable pendant lights. Currently, LED pendant lights are included with lights in many shapes and sizes to suit any space.
  • Adjust the flexible light string to match the ceiling, make sure the lamp is not low to eye level to affect living or hang too high to affect the space’s lighting.
  • The light life of LED lights is generally high, ensuring the lighting function for the entire space while ensuring and saving energy to the maximum for users.

To choose a ceiling lamp with modern features, quality, and reasonable price, not every homeowner can know. In addition to choosing to use modern pendant lights following the entire interior of the space, the design and area of ​​the house are one of the things that cannot be ignored. 

A house with a stylized, rhythmic space, the combination of crystal chandelier designs will bring a uniform structure to the whole house. For modern or vintage spaces, the simple, elegantly decorated modern ceiling light is a perfect choice.

Light fixture drop floor

One of the current ceiling decorative pendant lights that many customers are interested in is the modern atrium pendant light. The suitable space for installation is usually the hotel lobby, and the mezzanine floor is thrown and hung down the stairs.

With a luxurious design from style to material and lighting for space, the choice of product is one of the most valuable evaluation thoughts of the homeowner who dedicates themselves to the space they want to display. Usually, floor lamp models have a length of 1.6-1.8m or more. The material depends on the shape of the ceiling light that the customer chooses, usually a crystal or a glass ball is also one of the modern designs for cheap ceiling lights.

Choosing a living room pendant light depends on the spacious interior and the size you want to own. The chandelier in the living room has a more elaborately decorated structure. Looking from afar, it looks like a modern decorative chandelier. With chandeliers for normal living room space, the size of the lamp is 1m or more in diameter, used for large and airy spaces.

A simpler type that is currently being interested and chosen by many customers is a spiral ceiling light. Depending on the needs, this design can be flexibly changed depending on the preferences or needs of the customer.

The main material of this living room ceiling light is made of metal, accompanied by crystal, which adds elegance and class to this design.

Light fixture for dining room

Dining table pendant lights are the design with the most designs for customers to choose from, from simple to artistic, depending on space and kitchen design, simple designs from diamond shapes, to Vintage modern cubes or 3 pendant lights with crystals attached around to create accents or designed by shapes such as lotus lights, etc.

For short dining tables used in apartments or small apartments, the use of single pendant light or a 3 pendant light is appropriate; With a large dining table design or a table of 6 or more people, a long dining table, or using a crystal chandelier is one of the ideal choices, so depending on the space and furniture to Choose cheap ceiling lights for your home.

Lighting for the dining table often uses concentrated light, which will create a bright and lively space for the kitchen or dining area of ​​the owner.

Classification of ceiling light fixtures by material

Drop lights are made from many different materials, and each material will create a unique feature for your space. Typically, we can see some of the materials of the pendant lights as follows:

  • Led drop light made from copper

Copper pendant lights are often used in living rooms mainly. This is a pendant lamp that highlights the elegance and nobility of copper metal. With this material, the products are created with all shapes, from classic to modern, because shaping is effortless.

  • Led drop light made from glass

People used to use glass in chandeliers as a popular material with transparent tones as the main color. However, nowadays, colored glass and plated glass bring their own unique features, so led glass drop lights are much more popular.

  • Led drop light made from crystal

In recent years, the trend of crystal chandeliers has been warmly welcomed by customers. Artisans attach crystals to tiny cables to create a soft, glittery charm. For “light connoisseurs,” the crystal-led drop light is an option not to be missed.

Besides, led drop lights are also made up of many other materials such as art iron, wood… each type brings a unique style to the user.

Classification of ceiling light fixtures by design

  • Modern light fixture

The LED ceiling lights have a modern style, with bright and eye-catching colors, suitable for spaces with modern architecture. Help create a perfect accent and make your space more impressive and attractive.

  • Classic light fixture

The classic type of LED ceiling light that is currently popular is the Edison LED. The filament lamp of the past inspires this lamp. Suitable for use in classic spaces, bringing a romantic feeling, a little nostalgia for the old days. If you are a nostalgic person, love the classic, you should not ignore this lamp.

Considerations  When Adding A Pull Chain To A Light Fixture

Choose a quality light fixture

Choosing a factory light fixture is the most important step that Haledco wants to talk about when teaching how to hang a factory light. The purpose of installing lights is to ensure the effective supply of light for production, storage, etc., for businesses.

To choose the quality LED lights, buyers need to pay attention to the parameters of the lights. Should choose led chip, led source of reputable brands. Choose LED factory lights made from new heat-dissipating materials for long-lasting use.

Determination of light fixture power

Light fixtures on the market today have many different types of lamp wattages, from small capacity lines of 50w, 80w. The average power lines are 100w, 120w, 150w. To the large capacity lines 200w, 240w, 250w. Typically 200w factory-led bulbs.

Each type of different power will affect the height of the lamp and the distance between the factory lights.

Therefore, the effective way to hang the factory lights needs to pay attention to the lamp power used.

This is one of the important factors that determine the aesthetics of the lighting installation space. If the lamp is too small in size, installed in a large ceiling space, it will affect the lighting area and not enhance the lamp’s beauty. On the contrary, if the lamp is too large, installed in a space with a narrow ceiling, it will cause discomfort to the whole space, create a heavyweight, and lose the lamp’s aesthetics. Therefore, you need to choose a lamp with the right size according to the following formula:

  • If the ceiling height (H) is about 3m: L = 1/5H (L is the length of the drop light).
  • If the ceiling height (H) is more than 3m: L = 1/4H (L is the length of the drop light).
  • With a ceiling height of less than 3m, it is not recommended to use a chandelier with a classic style with too large a length.
  • With a ceiling height of less than 2.6m, you should use ceiling lights to be more suitable.

Determining the purpose of lighting

Before hanging the lights, it is necessary to determine the purpose of installing the lights to illuminate which space and lighting characteristics. That is, it is necessary to determine the lighting area, whether space has obstacles or not, whether it contains explosives or not

Depending on the different lighting purposes, it will affect the way the factory lights are hung. For example, you need lighting for assembly plants, welding, etc. need extremely high accuracy. It is mandatory to use lamps with an illuminance of 1000 to 1500 lumens. When you want to install lights for finished warehouses, you only need lamps with low average illuminance from 600-100 lumens.

Determine the location of the lights

Locating the installation location is an essential thing. The ideal location for hanging lights must ensure effective lighting, not be obscured by obstacles.

Determining the location of the lights includes determining the distance between the bulbs, the distance between the lights and the ceiling and the floor.

Prepare the accompanying tools

Instructions on how to hang the lights in the workshop need to pay attention to prepare additional tools such as light strings, lighting support devices, protective equipment.

The factory light string is a tool used to hang lights widely used in factories and factories. There are many types of hanging lights on the market, such as steel wire, umbrella wire, or chain. In particular, the chain is most commonly used to hang factory lights because it is easy to install, durable, and highly aesthetic.

There are two types of light chains: stainless steel chains and galvanized chains (also known as plating).

  • Light chain made of stainless steel with small size. The way to hang the factory lights with a chain is trendy today because this chain does not rust when used for a long time.
  • The galvanized light chain is made of CT3 material with hot zinc for gloss and rust prevention. The price of the galvanized lamp chain is lower than the lamp chain made of stainless steel.
  • Supporting equipment: LED factory lights are always hung high above the floor. Therefore, it is necessary to use ladders, support frames, specialized machines, etc., to hang factory lights more easily.
  • Protective equipment: gloves, electric tester, protective clothing 

How To Add A Pull Chain To A Light Fixture

The light fixture is designed quite simply if you pay a little attention. You can install it for many different types of the ceiling from gypsum board ceiling to sunken plaster ceiling or concrete ceiling, plastic ceiling, wooden ceiling…all are fine. Here’s how to properly install decorative ceiling lights, with how to install this gypsum ceiling light

Step 1 Determine the height and distance to hang the ceiling light

You should hang the ceiling light about 1.67m from the floor because this is a distance that can ensure that the eyes and the bottom of the lamp are not too close. It is better to be higher than your eye position.

Step 2 Proceed to attach the pendant light to the ceiling

After determining the exact location of the lamp, you hang the pendant light in the fixed position to keep the device firmly. A note for you when attaching lights is the ceiling material, and if the ceiling is plaster, you should check the size when installing the ceiling so that the hole of the light wire on the plaster ceiling is best kept.

Step 3 Conduct electrical wiring

In this step, you need to connect the available power cord to the lamp according to the manufacturer’s technical instructions to ensure that the lamp is well lit.


  • Before hanging the lights need to disconnect the power.
  • Use explosion-proof lamps in places where flammable substances are stored.
  • It is necessary to ensure occupational safety during the installation of the factory lighting system.
  • To determine the location of how to install gypsum ceiling lights, you should consult with suppliers of decorative pendant lights or experienced people.
  • Before connecting, need to cut off the power to ensure safety
  • Re-edit the defined position to ensure aesthetics.
  • Close the power, check the light source, light direction is suitable, and adjust if necessary
  • Make sure the light is securely hung, or the screws will come loose.

Some Of The Best Light Fixtures On The Market

DLLT Vintage Pendant Light


DLLT Vintage Pendant Light, Adjustable Mini Hanging Pedant Lights Fixture with 3-Light Cage Shade, Flush Mount Ceiling Swag Lighting for Kitchen/Dining Room/Hallway/Bedroom, E26 Base (Black)

  • ✅ Artistic design: Sleek industrial attitude lights up any space with this tastefully styled mini-pendant light. Bring high style to a kitchen counter or sitting area. This handsome fixture is guaranteed to bring warmth and illumination to your living space.
  • ✅3*E26 Socket: E26 US standard lamp sockets, compatible with a variety of bulbs (Max:3*60W), such as incandescent, LED, CFL and halogen bulbs (Bulb Not Included). And it also compatible with dimmer, you can use a dimmable bulb, adjust and enjoy the soft illumination of retro look, created the atmosphere you want. (Dimmer switch buy separately )

This stylish mini-hanging light comes alive in every room with a stylish modern theme. Take a kitchenette or dining area with a high theme. This beautiful setting ensures your living room is cozy and illuminated.

US regular lamp holes for a range of fixtures, such as light lights, LED bulbs, CFLs, and fluorescents. But it is also dimmer-compatible. You could change the gentle vintage light, use the skippable light, change it and appreciate the vintage look.

There is a total length of three wires modified to your design and verification: 65 inches, wire width: 59.05 inches. You could hang up or down as you like. Arrive with a handy setup package (including a dark string and top cap brace of steel view) to render the setup very simple. With this trendy cage chandelier, add a bright object to your sitting room.

CALDION 12 Inch LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light

CALDION 12 Inch LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light, 16W 1100 Lumens, 3000K/4000K/5000K Adjustable, Brushed Nickel Finish, Dimmable Ceiling Light Fixture for Kitchen Hallway Bedroom Laundry, 6873LFM-BN

  • 【INSPIRED DESIGN】 This LED ceiling light fixtures perfect combination of metal, acrylic and glass in brushed nickel finish, which brings attractive vintage retro and modern industrial charm, matches most styles of furnishing and adds a beautiful decor to your home.
  • 【BUILT-IN LED】 This bedroom light fixtures ceiling uses high-quality LED chips without flickering, which energy-efficient 16W to replace 60W Incandescent bulbs and saves up 85% on your electricity bill, providing brilliant light with 1100 lumens and 3 color options (3000K soft white/4000K cool white/5000K bright white). No need for extra bulbs.

Suitable for your natural daylight requirements monitor the intensity of the electronic ballasts round light fittings, which are compliant with most regular Dimmer switches. 10 to 100 percent. Perfect for dormitory, kitchen, corridor, workplace, washing room, wardrobe, cellar, stairs, children’s playroom, cloakroom, etc. For fast and easy configuration, all setup equipment is also included.

This LED roof light fits perfectly in nickel pulls paint, combining metal, acrylic, and crystal with a chic retro antique look that suits the most furnishing designs and gives your home a beautiful décor. This nighttime component information ceiling generates multiple, non-flaming LED chips, which substitute the 60W incandescents with a power 16W power consumption that earns you 85percent on your energy consumption.

UOFUS Metal Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light Fixture

UOFUS Metal Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light Fixture ,4 Candle Holder Matte Chandelier ,Farmhouse Ceiling Lamp for Dining Room Bedroom Kitchen Hallway Entryway(Black)

  • Material: Durable Metal features with a black . The diamond grid shade will bring you a good light transmission, perfect for dining room, living room, kitchen, foyer, hallway, it offers a perfect frame for a kitchen island.
  • Lamp size: Lamp width 12.59 “, lamp height 12.99, ceiling width 4.72, the lamps need to be assembled.

Lasting Functions of death metal. The grid hue in diamonds gives you a strong light delivery, a great setting for the master bedroom, master bedroom, kitchen, entrance hall, and fireplace.

The lights must be gathered: light length 12.58″, light level 12.98, floor length 4.71.

Normal E12 adapter: built with a lamp connector E12, compliant with several lamps from Edison and fluorescent lamps of up to 40-65W. Connect lamps and operators if you’d like to dim.  (The kit does not contain lamps and flickering motorists)

The light framework is simple to install durable triangular metal during illumination candlesticks. There is a simple and easy configuration manual and all assembly hardware available. You may also link to our guide that explains how to download in-depth.

We gave cashback for thirty days and assured for 1 year.

Please don’t forget to email us, and we are sure that we can provide competent client service & technical assistance if some other issue comes.


What factors should I consider when shopping for a light fixture?

 Besides style, the three main factors for choosing a chandelier are size/proportion, light, and dimmable (dimmable).

Lights that are too big or too small will make your space look disproportionate. For example, installing a 75cm high chandelier in the middle of a room with a ceiling of only 2.5m will make your space look weird, and the ceiling will be lower. But if the lamp is too small, it will seem to be swallowed up by the large room.

When not sure about the size, it is better to choose a slightly larger lamp because the chandelier acts as the highlight in the room.

Use the following formula to determine the size of chandeliers to make them the room’s focal point.

The above is only a reference but is a starting point for those who are new to chandeliers. Try using our Chandelier Size Formula to easily figure out the right decorative chandelier size for your space.

It would help if you also considered the brightness of the lights to avoid glare. Which direction should the light shine? Should the bulb be hidden or exElmo Bath Robeposed? If the bulb is exposed, you should install a dimmer potentiometer to control the amount of light.

What size light fixture should I choose for the dining room?

Chandelier size is determined by diameter, height, and the number of bulbs. According to Joymart’s experience, the chandelier’s diameter should be from 1/2 to 2/3 of the width of the dining table. The average size of chandeliers for today’s dining room is usually 4-6 bulbs with a diameter of 65cm – 75cm.

Consider the ceiling height and the height of the chandelier before buying. Chandeliers should hang from the table about 75cm – 90cm from the bottom of the lamp. A chandelier that is too long can touch the tabletop! However, a chandelier with a two- or three-tier design will be very suitable if you have high ceilings.

Refer to our chandelier size formula to choose the ideal chandelier size based on the size of the dining table and the height of the ceiling. This includes options for both square and round tables to determine the size of the chandelier for the dining room.

What design trends should I focus on if I want to choose modern or contemporary style lights?

If you want to choose a lamp in a modern design style, the trend should focus on chrome or Nickel plated products. The copper-plated appliances represent a contemporary style that combines design elements of both traditional and modern. Modern design style tends to favor chrome or nickel plating, clean lines, and limited decorative cumbersome. Remember that the material and finish of the chandelier should complement the rest of the decor in your room.

Does the light fixture light enough for the whole room?

Chandeliers are often decorative pieces used to express style and atmosphere, so don’t consider chandeliers the main source of light in a room. This is one of the most common mistakes homeowners make when choosing a chandelier. 

Placing a decorative lamp in the center of the room with the desire to illuminate the entire room is an unwise light installation, especially when choosing a chandelier with an exposed bulb design – a common design of chandeliers.

Decorative chandeliers are ideally used as an additional light source or as part of a multi-layered lighting scheme. For example, you can install a combination of recessed and wall lights to create a great focal point for space, highlighting the walls, paintings, plants, countertops, and cabinets.

Is there any light fixture that uses modern technology like an LED?

Sure we have. Lighting designers and manufacturers are now coming up with LED chandelier designs every day. LED technology has improved so much that we often cannot tell the difference between LED and incandescent lighting.

Some decorative lighting designers now prefer to design with LEDs simply because they can create unique designs from LEDs. LEDs are compact, so designers don’t have to worry about hiding the light source. This means that LEDs will give them more space to experiment with all sorts of forms, functions, and materials.

In addition to design flexibility, other advantages of LED lights include light quality, user safety, and especially power saving, long life….

 Light fixtures run five times cooler than halogen bulbs while consuming only 1/5th of the energy. LEDs can also last longer than other types of lights, with an expected lifespan of about 50,000 hours, which equates to 25 years of use with an average frequency of 5 and a half hours per day.

If using a light fixture, is it possible to increase or decrease the light?

Many light fixture chandeliers are perfectly dimmable when combined with a compatible dimmer (potentiometer), but not all LED chandeliers are dimmable, so you should ask carefully before buying. Check lamp specifications, then consult manufacturer and vendor recommendations to find the right dimmer potentiometers as not all potentiometers are compatible—all different kinds of LED chandeliers.

How high should I hang my light fixture?

If hanging in the kitchen, the chandelier must be hung low enough to avoid glare but also high enough to not obstruct the view. As a general rule, the end of the chandelier should be 75cm-90cm from the tabletop. The height can be adjusted according to personal preferences or the use of the room.

Watching this video for more detail


Adding a pull chain to a light fixture is a fairly simple task. However, there are still some notes you need to know to ensure safety when installing. I hope the article can help you know how to add a pull chain to a light fixture. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us

You can discover more lights here.

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