How To Care For A Cat Palm- Step By Step Instruction For Everyone

The quality of life is increasingly improved, not to mention the achievements that science and technology bring. But besides those great achievements, there are also not small bad consequences. High-tech electronic and refrigeration equipment, when operating, will emit heat and harmful gases that pollute our atmosphere. To reduce that pollution, planting a small tree in our living and working space is a great solution. And cat palm is a top choice to help you solve that. Let’s find out the uses, meanings, and how to care for a cat palm!

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What Is A Cat Palm?

Cat palm, also known as areca palm, Hawaiian coconut. The scientific name is Chamaedorea Elegans, belonging to the Arecaceae family. The tree is native to the rainforests of southern Mexico.

Cat palm is the first choice for feng shui interior bonsai, bringing a lot of luck and fortune to the owner, very easy to take care of.

According to many feng shui masters, the Cat palm has a great feng shui meaning. This plant has both dispelling weapons, bringing prosperity to the owner, helping the owner to have a lot of luck, a successful career path, smooth sailing, and abundant health.

The Cat palm tree is especially suitable for people of the Earth’s destiny and is often used to decorate the desk or in the office.

Cat palm is one of the favorite trees to grow as ornamental plants in parks, gardens, or pots for decoration. It is grown as an indoor ornamental plant. Because it is a tree that can live and grow well in an air-conditioned environment, it is chosen by many units, companies, and corporations to decorate offices.

The tree has a beautiful shape and has a healthy vitality, so it is also popularly planted as a decoration for corridors, reception areas, main gates … of buildings and hotels. In addition, cat palm also works to absorb harmful chemical gases, toxic gases emitted from electronic devices. It contributes to cleaner air, greener living and working environment.

Because of its beautiful appearance and great uses, cat palm is used for interior decoration, and the office is trendy.

Characteristics: The tree is a bushy plant. The trunk is small, smooth, evenly segmented, and sparse. Stems are green, about 3m tall when mature. The leaves grow symmetrically, look like bamboo leaves, have a glossy green color. Hawaiian areca flowers are small yellow, growing in clusters at the nodes close to the ground. The fruit is as small as a pea and has a purple-black color.

Cat palm is an ornamental plant planted to decorate corridors and create a green and luxurious space.

Plants have the ability to remove toxic gases emitted from computers and electronic devices. So the plant is prevalent in the office, is a great air purifier

The tree is also the first choice to be used as a gift on important occasions such as openings, anniversaries, etc., because of the feng shui meaning that the tree brings to the homeowner.

Cat palm has a beautiful shape, lush green foliage. In terms of spiritual meaning, it is said that the tree helps to ward off bad luck and bring good luck.

Growing cat palm in the house will bring a lot of fortune and increase luck for the owner. Especially when the tree blooms, as a result, the owner will have prosperity and success in work.

According to many feng shui experts, cat palm is suitable for par. People of this destiny who plant trees in the house will have a lot of luck and prosperity.

In the theory of yin and yang, the five elements represent trees and life. People with Wood destiny will have strengths such as Critical thinking, logical development, strong, decisive, sensitive, creative ideas in all situations.

Compared to people of other par, people of Moc are loved more because of their thoughtfulness, sociability, and kindness. However, due to their frankness, good critical thinking, and sometimes quite large ego, people of the Wood destiny often face many troubles in life.

To moderate that, choosing a harmonious and harmonious book color is one of the effective solutions. And Hawaiian areca tree is one of those effective solutions.

However, the tree does not have any age, so if you want, you can completely plant it and still bring back its inherent good meaning.

This is an ornamental plant that is often grown indoors, so it should be placed in an open place, with enough light and an appropriate temperature from 18-25 degrees.

Plants can be placed on the balcony so that the plants can perform their photosynthetic functions well, helping them to stay green. But places with strong light shining on for too long will cause leaf burn.

If you are an office worker, keep the tree in the northeast and southwest direction of the office to always smooth sailing, promotion, and promotion.

Cat palm is an easy plant to grow and care for. Just create living conditions for plants that meet the following factors:

Water: cay palm is an indoor ornamental plant that can withstand waterlogging and drought but still needs to be watered on average every 2 days, 0.5-1 liter of water each time, depending on air humidity. If the plant is in an air-conditioned room, water it a little more.

Fertilizer and soil: If you are new to planting, there is no need to fertilize. Only provide fertilizer when the tree is 2-3 months old. Fertilizer type is NPK granule balance, sprinkled around the mouth of the pot. If you do not have regular soil improvement conditions, create a porous soil environment, you can use a mixture of soil with coconut fiber, charcoal, organic fertilizer, etc. Periodically fertilize to ensure The plant is always full of nutrients.

The shape of the cat palm is a bit like Japanese bamboo with a slender body, round leaves with double glossy green legs, and a divided trunk. The characteristic of Hawaiian areca is that it grows as a continuous branching bush. Flowers are yellow, growing in the interstitial leaves. The fruit is red when ripe. On average, each cat palm reaches a height of 1m – 1.6m, depending on the tree’s location. If you want to set the table, choose a tree with a height of over 10cm.

In terms of growth characteristics, areca is relatively easy to grow and care for, tolerate shade, so they are very suitable as ornamental plants in the home, office, cafe decoration… You can rest assured that they can live a healthy life in the office. The room has air conditioning.

An advantage of cat palm is its ability to absorb harmful gases and dust from electromagnetic devices, from the outside environment, from cleaning chemicals… cat palm helps add more air in the book, helping you Smarter, more focused work.

According to feng shui, the cat palm is a tree that helps ward off bad luck, a tree that brings fortune, wealth and increases your fortune.

For a tree to grow well and grow well, you need to pay attention to one of the following factors:

  • Need to choose loose soil, good drainage
  • Keep the soil moist by watering regularly twice a week.
  • If plants are grown in the room every week, they need to be exposed to sunlight for better greenery.
  • You can use fertilizer to promote plants every 2 months
  • When the tree reaches a certain size, you can separate the dust or repot another to create a comfortable environment for the roots to grow.
  • For the plant to have an upright shape, you need to place the plant upright when planting in the pot without tilting.
  • Plants should be placed near a light location, and the leaves will be thicker and greener. Put plants in the dark many plants will yellow leaves and die.

Although it is an easy plant to grow and does not take much care, to keep it healthy and green, you still need to pay attention: When the tree is young, it should be shaded or placed in a shady location with light. Once a month, apply organic fertilizer. Regularly check for pests and diseases, prune old leaves to keep the tree green.

When growing plants in an air-conditioned environment or the shade, you should let the plant out in the sun once a week. Each time about 1-2 days for plants to photosynthesize and grow. If the plant is left in a dimly lit environment for too long, the leaves will thin, the vitality of the tree will weaken, which may cause the plant to die.

Cat palm has a small, slender body but has an impressive beauty. It gives people a feeling of relaxation and comfort. The luxuriant green foliage has the effect of absorbing harmful gases, contributing to purifying the air and cleaning the environment. Not only that, but the tree also has good feng shui meaning, helping to drive away bad luck and bring fortune and luck.

Some Trees Of The Palm Family

Middle eastern date palm tree

The common name is Middle Eastern date palm. The tree belongs to the areca family and has a long life. The tree is native to the Middle East. In our country, the tree is popularly planted in all provinces and cities.

The Middle Eastern date palm tree is a low-lying tree that looks quite similar to the Oil Palm. We can distinguish it from the Oil Palm based on the petiole left on the stem after falling. The petioles of the Middle Eastern date palm are smooth and short, while the petioles of the Oil Palm are longer. The stem is rough and silvery grey. Mature tree about 4-8m tall. The leaves are silvery in color, with feathery compound leaves hanging down and concentrated at the top of the tree. The tips of the leaves are more pointed than that of oil palm leaves. Each leaf train can be up to 6m long.

Middle Eastern date flowers are unisexual flowers, small, with characteristic colors mixed from brown and cream. Flowers grow in clusters, and each flower has 4 petals. The fruit is small, oval, and reddish-brown, growing in clusters. The fruit has an excellent taste.

Middle Eastern date palm is a tree with slow growth and development. Light-loving, drought-tolerant, salt-tolerant plant. The plant can be grown on all soil types, including nutrient-poor sandy or hot soil, and can withstand thunderstorms.

The Middle Eastern date palm tree is a building tree that helps to purify the air, bringing a fresh, clean green space. According to research, if you plant many date palm trees can reduce up to 1 degree for the surrounding area. Therefore, it is popularly planted as an ornamental plant, planted in rows along walkways in parks, on sidewalks, on streets, around urban areas, industries, halls of buildings, hotels, and high-rise buildings.

Mini Palm Tree

When referring to the Palm, one can imagine a tall, upright Palm with wide-spreading foliage used for shade, but this is only true for the Oil Palm, the Smooth Palm, and the Saw Palm. As for the Bonsai tree grown indoors, in a pot, its size is small. It does not have a shading effect like regular Brushes. So let’s find out what this beautiful little Palm species has and what effects it has!

Common names: Palm Tree, Bonsai Palm Tree, Dwarf Palm Tree. It belongs to the plant family Areca. The plant is native to the island of Guadalupe. The trunk of the Canh Palm tree is about 50cm to 2m high. Many Canh Palm trees have only 1 concise segment. The tree with a slightly taller stem will have a rough stem left by the old leaf sheaths and have a gray-brown color.

The Bonsai tree leaves grow concentrated at the top of the tree, curved and drooping, having a flattened fan shape from 0.5 to 1m long. The leaves are glossy green, with prominent veins in the shape of a propeller. The leaves are fan-shaped, the edges of the leaves are serrated, and the surface of the leaves is folded. The foliage is wide and beautiful. The petioles are hard and long, with many spines along the petiole. Palm flowers grow in clusters. Fruit globose and green in color.

Canh Palm is one of many ornamental plants that love moisture and have a slow growth rate. When young, it is a shade-loving plant, but it is a light-loving plant when it grows up. Therefore, when planting Canh Palm trees in the home or office, it is necessary to find a location with suitable light so that the tree is always green.

Small beautiful palm trees are used as ornamental plants to decorate interiors, offices, entrances of hotels, resorts, etc. In addition to decorative beauty effects, it also reduces stress and fatigue—an air machine. It is suitable for outdoor construction with larger bonsai trees such as medians, public premises, miniature decoration, and plant pots.

Bonsai not only has the effect of beautifying living space, but it also has the ability to purify air very well. It can filter many toxic gases such as cigarette smoke, which are harmful to human health. Not only that, but the Bonsai tree can also repel mosquitoes, insects, ants, cockroaches

Everlasting tree

The Van Tue tree is at the top of the most popular and spiritual trees in Vietnam. Van Long is a plant with good feng shui meaning, it is both a symbol of longevity and brings luck and lasting happiness to the owner.

Van Tuyet tree is a short, cylindrical tree with green leaves all year round. The tree has an average height of 1.5m to 3m—dark gray rough trunk. From the base to the foliage are the remaining petioles of the Vanguard after old age is cut off. The leaves are small sword-shaped at the top. 

The leaves grow symmetrically through the common stalk into a feather-like sheath. Leaves grow around the top of the stem. The petioles are very hard and have many sharp spines. Van Tue flowers are as beautiful as the big lights on the treetops. The fruit is small, spherical, and looks like a betel nut. The pods are soft, and the fruit contains a tough seed.

Van Tue tree is a sun-loving plant. The growth rate of growth is average. The plant is drought tolerant but cold tolerant.

Van Tue has an idyllic and rustic beauty, so growing this tree in the house will bring peace and happiness to the family. In feng shui, it is believed that the perennial plant is a tree that can balance yin and yang, remove the air elements in the house, and bring cleanliness to space. In addition, the cylindrical body and tall foliage look majestic and solid, which is a symbol of the owner’s development in work and family happiness.

The Van Tue tree has a beautiful and majestic shape, so it is often planted in dignified places. Trees are also planted singly or in rows, in clusters in parks, streets, industrial parks, urban areas, squares, etc. Trees contribute to bringing a lot of green space, embellishing the surrounding landscape to bring atmosphere—green – clean – beautiful air.

Silver Palm Tree

One ornamental plant with attractive beauty when planted alone or combined with other ornamental plants to bring a harmonious, lively and beautiful space is the Silver Palm tree. Let’s learn more about this plant through the sharing below.

The silver embankment is a tree of the areca family coconut tree. Originated from Madagascar.

The silver embankment is a columnar, short, perennial tree. The tree has an average height of 3m – 5m. The stem is rough due to the leaves that fall off when they are old. Silver Palm leaves are silvery-green in color. The leaves are fan-shaped, rounded, with pointed tips. The petioles are hard, about 1-2m long. Silver Camellia is a unisexual flower. Male and female flowers are on the same stem. Male flowers are reddish-brown, female flowers are blue.

The silver palm tree has a beautiful shape, from the body shape to the leaves, flowers, and fruits. In particular, the fancy colors of the leaves bring a new and unique feeling to space. The silver embankment is often planted singly or in parks, streets, urban areas, industrial zones, etc. The leaves are spread wide, and the trees are evergreen all year round and also have the effect of providing shade, purifying air conditioning—excellent atmosphere.

With its unique beauty, Silver embankment always makes a deep impression on viewers, so Silver embankment is suitable for planting in gardens or used as ornamental plants in small landscape designs of mountains, small islands, etc. highlighting the beauty of the works.

Small-sized plants can be planted in pots to decorate garden grounds, corridors, doors of buildings…

In addition, according to scientists, it has been studied that the Silver Palm tree has the effect of sucking and reducing the emission of smoke and dust that are harmful to humans. Bring us a cleaner living and working space.

Weasel Tail Weasel Tree

Weasel tail is a tree with coconut fiber, long life. The trunk is cylindrical and grows vertically. The average height of the tree is about 10-20m. The stem has many segments, has a greenish-gray color. The leaves are small, long sword-shaped trees growing on stiff petioles 2-4 m long. The leaves are ringed like a weasel’s tail, and the leaves are dark green. 

The long petioles at the end of the petiole are the leaf sheaths that embrace the stem. When the leaves are old, the whole leaf stem separates from the stem and falls to form the segmentation marks on the stem.

Weasel Tail has white flowers that grow in clusters. When young, the flowers hide behind the leaf sheaths, but the flowers emerge from the sheath and droop as they grow. Flowers usually grow in the last sheath.

Each inflorescence is usually about 0.5-1m long. Weasel tail flowers are unisexual. Male flowers are larger than female flowers. After pollination, the flowers fall, and fruits begin to form. The areca berries are oval when young, dark green, but when ripe, they turn red-brown.

Weasel-tailed areca is a perennial, light-loving, drought-tolerant plant. But when the weather is hot, you should water the plants enough to avoid the lack of water leading to dry roots or diseases that make the plants grow poorly.

The Weasel tail tree is a prevalent construction tree. Because the tree has an upright shape, it has foliage like a fox tail that looks very strange and beautiful. Trees are often planted to decorate the landscape in tourist areas, parks, schools, or special routes at resorts because the tree gives shade and creates a landscape for space.

Weasel tail tree has a canopy that occupies a small area and is uniform, so the tree is easy to arrange and perspective. Trees can be planted in small areas such as gardens, etc. In addition to the luxurious and airy beauty, the scene will be more brilliant and eye-catching when the trees appear in flower and fruit clusters.

Weasel-tailed areca trees are often planted as a border or fence, creating paths in parks, schools, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, resorts, etc. to create shade and beautify the landscape. Brings cool fresh air to the surrounding areas.

The tree is also grown in combination with several other flowering and leafy plants. This combination contributes to the diversity and richness of the garden landscape and brings nature closer to your life. Trees also have the effect of filtering polluted air and purifying the air. Flowers and fruits also have unique features that are hard to find in any other tree species. Therefore, trees are increasingly popular and planted everywhere.

How To Care For A Cat Palm

Step 1 When the tree is young, it should be shaded or placed in a shady location with light

Although it is an easy plant to grow and does not take much care, to keep it healthy and green, you still need to pay attention: When the tree is young, it should be shaded or placed in a shady location with light. Once a month, apply organic fertilizer. Regularly check for pests and diseases, prune old leaves to keep the tree green.

When growing plants in an air-conditioned environment or the shade, you should let the plant out in the sun once a week. Each time about 1-2 days for plants to photosynthesize and grow. If the plant is left in a dimly lit environment for too long, the leaves will thin, the vitality of the tree will weaken, which may cause the plant to die.

Step 2 Cut the yellow leaves.

The cause of the plant’s yellow leaves is due to the intensity of direct light being too strong or being left for too long in places lacking light, water, and nutrition. When detecting a plant with yellow leaves, you need to move the plant to an appropriate location. Check the water regime, fertilizer regime to take care to restore the tree.

Step 3 Moderate watering

White mealybugs often attack cat palms. The cause is due to the plant in a humid place or watering too much. This keeps the plant wet at all times. When detecting aphids, you need to take the plants outside to spray and dry in the sun for about 2-3 hours.

In addition, the tree can also be affected by stem borers or leaf rollers, but rarely. When the tree is sick, we proceed to cut the branches and leaves deeply. Then we should also expose the plant to the sun regularly, but the light intensity is not too strong. You can use a water pump to water your plants


How to prevent pests for cat palm trees?

Periodically polarize NPK 1-2 times/month. Use more soil improvement analysis such as microbiology, earthworms. When cutting the soil, it is hard, slow to grow, and the branches need less soil to change.

The leaves must have an eye-catching glossy green color, regularly waterproof the leaf surface, cut off the old, dry yellow leaves, and remove the dry sheath.

Aphids appear due to a low environment, lack of light, need to spray the plant, move the plant to a place that receives direct light (heat protection) continuously for 2-3 days.

Dry plants mainly lack water, or the temperature is too hot. Sunlight will prevent leaf burn. We need to check the soil. If the soil is dry, it is necessary to increase the amount of water. Toa, the tree of the lens of the window is up to the light up.

How to deal with yellow leaves?

In the process of planting trees, many people encounter cases of yellowing of cat palm leaves. When you see that the Hawaiian areca tree has yellow leaves, the main cause of this phenomenon is because the intensity of direct light is too strong, or in places where there is a lack of light, water, and nutrition. So when you detect signs of yellow leaves, you should move to the appropriate location. At the same time, check the water and nutrition regime so that the tree can recover quickly.

How to deal with white mealybugs?

Cat palm rarely gets sick. There are only a few common diseases in cat palms, including white mealybug. This disease usually occurs when the surrounding environment is humid. To remove, you need to spray and then put the plant out in the sun for about 2-3 days.

How to deal with borders?

In addition, Cat palm also suffers from Leaf Roll Disease or Stem borer. To handle it, You need to cut close to the diseased branches and stumps, then put the Cat palm tree in the sun, wipe the leaves clean, and absolutely do not fertilize at this time.

Watching this video for more detail


Cat palm is a popular ornamental plant today. This plant helps to make your home greener, as well as purifying the air in your home. It acts as a humidifier for your building. Although this plant is easy to grow, you should still know how to care for a cat palm to help it grow better and greener.

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