How To Reheat Taco Bell Tacos May Be The Most Popular Question For Genuine Fans

If you’re a big fan of tacos, you’ve definitely thought about buying a few to take home for your next meal. Of course you still know that it needs to be kept in the fridge to make sure it doesn’t get damaged. But before you can eat it, you need to warm it up. So do you know how to reheat taco bell tacos?

Don’t worry, today, in this article, we will let you know some ways to reheat it. Like other dishes, you also have many ways to warm it up. However, you still depend on some conditions to reheat and still ensure the special taste of the dish. So what will you receive in this article?

  • Some simple ways for you to reheat Taco Bell tacos.
  • Let’s know the most detailed answer for how to reheat Taco Bell tacos.
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  • Summarize.
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Now don’t wait much, ready to start it with us.

Some Simple Ways For You To Reheat Taco Bell Tacos

how to reheat taco bell tacos

To reheat a taco, you not only have 1 way. And in this article, we will let you know up to 3 ways. Each one will have its own strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, it depends on your conditions and demands to choose the best one for you.

With An Oven

Using an oven is supposed to be the best option considered in all aspects. The best result from this way is the ability of retaining the good texture of the shell. If you really like and care much about its shell, you ought to use an oven to reheat tacos.

With A Stove And Skillet

how to reheat taco bell tacos

A stove and skillet may be the most popular, which is thought of first when you want to warm up a dish. And for a taco bell, it is not different, you can completely reheat in this way. However, it will also be the most difficult method. You need to be extremely careful and don’t take your eyes off to make sure the shell doesn’t burn. And of course it is not a big problem for people who usually cook.

With A Microwave

In the case you don’t have much time, a microwave will be the most possible way for you. It can reheat your taco in seconds. Even so, it doesn’t really make the tacos as good as they originally were. Because the shell will be soggy and almost not crispy. Therefore, just choose this way if you have less time.

Let’s Know The Most Detailed Answer For How To Reheat Taco Bell Tacos

Now, let’s go to know which are all steps you need to do to be able to reheat your tacos. And this is also the answer for the question “how to reheat taco bell tacos”.

Step 1: Remove cold ingredients from the Taco Bells

tacos 1613795 1280 1

Everybody knows that this dish consists of many ingredients. In all of them, still having some things don’t need to be reheated like others. Such as lettuces, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, sour cream and so on. They will be changed depending on how each person does it. But in general, you still should take out all of them to ensure its taste. Thanks to that, the result you receive will be as tasty as the beginning. So, don’t skip this step, it will decide the taste of tacos after reheating very much.

Step 2: Remove the meat filling out of the Taco shell

The next thing you need to remove is the meat filling. Do you wonder why we don’t reheat it and the shell together? Because the main filling has to be heated better and more carefully than the shell. That is the reason why you need to separate them into 2 parts and reheat twice. Believe us, you will have a more delicious taco.

Step 3: Reheat the shell to be hotter and more crispy

how to reheat taco bell tacos

Now, we will start the reheating. The first part you will need to reheat is the shell of taco. Not only make it hotter but also make it drier and still restore its crispiness. If you can do all things, you will have a reheated shell which is almost similar to the new one.

  • Choice 1: Reheat by an oven: If you choose to use this method, we will give you some small steps in this method to help you do your best.
    • Wrap it in foil before heating.
    • Set up the oven at about 350 to 375 degrees F.
    • Wait until the oven is heated completely to your setted up temperature.
    • Put the shell which was wrapped on the baking tray.
    • Let it in there to bake about 10 to more 20 minutes
  • A little note for you: If you have more than one taco and you really want all of them to be the most delicious, just reheat one by one shell in the oven. We really advise you shouldn’t put it all inside one time.
tacos shrimp taco corn taco cooking 1
  • Choice 2: Stove and skillet are tools that every house has. And to warm up the shell by this method is similar to frying pancakes. You can follow this sequence:
    • Add a little oil in the skillet or pan to make sure it will not stick.
    • Turn the stove on and let it stay on the medium heat. This heat will ensure your shell will still be heated and crispy without burning.
    • Put the shell in and heat it. We think that heating each side for about 2 minutes is enough.
    • Then take it out when you find that it is great.
  • Choice 3: The last method for you is using a microwave. This is the simplest.
    • First, put it on a plate.
    • Next, put that plate into the microwave.
    • Set up and warm it up in about 30 seconds.
    • And finally, your shell is hot so you can take it out of the microwave carefully.
  • A little note for you: If you use this method, you have to know that the microwave can only warm up something in it, it cannot make that thing more crispy. And for the taco’s shell, you will be able to make it hotter but not crispy. Hence, it will not taste as new.

Step 4: Reheat the meat filling to be hot enough.

how to reheat taco bell tacos

Now, we will come to reheat the next part – the main filling. Almost all people make tacos, the main filling is meat. And because of that, it needs to be heated more carefully. And like what we said, you still have some methods to choose.

  • Choice 1: In the case you reheat the shell by oven or stove and skillet, in this step, you will heat the meat filling in the same method. It is using the stove and pan. And this is also the best way for you.
    • Put a small amount of oil in the pan.
    • Set up the stove on medium heat one more time.
    • Put the filling in.
    • Then, begin to stir just occasionally.
    • Continue that in about 3 or 4 minutes.
    • Now, it is heated.
  • Method 3: If you select using the microwave, you can do it extremely quickly.
    • Put the filling in a bowl. Remember to use one which can be used in the microwave.
    • Put that bowl in the microwave.
    • Set it to warm up in 20 seconds.
    • Take out and stir a little evenly.
    • Put in again and nuke for about 15 seconds or more.
    • You have done this step in less than a minute.

Step 5: Assemble all ingredients to become a complete taco again.

fish tacos 2358938 1280 1

Now, let’s do the final step to complete your shell. It is assembling all ingredients to become a taco again. Step by step for you are:

  • Take the taco shell before all.
  • Spread it evenly.
  • Place the meat filling in its right position.
  • Add cold ingredients you took out at step 1. If you want it to be better, you can replace them with newer ones.
  • You had a hot taco quite like a new one. Let’s enjoy it and your efforts.

Do You Want To Do Some Q And A?

Q: How long can you put the taco bell in the fridge?

A: In our opinion, we think that you just should let the taco in the fridge for a maximum of 1 day. Because the deliciousness will be inversely proportional to the time you store it in the refrigerator. The longer it is kept in the refrigerator, the deliciousness of all the ingredients from the outside to the inside will decrease over time.

Q: Can you heat a whole taco at one time?

A: You can of course do that. However, your taco will be pretty soft and the cold ingredients are not necessary to be heated. Therefore, the result you have will not be really great and you will not taste taco from taco bell like new.

Q: Can you skip any step?

A: If you use the microwave when you are in a hurry, you can replace step 2, 3 and 4 with heating the shell and main filling at the same time. By following this way, you can save much time but only the shell will not be crispy.


To warm up a dish, you have many methods to try. And each one will give you the best result in some aspects and worse result in some others. Besides, you will also depend on many conditions to choose the best way to reheat one. They are: your tools, the time, type of dish, etc. However, you still need to know how to reheat dishes like how to reheat taco bell tacos.

You may know that after you let it in the fridge and reheat, you don’t have anything that can be 100 percent like the one prepared freshly. But if you have a little effort and time, you are able to get the most close to the flavor like first. It is not too hard. And in some essential cases, you have to let it theer overnight, you still have a delicious meal by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Remove all cold ingredients from the Taco Bells. 
  • Step 2: Remove the meat filling out of the Taco shell.
  • Step 3: Reheat the shell to be hotter and more crispy.
  • Step 4: Reheat the meat filling to be hot enough.
  • Step 5: Assemble all ingredients to become a complete taco again.

Just 5 steps, it will not take too much of your time. Love yourselves more, spend a little time in a day to ensure that you always have healthy, great and delicious meals.

What Do Writers Think About This Issue?

a019 jakubk 0804 tasty chicken tacos with cheese1 1

In our opinion, we think that food almost always tastes best when it’s freshly cooked. However, in cases where you cannot eat freshly cooked food, reheating is the best option. If you love tacos , you can completely leave it overnight in the fridge and reheat it the next morning.

And especially, when you have the conditions to choose the best way, your dish will be as delicious as the original. And if it’s not too urgent, we recommend you should follow the how to reheat taco bell tacos by oven or stove and skillet. Because these ways will give you a delicious, hot, and crispy dish.

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