How To Take Apart A Recliner Quickly And Safely?

Have trouble when disassembling a recliner? Congratulations, you have been the right way. Check out tips to take apart a recliner now!

How to take apart a recliner quickly and safely? How can you do so without damaging it or yourself? How should you prepare before starting the process, and what tools will be helpful? How should you go about removing parts of the chair to have a better understanding of how everything is put together and make it easier for yourself when taking apart other chairs later on?

This article provides you with an easy step-by-step guide on how to disassemble your recliner without damaging it, so you don’t have any more problems in the future!

How To Take Apart A Recliner

how to take apart a recliner
How To Take Apart A Recliner Quickly And Safely? 7

A recliner is a chair that can rock back and forth, rise out of its sitting position, or lie flat into an almost horizontal position. These chairs are usually found in living rooms or family rooms, where they can read or watch television. They were invented by Thomas Lee in 1871 when he designed rocking chairs that could be folded away when not needed.

The recliner plays a vital part in every home, so if you want to protect or move it, you must know precisely how to take apart a recliner. Don’t waste your time anymore. Let’s bump in the central part.

Disassemble a Berkline Recliner

Disassembling a recliner is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. It’s mainly about understanding how the pieces work and what you need to take apart a recliner safely.

  • Here are 4 things that will help make the process simpler:

– A set of screwdrivers, including Phillips head and flathead types;

-Pliers for removing springs from their seats;

-A piece of wood or thick cardboard on which to place screws, so they don’t roll away when you’re working with them;

-An electric drill with a bit that matches your screws’ size (if necessary). 2.

  • Here are the steps to take to get your recliner apart:
  1. Check for any screws holding the chair’s fabric coverings in place. Remove them, if possible, so that you can get at the mechanism underneath.
  2. If the chair has an adjustable headrest, remove its controller, again looking for screws if you can’t pull it away by hand.
  3. Now check the seat’s adjustable mechanisms for any bolts or screws holding them in place; unscrew these to detach the seat from the recliner mechanism underneath.
  4. Unscrew the metal brackets beneath to detach the legs from the chair.
  5. If your recliner has these, take out all bolts holding any removable parts in places, such as cup holders or metal trays.
  6. If necessary, remove electrical wiring by unscrewing it from its source at the mechanism’s base.
  7. Look for any screws attaching the chair’s armrests to its main body, and remove them as well.
  8. You might have a headrest attached to one of the recliner arms; remove it from the mechanism by removing its screws.
  9. For chairs with two reclining back sections, remove the screws holding them together and take them apart.
  10. Now that you’ve removed all of the chair’s moving parts pull off its fabric coverings to expose the mechanism underneath. Tug firmly on these to detach any bolts or screws that might still be holding it in place.
  11. Once you’re sure everything is loose and can be moved, push down on the egg-crate pad to release any remaining screws or bolts.
  12. Carefully lift the back of the chair and begin removing what’s left of its fabric coverings until you’re able to reach its mechanism. And then, we are done! Expose as much as possible without damaging anything.

Simmons Reclining Couch And Chair

how to take apart a recliner
How To Take Apart A Recliner Quickly And Safely? 8
  1. Firstly, we should start with an inspection. Check underneath the couch or couch for any bolts or screws that might need loosening. If there are no bolts, unscrew all visible screws from their corresponding holes by an adjustable wrench or your hand. If there are bolts, you will have to use an adjustable wrench or socket set with a ratchet to turn them counter-clockwise.
  2. Inspect the upholstery; it might be attached with staples, as is common on fabric material such as drapes and couches. To remove the pins, a pair of pliers will be helpful.
  3. Use your adjustable wrench to loosen the bolts by turning them counter-clockwise. Different styles of recliners and couches use different sizes of bolts and screws, so be sure to familiarize yourself with the look of your recliner before disassembling it.
  4. If you still can’t get the bolt off, there may be a nut hidden behind a decorative cover on the other side. See if you can unscrew this by turning counter-clockwise as well.
  5. If the bolts and screws didn’t need to be loosened, use your adjustable wrench whether a screwdriver if there is no room for a twist. Be careful not to strip any of the threads that hold the bolt or screw in place, as it will be hard to remove them without causing damage (and an even bigger headache when you try to reassemble).
  6. After the bolts and screws are removed, readjust your adjustable wrench to fit around any nuts that might be in place. If they can’t be turned with an adjustable wrench, use a socket set with a ratchet. Unscrew all the nuts you can by turning them counter-clockwise with your adjustable wrench or socket set with a ratchet.
  7. Now, look for any plastic caps covering the bolts and screws on the outside of the recliner or couch. If there are any, remove them by sliding them off the bolts with a flathead screwdriver.
  8. Well done; we will have finished the process after removing all of the bolts and screws. Now you can grab it to store or move to the new space.

La-Z-Boy Back Removal

  • Step 1: Preparation

You will need to make sure you have a big enough area to take the chair apart. You should also be wearing old clothes since there is a chance that some of the furniture may be scratched as it comes apart.

Make sure you wear safety goggles as well because pieces could fly off and hurt your eyes or anything else they come in contact with.

There are other hazards, such as wood splinters from damaged parts, which can become embedded inside your skin if not correctly handled. Wear gloves to protect yourself from these dangers!

Finally, prepare a container for all of the nuts and bolts that come out of the chair, as well as an area for you to store them later.

  • Step 2: Take off the back:

Remove all of the pillows on the La-Z-Boy recliner and set them aside if you want to use them later in your home or for another purpose. You can then flip the recliner backward so that it’s facing up, not down.

You should see a gray plastic handle sticking out from underneath the back of the chair. Pull-on this handle until you get a clicking sound, which means it has detached.

Pull the plastic handle out, then push down on the silver release button to detach it. You can then pull off the entire back of the La-Z-Boy recliner and place it beside you where you’re working.

  • Step 3: Remove armrests:

Before removing the armrests, you should look underneath them to see if any screws are holding them in place. If so, remove them before continuing.

Underneath the armrest cover, you should see four armrest posts attached to the chair’s frame. The armrests should be attached by pushpins that simply pop out when you pull on the armrests firmly. You can then lift off the armrest cover and set it aside.

These posts connect to the inside of the back cushion utilizing linked plastic tubes. Pull out these posts and set them off to the side. While taking your La-Z-Boy recliner apart, make sure you keep each part in a separate pile so you can easily find them later on.

  • Step 4: Take off the seat:

To do this step, you should turn it upside down to see all of the screws. There are five screws total which attach the seat to the chair’s frame, and they may be either Phillips-head or flat-head.

Make sure you take one of each screw out because if they are different types of screws, you will use them later when putting your chair back together.

Once all the screws have been removed, you can lift off the seat and flip it over so you can access all of its parts from underneath.

  • Step 5: Remove the footrest:

The footrest is held in place by plastic caps that slide down over two posts under the seat. Slide both of them off and set them aside.

You can then pull out each post, which will release the lock on each side of the footrest so it can swing up. Depending on your specific La-Z-Boy recliner, there may be a spring or metal bar at one end of the footrest.

If so, ensure that you’re ready to catch it when you release it. Once all this is done, lift off the footrest and set it aside in your pile of parts.

  • Step 6: Remove the back of the seat:

We will have to remove all four casters first. This includes two large casters at each end attached to a metal bar and two smaller black casters at each side, which are attached to the bottom of the chair by small screws.

Make sure you remove both of these types of casters, then flip your La-Z-Boy recliner over so that it’s facing up again. You should see two metal bars running horizontally across the front of the seat cushion.

Remove both bars, as well as any black plastic caps which cover each bar.

  • Step 7: Remove the reclining mechanism:

This will include a lever, a pin, and a spring. Once you have removed these three parts, set them off to the side with your other features. If they are dirty, wipe them down with a wet cloth to avoid getting any dirt on your new recliner.

  • Step 8: Remove the frame:

The frame is held in place by two plastic caps, pushed down onto two metal rods on each side of the chair. Grab underneath each cap and pull it out, then set it aside with your other parts.

You can now pull up the entire frame, the back cushion, and the seat cushion all at once. Simply lift each corner of your recliner until they come loose from their casters. Once you have removed them, set them aside with your other parts.

Ashley Recliner Chair

how to take apart a recliner
How To Take Apart A Recliner Quickly And Safely? 9

Ashley chairs come in many styles and sizes, it can be a bit of a challenge when you need to disassemble for some reason, but it is so easy for you to take apart a recliner with our guide.

It may seem like the chair is bolted together with no way to separate the pieces. But several methods make taking apart an Ashley recliner chair easier than you might think.

If your recliner has removable arms, then all you have to do is remove them before starting on the rest of the process. You may find that they’re held on by screws or bolts at each end and will just pull off with a bit of effort from a screwdriver or wrench.

If not, check around where they connect to see if any visible screws are holding them in place and remove those. But be careful when removing the arms, as they also support the back of the chair.

Take care not to damage any wires or levers connected to them as you work. When the arms are free, you should be able to maneuver them out of the way until you’re ready to put them back on.

The next part of the chair that needs attention is the seat. This Ashley recliner has a back with no lever, so it will have to be adjusted by hand once you start this section.

When you’ve finally got the arms and back out of your way, you can remove the seat cushion. This is often held in place by clips, so you can just snap it out and put the new one back in.

If not, look for screws under the seat that connect to a metal frame inside and remove those. When each of these steps is complete, the seat will be free of the chair and able to be removed.

If you are too busy, you can watch this video for a better try:

F&Q About Recliner

How do we assemble the back of a recliner?

Opposite to taking apart a recliner, assembly is not complicated, but it does require patience. Follow these steps to get your La-Z-Boy recliner put together in no time at all:

how to take apart a recliner
How To Take Apart A Recliner Quickly And Safely? 10

1) Remove the casters from each corner of the frame by unscrewing them with a screwdriver. Set them aside with your other parts. This step may vary depending on which type of chair you have.

2) Locate one end cap for each side and remove them by pulling firmly upwards until they come off their posts embedded into the baseboard underneath where they were positioned against when assembled originally. Put these caps to one side with your other parts.

3) Once you have removed all the casters from each corner, flip it over, so you are looking at the bottom of the chair. You will notice a small metal bar on each side of the baseboard attached to a rod that goes straight across underneath where the seat cushion was initially located.

4) Pull each rod straight up until it comes loose from its position underneath the seat cushion, then set them aside. Once you have achieved this step, your back frame is entirely free of parts to be assembled.

5) Place your new baseboard on top of the recliner arms. Be sure that they are placed in their correct position, so none are facing the wrong way.

6) Insert each rod back into their respective holes on either side of the chair, then use a screwdriver to tighten them firmly in place so they cannot slip out or move around.

Reattach any other parts that were removed from the original baseboard before continuing with this next step.

7) Slide your seat cushion into place, then insert each end cap back into its original position by pushing it down firmly onto the metal rod protruding out of the baseboard of your chair.

Make sure to press hard enough so that the end cap is entirely in place on both sides.

8) If you are working on a recliner with an ottoman, insert it back into position by placing the top of the ottoman inside the baseboard of your chair. Push down on each side so that it is firmly in place.

Use a screwdriver to tighten any screws on this step that are intended for this purpose.

9) Place your armrests back into their original positions on each side by sliding them down and pushing firmly, so they click back into place. Once you have stretched both armrests in place, tighten the screws with a screwdriver if present on this step.

10) At this point, your recliner is completely assembled again, except for any casters that may be missing. Replace each caster removed from its original position on each corner of your recliner following the method outlined above.

Once you have replaced all four casters, you can place your chair back down to the floor where it belongs and enjoy using it as before!

How Do I Recline A Power Recliner?

If you want to recline a power recliner, you’ll need to know how the mechanism works. Most of these chairs have two levers on either side that control the back and footrest at different levels.

The levers should be located near your center of gravity (usually around the waist). Pulling up on one lever will make everything rise while pulling down on the other will make everything lower.

If this doesn’t work for some reason, check if there’s a lock release button somewhere else in easy reach before assuming it’s broken. Or maybe it just needs more force than usual to work correctly? Power recliners are still relatively new and may require some getting used to!

How Do I Move A Recliner?

how to take apart a recliner
How To Take Apart A Recliner Quickly And Safely? 11

Moving a recliner is not an easy task, but it can be done. It may take some time and patience, but with the right tools and knowledge, you will be able to have your new furniture in its place within minutes.

Here are some tips on how to transport your recliner:

• Prepare for shifting by placing a cloth or towel over the carpets to prevent them from being damaged during movement. Also, put down cardboard or mats if you don’t want any scratches on the flooring when moving it around.

• It is crucial to carefully read the instructions regarding how you are supposed to move your recliner. Do not pick it up by the armrest because this could cause damage. Instead, lift it from underneath to avoid this.

• Try not to push or pull your chair along straight lines as this could wear it out. Approach angles with your furniture and follows the path they allow you to take, as this will reduce the chance of ruining them.

• Be careful not to lean back on a recliner backward as you may end up breaking it or hurting yourself. Always put your total weight on the front edge of a recliner and always sit in the center.

• Make sure that all passengers are seated before you begin to move. This will prevent anyone from getting hurt and hurting your recliner if someone falls into it or leans on it too hard.


I hope you can take apart a recliner safely and without damaging the chair or yourself with these helpful tips. Remember that it is best to remove parts of the chair to understand better how everything is put together and make it easier for yourself to take other chairs apart later on!

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