How To Tell If Starter Solenoid Is Bad On Atv Even You Are Not A Atv Technician

How to tell if starter solenoid is bad on atv? The answer is in this article. We tried our best to find some information to give for you. 

Starter solenoid is an important electric in the operation of staring. It’s essential to see a bad starter solenoid if you want your atv start safety. 

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Below, we will introduce starter solenoid and the way to find a bad starter solenoid on your atv. In this article, we will together follow these parts:

  • What is starter solenoid?
  • Tool to check bad starter solenoid
  • Step to check starter solenoid

What is Starter Solenoid?


The starter solenoid consists of 2 parts: the electromagnetic unit and the switch. This is one of the key parts of an atv starter.


Starter Solenoid includes 2 functions:

First, it is the starting up of the starter circuit through two on / off mechanisms through the connection of the battery to the starter.

In this function, the circuit will be turned on, when the switch ignites, electric current flows to the starter solenoid thereby generating the electromagnetic force. The electromagnetic force will attract the mobile iron core to make contact between the two poles, connect one pole to the positive pole of the battery and the other pole to the starter.

Second, it is the starter gear drive function engaged in the flywheel. This function helps the starter solenoid maintain the working state of the internal motors until starting is complete.

In this function, an electric current flows through the suction coil, creating a magnetic force that attracts the moving iron core and moves the fork to the back so that the starting gear is in contact with the engine flywheel. On the other hand, an electric current flows through the holding coil, creating a magnetic force to keep the core in the pull-back position, so that the start-up is stable.

How To Tell If Starter Solenoid Is Bad On Atv

Voltage meter

A voltage meter  is an voltaic instrument used to calculate the potential or voltage difference between 2 points in an voltaic nal  or voltaic circuit. Units of potential difference are calculated in volts (V). In a simple way, A voltage meter is a calculating instrument used to calculate the voltage between two ends of the circuit (or voltatic nal tools such as lamps …). In circuit diagrams a voltage meter is usually represented by the symbol (V).

Classification of voltmeter:

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  • Digital voltmeter

When the Voltmeter is connected to the circuit under test, the voltmeter extracts part of the electrical energy to determine the magnitude of the voltage. The level of extraction is determined by the resistance of the voltmeter on that scale, and to avoid deviating the circuit under test, the resistance must be sufficiently large.

Principle of operation Voltmeter:

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The skill of choosing to buy and use screwdrivers

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Step To Check Starter Solenoid Is Bad On Atv

Test with voltmeter

Start Solenoid on Atv is the part used to start the vehicle. The Start Solenoid is operated on the principle that current flows from the solenoid to the starter by rotating the solenoid. However, in some sudden cases, your Start Solenoid will experience problems. And please follow these steps to check.

Step 1: Stop starting your Atv. Then locate your solenoid cable, follow the cable line to find the engine underneath the seat.

Step 2: Use a voltmeter to check your Atv’s battery.

First, connect the volts to the Atv battery. Connect the red wire of the voltmeter to the red terminal on the battery. Likewise, connect the black wire of the voltmeter to the black terminal on the battery. Note: must be connected to the polarity, otherwise voltmeter will not work.

Next, read the number that appears on the voltmeter. If the reading you get is not 12 volts, replace the battery immediately. There is a high chance that your Atv will run out of battery. Because, Atv operates on a 12V battery.

Step 3: In case, you replace the battery and the situation still does not improve. For now, keep the connections in step two. The only one change is to connect the red wire to the magnet wire, keeping the black wire on the black terminal of the battery. Read the result on the voltmeter, if the result is not 12V. The Start Solenoid has encountered a problem and you must replace it immediately.

Those are all steps to check if Solenoid on Atv has a problem or not. Note that, please follow each step carefully, to avoid mistakes!

Test with screwdriver

A screwdriver can be used to test the starter solenoid. Now, we’re starting!

It is also an effective solution for diagnosing electromagnetic starter noises.

Case 1: Use a screwdriver to connect the two terminals of the starter solenoid. The problem is with the starter if the starter is not working. Conversely, if the starter is still working properly, it is usually the fault that the starter’s electromagnetic contacts are cut off. Check the solenoid switch for malfunction!

Case 2: try shaking the connection wire of the car battery and starter, the starter circuit may be in poor contact even if the starter is working properly. In the above case, check the temperature to see if it is too hot or the sparking parts in the starting system circuit are working properly.

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Test by starting atv

You can rely on strange noise near the starting motor, to judge if your starter solenoid has a problem. Because in some cases, if the starter is not rotating or the speed is low, noise will be heard when the starter stops. Here are the steps to do it

Step 1: Use a wire to create an emergency start circuit by connecting the positive lead of the battery terminal and the B terminal of the starter with a wire

Step 2: Turn the ignition switch to the “start” position, the starter will work and start the car engine.

Step 3: After checking for strange noises, disconnect the power cord immediately and take the car to the nearest repair shop to have your starter solenoid repaired.

4 Symptoms Of A Bad Starter Solenoid On Atv

In addition to the testing, below, we’ll show you 4 symptoms that indicate a problem with Start Solenoid. These are symptoms that can be easily noticed, if you pay attention a little. 

Start Solenoid appears a series of clicks

This indicates that there is a problem with current to the solenoid, when insufficient current is supplied to the solenoid, the solenoid’s hold coil will continue to be caught, creating the click device. consecutive.

Or, the effectiveness of the electromagnetism was reduced, not strong enough to generate the force required to induce mechanical movements. This occurs when connections become loose, connecting devices corrode or welded contacts wear out over time.

Start Solenoid continues to start even after the engine is turned off

This allows the ignition switch to, even though “turn off”, keep the burned contacts closed. That means, the engine is still running, even after the shutdown procedure has been performed.

It can also be understood that the elasticity of the spring can not be moved anymore, due to being used for a too long time without being serviced or replaced.

Start Solenoid starts, moves a bit, but atv doesn’t work

It can be seen that the starter has been damaged, or that the connection in the Start Solenoid has failed. Or maybe, due to being dirty for a long time, the conductivity is reduced. This results in the apparatus starting up but not actually working.

The starter keeps spinning even though the start button has left “on”

This is a case of a fire in the engine. The contacts are continuously rubbed for a thick period of time, making the surface even hotter. Bad cases will cause explosions and system damage. This is a very dangerous case. Warning: In this case, try to disable / exit atv as soon as possible.

When bad starter solenoid on Atv, to keep your safe, you should wear a helmet, let see here

4 Cause To Bad On A Starter Solenoid Atv

There are many reasons to cause a bad starter solenoid atv. You can review and notice them. Follow 4 reasons below: 

The wire is not good

It is a more dangerous problem if the starter solenoid is under pressure in the poor and hurried wiring. Because, the bad wire leads to adequate current supply to the starter solenoid. The cause of the bad wire is terminals. When terminals are left loose and connect the false way. 

Heat is too much

Overheat appears in a case in which high currents flow to the solenoid for a long time. 

Overheat also happens when the position of “start” leaves the ignition switch for a long time.

When melts weld together, it causes soldering and excessive heating. 

According to that, the starter solenoid turns serious and it hardly causes control of the starter solenoid switching function.  

The effect of moisture

It’s terrible when moisture is inside the starter solenoid. The contacts of electricity will lead to corrosion. 

The conductivity of the contact surfaces is reduced. 

The starter click will appear and it will silence after that. Because the current isn’t high enough for the finish of operation.

Too Much Tightening of Bolts And Other Fasteners

The tighten bolts are usually very simple over when it isn’t appreciative. 

In an especially moment, when the tightening tools have a huge torque, the reason makes parts both inside and outside of the starter solenoid to crack or twist.

The shorting or mechanical failure will come to affect the parts.

You know, the start solenoid is a part of the starter system. So, a problem with starting may also be the mistake of starting solenoid. Knowing about faul of diagnosis is essential.

Process maintain atv to starter solenoid use in long time

After 5000 km:

Every 5000km is a distance we should usually maintain atvs.You can do a job to each repeated maintenance is to turnaround the diesel oil, clean the diesel air filter and drain the air conditioner. You often do not haven’t to turn diesel oil every 5000km, if not the atvs is constantly running in bitter conditions.But remember! after 5000km, do turn the oil because of metal debris in the oil. Let’s change it every 10000km. Also, if you want to be careful, you can ask the technician to probe the brake liquid ink, transportation oil, coolant, glass filter,…  and add more if there is a lack. 

After 15,000 km:

In the change of 2nd oil, you should also change the oil cleaner. Responsible for maintaining dirt is the oil cleaner. It makes the diesel to be smooth with filter oil and easy to work with. Masters recommend that it is great to replace the oil cleaner at the same time as the oil. Next, at this point you should also maintain the tire if necessary, and then continue to twist the tire every 10000km.

After 30,000 km:

In the 3rd oil change, you should change the diesel air cleaner and air conditioner cleaner after 30000km to make the diesel work more lubricated and more effective. This makes the air-conditioning system operate effectively and keep your health. 

After 40,000 km:

In the 4th oil change, you need to refill fuel cleaners, replace transportation oil, specific oil, capability assistants, band belts coolant, brake liquid and clinch oil. Refilling the transportation oil and specific oil repeat is just necessary replacing the diesel oil. This helps gearboxes and specific to be smoother and more delicate, maintaining the car’s drivetrain is always good work..

3 Way To Basic Starter Solenoid Repair

Replace the spring 

In most cases, the cause of the bad spring is the stuck issue. So, you can replace it. If not, you can adjust the adaptable iron core, it is easy to move. 

Polish by sandpaper 

Often the contacts will burn easily, resulting in a bad starter solenoid. When you see that the burn is not too serious, please use sandpaper to make the surface of the electromagnetic contact and the contact plate shine.

In the event of severe burn-down of electromagnetic contacts, you should use a file to smooth contacts until the two contacts have a consistent height.

Rethread the terminal bolts

In some cases, the terminals use M8 or M10 copper bolts. Now replace the terminal bolts with the traditional way of using a threaded mold to reread the terminal bolts when removing them.

Tip For Replacing A Starter Solenoid

Tip 1: When you lose the starter holder, find a new bolt of the right length, in case the incompatible length will cause the old coil to explode. And be careful, please use spring washers when installing bolts.

Tip 2: Tighten the nuts with a spanner while you are handling the starter solenoid. Because the starter current will create a very hot source of heat at the B end and M terminal.

Tip 3: Please note that the ends B and M will be clamped with two flat washers to avoid bad contact.

Tip 4: Tighten the contacts of the solenoid cover tightly. Because the two bolts on the lid easily loosen and fall off when the starter vibrates.

Tip 5: You should apply a thin layer of engine oil on the core to make the iron core move while working more smoothly. In particular, using antifreeze motor oil in winter will reduce the resistance of the mobile iron core, making the engine easy to start in inclement weather.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my starter solenoid click?

When you encounter the above situation, it is most likely a rechargeable battery problem or a cable connection problem and more importantly, your solenoid is damaged.

Because, remember, the starter electromagnet is a large electromagnet. This requires an electric field energy large enough for the motor to spin. As such, the electromagnet must be working properly, the batteries and cables well connected are the factors that drive the wheel to fly and rotate the engine. Clicks are showing that your starter solenoid is starting to work!

What’s going on if the starter solenoid becomes bad?

Normally, the structure of starter solenoid rarely fails because the structure has been improved. But, of course, they are also potentially corrupt sometimes.

Before understanding what will happen if the starter solenoid fails, it is a good idea to have a quick understanding of how the starter solenoid works. Electromagnetism uses a small electric current to modulate a large current. While your key is turned on, the starter solenoid connects to the controller with the battery to generate enough current to travel through the coils. The coils will create a magnetic field. This magnetic field will help the metal slug work. This makes the battery starter, generate a large amount of current and make the starter solenoid work.

Thus, when the electromagnetic unit fails, corrosion will appear. Specifically, the power contacts are likely to burn and cause the motor in the solenoid to stop spinning. 

What is the difference between starter relay and solenoid?

The relay and the solenoid are both a coil. But the most fundamental difference is that the starter relay is a coil wrapped around an iron core and the starter solenoid is a coil wound around a movable plunger. The relays are fixed and the starter solenoid is free to move in and out of the coil. Please note!

Do I start a quad with a bad solenoid?

Of course the answer is yes. In this case you want to start a poor solenoid. You can use a wrench to do this. Please locate the start solenoid. You will then see two large main strings. From here, you can start a quad already.

And, to help you get a visual guide, let refer this video:


We don’t like to be a nagging mother about car maintenance, but if you are a careless atv owner and often leave the bad signs of atv parts in general and starter in particular. We think you are unfortunately ruining your atv.

As an ATV owner, you should be responsible for the care and maintenance of your atv, and sometimes you need to pay extra attention to the starter solenoid.

It is important to realize whether a starter solenoid has a problem or not is up to your care and attention. We hope that what we have shared will help you soon identify irregularities and come up with a way to resolve them.

If the starter solenoid is too damaged, we recommend going to a reputable vehicle service facility. This will help to repair the starter solenoid in a better way. If you want your atv more clean, you can consider here.

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