Top 20 Best Hummingbird Feeder Ant Guard Reviews & Comparison

If you’re in the market for hummingbird feeder ant guard, you won’t want to miss our Best hummingbird feeder ant guard list in 2023. Our carefully curated selection is based on 56417 customer reviews gathered from all around the world – giving it a truly global perspective!

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SaleBestseller No. 1
Perky-Pet 245L Ant Guard for Bird Feeders-Single (2)
  • Repels ants from feeders
  • Red ant guard
  • Easily mounts in-line with all hanging feeders
  • Uses Permethrin, proven safe around birds, pets and people
  • 2 PACK
SaleBestseller No. 2
Metal Ant Moat for Hummingbird Feeders, Red Hummingbird Feeder Ant Guard, 3 Hooks with 3 Brushes
  • Without assembly, Integrated molding
  • Metal made, Long lasting outdoor
  • Red color, Hummingbird favorite
  • 5" tall and 1.6" wide, Easy cleaning by brush.
  • Value Package, 3 Hooks and 3 brushes
Bestseller No. 3
Ant Moat for Hummingbird Feeder, Insect Guard with Large Capacity, 4 OZ, 2 Pack
  • 🕒Large capacity(4 OZ), less refill.
  • ❤Hummingbird's favorite color.
  • 🌹Flower shape like a red tulip.
  • 🔧Metal material, never rust
  • 👍Easy to hang on the tree branch.
Bestseller No. 4
GESAIL Ant Moat for Hummingbird Feeders, Large Capacity Protect Nectar Metal Hooks Ant Guard 4 Brushes for Outdoor Patio Yard Hanging Feeders 4 Packs
  • Powerful Effect Ant Moat: Fill the flower-shaped cup in the hummingbird feeder ant guard with enough water that after hanging the feeder, the ant moat formed a huge water gap, ants cannot cross the water and follow the moat to the feeder, effectively avoid them from getting the nectar. your birds can drink clean and fresh nectar from now on.
  • Large Capacity Slow Evaporation: The ant moat for hummingbird feeder has a large capacity and can hold about 75ml of water. It evaporates slowly without frequent refilling and can still maintain sufficient water in the summer to keep ants out of the moat, greatly save your time and energy.
  • Built to Last: Our ant moat is made of high quality materials and not easy to damage. Flower-shaped cup is made of durable plastic, the accessory metal hooks provide strong carrying strength and have coated surfaces to isolate water from corrosion. Comes with 4 packs so you can replace it or use to different feeders, let GESAIL hummingbird feeder ant guard protects your feeder for long.
  • Beautiful and Practical: GESAIL ant moat has a bright red color and beautifully shaped floral cups that is striking and adds charm to your yard. The ant moat for hummingbird feeder size is wide enough to use the accessory metal hook for hanging a variety of feeders. enjoy bird watching with your family in the courtyard of your home.
  • Easy to Use: Simply tighten the hooks at the top and bottom of the ant moat, hang the hummingbird ant guard with the cup facing up, pour water into it, and then hang your hummingbird feeder from the hook below. By keeping the ant moat filled, you can quickly get rid of pesky ants and protect the hummingbird feeder from ants.
SaleBestseller No. 5
Sapphire Labs Nectar Fortress Natural Ant Repellent; Multi-Purpose Clear Gel Ant Guard for Hummingbird Feeders (Twin)
  • CREATED FOR HUMMINGBIRD FEEDERS: Stop ants fast and keep them away from the bird feeder altogether. Use it on poles or hooks and create a barrier with a scent ants hate.
  • Useful with ant moats or eliminate the moat entirely.
  • OTHER USES: Protecting dog and cat bowls, bird houses, beehives, hanging plants, outdoor tables and chairs, party and picnic treats, outdoor wedding buffets, camping hammocks and tents, classrooms science experiments and tailgating events.
  • BIRD SAFE AND KID SAFE: Made entirely from food based material that birds naturally secrete to preen and condition their feathers. It is designed to be inherently safe and compatible with bird physiology.
  • EASY TO USE: Draw a line and your done.
Bestseller No. 6
Vintage Glass Ant Moat for Hummingbird and Oriole Feeders Large Capacity Guard for Nectar Feeders
  • Large 3/5 cup capacity for days of protection, you don't have to monitor and add water all the time.
  • Vintage glass cup and stainless steel hook, never rust.
  • Wide opening hook, easy to hang on tree branch.
  • Attractive coloration for hummingbirds.
  • Simply hang ant moat in-line between hook and feeder. Just swirl a little oil or water in the cup and hang it on your hummingbird feeder and oriole feeders.
Bestseller No. 7
Ant Moat for Hummingbird Feeders 2 Pack Black
  • Ingenious design: the cup in the middle of the hook can hold water and become the moat of the feeder to prevent things you don't want to see from entering the feeder.
  • Size: the middle cup is 1.5 "diameter x 1.2" height. It can hold 1.5 ounces of liquid. The whole hook is 5.5 "long.
  • Strong bearing capacity: the hook has super bearing capacity, 30 pounds of weight can be easily carried, perfect protection feeder and Hummingbird safety.
  • Made of high-quality steel: leak proof metal, rust proof powder coating, used for many years, free from the influence of various elements.
  • Timely service: if you have any questions about the product, please contact us and we will reply within 24 hours
SaleBestseller No. 8
AMAURAS Red Glass Ant Moat for Hummingbird Feeder
  • Vintage Glass Cup + Thick Stainless Steel Hook
  • Large capacity
  • Never Rust
  • Easy to hang on tree branch
  • Great Color
SaleBestseller No. 9
BOLITE Ant Moats for Hummingbird Feeder, Hanging Ant Guard for Outdoors, Bronze, 2 Pack, 18024
  • No More Ants - Keeps ants away from your hummingbird feeders. Our ant moat fits for most feeders and you no longer worry about ant problems
  • Top Notch Quality - Our hanging ant moat is built-to-last, heavy duty, and made from high quality metal. Never quickly break and crack, also never rust
  • Simple To Use - Add moderate water or oil in the cup and hang it on your feeder. Our ant moat is larger than others with crimping edge of the cup, you no need to worry about leakage while adding liquid into the cup, also no need to worry about cutting fingers by sharp edge when you clean it
  • Beautiful & Functional - These ant moats are an attractive, simple and effective way to get rid of ants. You can enjoy feeding and watching hummingbirds by adding ant moats to your feeders, which also bring beauty to your garden
  • Smooth Design - The smooth black finish hook will not harm your tree branches
SaleBestseller No. 10
AMAURAS Pack of 2 Flower Design Glass Ant Moat for Hummingbird and Oriole Feeders Large Capacity Guard for Nectar Feeders
  • Pack of 2 Flower Design Glass Moat for Hummingbird Feeders
  • Large capacity.
  • Never Rust.
  • Great color.
  • Attract hummingbird.
Bestseller No. 11
Hummingbird Feeder Ant Moat, Hummingbird and Oriole Feeder Hanging Ant Guard, Feeder Accessory Hooks - 2 Packs
  • 🌷{Premium Quality Ant Moat}🌷 - Our ant guards for hummingbird feeder and oriole feeders is built-to-last and made from STAINLESS STEEL. Compared with other hanging ants hooks, our ant moat increases the brazing technique at the gap between the hook and the surface, it's effectively preventing water leakage and breakage.
  • 🌷{Easy to Use}🌷 - Simply hang ant moat in-line between hook and feeder. Just swirl a little oil or water in the cup and hang it on your hummingbird feeder and oriole feeders!
  • 🌷{Safe for Hummingbirds and Orioles}🌷 - A natural solution for being rid of pesky ants at your nectar feeders. We don't want to see our little hummingbird and oriole friends get sick from accidentally drinking infected nectar.
  • 🌷{Most-attractive}🌷 - Beautiful, timeless, and long-lasting hummingbird feeders accessory hooks that blend elegantly with bird feeding stations, it's will become a beautiful decoration in your garden.
  • 🌷{No-Risk Purchase}🌷 - Measures approx.5" tall and 1.5" wide, suitable for all kinds of hanging hummingbird and oriole feeders. If there is any problem with the product, you are always welcome to contact us. We will handle it ASAP.
SaleBestseller No. 12
SEWANTA Hummingbird Feeder 16 oz [Set of 2] Plastic Hummingbird Feeders for Outdoors With Ant Guard - Circular Perch With 8 Feeding Ports - Wide Mouth for Easy Filling/2 Part Base for Easy Cleaning
  • ATTRACTIVE FEEDER: 16 ounces of nectar in this bright red hummingbird feeder attract multitudes of hummingbirds to your backyard. 8 feeding ports and perches are arranged in a circular manner for several birds to feed simultaneously. Made in the USA.
  • CRITTER PROTECTION - The base is brilliantly designed with tiny feeding ports that prevent bees from getting into the inner part of the feeder and clogging it up. The hollow in the top of the feeder is filled with water, preventing ants from crawling in.
  • LEAKPROOF RESERVOIR: The mouth of the reservoir tightly screws onto the base, effectively sealing the bird feeder. After filling the container and screwing it onto the base, flip it over; the feeder will not leak even while upside down.
  • ANT GUARD FOR HUMMINGBIRD FEEDERS: An ant moat is attached to the top of the feeder to repel ants. Fill it with water and drive away any approaching bugs. Ensure the nectar you prepared for the hummingbirds is pure and free of any creepy-crawlies.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The wide mouth ensures effortless cleaning and filling, and the 2-part base easily twists apart for an effortlessly thorough cleaning job. Of clear hard plastic, you can monitor nectar levels so you always know when to refill. Hand-wash only; Not dishwasher safe.
Bestseller No. 14
Ant Moat for Hummingbird Feeder - 3 OZ x 2 Pack Red Insect Guard with Large Capacity
  • Large capacity up to 3 oz ( 90ml ), less refill
  • Flower blossom like sakura in red, hummingbird's favorite color
  • Transparent plastic, clean & clear to watch remaining water
  • Stainless hook, no rust / bearing heavy load / durable use in all weathers
  • Backup accessories provided, optional hanging as S hook or on 3~4MM rod
Bestseller No. 15
Red Ant Moat Hook for Hummingbird Feeder and Oriole feeders, Hanging Hook with Umbrella Cover,Large Capacity Nectar Feeders Insect Guard Ant Trap, Iron Tree Hooks for Outdoors
  • Attractive Design】:Our anti-ant hook has an exquisite appearance. Compared with ordinary anti-ant hooks, we have added an umbrella cover in appearance design, which can effectively reduce the loss of oil or water caused by some external factors such as sunlight and rain.
  • Premium Quality】: made of sturdy metal covered in a really good quality, thick, red paint that will stop it from rusting.They work very well at keeping the ants out, therefore, highly recommend this ant moat and cover.
  • Wide Usage】:The hummingbird feeders accessory hook set are suitable for bird feeders, plant baskets, bird houses, lanterns, wind bells, and other installation fixtures.
  • 【Safe totally for Hummingbirds】:This is great for your hummingbird feeder as it keeps the ants and bugs out and away from your feeder.
  • 【Package&Customer Service】: Includes 1Hook and 1 Cleaning Brush, If you don't satisfaction about this product,welcome to let us know, we'll give you perfect solutions.
SaleBestseller No. 16
Hummers Galore® Hummingbird Feeder Insect Guard, Ant Moat, 2 Pack
  • Durable moats made to last
  • Ready to hang with attached metal hanger. Fits most hooks an poles. Look for other Hummer's Galore products: Moats, brushes, and nectar
  • Made in USA
Bestseller No. 17
Supkiir Ant Guard for Hummingbird Feeders, 8Pcs Ant Moat Hooks Tool Set with 8Pcs Clean Brushes for Outdoor Hummingbird Feeder Ant Moat Ant Guard
  • - What You Get: The package comes with 8 pieces hummingbird feeder hooks, 4 in gold and 4 in black. And 8 pieces brushes. Each one size 1.5x4.75 inches.
  • - Ant-proof Design: The hook hangs the moat above the feeder in a straight line. A natural way to help the hummingbird feeders to avoid pesky ants.
  • - Quality Material: Made of durable metal. Safe, sturdy and not easily break that can last for a long time. Also safe for hummingbirds.
  • - Easy to Use: Only add a small amount of oil or water into the cup. then hang it from a suitable branch. Regularly check the moat if you use water.
  • - Quality Service: We provide 180 days free replacement, if you have any question about our item please feel free to contact us.
SaleBestseller No. 18
Perky-Pet 203CPBN-2 Pinch-Waist Glass Hummingbird Feeder with Perches, Built-in Ant Moat and Bee Guards - Outdoor Garden Décor - 2 Pack
  • Accommodate Multiple Birds – This feeder boasts four flower-shaped feeding ports with comfortable perches so multiple birds can dine at the same time
  • Keep Insects Out – Built-in bee guards keep bees from entering the ports and a built-in ant moat can be filled with water to create a barrier against ants
  • Wide-Mouth Bottle – No more messes and no more spills, the wide-mouth bottle makes filling easier, resulting in fewer spills as you pour
  • Easy to Clean – Remove the ant moat, base, bottle, and ports with ease – even the bee guards come apart to allow for thorough cleaning
  • 8 oz Capacity – This feeder holds up to 8 oz of nectar, ensuring you have the perfect amount of nectar to go around in between cleanings
SaleBestseller No. 19
Monarch Abode 19045 Hummingbird Pure Copper Ant Moat for Bird Feeders
  • BUILT TO LAST - Ant moat made from high-quality pure copper that is built-to-last unlike competing plastic or other metal ant moats. The ant moat for hummingbird feeders is handcrafted by skilled artisans with decades of experience. Lightweight making the ant moat for bird feeders easy to remove for cleaning or move around if needed.
  • EASY TO USE - Simply hang the hummingbird feeder ant guard from your desired location and add 3 drops of vegetable oil into the cup and swirl around for complete coating coverage - once that is done just hang your bird feeder and you are ready to go!
  • BIRDS ENJOY: Enjoy your bird feeders for outside with your feathery friends as they float around your birdfeeder with glee! Use to protect your hanging bird feeder, wild bird feeder or hummingbird feeder.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - simply take down your ant guard and wipe down and your ant moat is ready to protect your bird feeders for outdoors hanging from unwanted pesky ants.
  • ITEM OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 6.5 in x 2 in x 2 in
Bestseller No. 20
Finderomend Hummingbird Feeder Ant Guard,4 Pack of Flower Ant Moat for Hummingbird Feeder 4 Hooks- 4 Ant Moats and 4 Clean Brushes for Hummingbird Oriole Nectar Feeders for Outdoors (Red)
  • ★【Easy to Use】Just fill the cup with a few drops of vegetable oil and swirl it around to the interior coat. Simply hang moat in-line between hook and feeder. Just swirl a little oil or water in the cup and hang it on your hummingbird feeder.
  • ★【Excellent Ant Moat】The middle flower parts made from prime environmentally friendly plastic and the two ends hook made from stainless steel.Can be applied for bird feeders, plant baskets, bird houses, flower pots, wind bells and more.
  • ★【Never Leak】Our proprietary design, never leaking hummingbird feeder ant guard is suitable for all hanging feeders,package includeds 4 ant moats and 4 brushes.Keep ants out of hummingbird feeders.As long as you keep the moat filled, you should be ant-free.
  • ★【Brightening your house】Each of our ant moat for hummingbird feeders is beautiful and long-lasting. It can really be a decoration in your yard.More than that ,It is the best gift for your neighbours, friends, families and more.
  • ★【Magnificent Quality】Every hummingbird feeder ant guard we create is our philosophy, that is to make the life better. Finderomend is committed to providing high-quality products with value-for-money functional design. If you are not satisfied with our products, please contact us at any time, we will give you a satisfactory answer.

Our selection of top-rated hummingbird feeder ant guard provides something for everyone, no matter your budget. We’re sure you’ll find the perfect item to fit all your needs!

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