Hydrocolloid Face Mask: An Excellent Product To Get Rid Of Acne

There are a wide range of hydrocolloid face mask choices in the market, it brings you headache while choosing the right one that is suitable for your sensitive skin. All kinds of masks provide you different experiences and you will know which mask is effective on your face. This post is a thorough review of an amazing hydrocolloid face mask, particularly Hydrocolloid Acne Patches from KEYCONCEPTS brand.

You will get what you pay for, but that statement does not go for this product. Although the mask gets an inexpensive price, it goes beyond my expectations. This face mask is not only financially but also has a positive effect for your blemishes. We will provide you all the pros and cons, and especially its outstanding features based on my experience.

The following content will provide you with obvious information of the hydrocolloid face mask that you are planning to purchase. Let’s get started and it would be advantageous for you with my hydrocolloid face mask review.

Understanding About Hydrocolloid

In ancient periods, the initiation of wound caring and healing began. The Egyptians were specialized when it related to applying and organizing bandages as they were aware of and had knowledge about the infection and swelling. 

From time to time, the advanced technology in medicine provided moist wound curative products which were crucial as dry gauze might glue on a wound. Therefore, when you want to remove it, your wound will hurt more. Believe me, I have experienced things like that.

In the 1980s, hydrocolloid is a stuff utilized in bandages for wound healing was made to offer a moist condition to pull out fluids and pus from the inner wound to hold them on the bandage.

Moist wound healing launched a revolution with a lot of scientific and medical examination to support it from the late 1980s to early 1990s. 

What is the hydrocolloid mask?

Hydrocolloid elements can be used to produce masks for the whole face or patches for red blemishes. Hydrocolloid face mask is made of gelatin, pectin or carboxymethyl-cellulose, which are water-drawing stuff that helps to pull pus and liquids out of a wound. When the patches absorb these substances, white spots are noticeable which means the healing wound process began.

The water-attracting stuff is connected to a dedicated plastic film often created from polyurethane, which avoids water from vanishing and drying out the sore. Thanks to its great capacity of water retaining, the redundant wound liquids create a gel. This gel formulates a moist environment that enables wound healing by avoiding dehydration and boosting angiogenesis and collagen mixture.

The healing process of wounds would be quicker and the formation of the new skin is smooth.

How To Apply Hydrocolloid Patches?

Hydrocolloid face masks are extremely simple to use, nonetheless, in order to get the best use of them, you can follow these steps below:

  • Thorough clean the area with a soft cleanser
  • Use a clean face towel to pat dry the surface
  • Pick the suitable hydrocolloid patch sizes and stick it over the acne, press strongly for about 3-5 seconds
  • Leave it overnight, you should not wear them over 12 hours as it may inflame the skin
  • Take the patches out when their colour transfers to white and continue with daily skincare routine

Benefits Of Hydrocolloid Face Mask

Hydrocolloid face masks or patches bring lots of advantages for your skin. These are some outstanding benefits: 

  • Encouraging quicker and better healing by formulating a moist environment
  • Providing and penetrating active elements more effectively
  • Shielding from rubbing and touching, which can cause inflammation and scarring
  • Defending from UV light that can reduce pigmentation

Risk Of Hydrocolloid Face Mask

Hydrocolloid face masks and acne patches are in a low risk except you are sensitive to one of the components. 

Overview Of Hydrocolloid Acne Patches (120 Count)

With tea tree oil components, this hydrocolloid face mask in patch type not only helps you to get rid of gunk from blemishes, but also heal the acne as well. Pimple patches heal acne speedly and painlessly. 

The zit shape works faster compared to other acne treatments and is extremely simple to use. These excellent hydrocolloid acne patches will subtly help you appear and feel your best. Use the patches on blemishes overnight, and you will see the magic in the next morning.

Every acne patch contributes to healing after excretion with an insignificant quantity of tea tree oil suffused into each patch. Tea tree oil works as an anti-infection for acne, which assists your patches act even quicker. 

You can feel secure that each hydrocolloid face mask is carefully produced. It is the brand’s natural method to deal with acne and red blemishes as well as pimples. If you buy this quality product of acne dots, they can be a lifesaver when you need to hide or heal acne quickly for important events.

No matter if the acne is small or big, these hydrocolloid patches will support you. The package includes pimple patches for any sized acne. They come with small, medium and big pimple stickers to suit all your acne. Say goodbye to cystic blemishes with the solely acne cure you will appreciate. If you have not used acne patches, then make today is the day that you feel relief from your acne issues.

These acne patches are effortlessly used. Just simply clean and dry your blemish area, pick the right magnitude of acne patch, gently peel and stick the patch above your acne. The hydrocolloid face masks are almost invisible, so you can use them whenever you need to, even on special occasions such as weddings, before makeup. 

Every user normally applies their zit patches for face prior to going to bed. Next 6-10 hours, carefully take the acne patches out and reapply if needed.

Choosing the suitable hydrocolloid face mask from a reputation and reliable brand is challenging. Therefore, this company offers customers a lifetime replacement or money back if anything is wrong with your new face patches. 


  • Extremely affordable
  • Using tea tree oil ingredient, which is really friendly with acne skin, helping to reduce red acne and faster heel
  • Simple to use
  • A lifesaver when you need to quick and effective healing acne for special occasions such as wedding, photo shooting and so on as they are almost invisible
  • 3 sizes, which are small, medium and big size to suit any kind of acne
  • quickly reduce swelling within 6-10 hours
  • Excellent customer support with a lifetime of replacement or money back if any issues happen to your new patches


  • Not suitable for people allergic to tea tree ingredients
  • Has a strong odor compared to other products from tea tree
  • Stick quite firm 

Detailed Features Of Hydrocolloid Acne Patches

These pimple patches are versatile with different kinds of acne from small to large size. They are produced from tea tree oil, which is a common ingredient for healing and caring acne. This element helps to reduce the swelling of acne quickly and effectively, while decreasing the possibility of scar formation. Besides, the product is under $10, which is a brilliant choice for everyone. I write my experience through this hydrocolloid face mask review to show you all the benefits and drawbacks of its features. Then you can depend on that before buying a package of this product.

  1. Packaging (4.5/5)

The packaging is a black box with 3 small pieces with different sizes (small, medium and big), 40 pimple patches per each. The total of patches is 120 so you can use it for a long time. The behind side has 4 steps showing how to use these patches. This is the resealable bag that keeps the pimple patches always in good conditions after every use. It will not be degenerate as the dust and air outside cannot approach. 

  1. Suitable For Skin Types (4/5)

Almost all of the hydrocolloid face masks and patches are suitable for various kinds of skins such as normal, oily, combination, dry and even sensitive skins. So these acne healing patches do. However, as hydrocolloid elements are better for healing wounds so these patches will work best for acne skin. 

If you want to improve your skin, hydrocolloid masks can do that. You can try to find out whether they are suitable for you or not. 

  1. Ingredient (4/5)

The major ingredient in this hydrocolloid acne patch is tea tree oil. This element has a lot of excellent benefits on acne treatment. Here are some outstanding ones:

  • Kills bacteria
  • Against inflammation: helps to reduce the infection cascades that rouse inflammation and redness, a huge advantage for acne skin
  • Can deal with a variety of acne: can work on blackheads, whiteheads, small to large blemishes
  • Decrease grease and dirt: gives you a fresh and clean skin, so the following skincare steps would be efficient
  • Avoid scarring: it cannot heal acne scars but it can assist in avoiding further scarring of the wounds

However, some people are allergic to this tea tree oil element, so keep in mind to avoid that if you are allergic to it.

  1. Versatility (3.5/4)

The whole package contains 3 patches with different sizes including small, medium and big ones, which allow use with various kinds of acne. These patches can treat even cystic acne so it is everything you will need in a package. The total is 120 stickers so you can use it in a long time if you do not have much acne. 

Some other acne patch products just have only one size so the KEYCONCEPTS acne healing patches are the financial choice for you. 

  1. Effective (4/5)

If you are looking for an acne patch that can treat diverse types of acne, this hydrocolloid patch product would suit you. They are effortless to use and also bring aesthetics for your beauty. This is because it is almost invisible, so you can wear it whenever you want. 

These patches are not only invisible, but also great in hiding your red blemishes on special occasions such as shooting, wedding, birthday parties and so on. So be confident anytime with this product.

Leave it on top of your acne, and it will work within 4-8 hours. Your acne will reduce swelling and pain. However, if you are still not seeing the white spot, stick another new patch again until it pulls all the fluids out. 

However, it contains tea tree oil so please consider if you are allergic with this ingredient.

  1. Price (5/5)

This Acne Healing Patches from KEYCONCEPTS has an extremely reasonable price, just under $10. The cost is affordable with such an excellent hydrocolloid face mask product. In the market, there are also lots of hydrocolloid patches that are cheaper than this. But keep in mind that you should not buy something that is too low, especially skincare products for your face.

The cheapest items can irritate your skin and make acne worse as well as forms more blemishes. On the other hand, the most expensive products are quite risky as you have no idea if it is right for you. So, if you are a beginner in using acne patches, I recommend you should choose this affordable product to start treating acne. As it can deal with different kinds of acne, you should give it a try and examine if it works for your skin.

If you are a beginner on skincare with acne, this video will be useful for you to start digging on it:

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Should I Use Hydrocolloid Patches Or Pimple Patches?

If your blemishes have visible pus or is just shown then you should use hydrocolloid patches because they will pull out all the dirt out and squash the acne. On the contrary, if your acne is infected but does not hold much fluids then an acne patch is a great way to deal with it.

  1. Do Hydrocolloid Patches Act For Acne?

Acne is considered the wounds, that is why hydrocolloid face masks and acne patches work to take care of irregular to some pimples. Nevertheless, it is not suggested, relying on the seriousness of your blemishes, to utilize it completely as a lone treatment. This is because it is normally for surface wounds that demand small quantities of drainage.

  1. How Long Should I Leave Hydrocolloid Patches On?

With a hydrocolloid face mask, you will see the instructions on the package, it is usually left on your face within 15-20 minutes. On the other hand, you can leave hydrocolloid patches on your acne below 12 hours, as they can inflame your skin if it is left over that time. Normally, these acne patches work after 4-8 hours of apply.

  1. Do Hydrocolloid Patches Efficient With Cystic Acne?

Cystic acne develops from under the skin, meanwhile, hydrocolloid face masks or patches act on the level of surface acne. Therefore, the only short-term method is cortisone injections, which assists to decrease redness, swelling and hurt from infection.

Nevertheless, some brands have begun to carry out new contributed systems to be capable of treating acne underneath the skin. Furthemore, hydrocolloid acne patches are produced with healing active elements that aim to calm infection and avoid worse irritation.

There are many pre-users who have used and experienced hydrocolloid face masks for treating cystic acne.

  1. Whether Hydrocolloid Bandages Decrease Scarring?

The hydrocolloid bandages assist quicker as well as greater wound healing as they offer wounds with a moist environment which make best use of wound healing and eases scarring.

  1. Can I Shower With Hydrocolloid Acne Patches On?

Yes, of course. You can be able to shower with hydrocolloid patches as they stick firmly as well as waterproof. That will help you avoid water approaching your acne wound that can make you pain or your acne may be more red. 

Some Alternative Options

This Acne Healing Patches with hydrocolloid and tea tree oil ingredients is a great choice if you are a newbie on using patches to treat acne. With my hydrocolloid face mask reviews above, you may still be confused by lots of things before buying it. Although this Acne Healing Patches is a good investment, I will propose to you some other hydrocolloid patch products so you can make a comparison and go to the final decision. Let’s check it out and discover some interesting alterations. 

Avarelle Acne Pimple Patch

Compared to the KEYCONCEPTS Acne Healing Patch, this product’s price is slightly higher. This Avarelle Acne Pimple Patch is accredited vegan, free of cruelty and drug patches produced from high quality hydrocolloid bandage which includes cica oil, tea tree oil as well as calendula oil.

It is suitable for all types of skins such as normal, oily, combination, dry and even sensitive skins. The cica oil has anti-bacterial and inflammation characteristics that helps to heal, moisturize and calm the skin. Tea tree oil is against-microbial and infection particularities that assist to soothe swelling and avoid scars. Furthermore, calendula oil has antifungal properties, which heal and relieve the skin. All these ingredients contribute to treating acne quickly by pulling out all the dirt and lessening acne overnight. 

This Avarelle Acne Patch product helps in lowering the unnecessary impurities that lead them to lift your confidence up with fresher and healthier skin. The hydrocolloid face mask contributes to healing blemishes to make your skin appear brighter regardless of the problem plaguing it. 

This product is almost invisible to wear and simply to peel which can be used whenever you want. People now prefer beauty and aesthetics, so the invisible patches are common to hide their acne on occasions. The package includes small, medium and big size patches to suit your needs.


  • Affordable price
  • Vanish acne quickly and avoid scars with excellent ingredients
  • Accredited vegan
  • Free of cruelty and drug, contributing to treating acne fastly 
  • Suitable for all kind of skins, from normal to combination skins
  • Invisible to wear and sticky firmly
  • Avoids pimple picking
  • Distinctive patch sizes
  • Resealable package to ensure the quality


  • Be careful with the patch surrounding your hairy points like eyebrows as they stick firmly so they can pull hair, which cause you pain

Rael Acne Pimple Healing Patch

This hydrocolloid face mask from Rael Acne Pimple Patch is made of high grade hydrocolloid, it works ideally on pesky blemishes. These patches are invisible so you can use it whenever you want, it brings aesthetics for beauty. They are simple to apply and peel, very slim and maintain hygienic. 

You can leave it on top of your acne for 24 hours even when you shower or wash your face as it sticks firmly and properly. When you wear it on, you cannot touch the pimple, which can cause the infection for the around spot and the blemish heals quicker. The patches also treat the cystic acne, but it needs more time, about 4-5 days as these kinds of acnes are complicated to heal. 

This hydrocolloid face mask is also free from cruelty and drug as well as vegan-friendly. It is suitable for all kinds of skins, even sensitive ones, so you can give it a try and find out whether it is effective for your acne or not. 

The price of this model is much higher than Acne Healing Patch but it is still a great consideration.


  • High grade hydrocolloid used to produce, making it sticks firmly to your skin and avoiding impurities from the source
  • Invisible to wear so you can apply it without concerning about it being visible in the outside
  • The sticking is sturdy and the patch is effective even on acne that has not raised yet
  • Treat, soothe and even the zit area
  • 96 patches in total allows you to use in a while
  • 3 sizes which are small, medium and large to suit all your acne
  • Decrease redness
  • Offers a defend barrier against infections and germs to boost up the healing process and avoid scarring


  • Fairly expensive
  • The outer part of these patches is quite shiny and does not blend perfectly with the skin

Acne Hydrocolloid Pimple Patch

This hydrocolloid face mask for acne is not only gentle, but also harmless and ideal for daily use. You can apply it on the top of your acne anytime as well as overnight. It helps to cleanse and calm your skin. Besides, these patches also contribute to reduce inflammation and eliminate red blemishes on the point it is sticked.

The product is made of excellent quality hydrocolloid and it maintains invisible while defending you from gunk or unneeded outside contact. It is ideal to use it before starting your makeup to help in holding the impacted spot clean. This product has a similar function like the Acne Healing Patches from KEYCONCEPTS brand I reviewed above. It helps to heal wounds, postpone picking, pull pus and fluids out and keeps your face clean and bright. 

This hydrocolloid face mask is formulated from an exceptional absorbent stuff that is thicker compared to other products. It provides users with more effective cover and defends the acne properly.  


  • Made of excellent quality hydrocolloid 
  • Formulated from an exceptional absorbent stuff that is thicker, providing better cover and defend acne from external dust
  • Invisible to wear on any circumstance
  • Quickly soothe swelling and avoid scarring
  • Eye-catching package design


  • Higher price than KEYCONCEPTS Acne Healing Patches
  • The patches are quite shiny in the external surface

KILLA Kit Hydrocolloid Pimple Patch

This hydrocolloid face mask from ZitSticka brand is the most expensive product that I recommend for you.  According to your preferences, you can choose cheap or expensive products to purchase. Although the price of this model is much higher than KEYCONCEPTS Acne Healing Patch, you should still give it a consideration.

ZitSticka brand is based on an Australian skincare brand whose is well-known as the first product about acne patches. These patches are vegan-friendly and free of cruelty that is produced from dermatologically supported ingredients. 

With salicylic acid, your skin will be exfoliated to receive a fresh and clean surface. Niacinamide repairs and restores your skin, enhances the skin’s fence, avoids shortfall of moisture, reduces and tightens pore, reinforces unflatten skin tone and toughens the skin surface. This hydrocolloid face mask also has elements that interrupts the development of acne, moisturizes your skin and boosts the skin surface. 

Normally, the products of acne treatments always make your skin dry as it is like a process of repairing new skin. However, this acne patch is different, it contains hyaluronic acid to hydrate your skin. Therefore, you can feel secure as it not only heals your acne, but still provides enough hydrate so your skin will look brighter and fresher. 

The KILLA kit from ZitSticka won a lot of reputative awards of beauty and skincare. So you can be sure about its quality and reputation.


  • Suitable for all kinds of skins, from normal to combination
  • Can be capable of accessing newfound, up and coming blemishes
  • Contain all the great ingredients that is good and suitable for acne treatment
  • Offer hydrates for skin
  • Vegan-friendly and free of cruelty
  • Known as the first product of acne patches
  • A lot of benefits for skin issues
  • Reliable and reputable brand
  • High quality hydrocolloid


  • Very expensive
  • These patches are not as much invisible as possible compared to other products
  • Some users do not feel any effect after a while of using

Sum Up

The hydrocolloid face mask that I wrote reviews today is a brilliant investment for both price and effect. At a price below $10, it may be much cheaper than other acne patches, nonetheless, you can give it a consideration and try it. Then you may impress with its effect and function. Believe me!

With my hydrocolloid face mask reviews, I hope you get informative knowledge on how it works, the benefits and drawbacks of this product. Although it has drawbacks, they are not a huge problem than the advantage it provides you. This KEYCONCEPTS Acne Healing Patches would be suitable for those who are seeking an efficient blemish patch. The tea tree oil ingredient will effectively help you to soothe swelling and reduce redness within 4-8 hours. They stick firmly so you can be comfortable to wear while showing or washing your face. 

I would say everyone often gets a delighted feeling when they purchase an affordable product but still work excellent for acne like the Acne Healing Patches. To conclude, this is an amazing hydrocolloid face mask that is not only reasonable, but also fit for all kinds of skins from normal to combination. 

Owing to its high grade hydrocolloid used to produce, you can feel secure about the quality and effect. Besides, these patches are almost invisible so it is a great way for you to wear it on special occasions such as interviews, weddings or shooting with confidence. That not only provides aesthetics but also protects your acne from inflammation while you are exposed to the outside environment. 

This is all about the hydrocolloid face mask review I propose for you. Hope you get a relaxed time for your search and if you find it helpful, tell me your thoughts about my article. Also, you need to care about all parts of your body to reach the perfect beauty. A bright smile will be a plus point for you in all circumstances, especially on your special events such as weddings, interviews, so click here to find you a magic that contributes to your best beauty. Cheers. 

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