Hylite Dog Shampoo- This Product Is Perfect For Your Pet?

To this day, dogs are not merely pets or watchdogs for their owners. They are also a loyal friend also considered a member of the family. Therefore, dog shower gel was created to keep dogs clean and fragrant. Understanding the importance of shower gel, below we will help you learn about the best dog shampoo on the market – hylite dog shampoo, how to bathe, and use dog shampoo properly.

Dogs are species that are not afraid of water. They can play with the owner in water, so bathing the dog should not be too difficult if your dog is not too active. Using a shampoo for dogs makes their coat shinier and leaves a cool fragrance on the animal’s body.

Another special benefit of shower gel is its ability to whiten hair, remove foreign parasites such as ticks, lice lurking in dense, hard-to-catch fur.

Something You Should Consider Before Buying This Product


Currently, to save costs for dog shower gel, some owners are very observant of using their own shampoo as an alternative to dog bath soap. Should not? Is bathing a dog with shampoo safe for my puppies? The answer is yes.

Chopper skin is very different in texture from our human skin. Each type of dog shower gel or human shampoo is formulated to suit each organism’s skin structure. The highly acidic human scalp cover falls in the range of pH = 5.5 – 6.0, while the acid oil coating on the dog’s skin has a deficient pH concentration ranging from 6.0 to 7.5.

Of course, it is somehow acceptable to temporarily bathe your dog with shampoo, but only when urgent, the house runs out of shower gel. For example, it should not be used often.

Therefore, dog baths with shampoo instead of dog shower gel are not recommended regularly by veterinarians because they can change the dog’s skin’s texture, facilitating easy entry for parasitic bacteria—harmful virus.

Besides, dog products should not contain eucalyptus, lavender, or chamomile oils as they can cause local chemical burns on your puppy.

Unlike humans, dogs do not have sweat glands on their skin. This has a great effect on the pet’s ability to regulate the skin’s temperature and humidity. In cold climates, dog baths are less common than in hot, humid climates.

Dog skin has a higher pH than humans, so human shower gel products, if used in dogs, will cause dry irritated skin conditions. Not only that, but many people also have the habit of using washing powder, dish soap, and human soap to bathe dogs. This is completely wrong.

Good dog bath soaps, usually non-irritating to the skin, usually have a pH of 7-7.4. Depending on your dog’s breed, you can refer to the specialized product line and suitable for the body and coat of your dog.

Unlike humans, daily baths for dogs will greatly affect the health of pets. This is because bathing your dog regularly will cause the dog to lose its vitality, cause dry skin, or even more serious damage to the skin.

However, it is impossible to get rid of bathing or cleaning through speakers, so we must be wise to control the time of the pet’s bath, which is an important thing to note.

We should only take a bath when the dog appears the following symptoms:

  •  On the hair, there is a lot of dirt, mucus, foreign substances on the hair, the hair is clumped.
  • At the time of animal shedding, remove the dead hair attached to the new cilia.
  • Your pet’s sebum speeds up excretion abnormally.
  • There is a layer of white scaly formed from dead skin that is still attached to the new skin on the new skin.
  • When the pet’s skin becomes infected.

Bathing your dog should also pay attention to the weather. It would help if you bathed your dog on warm days, do not bathe in late afternoons or when it is clear. This will make it difficult for their hair to dry completely, which can cause undesirable conditions in the future.

We should not bathe your pet when:

  • The pet has eaten after 2 hours.
  •  The weather is in the cold season (monsoon change in the North, or when the outdoor temperature drops below 18 ℃).
  • The puppies are still in need of breast milk or have just left.
  • Pets show signs of sickness, flu.
  •  The male dog is in heat, preparing to breed. Because if you bathe the dog during this period, it will reduce its characteristic odor, preventing them from having sex with arousal.
  • After 15 days of mating, do not bathe your pet during this time.
  • New mother dog gives birth.
  • Puppy just bought.
  • Newly vaccinated dogs do not bathe.

Having determined the right bathing time for your dog, we should carefully choose the right shower gel for our pets. You can buy them at dog toy stores, pet stores.

Before bathing your dog with shower gel, you need to re-groom their coat to remove hair loss, dead hair and untangle the hair first. Then, use protective gear for your dog such as earplugs, earplugs … like bathing objects, you can minimize water in your ears.

Place your dog in a tub that is already warm with warm water and soak his fur. Next, you pour the melancholy bath on the palm of your hand, gently massage the puppy’s hair combined with a gentle massage from head to tail, which you can repeat at your disposal.

After you have massaged and cleaned with shower gel, you need to rinse off all the shower gel on your dog and use a towel to dry the dog’s body.

Finally, you will need to use a blow dryer to dry the dog’s entire body. This step is crucial, and you need to dry it thoroughly; otherwise, the dog is very susceptible to skin diseases such as fungus, dermatitis.

If people also use shampoo, shower gel to take care of themselves; Apply sunscreen, moisturizer to protect the skin. Dogs also need to protect their fur with a dog bath gel, especially those with long, thick fur. Your dog is essential.

There are cases where the owner saves the shampoo and shower gel, and he should use the products he often uses for his dog. This is completely wrong and can be harmful to your dog’s health by keeping people and pets different in skin pH and moisture.

However, some puppies may be allergic to the ingredients in the shower gel. So after using the pet, there are signs of incompatibility with the type of shower gel used. You should immediately switch to another shower gel with fewer chemical ingredients and pay attention to the condition after using it until your pet sees it as appropriate.

How To Choose To Buy Dog ​​Shower Gel

Consider Skin Properties

Before choosing a dog shower gel, you should also pay attention to your dog’s skin type and skin structure to choose a suitable dog bath oil. Similar to humans, dogs have two basic skin types: dry skin and sensitive skin.

If your dog has dry skin, choose a highly moisturizing dog bath oil. Normally, to provide the skin with a certain amount of moisture, the main moisturizing ingredient used in most dog baths is jojoba oil or oat extract with its soothing properties to help the dog’s skin recover—required humidity.

For dogs with sensitive skin, products purified from nature or without artificial colors and scents will always be the first choice for dog owners. These dog soaps will limit the most irritating chemicals to the skin like other conventional dog soaps.

Currently, there are many products on the market for dogs with sensitive skin, so to be safer for dogs, you should consult your veterinarian about the composition of the dog’s skin check. Which ingredients are easy for dogs to irritate to choose the right dog shower gel?

Take Care Of Your Dog’s Fur

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Choose a dog shower gel based on the texture of the dog’s coat

Dogs are one of the pets with the most diverse fur characteristics. Some guys and girls wear thick, smooth fur on their bodies. Even their outerwear has up to 2 layers of hair to keep warm. Some children wear thin, gentle hair. . Therefore, to take care of the pet’s appearance thoroughly and attentively, choosing a suitable dog bath gel is an indispensable thing.

For dogs with thick fur like the Bern mountain, the German Shepherd, or even the petite Pomeranian dogs with very high bathing requirements. You should use dog baths with properties that are easily absorbed through each coat, mildly cleansing, and contain various conditioning agents that facilitate grooming of thick and thick hair.

For dogs with the thinner coat that easily see the skin underneath, such as Chihuahua, Basenji, Vizslas, they need a specially designed dog shower gel. The optimal thin-haired dog bath soap is formulated with a special formula that helps to condition the skin, remove dirt properly, and easily rinse with water without soap residue. Any leftover skin irritates.

Choose A Dog Bath Gel That Matches Your Coat Color

For some dogs with distinctive white coats such as Samoyed, White Poodle, Husky, or Alaska, caring for them is not easy at all. So, you should choose the dog bath oil products that in the formula combine with brighteners, whiten and maintain the shine, bright white for your baby’s coat.

On a side note, no matter how different your dog’s thick and thin coat texture, make sure the dog bath oil of your choice is paraben-free or what color dyes are prepared in the recipe. Stay awake. These chemicals will directly damage the dog’s sensitive skin, damage the body’s natural oils, causing intense itching and dangerous skin diseases for your dog.

What Is The Hylite Dog Shampoo?



  • Nourishes healthy dog ​​skin
  •  Control hair loss
  • Strengthens hair growth and prevents fungus


  • Nothing

Although it is a trendy shower gel brand in America, many people still hesitate about the quality of hylite dog shampoo. Please take a closer look with us to see how well hilite dog shampoo is!

There are so many types of dog shower gel on the market that make you fall into a matrix of not knowing what kind of shower gel to use. After a while, you decide to choose hilite dog shampoo for your dog. But on closer inspection, there are conflicting opinions about hilite dog shampoo. This makes you even more confused when you do not know if hilite dog shampoo is good? Is it worth using? The information we share below about hilite dog shampoo should be beneficial for you!

Referring to hilite shower gel, many people can clearly know the origin of this brand because this brand of shower gel is very familiar and popular in America. Originating from Taiwan, with high quality, efficiency, and safety, right on the Vietnamese market, hilite shower gel has received absolute trust from consumers.

Hylite shower gel is manufactured on a modern technology line system with close supervision by a team of experienced experts. Therefore, the quality of the hilite shower gel is always guaranteed to have the best quality. Moreover, experts are constantly striving to improve and improve the quality of the hilite shower gel to bring the pet the best bathing moments.

Taiwan is a country that produces a lot of pet care products and is trusted all over the world. Hylite is also a reputable shower gel brand in the market for a long time, so you can be completely assured when choosing a hilite shower gel for your dog.

To know whether hilite bath gel for dogs is good? Join us to evaluate the ingredients, use, safety, and the scent of this shower gel:

  • The main ingredient of this shower gel for dogs is completely extracted from natural herbs, so it is safe and benign, does not cause irritation, eye irritation, and skin rashes. This shower gel is fortified with vitamin E and many other minerals to help nourish and soften skin and hair.
  •  This dog shower gel has many outstanding uses: Removing dirt; smooth and supple hair care; helps clean skin and hair; restore damaged skin; refresh a disgusting smell; long-lasting fragrance on hair and skin; destroy ticks, lice, fleas, and parasites by up to 99% while preventing effective return; reducing hair loss, hair frizz, and stickiness; stimulate hair growth …
  •  Safety: This shower gel does not contain bleach or harmful chemicals, so it is absolutely safe for dogs’ health.
  •  Scent: The scent of this shower gel is considered to be quite mild and refreshing, creating a feeling of extreme relaxation and comfort.

HyLyt Hypoallergenic is a gentle, hypoallergenic formulation. No soap containing emollients for optimal moisture, protein for optimal pH conditioning, and balance. Natural moisturizing factors promote the hydration of your pet’s skin and fur, while essential fatty acids nourish the skin and help control flaking and elasticity. This luxurious recipe is not stripped and non-drying and can even be beneficial for flea and flea products.

Outstanding Features Of This Product

The main ingredients of all-natural Hylyt shower gel include coconut oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, rice bran oil, aloe vera, cocoa butter, and vitamin E. Absolutely no use. Using chemicals, sulfates, or any other harmful substances should ensure the pet’s health.

Hot shower gel works – Kills odor-causing bacteria, removes odors quickly and effectively throughout 7 days. Minimize hair loss; Faster hair growth and shiny shine. Soothes and restores damaged skin.

The main ingredients of these shower gels include:

  • Mild ingredients: Non-irritating, non-itchy.
  • Skin moisturizing ingredients: Creates a thin layer that protects the skin from external irritations.
  • Analgesic, itch-relieving ingredients: Reduce excessive scratching and scratching of pets.
  • Highly effective antibacterial ingredients: help to end common problems when dogs have dermatitis such as infections, mold …
  • Inhibit bacterial growth.

Hylite dog shower gel works: Regenerates and restores damaged skin; protect skin and hair from the sun’s ultraviolet rays; anti-hair loss; clean hair and skin; skincare and nourishment; eliminate bad odors; long-lasting fragrance on skin and fur; Provides moisture to soft, supple hair; prevention of fungal skin and scabies.

Hylite is a 2-in-1 pet dog shower gel that includes washing and rinsing with many effects such as keeping the dog’s hair soft, free from frizz and sticky; The scent stays on the hair and skin for up to 10 days, so there is no need to bathe the dog often, saving you time. In particular, the product does not sting the eyes and does not cause skin irritation; it is absolutely safe for even puppies.

Anti-hair Loss

Hair loss is a natural physiological phenomenon in furry organisms, but it is important to be concerned that a lack of essential nutrients can also cause it to maintain hair. Healthy. Therefore, let your puppy become more and more beautiful with a healthy, sleek coat.

Dog bath oil products must ensure a sufficient supply of important vitamins and minerals such as Omega 3 and fatty acids to help the dog restore healthier skin while minimizing excessive hair loss. There are many similar functional bath oils on the market today, but the brand most trusted by veterinarians and professional trainers is Hylyt.

Hyalite has long been very well known in the pet community as the world’s leading premium brand specializing in hair care and hair loss control dog baths.

Hylyte dog shampoo also adds Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids to nourish healthy dog ​​skin in addition to its superior anti-hair loss ability. Moreover, they are also known as benign dog bath oil extracted from papaya leaves and the famous herb calendula with soothing properties, reducing dandruff, enhancing hair growth, and preventing extremely effective fungus prevention.

Gentle To All Dog Skin Types

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For those wondering looking for a safe bath oil suitable for dog skin, the Hylite dog bath oil must be what you are looking for. Dog Wash is a premium hair care product for dogs with a unique UV screen that protects the baby’s skin from harmful sun rays.

Combined with silk protein, vitamin E, and other minerals, doctors believe this product will give your dog a soft, strong, and dull coat. This is one of the most benign dog bath oils, suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Deodorize Dogs

Just like humans, dogs will smell their own body odor. For mischievous dogs, it is possible to hang out or go into dirty, bad places. Therefore, you need a dog bath oil that fully meets the criteria: safe, bactericidal, and deodorizing.

Hylite is committed to European standards, paraben-free, completely safe colorant for all breeds. This is the best pet deodorant shower oil from the Hylite brand to obliterate dirt and odors. At the same time, give your puppy an immaculate, fragrant look.

Treat Dogs With Fungus

Hylite is one of the reputable brands specializing in bath lotions for the treatment of common hair and skin problems. In the US, you can find this brand in most Amazon stores.

As one of the potential candidates for the position of “the best shower gel for dogs.” Hylite shower gel containing 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide combines active ingredients with micro-sized 1-3 micron.

This makes the ability to absorb and absorb through the skin straightforward and effective treatment. Hylite shower gel is suitable for treating conditions such as:

  • The skin is flaky and scaly
  • Skin with seborrhea
  • Treatment of skin disorders associated with Demodex scabies
  • Dermatitis caused by increased secretion of sebum
  • Blisters on cats and dogs

Products For Dogs With Dermatitis

dermatitis hund pflege

This shower gel also contains ingredients that kill ticks, lice, fleas, reduce itching, deodorize, care for and restore damaged skin. Besides, this line has the ability to fight lice mites, reduce itching, deodorize, and aid in effective hair recovery.

According to many user feedback, almost 100% of this shower gel does not cause skin irritation, allergies, and other related problems. The rate above once again signals the quality of this product line. Plus the chestnut price, so it can be said that the shower gel supports dermatitis treatment.

Our Recommend For Other Alternative Products

TropiClean Shampoos for Pets

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Tropiclean is one of America’s leading comprehensive premium pet care brands. Tropiclean shower gel is a dog shower gel that can be used even in cats. Products are imported directly from the US for distribution in the Vietnamese market. With the diversity in types and models of products, Tropiclean shower gel has been giving pets and pet owners a wonderfully rich experience.

If you choose this Tropiclean organic dry bath, you will have a choice of scents for dogs such as coconut, papaya, strawberry with main uses such as dandruff, deep cleansing, and hypoallergenic for dog skin.

This is a professional Tropiclean Spa shower gel that cleans and helps to nourish the pet’s hair, smooth, healthy, and shiny as if it was just for them to go back to the spa. 

With ingredients from herbal essences, vitamins from tropical fruits, Tropiclean dog shower gel has many scents suitable for the dog’s gender, from strong masculine scent to the fresh, natural scent of Lavender, kiwi… for both pets and pet owners, the feeling of relaxation and comfort.

For pets that have a lot of fleas, you can choose this to use to bathe them. The product with main ingredients extracted from clove oil, conditioner, cedarwood essential oil, cinnamon essential oil, sesame oil is 5 precious essential oils that are certified by the EPA (Department of Environmental Protection United States) combined with other ingredients such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Water, Xanthan Gum, Glycerin and cocoa. 

Not only cleans the skin, dogs, and cats, but this special shower gel also effectively kills up to 99% of adult fleas, eggs, and larvae and prevents them from returning.

For dogs with dermatitis, you can use this Tropiclean shower gel. Possessing a unique natural formula, Tropiclean dog shower gel has main ingredients including a mixture of oats, vitamins, natural Alpha-Hydroxy Lactic Acid … It quickly heals dogs prone to itchy and damaged skin, making it healthier and free from itchy inflammation again.

If you are allergic or bothersome to regular dog baths’ chemical scents, you can also opt for this naturally-derived Tropiclean dog long-scented shower gel. 

With a rich combination of coconut oil raspberry and coconut oil, oatmeal and tea tree, lemon, and cocoa butter, cocoa butter and kiwi, coconut oil and papaya, coconut and lemon, long aroma shower gel For dogs, Tropiclean offer a variety of natural and comfortable options for you to choose from to suit every dog ​​skin type from dry to sensitive, oily.

Paws & Pals Dog Shampoo

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Paws and Pal have applied a unique technique that uses 100% natural and organic ingredients like aloe, oatmeal, and shea butter to create a shampoo that gives your Alaskan Malamute a set. The coat is soft, smooth, and moisturized.

This soap-free shampoo helps to treat conditions such as itchy skin, dryness, and dullness.

Feature :

  • Provides a shiny coat
  • The formula does not tear
  • Make shower time a pleasant experience

Paws & Pals’ 100% All Organic Pet Care Shampoo is specifically engineered for your dog’s clean, responsive hair and skin. 

Only those Purging and Hydrating for Your Closest Buddy and Your Relatives. Organic oils that are 100 percent safe for deep washing and hydrating your pet’s eyes and scalp. Vegan products that are non toxic and healthy for your pet and friends. Both aloe, argan oil, and cocoa butter soothe itchy, sore skin induced by lice, droppings, and oiliness.

Muesli, Grapeseed Oil, and Cardamom work together to soften and exfoliate even the brittlest coat, keeping your dog’s hair dry, soften, and scent. Breathless bleach solution ensures simple and cheap diaper changes for your pet. ­Restores brightness and fitness to your dog’s straggly or worn fur. 

Free of parabens and, of necessity, abuse. Glass with a capacity of 20 oz. Made from certified recyclable plastic. Actually, verify a specific section of the jacket before adding it to the whole coat.

Davis Miconazole Pet Shampoo


Davis Miconazole shower gel is also the same brand as Davis, but this product specializes in fungal skin treatment.

With 2% Miconazole Nitrate and 2% Colloidal Oatmeal. The above active ingredient will help pet skin become soft, smooth, retain moisture, relieve pain, and itch. This shower gel line is suitable for treating problems with:

  • Fungal infections such as ringworm (ringworm)
  • Skin infections caused by other fungi
  • Exfoliation due to increased secretion of sebum
  • Other related issues

Remember to consult your veterinarian before using it! You can incorporate more anti-lick rings for dogs and cats when using this product. It can be combined with Davis Chlorhexidine shower gel. This helps to stop the odor caused by dermatitis.

The ingredients of this shower gel are 100% natural, and they don’t sting a cat’s eyes, a problem most people dread in bathing. As a result, the cat’s coat will become smoother and clearer than the usual shedding and frizz.

Besides, Davis Miconazole also retains moisturizing properties, making the pet’s coat smoother without affecting sensitive skin.

Davis Miconazole helps not soften and moisturize dog hair like other bath lotions, and they specialize in itchy problems, skin allergies, hot skin types, soaps that cause hair loss, heavy smells, scabies, infections on fur …

If your cat or dog is having skin problems, in addition to taking your veterinarian’s medication, you should combine it with Fay Medicare shower gel. The long-lasting natural scent, along with the positive effects that Davis Miconazole brings, will certainly not disappoint.

Watching this video for more detail:


Choosing the right shower gel to support difficult speech treatment is difficult, but easy, not easy, right.

As we have shared above, there are a few things you should keep in mind, such as consulting your veterinarian before using it. Note that buying a lick-proof necklace.

We hope the above article provided you with information about hylite dog shampoo and other helpful information.When you have pets, you should also buy yourself an air purifier to make sure your house is always clean

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