Best Indoor Golf Simulators Reviews

There are different types of simulators; they come with their own software’s or can be combined with a computer or gaming system. Here are some of the most commonly used simulators.

Virtual Golf Simulator -: This kind of simulator offers a wide hitting area. There is no limit to the distance, and you need not compromise on the game. It usually comes with a large screen and infrared clubs.

Protein Golf Simulator -: It is an advanced 3D golf simulator system, which comes at an affordable rate. The system enables you to hit far away shots, pitch, chip, putt and much more. All of this fun is possible from the comfort of your home or office.

Full Size Simulator -: As the name suggests, this full-size simulator offers a wide hitting area. If you look at its size, it is almost 15 feet long and 25 feet wide with a height of 10 feet. This golfing simulator comes with a putting green, golf net, large screen, and infrared clubs. It offers a full swing to the player, and the experience is akin to playing in one of the world’s best golf courses.

Golf simulator can be purchased or rented. Whether you are looking for an indoor golf game or an outdoor setup, it is possible to rent the system at an affordable rate. Golf simulator rental is not very high; you can surf the net for best prices and features. Once you are comfortable with the system, you may plan to buy golf simulator. The following are best indoor golf simulators 2018:

Here are Reviews of 5 Best indoor/Home Golf Simulator

Optishot 2 Golf Simulator

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Golf simulators should be able to give a golfer the experience of a live game of golf, and the Optishot simulator does everything it can to provide this. With fifteen courses programmed as well as an online tournament that a player can compete in when the software is active, the Optishot is very good at giving a player a complete golf experience.

Although it does resemble a golf video game, the Optishot is equipped with a number of sensors that can give players all the information they need to analyze their swinging, putting, and club selection. It can be played with a ball of your own, or one the foam balls that they provide. This makes for a very comprehensive and complete simulator.

Of course, because it is so comprehensive, it is also quite complicated in its setup. The simulator itself is a computer program, so owning a powerful machine that can handle running a simulator such as this as well as other things in your computer’s background is going to be necessary.

The course simulator, which must be in use when using the software, also requires you to have ample space in your room for the curtain that projects the simulated golf courses. Some of the people who have used it also complain that it is not realistic and is not consistent in reading some of the swings.

Optishot Complete 2 Simulator + Projector + HP touchscreen laptop all Brand New

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There are golf simulators that only do one or two things, like read swings or analyze putting. But then there are simulators like the Optishot complete which, true to its name, are a complete golf simulator.

The Optishot complete provides the buyer with anything and everything they need to play simulated golf games in their home. The package includes everything that the Optishot 2 simulator has, but a few more things. It comes with a laptop that is designed for the simulator software, a driving mat that extends out to an entire room, and a much bigger projector than the Optishot 2 has. These are the best things about the Optishot complete.

Other than some small tools and other hardware to set up the projector, the Optishot complete is very comprehensive as a golf simulator. There are a couple of things that make it less than perfect. The first thing is the projector.

The Optishot complete’s projector is long throw, which means it needs to be pretty far away from the laptop that comes with it, among other things. The other thing that users may not like about it is the completeness itself. The Optishot complete takes up a lot of room to set up, and it may not be suitable for some homes.

Tittle X Golf Simulator Air Golf Pack, Trugolf E6 Edition

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Most golf simulators allow the golfer to use their actual equipment and actual golf balls. They hit the balls against a projector and the connected software then the shot is recorded and analyzed. The Air Golf Pack, by Tittle X, does not come with a projector, but it is still used as a golf simulator. It comes with two designated sticks that resemble golf clubs. There is an analyzer mounted on the clubs that analyze the swing.

However, these analyzers can be mounted on a golfer’s own equipment as well. Like the other simulators, it comes with software that contains courses as well as a driving range. These are all easily displayed on a monitor of your choosing. The best part about the Air Golf Pack is that because it does not utilize projectors and other gadgets that most other simulators use, it does not take up a lot of space.

This also makes it portable, seeing as there is very little to set up and most high end laptop computers and smartphones will be able to utilize the software. These same two good things can also be bad things, however. The fact that a PC as well as a smartphone is necessary to run this simulator can put some people off.

This is especially true with a smartphone, as the app for the simulator will likely drain the battery of a smartphone rather quickly. Additionally, the Air Golf Pack, as mentioned previously, does not come with a projector and is not a very realistic simulator. It analyzes swings, and it is possible to play golf on the virtual courses, but the other simulators do the same kinds of things.

Rapsodo R-Motion and The Golf Club Simulator and Swing Analyzer

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The Rapsodo simulator is another simulator that does not utilize a projector or any other kinds of extensive hardware. It comes with a tracker that fits onto a club that works as an analyzer. It also comes with software which contains 15 virtual courses. The analyzer provides metrics for quite a few aspects of the golf swing.

That is one of the best things about the Rapsodo simulator; its ability to measure so many metrics of a swing. Another really good thing about the Rapsodo simulator is that it is very easy to set up. The only thing that is necessary to run it is a PC. It does not need to connect to a smartphone or a monitor or anything. This makes it extremely portable as well.

It is possible to literally carry this simulator on a laptop, bring it to someone else’s place, and play virtual golf. Many users say that a physical ball is not required at all either. There are a couple of things that some may not like about it, however. First, the software is all the buyer gets with the Rapsodo simulator, as well as the analyzing equipment.

Most other simulators come with a mat and a net, but the Rapsodo does not. Also, because the entire simulator is run on a PC, the requirements are quite high. This will require one to have a powerful PC in order to run this simulator.

SkyTrak Launch Monitor With Game Improve Package

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SkyTrak provides possibly the most advanced golfing simulator witnessed in quite some time. No device provides more information not only from a swing, but from the actual ball dynamics, than the SkyTrak. It records and analyzes dozens of metrics and parameters of a swing not only before contact with the ball, but also after.

It can be used when on a live course or on their dozens of courses that come with the software. The courses that come with the software is also part of four simulation partners that act as a network of sorts to provide the latest virtual courses that resemble courses that many competitive golfers play on.

Simply put, the SkyTrak simulator is an established training tool that is designed for competitive golfers because of all of the virtual courses and all of the information it provides with its analysis equipment. One thing that has turned people off from the SkyTrak simulator was the fact that it has a lot of software involved that does not work consistently.

Some users have complained that the software has crashed multiple times while playing virtual golf on it. Another thing that could turn people off is the fact that it provides so much complicated information about each swing as well as the ball motion. It could confuse newer golfers who are just trying to use a golfing simulator to improve.

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