Top 10 Instant Tea Brands – A Guide For Tea Lovers In 2021

We know that many of you here would like a cup of tea after waking up. According to much research, tea helps boost your energy and positively affects your health, especially green tea. That’s when you think you need to consider among differents tea types, and instant tea brands come across your mind. 

With instant tea, you will have an opportunity to choose among different types and flavors. Moreover, it is especially beneficial to busy people, since all you have to do is pour the powder into your cup and put some hot water. 

However, most of you will still be confused and don’t know where to start. Knowing your concern, we’ve included the top 10 instant tea brands and a buying guide. 

Now, let’s head into the reviews and see what we’ve got for you!

Best Instant Tea Brands Comparison 2021

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Bestseller No. 1

Nestea Brand, Thai Milk Tea Instant Mixed Powder, Size 455g ( 35g X 13 Sachet )

  • Thai Milk Tea Powder Size 455g ( 35g X 13 Sachet )
  • High calcium.

SaleBestseller No. 2

Number One Brand Instant Thai Tea 3 in 1 Tea Drinks Both Hot and Cold 2 Bags X 5 Sachets

  • Instant Thai tea 3 in 1
  • Drinking tea can be both hot and cold.

Bestseller No. 4

Ranong Tea Brand, Instant Thai tea Mix, 3 in 1, Size 200g

  • Instant Thai tea Mix ( 3 in 1 ), 10 Sachets.
  • With the aroma of specially selected tea leaves Therefore can make both hot tea and iced tea to be delicious by yourself.

Bestseller No. 7

Loose Instant Ginger Tea (Honeyed) – 2lbs

  • Instant Ginger tea
  • warms your stomach, helps with indigestion, motion sickeness

Bestseller No. 8

Nestea Instants Lemon Ice Tea 65g x 2 Packs

  • Instants Lemon Ice Tea NESTEA Brand x 2 Packs
  • 13g x 5 Sachets Per Pack

Bestseller No. 9

Owl Instant Milk Tea 3 In 1, 540-Grams (Pack of 3)

  • Support Local Market
  • The Perfect Choice

Bestseller No. 10

Nestea Instants Lemon Ice Tea 65 g (13g x 5 Sachets)

  • Instants Lemon Ice Tea NESTEA Brand
  • 13g x 5 Sachets

Top 10 Instant Tea Brands Reviews 2021


Lipton Black Iced Tea Mix, Decaffeinated Unsweetened, 30 qt (Pack of 6)

  • Enjoy instant Iced Tea in seconds with Refreshing & Decaf Lipton Unsweetened Black Iced Tea Mix
  • Unsweetened Iced Tea Powder made from real tea leaves

If you want to find unsweetened black iced tea, this could be an excellent option for you!

This Lipton Black Iced Tea Mix is the quickest and most convenient way to make a tasty and soothing tea. This iced tea blend is created from actual tea leaves for a refreshing flavor and is a delightful all-year beverage.

This iced tea mixture has created an iced tea that is both soothing and delightful for you as well as your guests.

For a perfect, fresh taste, this powder tea blend is decaffeinated with no added sweeteners. Actual tea leaves are used to make this iced tea. Since it’s delicious and soothing, this tea mix is a fantastic boost to every dinner.


  • Deep rich flavor
  • No bitter after taste
  • Smooth texture
  • Dissolve quickly
  • Unsweetened, you can sweeten to your taste
  • Easy to mix
  • Reasonable price


  • Some customers complain that it has a bland taste.


Prince of Peace Instant Lemon Ginger Honey Crystals, 30 Sachets – Instant Hot or Cold Beverage for Nausea Relief and Soothes Throat – Easy to Brew Ginger and Honey Crystals – Drink Like a Tea –

  • GINGER + HONEY. Prince of Peace brings you all the natural, stomach-soothing benefits of ginger and honey in our special proprietary blend of Instant Lemon Ginger Honey Crystals. Each sachet contains concentrated extract from 14 grams of raw ginger, which is the base for the appealing aroma and exquisitely smooth taste.
  • HELPFUL BENEFITS. Formulated with raw ginger and honey, the result is a smooth-tasting ginger tea with a citrus twist to cut the sweetness that may help with phlegm, sore throat, sinuses, and more! Naturally caffeine free, serve hot to warm your senses or enjoy it iced for a refreshing treat.

If you want to buy lemon ginger instant tea for your sick day, this could be the one for you!

Inside the unique solution of this tea, you’ll get all the standard, stomach-calming advantages of ginger and honey. The basis for such enticing fragrance and superbly smooth taste is concentrated from producing 14 grams of raw ginger per vial.

The outcome is a smooth-enjoying ginger tea with lemon twists to reduce the sweetness, which can help with a stomach ache, sore throat, nostrils, and other ailments! You can serve hot to warm your body or iced for incredible pleasure; this tea is non-caffeine.

Just pour 12–16 ounces of hot or cold water, based on your preference per vial of this tea, mix into a glass and swirl to brew. To change for flavor, alter the water levels as required.

The ginger is known for tummy pain relief, vomiting relief, warming the body’s sensations, circulation support, and much more. Therefore, this tea mix is a must-have item in your house for some sick days.


  • Flavorful
  • The ginger is highly pronounced.
  • It has the feel of soothing honey inside.
  • Portable
  • Durable package
  • Strong tea, making the sore throat feel better and chest congestion


  • The ginger in this tea is overpowering.


Waka Coffee Quality Instant Tea, Kenyan, Black Tea Powder | 100% Tea Leaves, No Artificial Ingredients, 225 Servings in a 4.5 oz Bag | Add Water, Give Water

  • BEST TEA LEAVES: Made of 100% single origin premium black tea leaves from Kenya. Only a pinch of powder is needed to make a delicious cup of hot or iced tea.
  • PURE TASTE: Our black tea powder is unsweetened and made without the use of artificial colors, carriers, or fillers. Contains only one ingredient: quality black instant tea.

If you search for instant tea with no artificial ingredients, this could be the one for you!

It is made entirely of Kenyan single-source premium black tea dried leaves. If you want to make a flavorful cup of iced tea, only a teaspoon of the powder is required.

No artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or additives are used to produce the tea mix powder. Only one product is used: high-quality black tea.

With flavors of fruitiness, this tea is bold and full-bodied. It’s perfect straight up with milk or sugar—the most convenient way to make iced tea at your place.

There’s no need to boil or steam this tea. Drop our high-quality instant tea into your mug or jar, add hot water, mix, and relax! In a couple of seconds, the powder will melt in your water.

The high-quality instant tea comes in a package with a resealable zipper to keep your instant tea fresh during storage.


  • Easy to use
  • Time-saving
  • It tastes like freshly brewed tea.
  • Easy to dissolve in water
  • Smooth and pleasing taste
  • Portable


  • Some customers complain the caffeine level is relatively high.


Kiss Me Organics Matcha Green Tea Powder – Organic Japanese Culinary Grade Matcha – 4 ounces (113 grams)

  • Now you can experience richer flavors. Yum! Add it to lattes, baked goods, smoothies and more. The 4 ounce bag of high quality matcha green tea powder is 100% certified organic!
  • The bright green, all-natural, unsweetened and culinary-grade Japanese matcha powder not only has a distinct taste but unthinkable health benefits for the body and mind!

If you are a fan of matcha and want to change from black tea to green tea, this could be a perfect option for you!

It’s excellent in lattes, baked products, milkshakes, and other dishes. The excellent-quality matcha powder in this 4 ounces package is organic! 

The vivid green, completely natural, non-sweet, and culinary-class Japanese matcha powder has unimaginable health advantages for both the mind and body!

It helps to increase both strength and concentration through a gradual release of unique nutrients. Moreover, it boosts your resilience. With the matcha powders, you’ll have long-lasting power without the caffeine fall.

Finally, it aids in the detoxification process, increases the rate at which you safely burn calories, and maintains a healthy appetite when assisting in fat loss.


  • Organic Matcha
  • Perfect size of the bag
  • Strong, rich flavor
  • Great for an alternative for a light coffee drinker
  • Reasonable price
  • Tastes great


  • You may need a whisk at home to mix the powder.


Cusa Tea: Organic English Breakfast Premium Instant Tea – 100% Organic Tea – No Sugar and Artificial Flavors – Make Hot & Cold Tea in Seconds (10 Servings)

  • 100% ORGANIC PREMIUM TEA: With top-quality leaves from USDA Organic-Certified farms, your new favorite organic tea is made from the purest ingredients available.
  • AWARD-WINNING TASTE: Made with organic tea and real fruit, herbs and spices, we offer a range of flavors, 4 of which have won Global Tea Championship medals.

If you are in love with English breakfast tea and you want to drink it every day, this could be the one for you!

The brand-new favorite organic tea is created from the rawest base ingredients, with excellent-quality leaves from USDA Organic-Certified farms.

The brand sells a wide range of flavors made of natural tea and organic fruit, spices, and herbs, four of which have medaled at the International Tea Championships.

With a proprietary vacuum drying method that produces fully and immediately dissolvable tea particles, we’ve created a softer form of extracting the maximum flavor, fragrance, and antioxidants in tea.

You can consume it hot or melt it in a bath of hot water before combining ice and cool water to make a luxury beverage at every temperature.


  • Tastes great
  • Dissolve completely
  • Portable
  • Easy to make
  • Suitable in hot or cold water
  • Affordable


  • The mix will dissolve slowly in the water.


TEAki Hut Instant Green Tea Powder 4 Ounce (Pack for 113 servings), Natural Caffeine Powder, Unsweetened Green Tea

  • RICH IN ANTIOXIDANTS: Tea is naturally loaded with antioxidants, and because this is 100% pure Green Tea, all of the bioactive compounds and nutrients in the tea leaves are retained in the final beverage
  • FOR PEOPLE LOOKING FOR COFFEE ALTERNATIVES: Our Green Tea caffeine extract powder contains over 100 times more antioxidants than other caffeine beverages without the jittery side effects; it’s the perfect substitute for coffee

If you are looking for an alternative for coffee, this could be the one for you!

Tea is naturally rich in antioxidants, and since this is 100 percent pure green tea leaves. All of the bioactive components and vitamins in the tea leaves are preserved in the ultimate drink extraction powder produces over 100 times fewer antioxidants than most caffeine products without the nervous adverse effects; it’s a suitable replacement for coffee.

There are no artificial spices, additives, colors, or flavorings of any sort in this 100 percent natural green tea created from ground tea leaves.

It’s easy, quick to make, and works well in both hot and cold water. 

With its pure anti-aging and anti-acne powers, green tea’s phenolic combinations boost healthy brain development and enhance skin brightness; it’s also great for the teeth and eyes.


  • Easily mixes
  • Strong, smooth tea
  • No added sweeteners, additives, flavorings
  • Easy to transfer the content from the bag to different containers because of the resealable
  • Wonderful taste
  • User-friendly


  • It will not dissolve adequately in cold or room-temperature water.


Mesh Peppermint Stick Tea | 16 Sticks | Premium Instant Tea | No Artificial Colors or Flavors, No Messy Tea Bags, No Drips and No Spoon Needed

  • NO DRIPS, NO MESS: As soon as you contact the package of Mesh with its brewing holes to the hot water, you will begin to watch the brewing moment. After keepin Mesh in hot water and strrining like a spoon for 3 to 5 minutes according to your brewing preferences, you will continue to taste the aroma of the tea or coffee from your breakfast all day long.
  • MORE CONVENIENT PACKAGING: Mesh brings all the globally shared benefists of the tea and coffee into our daily lives, in a modern and convenient way. Mesh takes the from of a stick, so it’s easy for you to handle and stir and because of this unique desing you no longer need to use a spoon.

Another instant tea brand we want to show you is the Mesh

You’ll be able to smell your coffee or tea from your morning all day if you hold the tea mix in warm water and strain it like a teaspoon for 5 minutes, depending on your brewing tastes.

Mesh is a fresh and easy way to put all of the internationally standard benefits of coffee and tea through our everyday life. The tea mix has a stick shape, making it simple to hold and mix, and you won’t have to use a teaspoon due to its unique design.

The way to mix this instant tea is easy! All you have to do is bringing the hot water through brews the coffee beans within the box. The brewing coffee or tea is then poured into the warm water through such brewing spaces.


  • User-friendly
  • Portable
  • High-quality tea
  • Flavorful, smooth tea taste
  • Convenient because no stirring instrument needed


  • Too much hibiscus in the mixture


ONE ORGANIC Instant Tea Powder (Green) – 4.4 oz. – 125 Servings – USDA Certified Organic – 100% Pure Tea – Instant Hot or Iced Tea – Unsweetened

  • SINGLE INGREDIENT – 100% organic tea – pure – no sugar, sweeteners, fillers artificial ingredients or preservatives
  • USDA ORGANIC – all natural, non-GMO, certified organic

If you want more green tea options besides the two we have given you; this could be a perfect choice!

Completely natural, free-of-GMO, approved organic tea with no sweetener, added sugars, additives, artificial flavorings, or artificial ingredients. 

You can enjoy all of the medical benefits of tea, which is rich in antioxidants.

No fermentation or soaking is needed; simply combine the cold or hot water with the tea mix, and it dissolves effortlessly.

For your information, the caffeine content in this tea mix is 63 milligrams per packaged 8 ounces serving compared to 95 milligrams in coffee. Therefore, this is a perfect alternative for coffee if you don’t want to consume too much caffeine.


  • Dissolves quickly in both cold and hot water
  • Fantastic taste
  • No bitterness after taste
  • Strong aroma
  • Smooth, simple flavor
  • Adequate caffeine amount


  • Some customers complain there is the barest hint of jasmine.


Nature’s Guru Instant Cardamom Chai Tea Drink Mix Unsweetened 10 Count Single Serve On-the-Go Drink Packets

  • CARDAMOM CHAI: You’ll love this sugar-free authentic Indian Chai spiced with cardamom! No need to steep or brew, just add hot water & enjoy a cup of gourmet Chai. Naturally Non-GMO & Gluten free.
  • INSTANT CHAI: Whether you like sweetened or unsweetened chai, enjoy our Classic or Vanilla Chai, or crave something spicy or herbal, like Masala, Saffron, Ginger or Lemongrass—we have the chai for you!

You’ll enjoy this non-sugar, cardamom-spiced traditional Indian Chai! There’s no need to soak or brew; simply pour in some hot water and drink a cup of tasty Chai. It’s non-gluten and free-of-GMO.

The brand provides chai for everyone; either you prefer sugared or unsweetened tea or something fiery or aromatic like Saffron, Masala, Lemongrass, or Ginger.

You can use cold or hot water for the warm drink, and latte blends, Chai, tea bags, and coconut water powders can be done anytime, everywhere. Specific packages are convenient to consume when on the go!

We can assure you that the brand is concerned about making healthy foods and beverages portable and easy to store in your pocket. Therefore, you don’t have to worry that it may negatively affect your health. It will not!


  • Great alternative for coffee
  • No unhealthy ingredients
  • Easy to use
  • Sugar-free and it is naturally sweet
  • Affordable


  • Some customers do not like the narrow tube packaging


All Natural Instant Iced Tea 4 Ounce (192 Servings), Pure Black Tea Powder, Resealable Bag

  • THE BEST ICED TEA POWDER FOR ENERGY: Up to 100 Milligrams of CAFFEINE per one 8 oz drink, equal to a cup of coffee!
  • ONE SINGLE INGREDIENT: 100% pure black tea made from ground tea leaves. No flavors, preservatives, colors or fillers of a

Finally, here’s our final product!

It is made entirely of dried tea leaves; this black tea mix is 100 percent fresh. There are no artificial flavors, additives, colors, sweeteners, or fillers in this product.

This tea mix is a tasty, easy-to-drink instant tea that provides over a hundred times more antioxidants than brewed tea. It is essentially processed and additive-free.

Simply combine hot water with the tea mixture, stir, and drink straight or include it in your ideal smoothie!


  • Strong tea
  • Flavorful
  • High-quality tea powder
  • Quick and convenient to use
  • Strong flavor


  • Some customers complain it doesn’t fully dissolve.

A Guide To Instant Tea Brands In 2021

After reading our reviews, have you found your instant tea brands? We assume that most of the answers will be no. Because of the availability of many brands in the market, you will ask yourself questions like: “Which factors I need to consider when buying instant tea powder?”. Or “I don’t know anything about instant tea brands; how can I be capable of buying one?”

We were like you in the past, not knowing anything about instant tea brands. However, after hours of learning, we finally obtain some necessary knowledge about instant tea brands. And today, we will share the knowledge with you guys. Therefore, let’s get started!

Firstly, we think we need to talk a bit about instant tea, about its definition.

1. What Is Instant Tea?

The first point you need to know is that instant tea is one type of tea powder. Simply by pouring the water into the powder, you will magically have a cup of tea for you. 

Many of you may wonder: “Is instant tea the natural form of the tea leaves?”. The answer is yes. During the initial stage of the process, people will use the extract of the whole or processed leaves or the fresh tea leaves to turn the leaves’ liquid or compound into concentrate. 

instant tea powder 1564507

Then, thanks to the drying technology, the concentrate will be dried and turned into powder. For your information, the drying technology conserves the original flavor and the taste of tea leaves. Therefore, you don’t need to worry that instant tea alters the natural tea flavor. It doesn’t!

Moreover, instant tea can be made from these tea leaves: green tea, black tea, and oolong tea. 

Now, you know about instant tea, about the process of making instant tea. Instant tea has appeared for a long time; however, it was relatively hard to produce it in the past. We think it’s time to show you how instant tea will be beneficial in your daily life.

2. Benefits Of Instant Tea

Instant tea is getting more and more popular these days and here’s why

2.1. Less Waste

Some of you here may be environmentally friendly people. You know that the waste you put into the environment is considerable, including the tea bags if you are a fan of drinking tea. 

Therefore, instant tea will solve this problem. It’s only a powder; therefore, it only needs the packaging. In contrast, the tea bag will include the packaging and the tea bag itself. 

2.2. Wide Options

As we have mentioned in the front, instant tea will come from different types and flavors. Therefore, you will have various options to choose from them. Even if you want fruit teas, or milk teas, or even basic teas like black tea and so much more, instant tea will satisfy all your needs. 

And it is similar when it comes to flavors. You will also choose almost any flavors you want; it is only based on your preferences, not the availability. 

2.3. Amazing Taste

According to a recent survey, instant tea is by far the preferable tea type among many options. And if you notice, most young people consume a large amount of instant tea every year because of its fantastic taste. We can’t blame them; it is too tasty!

2.4. Saves Time


If you are a busy person, instant tea is the ideal option for you. We know that sometimes, you need to refreshen up yourself with a cup of tea, but you cannot stand waiting for tea steeping if you use the tea bags or dried tea leaves. 

However, with instant tea, you never have to experience this annoyance. Simply put the powder and pour the water into the cup, and you have a cup of tea for yourself. 

If you are always on the go, crave the adventurous journey, instant tea will work best for you, too!

2.5. You Can Control The Flavor

With tea bags, it is hard to control the flavor. You can’t just rip the tea bags and put the amount of tea you want into your cup. 

However, with the powder tea, the story can be different. You can adjust how much strong you want for your tea by adjusting the amount of powder. Typically, people will put the whole pack; however, maybe a half or a two-third will be enough if you want a lighter taste. 

Moreover, you can adjust the amount of water you put into to change the tea flavors. Easy, right?

2.6. Easy-To-Make Iced Tea

Summer is coming, and we are sure that what you want the most is iced tea. Unlike making iced tea with the brewing technique, you will have to spend a lot of time preparing in advance and let it cool down. With instant tea, you can make iced tea with water temperature room and ice. 

2.7. Beneficial To Your Health

Tea, in general, and instant tea, in particular, have shown many benefits to people’s health. 

Firstly, it contains antioxidants, which will protect or decrease the body damage caused by oxidation. The instant tea will not hold too many antioxidants in it, compared to the tea bags. However, it is still beneficial to your health, and it is convenient.

Secondly, with some of you who want to reduce your caffeine intake but still need it during the day, tea is an excellent option to replace coffee. 

Finally, tea is proven that it can help you lose weight because it contains low calories. Furthermore, the caffeine in the tea will allow you to burn fat for energy. 

Now, we move to the essential part of this section: Criteria you should consider while buying instant tea brands.

3. How To Choose High-Quality Instant Tea

The quality of the tea powder depends on the brand and how it produces. These tips we show you below here are essential, reasonably accurate, not wholly. We can’t fully know how the brand formulates the powder, but these factors may help you more easily choose the instant tea you want. 

3.1. The Quality Of Tea Leaves

As we’ve mentioned before, the process of making instant tea begins with the extraction of tea leaves. Therefore, choosing high-quality tea leaves is the top priority factor you should consider. 

The quality of tea leaves depends on where it comes from, the type of tea leaves, and if the leaves are collected in the optimal time. 

Moreover, the drying technology also plays a crucial part in preserving the original flavor and taste of the tea leaves. According to our research, most brands are equipped with the newest, up-to-date technology, so you don’t have to worry too much.

If you still doubt the brands, you can research and find some of the best tea extract suppliers to buy the powder from them directly. 

3.2. Fillers

The most dangerous fillers we can mention are crushed tea leaves left during the process. As you know, crushing the tea leaves will require metal tools, and when the manufacturer doesn’t eliminate the tea leaves, it means there are still metal parts in your powder. And you know that unwanted elements like metals will decrease the quality of powder and negatively affect your health. 

Therefore, make sure to choose instant tea made from pure brewed tea with excellent-quality tea leaves. In this way, you can taste the tea flavor to the fullest. 

3.3. Unwanted additives

The additives we want to talk about here are artificial sweeteners and colors. We know that with instant tea, you can’t expect that it will be all-natural; it still needs some artificial factors to create an attractive tea image for the customer; however, the amount should be reasonable. 

An excessive amount of artificial sugars and colors will damage the authentic tea flavor, increase the calories amount, and cause serious health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes because of the increased blood sugar levels. 

3.4. Added Flavorings

The added flavorings will contribute more sugar to your drink, and it is not great at all for your health. Therefore, do not buy the one that contains added flavorings. We guarantee it is not worth it. 

3.5. Brands

In finding high-quality instant tea, the brand is the criteria you should focus on, too! There are many instant tea brands in the market; however, some famous brands we can mention is Lipton, Dilmah, and so much more. They are famous because of the wide varieties of their products and their concern about their customers’ health. 

Therefore, you should choose the brand with an excellent reputation and contain many positive reviews about their product quality and service quality. In our reviews, we’ve introduced to you a reputable brand, so we hope you will try to consider these options!

People always doubt instant tea because of the artificial factors it contains. However, if you read carefully through this section and choose the one with a suitable amount of additives, it’s okay. You don’t have to worry too much about it!

Now, we will head to the part where we will put you some necessary information about instant tea making, such as the recipes to make iced tea and how you can drink your instant tea. 

4. Ways To Drink Instant Tea

4.1. Plain

We can say that this is the most favorable option for people on a diet. This way means that you will not add anything to the tea. Simply drink it plainly without putting sugar or milk and other sweeteners. We can say that this way is the healthiest way to drink tea, and you will not have to worry about the calories amount you put into your body.

4.2. Iced

Summer is coming, and you know what will refresh yourself after a hard-working day? We hear some answers, and correct! It’s the iced tea. In this way, you only have to put some ice cubes into your tea. Simple, right?

4.3. Milk Or Cream

Frutarom milk drink 325

Some of you here will enjoy the creamy texture in your tea; therefore, putting milk or cream is the perfect option for you. There are different types of milk and cream for you to choose from them. Moreover, you can put as much milk and cream as possible; the amount will be based on your preference. 

4.4. Sugar Or Honey

sugar to honey conversion chart FB 758x379 1

If you are a sweet tooth, you always want your tea sweet; you can’t stand the plain taste of your tea; adding sugar is what you need to do to make a cup of tea. With tea, you can also add honey to enhance the sweetness of your tea.

We only advise you to put less sugar or honey into your tea. Consuming a large of sugar every day will be harmful to your health, which can cause some health issues like high blood pressure, which may lead to a heart attack.

And now, since you know ways to drink your instant tea, we will show you a recipe to make tea based on the four above ways. And that’s making iced tea. 

5. How To Make Iced Tea?

Icedtea AmandaGreene 58dabf0e5f9b5846837d1bb1

5.1. Ingredients

The ingredients you need are only ice cubes, tea powder, and the glass you want, or even a mason jar for aesthetic purposes. 

5.2. Steps

Firstly, you need to put together a glass of room temperature water, about 8 to 10 ounces, with tea powder. 

Secondly, you blend until the powder dissolves entirely.

Thirdly, you can add sugar, honey, or milk to your tea. This step is based on your preference. Therefore, if you like your tea to be plain, just ignore this step and move to the next one.

Finally, put some ice cubes into your glass. And we are done! 

Some of you may ask you why we only make the recipe for iced tea. We have to say that making tea, like the four ways above, will be similar. The first and the second step will be identical to any tea. The only difference is step 3, in which you will decide whether you want to put any sweeteners into your tea or not. If the answer is yes, you need to determine which sweeteners you will wish to. And step 4, putting the ice cubes, will also be up to you. 

We will head to the FAQ to answer some questions our readers usually ask for instant tea.  

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About Instant Tea Brands

  1. Is Instant Tea Good For Me?

We can’t entirely say yes to this question. However, you can check the ingredients to see if anything is unhealthy. 

In general, instant tea will offer the same benefits as teabags. Therefore, you don’t have to worry too much about whether people may tell you that instant tea is not good enough for you. 

  1. Can Instant Tea Be Stronger?

As we have mentioned previously, one of the benefits of instant tea is that you can control the flavor. You can put the whole pack for a more robust flavor. Or, if you want a lighter flavor, you can set the amount down to half or two-thirds of the powder. 

In general, all you have to do is adjust the amount of powder to allow the flavor stronger or lighter. You can’t just do this with teabags. 

If you are a first-time buyer, this video could be a great help to you:

Conclusions: Top 5 Instant Tea Brands In 2021

After reading our reviews and a complete guide, have you found your instant tea brands? If the answer is yes, congratulations! We are happy that we contribute a part in helping you choose your suitable instant tea. Keep reading reviews from our website to obtain knowledge and advice about different aspects of your life. 

If your answer is no, it’s okay. You may need more time to process all the new knowledge we’ve given you in this article. 

Now, if you are in a hurry and don’t know which one you should choose, we have included you the top 5 instant tea brands in 2021

We think it’s time we have to say goodbye to you. This is the end of our article. Thank you for staying through with us the entire article. We hope that we have given you helpful information for your future. 

Thank you for reading!

Goodbye and see you in the next reviews!

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