Top 15 Best Led Black Light Strips In 2021 – Add A Little Light To Your Life

Led strips are one of the newest lighting innovations. Having been on the market for a long time, we already know about the benefits of led lights: less electricity and longer life. These things alone have led many of us to switch completely to led bulbs and more to smart bulbs. Led black light strips are a type of led that is worth considering. Black light applications are increasing and therefore different types of fixtures must be used for these lights.

Most of these devices are small, light and portable and can be carried around easily, plus they are less expensive and easy to mount on the wall. The black led strip has fixed lights, intermittent lights, and even models that you can program to create schedules, set timers, and change the tone of the light. They feature individual led emitters placed on a narrow circuit board that can be flexible. Furthermore, they use low voltage DC power and come in either fixed or variable colors and brightness levels. With these attributes, they are being patronized as excellent choices for decorative lighting.

If you are looking to accentuate some architectural features of the room and create some amazing lighting effects, these black light led strips can help you. If you’re in your teens and twenties, you’re probably familiar with a black light for parties because parties with black lights are one of the most beautiful and fun parties to attend.

From basic and tasteful, to top-of-the-line custom, here are the 15 best black lights you can find on amazon, helping you pick out the best lights for a dazzling party. There are many lights that are built for different purposes, so go through the list to find the right one for your specific needs. Then check out the Buyer and Audience Guide to make sure you’re buying the right brand and fit for your needs. Let’s get started!

Best Led Black Light Strips Comparison 2023

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SaleBestseller No. 1
40 Foot Led Black Light Strip Kit, 720 Units Led, 12V Flexible Blacklight Fixtures, Non-Waterproof
  • 【POWERFUL BLACK LIGHTS】: This 40ft blacklight strip light with premium quality and 720 units LEDs (50,000 hours of long life,high power efficiency).
  • 【EASY TO USE】: The black light strip have add ON/OFF, makes it easier to use, each 3-led can be cut without damaging the blacklight LED strip. Strong self-adhesive tape holds is easy to install on walls and floors.(Tips: The black light strip after cutting can be used with our matching power adapter and connector. Search asin: B08NWT3KN6.)
Bestseller No. 2
PIZHLO Upgraded 16.4ft/5M LED Black Light Strip Set with Remote, 300 LEDs, 12V Self-Adhesive Dimmable Black Light Fixture, for Dance Parties, Interior Decoration, Stage Lighting, Non-Waterproof
  • 【Remote control】The upgraded product is equipped with a remote control, compared with the traditional power adapter switch, the light can be controlled remotely, and it is equipped with a 60-second delay off function, it is more convenient to use.
  • 【Lighting Upgraded】 The remote control also has the brightness adjustment function and 3 light change modes (JUMP, FADE, STROBE), allow you to control the light more freely, and bring you a different lighting experience.
SaleBestseller No. 3
BAOMING LED Black Light Strip 16.4FT Black Light Strip Kit 12V Flexible Blacklights Fixtures, Suitable for Dark Parties, Stage Lighting, Halloween, Body Paint
  • 【LED Black Light Strip】Ideal for illuminating most reactive pigments, paints and dyes with black light. And neon-colored objects.
  • High Quality: 3528 SMD UV LED Light, wavelength is 395-400nm. High intensity and reliability, 5M 300LEDs. Not waterproof , please do not use in water .
Bestseller No. 4
Led Black Light Strip Lights Kit, 50FT/15M Non-Waterproof 12V 19W 900LEDs 395nm-405nm Black Light Fixtures for Indoor Decoration, Bedroom, Parties, Wedding, Halloween,Stage Lighting
  • 【Bright Black Light Led Strip】The 50FT/15M led black light strips with premium quality 900 units LEDs, life time 50,000 hours, high power efficiency, it is birght enough grow in the dark party.
  • 【Safe To Use】The Black Light Fixtures voltage is 12V, It is very low heat and safe touchable, Wavelength: 385~400nm, UVA level, no harm to human body.
Bestseller No. 5
THECHAM 80FT Black Light Strip with Remote,1440 LED Lamp Beads,12V Flexible Blacklight Kit, Adjustable Brightness, Delay Off, 3 Light Modes, Non-Waterproof for Indoor Fluorescent Party Stage Lighting
  • Upgraded Product: This upgraded version of the black light strip is controlled by remote, which is more convenient to use. It has 1440 high-quality LEDs (50,000 hours long life) with high brightness and high energy efficiency.
  • More Lighting Options: The brightness of the light strip can be adjusted to suit different usage scenarios. Provides three lighting modes (JUMP, FADE, STROBE) for you to choose. It can also be turned off with a 60-second delay. Compared with the traditional light strip, the THECHAM black light strip provides more light modes.
SaleBestseller No. 6
Ontesik 20ft LED Black Light Strip kit, 360 LEDs, 12V Flexible UV Black Light Installation, Family Bedroom, Party Wedding, Halloween, Dark Party, Non-Waterproof
  • 【BLACK LIGHTS】20ft / 6m black light kit is of superior quality with 360 units of lamp beads. The long life of 50,000 hours provides energy saving and environmental protection.
  • 【Easy installation】Plug and play, no wiring required, sturdy self-adhesive tape can securely fix the strip light. You can also use a clip and screws to securely mount the led black light, and you can cut the strip light into every 3 LEDs along the cut mark without damaging the rest.
SaleBestseller No. 7
SHGPODA 33ft LED Black Light Strip Kit, 600 Units, 385nm-400nm, 12V Flexible Blacklight Fixtures, 10M LED Ribbon, Non-Waterproof for Indoor, Birthday, Wedding, Dark Party, Halloween, Christmas
  • 【Powerful Black Lights】This 33 feet blacklight LED strip light with premium quality and 600 units LEDs.
  • 【Safe to use】Power adapter with switch,12Voltage working voltage with light. It is touchable with low heat. Wavelength: 385-400nm, harmless to the human body.
SaleBestseller No. 8
6.6ft Black Light LED Strips, 120 Lamp Beads, USB Cable 1.5m LED Black Light Strip Kit, DC5V 10W Flexible Blacklight Strip Lights, Non-Waterproof UV Light Strip for Indoor, TV Decor, Party, Halloween
  • USB Powered: The working voltage of the blacklight led strip light is 5v. It can be connected to mobile power supply, charger, computer, TV, etc. It is easy to carry and can be used in any position, not limited by the position of the socket.
  • Safety for Use: The wavelength of the black light strip is 395-400nm, which is not harmful to the human body.
Bestseller No. 9
TigQiang Black Light Strip, 79ft/24M Flexible LED Black Light with kit, 1440 lamp Beads, 12V Black Light, Halloween Decorations Indoor, Non-Waterproof for Fluorescent Dance Party, Birthday, Dark Party
  • 【POWERFUL BLACK LIGHTS】: This 79ft blacklight strip light with premium quality and 1440 units LEDs (50,000 hours of long life, high power efficiency).
  • 【SAFETY】: 12V working voltage of this black light strip ensures extremely low heat and makes it touchable. wavelength: 385-400 nm.
SaleBestseller No. 10
Led Black Light Bar, 10W 1ft USB UV Blacklight Tube, Glow in The Dark Party Supplies for Halloween Decorations, Room, Body Paint, Poster, Urine Detection, 2 Pack
  • UV Black Light for Glow in the Dark: UV-A level/ 380-400nm, UV light was harmless to the human body and fluorescence effects can be viewed when exposed to the ultraviolet light. Great ideal for Halloween decorations, black light posters, body paint, differentiate real currency, pet urine detection, glow party, scorpion detection, blacklight party.
  • Plug and Play: DC 5V USB power supply, led blacklight bar can be used anywhere you like, all your need just plug into any USB devices such as power bank, USB adapter, computer, laptop.

Top 15 Led Black Light Strips Reviews 2023

 Chauvet DJ Led Lighting 

  • 100% TRUE wireless, battery-operated wash fixture
  • LED Par with 6-in-1 technology (RGBAW + UV) and built-in infrared remote control capability

Chauvet is another type of spotlight that is great for lighting at venues or events. On the lamp, there is a built-in strobe UV light and you can also adjust the flashing speed. It has static color modes whereby by mixing flicker colors you can create your own static colors.

First impressions, it’s quite compact and light to boot with a pair of U-shaped bolts fastened to its side. Outside, there are 9 circular LEDs, inside is a ring of 24 SMD LEDs, and finally a larger COB in the middle. A good feature fitted on this model is the ability to prevent damage to the battery when left on for a long time. The rear has the basic LED menu, up and down buttons along with the microphone and mic sensitivity control, the sound and light function is in the final version.

If you are going to use this in a large scene, you need at least 2 lights to get enough light to reach the dark areas. But if the area of ​​the room is small, then you will not have any problems. For most DJs, led black light strips are value-for-money devices that are a good choice and should definitely be on your list of options to consider.


  • Compatible with wireless controllers and wired DMX
  • Features battery protection, prevents battery leakage and helps prolong battery life
  • Can be mounted anywhere as the light is cordless
  • Affordable


  • Not as bright as its size
  • Need at least 2 strips in large rooms

DragonX Professional UV LED 

DragonX 180W LED UV Professional Strobe Black Lights | DMX Wash Slim DJ Ultraviolet Spotlight for Halloween, Glow Lights Party and Room Decor
  • [POWERFUL BLACKLIGHT] 54*3W UV blacklight gives extra brightness and special effects. It will make your events more luxurious and memorable.
  • [EASY CONTROL]Built-in dimming program installed, Sound Activated and compatibility with DMX. Ideal for Halloween/wedding/ceremonies/concert/dance/studio/neon party supplies and more.

Led black light strips followed by DragonX Professional UV lamps. This LED blacklight is a combination of aluminum and plastic for high durability resulting in very solid and noiseless use, low energy consumption, very suitable for people who don’t want to consume too much power when using black lights. It also doesn’t generate too much heat, the same temperature as a normal light bulb.

If you have a DMX controller, connect to control the lights’ lighting, built-in dimming schemes, and various sound effects. Even without a DMX controller, this UV light is convenient to program.

The lights add a splash of blue, purple, and vibrant light, which can be used to reflect neon colors. It is suitable for creating magic lights for Halloween parties. The LED blacklight has linear and static dimming, suitable for strobe lights, canvas lighting, sky lighting, or concerts, stage performances,… almost anywhere there is a gathering.


  • Doesn’t use too much power
  • Doesn’t generate too much heat
  • Can cover large rooms/venues


  • Need tightening from time to time

Corsair iCUE LS100

Corsair iCUE LS100 LED Smart Lighting Strip Starter Kit
  • Immersive ambient lighting: extend your RGB lighting beyond your PC, bathing your environment in diffused colors and intricate lighting effects to create an immersive backdrop.
  • Integrate with games and media: dynamically match the on-screen action in games, Movies, and videos, or turn your room into a living Visualizer for your music.

If you are looking for a dedicated LED strip to mount on the back of your PC monitor, the Corsair iCUE LS100 is the reliable choice for you. This accessory also comes at a premium, but it’s an investment that’s well worth the money. The ICUE LS100 includes four strips with 27 LEDs, long enough to wrap around a standard 27-inch monitor. 

It can be fully customized and synchronized with RGB lighting across all compatible products like gaming mice and keyboards through the iCue operator-supplied software.

The LEDs are housed in a light-diffusing shell, blending the light to give it a softer glow, creating a vibrant backdrop. In addition, these led black light strips integrate with games and media, movies, videos,… making your space more vivid and realistic.

Interestingly, thanks to the magnetic pads, the Corsair iCUE LS100 always sticks to the back of any screen and you can move the pads in small arcs. This is a big plus, the adhesive will not stick on the surface you stick them on.


  • Game and media integration
  • Supports diffused light and complex lighting effects
  • The software can evaluate the colors on the edge of the screen


  • Some reviews say that the price of the product is too high

Govee Smart WiFi LED Strip Lights (16.4ft)

Govee Smart LED Strip Lights, 16.4ft WiFi LED Light Strip Work with Alexa and Google Assistant, 16 Million Colors with App Control and Music Sync LED Lights for Bedroom, Kitchen, TV, Party, Christmas
  • Even and bright Light: As indoor Christmas decorations, Govee 16.4ft rgb led strip lights are equipped with 150 LED beads, making them bright enough to illuminate your bedroom, kitchen, Christmas tree, and gaming room. Note: these LED lights are not waterproof.
  • Wireless Smart App: The Govee Home app offers you advanced control over your Christmas led lights and access to incredible features like the customizable DIY mode and a convenient Timer function.

The Govee Smart WiFi LED Strip Lights are a unique way to accentuate effects. Instead of placing a backlight in a corner or using a warmer white for the bedroom, you can try adding a bit of style to the space with led black light strips.

The strip features super bright 5050 LEDs, a power adapter, a long-life WiFi controller, 3M adhesive tape that is easy to peel off and gently press the desired surface to fix it. The included clips help keep everything in place. They’re cheap, small, portable, and easy to set up and come with the basic features and controls you’d expect from light strips. You can connect to WiFi and control them with your phone or with your voice via Alexa or Google Home, just like the iPhone’s Siri virtual assistant.

For a comfortable home experience, mount the light near your TV and speakers. The light strip can sync with any music playing nearby and vibrate to the beat, visually and acoustically bringing your shows and music to life. The lights also change color automatically and can work according to the built-in timer set on the timer. So great for blacklight for party.


  • Easy to customize with many features, easy to set up quickly, and to pair with other devices
  • Control through Alexa or Google Home
  • They’re cheap, small and portable
  • The lights can be operated according to the pre-set timer on the timer.


  • Does not support 5GHz Wi-Fi
  • Model is intended for indoor use only

Gohyo 27W LED UV Bar

9 LED Black Light, Gohyo 27W LED UV Bar Glow in The Dark Party Supplies for Christmas Blacklight Party Birthday Wedding Stage Lighting, Material Metal Iron
  • 9 LEDs 27 Watts UV black light - 90V-240V wide voltage, 50/60 Hz frequency, product Dimensions: 16. 9"*1. 9", Cable length: 4. 3ft, achieving Flicker-free and high-frequency LED lighting
  • Uv-a level/ 395-400nm - harmless to the human body. Safer than 365Nm black lights, The best idea create stunning atmospheres at gigs or parties, works great with UV Body paint and fluorescent poster or painting display

Do you often organize events or performances on stage or are you a DJ? Have you thought about lighting up a party space and making it magical? Come right up to this black light bar, a simple solution for a maximum festive effect.

The LED Ghyo is a light bar, it’s rectangular in shape and can be mounted to any surface you want it to stay still, and it doesn’t take up much space. So you can easily mount this unit on any surface, whether horizontally or vertically for maximum glow in the dark. You can screw or nail the nail into place via the retaining pins on the base of the product.

The ability to illuminate is a big plus, a single device is enough for most large rooms. Just a small bar is enough for others to notice its brilliance. This light bar has 9 LEDs, 27 Watts each. This product is completely safe and harmless to the human body. The level of UVA rays is 395-400 nm, frequency 50/60 Hz. The black bulb of this unit is flicker-free, giving you a stable and comfortable light. Highly recommended.


  • Powerful Black Lamp
  • 50,000 Hours Lifespan
  • Wide Application: Dazzling Parties, Aquarium Lighting,…
  • Easily Controlled By The On/Off Switch
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Doesn’t come with a remote
  • Stains Appear Easily

Govee 32.8’ Color-Changing LED Strip Lights

Govee 32.8ft Color Changing LED Strip Lights, Bluetooth LED Lights with App Control, Remote, Control Box, 64 Scenes and Music Sync Lights for Bedroom, Room, Kitchen, Party, 2 Rolls of 16.4ft
  • Triple the Control: Take control of your led strip lights with the Govee Home app, the remote, or the control box. With a stable led strips Bluetooth connection, you can change colors, power the lights on/off, or adjust brightness within a 10m/32.8ft control range.
  • Light Up Your Music: The built-in, sensitive mic allows you to sync the LED strip lights to your preferred music. Jazz your weekend party up with color-changing lights that dance to the rhythm of any song. And Govee music box can group control your Govee smart led strip lights to achieve whole room music sync.

These LED strips from Govee are close to 33 feet of brightness, 1,080 LM of brightness and require 40 watts of power. The light has a color-changing feature through the Govee home app. Instead of always needing a WiFi connection, this LED will allow you to control it at any time using the inline Bluetooth or the supplied control box.

Similar to VOLIVO 65.6′, the light strip can also connect to Amazon Alexa and Google Home. With voice control – a new smart feature, you can turn lights on or off without lifting a finger. It has a control range of 10 meters. You can use your smartphone to schedule an activity, then the microphone will respond to the sound. The microphone also reminds you that the LED lights will change color to the beat of the music and clapping, resulting in a vibrant, continuously changing light activity.


  • Multiple control options. No WiFi needed
  • Offers 16 million colors
  • Provide Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • Utilizes bright 5050 LEDs


  •  Depends on the distance between the phone and the source

NiteBird Smart WiFi LED Strip Lights

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An RGB light strip from NiteBird provides good backlighting for TVs and monitors. Like other smart LED lights, NiteBird LED strip lights are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant smart assistant support. So if you have an Alexa device at home, you can give voice commands to turn the lights on/off, adjust the brightness, color, and select the scene according to your needs. 

At the same time, it brings other smart features such as Timer and Scheduler – optionally allowing you to set the time to light up. You can access these features in conjunction with the Alexa/Google Home app.

NiteBird supports music synchronization, which means that the light color will change with the beat of the music. Advanced sensitive microphone built-in led strips to create black light for parties, holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, etc. More importantly, the bright 5050 RGB LED strip offers you 16 million colors and 8 scenes, which can be customized to meet your different needs so you are free to choose the kind of lighting you want in your room or party.

Ready to meet your needs, the 16.4ft led strip can be truncated. 3M Upgrade Adhesive comes with several clips for extra adhesion, leaving no lasting marks on the back of your TV or monitor. The light supports IOS and ANDROID system, easy to connect and use, just need you to connect to the 2.4ghz network. And of course, it also comes with a control box for you to control manually.


  • Offers 16 million colors and 8 scenes
  • Install smart features such as Timer and Scheduler
  • Support voice control through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant


  •  Light strips do not support 5GHz Wi-Fi

Onforu LED Black Light Strip Kit

Onforu 32.8ft LED Black Light Strip Kit, 600 Units Lamp Beads, 12V Flexible Blacklight Fixtures, 10m LED Ribbon, Non-Waterproof Black Lights for Glow Party, Indoor Birthday Party, Body Paint,Halloween
  • 【Touchable Led Blacklight】12V working voltage of these black led lights ensure extremely low heat and makes it touchable.A-wavelength: 385-400 nm, harmless to human body.It's great for Halloween party lights.
  • 【Touchable Led Blacklight】12V working voltage of these black led lights ensure extremely low heat and makes it touchable.A-wavelength: 385-400 nm, harmless to human body.

Onforu LED UV Black Light is a range of UV lamps made for rooms and walls. You can place it at any angle and create a mysterious, gorgeous effect just like in a sci-fi movie. You can easily roll up the light strip so you don’t have to worry about it getting tangled up.

This kit includes a 32.8ft black strip with 600 LEDs (50,000 hours life, high performance). The voltage remains low at 12V, which saves electricity, doesn’t cause overheating, and makes it touchable. The wavelength of UVA rays is from 385 – 400 nm and has excellent heat dissipation, making the product durable and harmless to users. This light strip works perfectly for visible fluorescent materials.

It has a wide variety of applications: stage lighting, galleries, special effects, photography, birthdays, weddings and neon-lit celebrations.

These black light strips are easy to install thanks to self-adhesive tape. One can plug and play without wires. The light strip can be cut lengthwise on the copper plate for each of the 3 LEDs without damaging the remaining strips.


  • Comes with 600 UV LEDs and a low working voltage of 12V
  • Easy to install
  • Works perfect for visible fluorescent material
  • Has various applications


  • The strip lights can only be connected when they are cut along the cuts
  • Emit dimmer lighting

Shpoda 16.4ft Led Black Light Strip Kit

SHGPODA 16.4ft LED Black Light Strip Kit, 300 Units,12V Flexible Blacklight Fixtures, 5M LED Ribbon, Non-Waterproof for Indoor, Birthday, Wedding, Dark Party, Halloween, Christmas
  • 【Powerful Black Lights】This 16.4feet blacklight LED strip light with premium quality and 300 units LEDs.
  • 【Safe to use】Power adapter with switch,12Voltage working voltage with light. It is touchable with low heat. Wavelength: 385-400nm, harmless to the human body.

This SHPODA features a 16.4-foot high-end black strip kit that comes with 300 LED units. The Ul-approved power adapter has a convenient switch without remote control that will operate on 12V and be touchable. Light wavelength from 385 – 400 nm, harmless to the human body. The 2-year risk-free warranty allows you to use this black light fixture worry-free.

This fixed spotlight works great for new year’s dance, Halloween, glow under the sea theme, or any other indoor party. This strip is suitable for a children’s room, bedside or ceiling, teen bedroom… Make sure you use this blacklight inside, it will work well.

One can easily install these light strips without any wiring. It comes with a high-viscosity self-adhesive on the back that holds the strip lights securely. So you can easily install it in your favorite shape. Besides, these led black light strips allow you to cut vertically for each of the 3 LEDs without harming the remaining strips.


  • Safe to use
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with 2-years warranty
  • Widely Used
  • Provide powerful blacklight


  • Due to frequent use and heat, the sticker part will not stick for a long time

VOLIVO 65.6’ WiFi Smart LED Strip Lights

65.6ft WiFi LED Strip Lights,VOLIVO Smart LED Light Strip Compatible with Alexa and Google Home,App&Remote&Voice Controlled Music Sync Color Changing RGB 5050 LED Lights for Bedroom Kitchen,Party,TV
  • 𝗗𝗜𝗬 𝗟𝗼𝗻𝗴 𝗥𝗼𝗼𝗺 𝗗𝗲𝗰𝗼𝗿: The length of our app controlled led strip lights is 65.6 feet, 2 rolls of 32.8 feet; The led strip is long enough to reach around your entire room and light the whole place up; Create the perfect ambiance by installing them in your bedroom, living room and kitchen
  • 𝗔𝗹𝗲𝘅𝗮 𝗪𝗶𝗿𝗲𝗹𝗲𝘀𝘀 𝗦𝗺𝗮𝗿𝘁 𝗔𝗽𝗽: You can control your smart lights for room through smarter ways in addition to the IR remote; You can adjust brightness, change colors, turn on or off the 65.6 feet color changing led strip lights with smart app, you can also use Alexa or Google Assistant to control your alexa smart led strip lights easily

This VOLIVO 65.6′ LED string light is rated as a smart strip – one of the best choices available today. It supports Alexa and Google Assistant, similar to the Siri virtual assistant on iPhone, which is the most prominent feature that you will definitely love. Why? Because you just say the command and the lights will be set up to your specific preferences in seconds. 

Besides, like other led black light strips, it also allows using the remote control to activate the strip and change the color of the light. It can even work according to your pre-set schedule. The special thing here, the light can vibrate and synchronize with the playing sound and the surrounding sound! Too modern, right?

The system is quite responsive, providing the necessary flexibility in controlling the system of the range. It comes with more than 15 million colors and the brightness can be adjusted easily. If you have free time, you can sit and watch the transition from one color to another vividly in a very appropriate way.


  • Provide smart features and virtual assistant
  • Provides multiple pre-programmed style modes.
  • Easy controls
  • The proper color transition between 15 million colors


  •  The light control device must be near the sound source when music mode is on

uvBeast Black Light UV Flashlight

uvBeast Black Light UV Flashlight – HIGH Power 100 LED with 30-feet Flood Effect – Professional Grade 385nm-395nm Best for Commercial/Domestic Use Works Even in Ambient Light - USA Stock – UK Design
  • WHY UVBEAST? IT’S THE KING OF UV FLASHLIGHTS. Higher power and broader UV range gives you a wider range of uses, unlike other models - you get PROFESSIONAL CLASS 385nm and 395nm type UV in one light! The original and authentic uvBeast has cheap look-a-likes, copies, and clones – IF IT DOESN’T HAVE OUR NAME, IT’S NOT THE SAME! PRO TIP: If you’re buying that one that looks the same, always ask for proof of 385nm-395nm wavelength – we can. And we have on our listing!
  • MORE POWER. **UPDATED UV LED chips (through-hole) for 2020/21. See even in indoor or streetlight. Now that’s a big deal! That's convenient. Others aren't up to it. 1000s of customers surveyed preferred more power!

Do you want your room and all the items to be perfect and clean? Come to UvBeast Black Light. This is a type of UV flashlight, which is more ideal than a regular lamp in that it makes it easy to spot stains. On many different TV series, you will find what is similar. People often use detectors to look for stains. This product works in a similar way, except that you use LEDs.

Since this is a flashlight, you may not need it for a dance party or birthday party, but it can be useful in your daily life. The lamp works well when there is ambient light, the light it emits is still enough to see contaminated objects or traces of objects gnawed by insects. The lights also work outdoors, you can watch the bugs fly and crawl.


  • Used to find insects, insect bites as well as hard-to-see stains
  • Can be used in the room and outside in strong light
  • Uses standard AA batteries


  • Need to change the battery frequently
  • Batteries are prone to leakage after a long period of non-use resulting in short circuit

Barrina UV LED Blacklight Bar

Barrina UV LED Blacklight Bar, 9W 2ft, T5 Integrated Bulb, Black Light Fixture for Blacklight Poster Halloween Decorations and Christmas Party, Fun Atmosphere with Built-in ON/Off Switch(4-Pack)
  • Wide Application: Create stunning atmospheres for gigs, ideal for Halloween decorations, Christmas parties and DJ stage etc. works great with uv body paints & fluorescence. uv curing paint, coatings and adhesive are available.
  • Extendable Design: Could connect up to 8 fixtures together with seamless connectors or 20inches connector cords

This black light fixture is easy to assemble, you just need to use the included clamp joints to hang it up and plug it in. Barrina can connect up to 6 terminals or 20-inch wire connecting 48 branches. It has a flicker-free 395-400 Nm wavelength and T5 LED immobilizer, no harm to the retina or skin.

Outside the lamp are UV protective coatings, fluorescent agents, coatings and adhesives. It creates an eye-catching, shimmering atmosphere and is used for wide applications such as concerts, parties, DJ stages, etc. It is backed by a 3-year unlimited warranty and has a rated usage time of between 35000 and 40000 hours.


  • Warranty – 3 years
  • Material – Aluminum
  • Easy to install and easy to use
  • Value for money


  • Only works well in dark space

Yayit Black Light Strip Kit

YAYIT 52ft LED Black Light Strip Kit,960 Units Lamp Beads,12V Flexible Blacklight Fixtures, 16m LED Ribbon for Indoor Home Bedroom Decoration Fluorescent Dance Party,Non-Waterproof
  • 【POWERFUL BLACK LIGHTS】: This 52ft blacklight strip light with premium quality and 960 units LEDs (50,000 hours of long life, high power efficiency).
  • 【EASY TO USE】: The black light strip have add on/off,makes it easier to use,Each 3-led can be cut without damaging the blacklight LED strip.Strong self-adhesive tape holds is easy to install on walls and floors.(Tips: The black light strip after cutting can be used with our matching power adapter and connector. Search asin: B08NWT3KN6.)

The Yayit is one of the longest black light strips you can find, with a premium quality 40ft length and 720 unit spotlight. Each strip provides a lifespan of approximately 50,000 hours with high energy efficiency. The black light strip has an extra on/off button, makes it easier to use, can be cut into 3 Led lights without damaging the blacklight strip, suitable for your space at any point.

The self-adhesive tape makes it easy to install on walls and floors. It is very easy to use as long as you make sure not to place this patch outdoors or in contact with water. Blacklight strips can be used to decorate the living room, make Halloween decorations. It is also used as a black light for parties. The working voltage of this strip light is 12V, more power saving for your family. The lamp provides Uva light, harmless to humans, ensuring safety when using.


  •  Power saving
  • Various Applications
  • Easy usage


  •  The sticker is easy to peel off when placed outdoors or exposed to water

WYZworks LED Strip Lights

WYZworks LED Strip Lights, 50 ft 2-in-1 Warm White & Cool White Flexible Dimmable Lighting with Remote Controller Timer Adjustable Temperature 3000K | 4000K | 5000K | 6000K - 25, 50, 100 feet
  • ADJUSTABLE TEMP: Select an ideal temperature range from CCT 3000K (Warm White) up to 6000K (Cool white) including 4 temperature presets and 8 brightness levels.
  • EASY INSTALLATION - SMD 5630 (5730) LED Lights are slim and adjust to contour your working space making these lights easy to install in any environment.

Single-tone LEDs with a fixed tone are too simple and don’t have the ability to set multiple scenes and moods. However this WYZworks 100′ LED strip is a better choice for you. It has a temperature adjustment feature that allows the user to switch colors as well as switch from warm to cold. It offers 4 temperature variations (3000 K, 4000K, 5000 K and 6000K) allowing you to adjust the lights depending on preference, circumstances and time. A very great feature to set the desired mood for your bedroom and living room.

Moreover, it is a PVC string LED light strip that allows water resistance. No more moisture problems! You can completely install it indoors or outdoors. It comes with a remote that allows an on/off timer for the lights. A long lifespan of 50,000 hours is another advantage.


  • Waterproof
  • Sports 8 modes
  • Allow users to  switch the temperature of colors
  • Remembers the last setting even after you turned it off


  • Installation is a challenge
  • Affect the performance of the lights when cutting down

WELKEY PLUS 2 Pack 80W UV LED Black Light Flood Light

Black Light WELKEY PLUS 2 Pack 80W LED Black Light Flood Light with Plug(6ft Cable), IP66, for Blacklight Party, Stage Lighting, Aquarium, Body Paint, Fluorescent Poster, Neon Glow …
  • SCIENTIFIC DESIGN - Excellent and elegant fairshaped design, Super thin for use,72 PCS high power quality LED chips(50,000 hours of long lifespan,high-frequency and flicker-free);120 degrees wide beam angle, covering a spacious sitting room, yard, or outdoor party venue. Black light Wavelength: 385-405nm, A level; Power: 80W,Work Votagle: AC 110-130V, 50-60Hz;
  • IP66 SAFER - As unique thermal control technology and cooling structure design, to ensure lower heat and safer, longer lifetime; IP66 level, safe to use when raining, ideal for both of indoor and outdoor usage,Superb for Valentine's Day, Christmas, Halloween, club, festival party, aquarium, band, theatrical performances etc.

The Welkey ​​Plus US Black LED has a sleek and elegant design, outstanding illumination that covers a wide range directly from the front. This is a 120-degree wide beam angle, perfect for tackling large room spaces. This is also great for covering spacious living rooms and outdoor parties. Since the luminaire provides 2 lights, high frequency and flicker-free, you probably won’t need any more lights.

Welkey ​​is made of high-quality aluminum alloy housing and tempered glass lens. Both are very durable, shatter-resistant and tamper-proof materials, with a lifespan of 50,000 hours from the date you purchase them. Power and brightness on one is great, making room for the other to illuminate a different area or angle.

The product has IP66 heat control technology and cooling structure design, to ensure lower heat and safety in the rain. The lights are suitable for Christmas, Halloween, aquarium, band,…


  • Good illumination angle
  • 2 lights get bright enough for an average-sized room


  • Radiate heat when used in a long time

Complete Buying Guide: How To Choose Best Led Black Light Strips?

Are you stressed at the thought of buying amazing led black light strips? The market for LED strips has expanded, finding exactly what you need has also become more complicated. We understand because we have gone through the whole research process to choose the best-led models, suitable for creating black light for parties. Therefore, it is even more important when choosing a good led black light strip to understand what it is designed to be used for. Here are the issues you need to consider and tips to help you choose the product that best suits your needs.

Types of Led Black Light Strips


They are usually bought in bulk because here we need at least 2 lights for a large space. Some spotlights can change colors other than UV-A light. Stage lights with black light come in various shapes and sizes. You can find them at concerts or clubs. They can be connected to devices via a wired or wireless connection (Bluetooth).

Led Black Light Strips

DC LED Flex Strips

Use 12V energy, in line with the desire to save electricity. These flexible strip lights have an adhesive backing for easy installation and can be cut into multiple strips without compromising functionality. They are offered in waterproof options and come in 30 LEDs/M or 60 LEDs/M.

IP65 bendable LED strips

They can be used indoors and are more suitable for outdoor and wet areas because they have a protective rubber coating that makes them waterproof.


Led Black Light Strips

When choosing LED strip lights, you must consider the number of LEDs per length. First, you need to measure the length of all the areas where you will be installing your strip lighting. Then determine the number of strips you need, you will find out the maximum length of strip you want to see which strip has the most LEDs per unit of measure. For brighter output and higher light quality, it is recommended to address the gaps between the light strips. If the LEDs are placed too far apart on the strips, they may not produce a continuous stream of light but produce a faint, patchy spotlight.


You can refer to the 12 and 24-volt versions. The voltage you choose will depend on the purpose and where you will be installing your strips. For example, most types of short led strips use 12 volts. In other cases, if you want a longer range, you should use 24 volts. The 24-volt strip typically has a long maximum run time which saves you from having to wire multiple strips to the power supply or use an amplifier.

Led Black Light Strips


The next thing you need to consider is the type of light the strip actually provides. If you’re looking for white light, make sure it has the right color temperature. LEDs typically use less power resulting in lower watts, and their brightness is expressed in lumens.

Lumen is a measurement of brightness as perceived by the human eye instead of in watts. Depending on what you want from the LED strips, you will probably want a certain amount of lumens. When you want to highlight something, you will probably want something less than 200 Lumens per foot, but for other applications where you want more light, you should choose a light greater than 200 Lumens.

That is, to determine brightness it is always advisable to check lumens/length along with LEDs/length as this will strongly affect the quality of light and the type of light the strip emits.

Led Black Light Strips


Compared with lighting systems, LED strip lights are more flexible in color and color status. You have many popular choices of colors: white light, warm white, and RGB.

If your requirement is the place to require a lot of light, white daylight is a good choice. For example, the home and general settings, the office. On the other hand, warm white will be the right color for you to relax. For example, in the living room or bedroom. If you are projecting where a black light for the party is required, you should use RGB. For example, bar, Halloween parties, Christmas.

The changing color of the strip is called the RGB strip. RGB led strip lights can show flash on red, green, blue, purple. This range requires a controller to select a color in the eye or maintain speed, brightness.

Led Black Light Strips

Voice Control

If you experience the feeling of using smart led strip lights, you can choose the product that works with Alexa or your Google Assistant. It will save time and effort by turning lights on/off, changing color, or changing brightness through voice control.

Are you still confused about choosing the best led black light strips for you? This video may be helpful for you:

Our Top 5 Picks Of Best Led Black Light Strips

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